Don’t Forget About Magenta Deal Days And Trade Up To A New Smartphone

With the HTC One S dropping in less than 24 hours, take advantage of T-Mobile’s “Magenta Deal Days” and get $100 back when you trade in your old smartphone and purchase any 4G smartphone. This offer begins tomorrow, April 25th and ends May 8th.

Thinking about getting rid of your iPhone, get a guaranteed $200 trade-in with the purchase of any T-Mobile 4G smartphone. That’s a great deal and I would highly suggest giving the HTC One S a good look if you’re thinking about dropping the iPhone off in the dumpster.


Spring Cleaning Can Pay Off at T-Mobile When Customers Purge Their Old Phone and Step Up To a New Smartphone Running on America’s Largest 4G Network

From April 25 to May 8, T-Mobile’s “Magenta Deal Days” is back, offering customers a $50–$200 guaranteed credit when trading in an old cellphone for a super-fast 4G smartphone

BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 24, 2012 — Cleaning out your tech closet to trade in an old phone for a trade up to a super-fast 4G smartphone has never been easier or more affordable than during T-Mobile’s new “Magenta Deal Days” promotion. Customers have the opportunity to receive a guaranteed trade-in value of $50–$200 when they exchange their old working phone and upgrade to a new, super-fast T-Mobile 4G smartphone. The two-week sale will take place from Wednesday, April 25, through Tuesday, May 8.

The “Magenta Deal Days” trade-in offer allows customers to receive a guaranteed value toward any           T-Mobile 4G smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Radar4G and the hot new HTC One S powered by Android4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and equipped with a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED screen, an 8-megapixel camera with “Pure Capture,” DLNA and Beats Audio integration.1

“T-Mobile continues to make getting a great 4G smartphone easy with our latest ‘Magenta Deal Days’ promotion,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “No matter how old their phone, and even if it’s valued less, T-Mobile will offer customers a guaranteed minimum trade-in value so they can get rid of those old devices gathering dust and move up to a newer, faster T-Mobile 4G smartphone.”

In partnership with The Wireless Source Inc. (TWS), a leader in consumer electronics collection programs, a trained T-Mobile representative will determine the guaranteed trade-in value of each device and a rebate card for the quoted amount will be given to the customer via a mail-in rebate process. Customers have the ability to check the guaranteed value of their device before going to a T-Mobile retail store by snapping the below QR code or going to to find out how much they will receive for the trade-in. In-store, customers receive a voucher, pre-paid shipping label and bubble pack mailer and simply ship the old phone to TWS at their convenience. They will then be sent a rebate card from TWS in the amount of the quote once the device is received in good working condition.2

New customers will be eligible for this deal when they trade in their old smartphone and sign up for a qualifying T-Mobile Classic or Value plan with a two-year agreement. Existing customers also can take advantage of this offer if they are eligible for an early upgrade, meaning 18 months or more on their current contract.

The following is a list of the guaranteed trade-in value T-Mobile will offer for old devices:

Device Platform Guaranteed Trade-In Value3
iPhone (iOS) $200.00
Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian 9.0+ OS $100.00
Any Other Phone $50.00

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Radar  4G and HTC One S, other new smartphones customers can trade-up to as part of the “Magenta Deal Days” trade-in offer include the following:

  •        Nokia Lumia 710
  •        Samsung Exhibit II 4G
  •        Samsung Galaxy S® Blaze 4G
  •        T-Mobile myTouch® 4G Slide
  •        T-Mobile myTouch® Q
  •        T-Mobile myTouch® T
  •        BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 4G
  •        LG® DoublePlay™
  •        HTC Amaze 4G
  •        HTC Sensation™ 4G

The “Magenta Deal Days” promotion will be available at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide. For more information about T-Mobile’s products, services and the “Magenta Deal Days” promotion, visit

1 For the complete Beats Audio experience, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones required, may be sold separately.

2 Devices must meet minimum criteria (i.e., being fully functional, having an intact and working display and being free of liquid damage or corrosion).

3 Customers will receive a minimum of $200, $100 or $50 when they trade-in any working device to purchase a 4G smartphone. Customers who trade in a device that is valued at more than the minimum will receive the full value of their device. Customers who trade in a device that is worth less than the corresponding amounts above will receive the guaranteed minimum for their trade-in, provided the device meets the criteria specified above. Only one device can be traded in per subscription line.


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  • Jason Grover

    Hmm…I don’t think I have proof of purchase since I bought off Craigslist, damn.

    • ZhenyaK

       Where do you see that? I am missing it

      • Jason Grover

        Thanks for clarification!

    • melon3531

      The proof of purchase is for the NEW phone you are upgrading to, not the trade-in phone.

    • Seth C

      i think it’s proof of purchase of the phone you buy with the trade-in.

  • Get_at_Me

    awesome deal for new and existing customers!!!…..esp for anyone trading in an iphone

  • sorandkairi

    HAHAHA! Time to hit up craigslist to find an old $50 iphone 3g! But I do wonder if you can have multiple trade-ins for one device!?

    • lol thats exactly what I just did. Got one for $75 today! too funny
      Picking up my One S tomorrow!

      • Puplepanda201

        Does the iPhone have to be unlocked or can it be any old AT&T iPhone?

      • i too like this idea

  • danish1978

    so does this mean that if i trade in my old vibrant….give my sensation to the hubby i can get an extra 100$ towards a htc one s?  I’m on a family value plan…..

    • Get_at_Me

       yes!!!  as long as theres no liquid damage and the phone is turns on

  • melon3531

    Hmm, wonder what the early upgrade plus price is going to be on the One S, I may just pull the trigger now with the additional $100 rebate on this offer, rather than wait til my full upgrade in July!  Wouldn’t even have to trade in my G2, I also have a Cliq and a Shadow (does that one qualify as a smartphone – it is Windows Mobile after all) lying around that should both be functional.

    • melon3531

      Ah, nevermind – it says Windows Phone, which probably doesn’t mean Windows Mobile, which would make the trade in on a Shadow only $50.  So I’ll trade my Cliq. :D

  • MyStillRemains

    Can I trade in two phones (1 blackberry and 1 feature phone) and get $150? Also, can I trade in phones from different carriers? Thanks for any responses! :)

    • melon3531

      Thought I read somewhere in the condtions that it was one trade-in per line, alas…

  • how to find a participating store? i called a few in my area, they had no idea what am i talking about.

    • Get_at_Me

       all corporate stores participate..unless a particular state has laws that prohibit it

  • so does this mean I can take in the Amaze I got in December and get a one S?… I have been disappointed with the Amaze. its a great phone, just doesnt live up to what Tmo says it can do…

    • Get_at_Me

       18+ months of contract tenure required for trade in promo if you’re on a classic plan….value plan customers have no tenure requirement

  • Khalints

     Good thing it ends May 8th so we can at least wait and see what the GS3 will have before jumping to a One S…

  • Robert Turner

    But you’d probably get far more money selling that phone on ebay…

    • Get_at_Me


  • T-MobileFTW

    Your link in “Customers have the ability to check the guaranteed value of their device
    before going to a T-Mobile retail store by snapping the below QR code
    or going to to find out how much they will receive for the trade-in” is not navigating us properly. Please fit ix as there are many people here that would like to look into this before making a decision. Also, it says nothing about ‘participating stores’ only states “T-Mobile retail store”. So why are people claiming that their retail stores know nothing of this deal? And last, I see iPhones are guaranteed $200 trade in value, can you confirm or find confirmation for us that this applies to any iPhone. Please fix this on your post or apply these answers. We appreciate your time and work you put in here.

  • Can I do this in-store too? I was planning on buying the One S in-store tomorrow

    • melon3531

      Seems like the promo is actually in-store only, so yes.

  • Sidekicker89

    can we trade in more than one device??? I have a BlackBerry Pearl, Sidekick 2, and sidekick 3 i’d like to get rid of!

    • Get_at_Me

       1 phone trade per active line on acct

  • Gwapo

    Galaxy Nexus is now Available in Google Play for $399!!!!

  • G Gomez

    why pay if they will offer FREE SMARTPHONES ON MOTHERS DAY…..

  • sweet so I can finally get rid of that crappy old Motorola Cliq phone Tmobile told me was the best smartphone ever… (insert big laugh). 

    • Emily Delgado

      Haha, omg, I was about to post the exact same thing! Two weeks after I bought the cliq the price dropped 100 dollars and then to nothing. I’m still using it tho, after 2 and a half years, but i’m on my third replacement phone and running a custom rom on it, motoblur was a joke. 

      • Mark

         For existing customers, that means 18 months or more _gone_by_ on their current contract, right?

        I’m only on my first replacement Cliq (keyboard backlight stopped working), but I never rooted it… still using Motoblur. The Happenings widget seems to miss some posts, though.

  • So, I have an iPhone 4 and I’ve had it in an Otterbox since I’ve gotten it; I haven’t even had it a year yet. I can trade that in, get $200 and use that towards getting a HTC One S? Like, really?

    • Bratty

       You will likely get more cash selling it online. In your case, this deal isn’t that great.

      • But, I don’t want it…and I want an HTC One S

        • Sp

           htc one s is the lil girl version of the x . have fun with that crap phone. lol

    • LC

      iPhone 4, depending on the size, would probably get your more like $250-$300. It’s nice that you’d get that money without the hassle of meeting up with people for Craigslist ads and having to deal with bidders and shipping, etc. with Ebay. Could be a good option for you.

  • Tomnewtn

    I can get $100- for my G1 eh? 

    • Side_3

      Bullshit. Try $10.

      • melon3531

        No it’s $100…that’s the beauty of the promotion, where normally you might only get $10 for a G1, during the promo you would get $100 back guaranteed, as it is an Android phone.

  • Tomnewtn

    and I have an old BB Curve too. I’ll wait to see reviews and what else might be coming to TMO.

  • WD

    So the one S would be 100.. or basically free if you’re trading in an iphone?

  • Deaconclgi

    Great deal, though I hate Mail In Rebates…still waiting on my approved $50 rebate for my Lumia 710….

  • LordBeric

    Wow my Nokia Nuron is now worth $100?  I guess I can part with it…

  • Fdsa

    is the first iphone worth 200

  • original?

    so can I get an original iphone to trade in?

  • Scott M

    New activation of qualifying plan on two-year contract and purchase of a qualifying T-Mobile device required. Yeah, existing customers, suck it again.

    • umm, read much? “Existing customers also can take advantage of this offer if they are eligible for an early upgrade, meaning 18 months or more on their current contract…”

      • Scott M

         Sorry, that wasn’t in the fine print on the actual web page.  In fact, I can’t find the early upgrade part anywhere.

  • Derrick227

    what would other fees be besides trade in credit? say if i want to trade in my bb curve 9360 to get a samsung galaxy s blaze 4g…..also i am a existing costumer since 07, am i eligible to participate in this promotion? and i am paying off my EIP for the curve

    • Scott M

      No. Only new activations can take advantage. Fine print on the website for the offer.

      • Derrick227

        damn, this why i hate tmobile lol

        • melon3531

          If you are 18+ months into contract (basically if you are eligible for Early Upgrade Plus) you can take advantage too.

    • LC

      If you’re on Value, you would have to pay of the EIP on your BB before you can use EIP again for the Blaze. 

  • person

     Upgrades are qualified right?

  • oabsidiboaisd

     Can we give more then one phone

    • LC

      Just one phone per transaction.

  • Tmo employee

    This is for classic and value plan upgrades as well, not just activations. READ people!

  • tspx23

    I’m going to buy 3 iphone 2g’s for 60 each and then buy a One S. :D

    • LC

      If only it worked like that :)

  • Emacata

    jesus christ i am avaialble for early upgrade on May 10… figures

  • This sucks!!!  I’m not full upgrade eligible until May 10th.

  • Denis

    it seems like the whole procedure can be completed online: (mobile quote site), (full promo page, enter promo code 4GTRADE to get quote and complete the whole thing). although i couldn’t get the quote from the mobile site to work on the full site yet, perhaps the promo is still too new. i guess there are no real benefits in doing this in store unless you want your shipping label printed and some packaging materials? 

  • Luizx2004

    is their a limit on how many phones you can trade in for one HTC ONE S ? also does the value of the trade in depend on the condition of the phone ? can i really buy an old iphone 3g for $50 and get $200 credit ?

  • Had enough Tmobile

    THIS SALE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, This is so typical, only 16 month and under can qualify. So Ive been a loyal longtime costumer of Tmobile and eligible for an upgrade but don’t qualify for this sale. I can still get the One s for $199 after rebate and all that BS which is the first phone of any value on Tmobile besides the Blackberry Bold which they want $299 for with upgrade just crazy. Ive had it TMOBILE im bitter and angry i am shopping other carriers and I dont care if you bill me for leaving at least Id get better choice of phones. 

  • Nick

    Is this only for smart phones, or can I trade in my old Samsung slider dumb phone?  The picture says it’s for people who trade in their smart phone, but the tmobile statement says “old working phone.”

    I plan to get the One S and would love $50 off.

    • mingkee

       $50 for regular phone.

  • WD

    I thought ANY iphone was 200. The site shows different values for different iphones.  And further more N1 is worth 65 not 100.  This is BS

    • David

      When you go to the site are you entering the 4GTRADE promo code? I think there are different prices for iPhones depending on the promo code you enter.

  • Sara

    I went into the store and was able to get the deal, but wasn’t there supposed to be a rebate on the down payment as well? The rep couldn’t find any information about it.

  • I ran into this as well… if you just go to the site above and click on “trade in my phone” then you will get the basic cost of trade in. If you upgrade your phone online (or in stores) and then continue onto the trade in, you SHOULD be getting the guaranteed $100. 

  • Vorig

    I still don’t quite follow whether or not we can combine the trade-in promotion with the upgrade/rebate reduced price. For example, the upgrade price for the HTC One S is $199 after $50 mail in rebate. Can I upgrade at the upgrade price (with new contract) AND trade in my old mytouch 4g for an additional $100 rebate making the total cost of the HTC One S $100?

    • Had enough Tmobile

       If your eligible for a full upgrade you are NOT eligible for  the trade in, call Tmobile and ask but most likely you are not, they told me you had to be 16 months or under. They don’t want to help the people that have been with them since 2005 or longer. No loyalty, I remember when if you had an upgrade available the phone company would call you and offer some new phones to you so they could keep you in a new contract, now you have to fight to upgrade to a decent phone with full upgrade for less than $300.

      • melon3531

        READ the press release in the post people!  It clearly states more the opposite – “Existing customers also can take advantage of this offer if they are eligible for an early upgrade, meaning 18 months or more on their current contract.”

  • mingkee

    Can I trade in more than one phones in order to get more discount for Galaxy Blaze?
    I have Pharos 137, Touch Pro 2, N900, Optimus V in my inventory, so if T-Mobile takes all of them, I should be able to get GB for almost free before taxes.

  • Deep

    Would you be able to trade in a phone and activate service? I was thinking about trading in my old blackberry an getting a family plan with a galaxy nexus.

  • coness

    Does anyone have details around specific timing? Do you have to have the phones sent in by May 8 or can you purchase and activate a line and then do the phone trade-in at a later date?