HTC Era, Blackberry Armstrong Coming To T-Mobile In September?

With T-Mobile now “confirming” the arrival of the Galaxy Note — eventually, we turn our attention to what’s after the Galaxy Note. Well, there are at least two phones coming in September according to a newly leaked document in the HTC Era 42 and Blackberry Armstrong. So what are we looking at?

Well, first things first and let’s call this exactly what it is, complete speculation that the HTC Era 42 could be the G3. The reason I think this? The very first Android device on T-Mobile was the G1, also known as the Era G1. So does that definitively mean the HTC Era 42 is the G3? Of course not, but I’m just speculating for the fun of it, not because I have any real intel on it. In fact, a Google search on the Era 42 turned out to be pretty useless. Still, HTC has said they aren’t really interested in making a whole lot of QWERTY smartphones moving forward, so who knows.

As for the Blackberry Armstrong, it’s a Blackberry, it’s a Curve successor and it’s a Blackberry. That’s about all I’m writing about any Blackberry’s these days.

  • 9/26 Blackberry Armstrong
  • 9/26 HTC Era 42

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