T-Mobile Offering HTC Sensation 4G Free For New Customers

I generally tend not to print these web-only sales on T-Mobile.com anymore as they so frequent it’s hard to keep up. I’d recommend checking out T-Mobile’s website every day if you’re looking for a special offer. In any case, todays special offer is on the HTC Sensation 4G, now free for new customers and add-a-lines. The web-only deal runs through May 3rd, though it coincides with T-Mobile’s ongoing trade-in offer which could allow you to make a profit and pick up a brand new smartphone. The Sensation 4G may be a little older compared to the HTC One S, but assuming our June timeframe comes through the Sensation 4G will be reborn with Ice Cream Sandwich.


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  • nerdlust

    Sweet deal. I’m loving my sensation and free is always great.

  • Josh

    Is this the price for upgrades as well?


      Did you read the article? It says for new Customers. But I bet if you called customer care and asked them they MAY be able to hook you up.

    • Joytofender

      Normally is not the same for upgrades and good luck trying customer service. Maybe go through cancelations and you may get lucky.

  • Joytofender

    Web-only sales are normally Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday, with very few exceptions. Lately, they have been offering something free Wednesday nights, but only for adding a new line.  

  • GinaDee

    What T-Mobile doesn’t understand is that existing customers (who have completed their term) are just as valuable (if not more valuable) to retain and to cut churn existing customers at the very least should get the same deal. 

    • Jaygqitalia

      Just ask for retention department and they will probably give it to you. They did with the Amaze last week with me cuz it was free. Right now they care about churn, so if they can get you on another 2 year contract, I dont think they will have a problem getting it for free.

      • Cashman

        Why should we have to go through extra steps to get it for the same price? Every other carrier (excluding indirects) sell phones for the exact same price, it doesn’t matter if its a new or upgrade

  • Rdelar01

    From the t-mobile support page: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2392
    May 2 News: The Android 4.0 (ICS) update for the HTC
    Sensation 4G has completed its testing process and we expect it to be
    available very soon. Please stay tuned for an official communication
    from T-Mobile regarding how and when you’ll be able to receive the