T-Mobile Announces The ‘Budget-Friendly Prism,’ Out May 6th

T-Mobile just announced the upcoming availability of the T-Mobile Prism, their latest budget friendly option for customers who are searching for their very first smartphone. T-Mobile says the Prism will be available with flexible pricing options including no annual contract as well as two-year contract plans.

The T-Mobile Prism is a 3G devices with a 3.5″ HVGA display running Android 2.3. “The Prism allows customers to enjoy variety of entertainment and Web browsing experiences including social networking sites and thousands of applications from Google Play.”

The T-Mobile Prism will be available at Best Buy locations beginning May 6th, Walmart retail stores on May 9th as well T-Mobile retail locations nationwide, T-Mobile.com and through selection dealers beginning May 23rd.


Full Press Release: 

T-Mobile Introduces Its Latest Budget-Friendly Smartphone: T-Mobile Prism

Built for first-time smartphone customers, the new Android device is expected to be available starting May 6.

BELLEVUE, Wash., — May 2, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc., today announced the upcoming availability of the T-Mobile® Prism™, the latest budget-friendly option for cost-conscious consumers looking for their first smartphone.  The T-Mobile Prism will be available to T-Mobile customers through flexible pricing options, including no annual contract paired with a T-Mobile Monthly4G™ plan or paired with a two-year T-Mobile Classic or Value plan.

Powered by Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread and featuring a 3.5-inch HVGA touch screen, the new 3G smartphone enables T-Mobile customers to easily surf the Web, access their favorite social networking sites and choose from thousands of applications to download from Google Play. The  T-Mobile Prism also makes it simple to capture and share photos and videos via its 3.2-megapixel camera with digital zoom and video recorder. With the T-Mobile Prism, customers can sync multiple email accounts, including Microsoft Exchange, Google calendar and contacts, T-Mobile contacts, and more.

The T-Mobile Prism is expected to be available at Best Buy starting May 6, at Walmart starting May 9 and available nationwide at T-Mobile retail stores, online via www.T-Mobile.com and at select dealers beginning May 23. The T-Mobile Prism is expected to cost $19.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card with a two-year service agreement and qualifying Classic voice and data plan or $149.99 via no annual contract.

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  • AndrewSingleton


    • Gasass


      • juanmondragon


  • total POS..u can get a better phone for free. 

    • 3560freak

      But not for $150 no contract

    • Papa_Smurf_59

      Not everyone needs/wants a high end smartphone like you do. This is aimed to people who don’t want to spend a lot of money or want a taste into smartphones.

      Don’t sound like a total douche next time.


    Well at least it looks like it is running stock Android. Should be okay for budget conscious family’s that are looking for a smart phone that fits. Great for kids and grandma! 

    • Papa_Smurf_59

      It’s running Huawei’s Custom UI.

  • What a shocker… Tmobile announcing another “budget” phone :(

  • TMOFan

    “Testdrive America’s Largest 4G Network” on our this 3G device….  I hope T-Mobile figures something out, this isn’t going to cut it.

  • The problem is that they announce phones like this with similar specs barely superior to this and charge $100-200 on  contract when everyone elses heavy hitting phone is $200. 

    • Getsome

      Uh, unless you have trouble reading, this phone is $19.99, says so in the article above

      • Deaconclgi

        I paid $19.99 for my Lumia 710…could have waited about a week and got it for free. Probably the same thing is going to happen with this phone. Free is good, there is someone out there that wants Android on the cheap….even for a 2 year lockdown.

  • Why….

  • MarcusDW

    I don’t have anything nice to say so I won’t say anything it at all :-P

  • Guest 2012

    Verizon here I come! Thanks T-Mobile for making the switch easier with all these awesome selections!

  • AndrewSingleton

    lol @ amaze is now free

  • Johnny Brown

    I don’t doubt there is a market for this… gotta have something for everyone.. Not bad specs for a budget/starter phone.

  • Kristinarw

    What’s the internal storage?

    • Johnny Brown

      I think it’s 512MB

  • sleek device…

  • mreveryphone

    Even cricket passed on this one! But there’s a market for it, if I had a kid this is what they would get hands down!

  • Interesting, I just (like an hour ago) picked up an unlocked LG Thrive for my son on eBay for $115, I just might have spent the extra $35 for this one.

  • JBrowne1012

    Hey David it is already available through best buy as of today I just saw some at best buy mobile with a $149 prepaid price tag

  • Thomas Brezinski

    My fiance’s mom is still using a razr, this might be a good upgrade for her.  There’s definitely a market for this kind of phone.

  • o.O is this phone better than the samsung exhibit 2? I was about to dive in the Monthly 4G plan and get the Exhibit 2.