Google Launches Google Drive, Will Dropbox Meet Its Match?

We haven’t really covered much on Google Drive over the years as its long been rumored to come out, only to be pushed back and pushed back some more. That has all changed as Google officially unveils Google Drive, their Dropbox competitor and if you’re a Google or Android fan, this may just be the service that has you kicking Dropbox to the curb.

The service will offer 5GB of storage space for documents, videos, photos, PDF’s and other files and Google Docs is built-in to the service. Users will be able to upgrade to 25GB of space for just $2.49 a month, 100Gb for $4.99 a month or 1TB for $49.99 a month. Any additional storage added to Google Drive will automatically expand your Gmail storage to 25GB.

Google Drive, like Google Docs allows for real-time sharing of documents, adding and replying to comments and more. Google Drive will index by keyword, filter by file type as well as scanning documents to recognize images such as the Eiffel Tower.

Google says the app is “built to work seamlessly with your overall Google experience.” The app is already available for PC, Mac and Android with an iOS app arriving soon. Check out the two videos below to get a closer look at Google Drive and see if Dropbox or Google will be your cloud service of choice.

Oh, and a little extra kicker to celebrate Google Drive, Google has increased free storage on all Gmail accounts to 10GB effective immediately.


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  • Cycad007

    Excellent!  With SkyDrive, Google Drive & Amazon…I think our online storage needs are met for the foreseeable future! :)

    • Chad

      I was thinking the same I may just delete my Dropbox b/c currently I have with Google Drive 10GB and Box 50GB (free when you download the Box android app) and Amazon and Skydrive with another 25GB Dropbox is currently the weakest link offering only 2GB free…goodbye

      • Jamesj

         how do you have 10gb with google drive? wasnt it 5gb? im confused on tht part

        • Chad

          Sorry I meant 5GB on Google Drive but since I am also a Gmail user I’ve been bump up to 10GB as well. (last paragraph in article above)

        • Jamesj

          i downloaded google drive on my android says “your google drive is not ready”

          whats that?

          how do i get it on my desktop?

        • Chad

          Yea I think that’s the message everyone is getting right now. I don’t think it’s gone live, live just yet. I was going to download the app to my Macbook Air and Macbook Pro and I got the same msg, same for my android app. I would guess later today it’ll probably be available, Google HQ is in Cali so it’s not even noon yet there I’d expect something to go live after 3pm EST. One it does go live you can probably download the desktop app here

        • Mark

          Same here James. Waiting for an update in my inbox when ready I guess.

      • Ogarroh

        I assume your paying since you have 50GB at the Box

        • Chad

          Nope. Box was doing a special promotion (it still might be going on) but for Android users when you download the Box app and register you get 50GB free space.

  • Guest2

    I will stay with Google Drive. 
    10 years from now Google will still be around, “box”, “dropbox”, “istorage” etc will be long gone..

  • dabbler

    Now the question is: can we use with FTP clients? That would allow some security IP cameras to upload video clips.

    • RJ

      Could you ftp to a directory on your computer and in turn sync that directory with Drive?

  • MarcusDW

    I will be Driving as soon as I’m notified.  No more carrying around a memory stick for me.

  • The IPv6 Gumy

    Galaxy Nexus is also the best phone for doing IPv6 on the T-Mobile network

  • Trungbui817

    Is this the same thing as cloud?

  • Microsoft just upped theirs from 7GB free, to 25GB free.  Come on Google.

  • 23

    Great, I now have a new place to store my porn

  • Tward291

    skydrive is the best thats a fact and google needs to change the name like really come on show something fun new like google penis

  • HeLLO

    Just reading your post gave me a headache.Seriously grow up already just because you like skydrive doesn’t make it a fact.Stupid fanboy.

    • Tward291

      aw im sorry you feel that way so semperfi to you to fagot

  • Caseybea

    READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE.   Unlike Dropbox etc–  google owns the data you upload to google drive and they can do anything they want with it.    YIKES.  

  • Gouv

    I still have faith in drop box… I love gmail but I don’t feel like abandoning dropbox. I use it for work all the time and its easy to give someone access to a folder you want to share. i’ll just play it by ear