HTC One S Now Available For Purchase Online And In Stores

Good morning in T-Mobile land as we welcome the HTC One S officially into the Magenta line-up. After spending almost 10 days with the device and having posted a brief preview, I can tell you I’m truly enjoying my time with the One S. Great camera, great size, great battery — truly a phone I can easily recommend and I’m not sure T-Mobile is going to get it back from me so easily.

The One S is an even easier recommendation when paired with T-Mobile’s Magenta Deal Days beginning today offering $100 trade-ins for any smartphone. Perhaps you have an iPhone you want to trade-in? That’s $200 off and that makes the HTC One S free after mail-in rebate.

The HTC One S is on sale at T-Mobile for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate making the Magenta Deal days offer an incredible opportunity to walk away spending 50% less than you were intending.


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  • HTConeS

    3 more hours and I’ll have it, good bye HTC G2 you’ve been great to me

  • HTConeS

    3 more hours and I’ll have it, good bye HTC G2 you’ve been great to me

  • Chop Sockey Chimp

    *tumbleweeds* It’s a ghosttown n here. Nobody seems to care bout the htc Crap S and I can see why. That crap ain’t gon b flyin off no shelves specialy now that the tmobile note has been shown. Crap S is gon hit EOL status realll soon

  • HTConeS

    Someone is mad lol

  • Uncoloredpoem

    Spent the money on a onee x. one s just looks like a rebranded amaze to me with a couple hardware revisions

    • Lani

      Its an amazing and sensational looking mobile. I wish Tmobile would get the same size mobile as the X, and just call it what they want.

  • I will be getting this phone from someone on CL as soon as I get rid of my Amaze or Sensation. but i’m cheap and ignorant so I will be lowballing until some idiot is willing to take only $350-$380 for it. 

  • I don’t know why people are doubting the One S. It’s a GREAT device. T-Mobile’s first ICS device which also has better battery life than all of their previous phones, better processer, etc. Yeah the Note is coming soon, but it’s price will be at least $250 and its size isn’t for everyone.

    • Its the Samsuck fans. They are nervous as hell right now…

    • wildcontigo

      No sd card slot and non removable battery are a deal breaker. Good Performance, but a rooted sensation with ICS gives it a run for its money. Not to mention price.

  • HTConeS

    Its like people get on here just to bad mouth phones some people like the HTC one S some people don’t, everyone is not the same

  • Th3co45t

    Why is this phone more expensive than the AT&T HTC One X?


      Its not. Read the story. 100 bucks for a trade in making it less expensive. Don’t tell me you don’t have an old smart phone to trade in…

      • MarcusDW

        What if ATT also had 100 trade in?

        • Guest911

          What if ATT slapped you when they had the trade in?

        • MarcusDW

          A lawsuit would ensue and I would get a lot more than a One X.

        • TMOTECH

          Yea what if? If If’s and buts were cherries and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas

        • theman

          You’re the most annoying tmo rep that posts on here, period. STFU and GTFO.

        • TMOTECH

          Mission accomplished

        • Lee72artis

          If ifs were fifths we’d all be drunk.

      • Bleacherbums1

        Would it be available (trade in) when and if Tmobile gets the Samsung note?
        Just asking and wondering

    • Thomas Brezinski

      Because T-Mobile like’s to rip off it’s non-contract customers who want top of the line phones.  Look at the price games they played with the Amaze and SG2.  When they had a sale they jacked up the base price to cover the “sale”.

    • guest

      because your service costs a lot less… 

  • ZhenyaK

    Ugh. Costco only has it online, why u no have it in stores?

    • melon3531

      $249 seems like the full upgrade price, not the early upgrade one.  I know that early upgrade plus is $379 (I am 19 months into contract and that is what’s showing for me) and I think the early upgrade price is around $500.

      • sorry full upgrade is what I have. at a tmobile store, they want $279 before the $50 rebate… and $100 buyback rebate. $129 final price before taxes. 

    • Spanky

      You’d be surprised. Casual, “non-tech geek” users would see the $100 price difference and buy the Amaze.

  • Thomas Brezinski

    What the hell T-Mobile. $599! What a load of complete rip off. I’ll be buying the Galaxy Nexus from Google.

    • Gwapo

      I hear you Bro!!! That is a 100% rip off!!!!! $599 vs $399 pure Google!!!!

    • Ricktrann

      I second that bro!!! Stock android = gauranteed updates!!

      • try telling that to the poor G2x users… 

        • Thomas Brezinski

          G2x was not a “Nexus” phone.  It was near stock android.  For the whole G line the manufacturers not Google drove the updates.

        •  Stock android = gauranteed updates!!” G2X was stock android thus my comment. 

      • Csaba1

        Yeah with a crapy camera

    • TritonX

       Yeah i see what you are saying, but i have a felling Google is taking a loss on the Gnex to increase the Android user base and clear inventory before something grand hits (S3 maybe?)

  • Bleacherbums1

    My wife Just got it and came home for me to take a looksy…. thought She wanted the unlocked version but oh well. Anyways, WOW BIG FREAKIN’ WOW!!!!!
    This phone is amazingly fast, screen is flawless very responsive, sense 4.0 looks good, pixs are very very nice, video (1080p) so so (need to play around it more) and ICS is simply great.
    Highly recommended !!!!

  • Deadeye37

    I might have to get this phone.  Are the rumors true that it doesn’t have a microSD slot?  I hear people saying that it doesn’t, but I can’t fathom any decent smartphone being released these days without a microSD slot…

    • Thomas Brezinski

      Correct it does not have a microSD slot.  They give you DropBox storage space to attempt to compensate for it.

    • Nick

      That’s not a rumor.  That’s a stated fact about the phone

  • Side_3

    Can I ask a silly question. Magenta Deal Days is eligible for both online and in-store purchases? I just called a local retail store (Rochester, MN) and they said they would do instant $200 discount for iPhones.

    • Amlindig

      Looks like only certain markets support instant in-store discounts/rebates for phone trade-ins. For example, a tech told me the DFW (TX) market only offers instant in-store discounts for iPhone trade-ins. The rest of us plebeians will need to send our phones in and wait for a Visa rebate card that could take 6-8 weeks. 

  • Curleecolemaniii

    Hey David the HTC One S is 199.99 for me sir without mail in rebate I purchased one this morning lol no pun intended

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hey David! Where is the story and link for the ICS update for the Amaze? I noticed its not around anymore. Did Tmobile tell you to pull it because of the One S being released today? Just curious. Please see if you can find out when the official push will be available over the air because I am getting anxious.

  • Just ordered my HTC One S, got it for free. Just extended my contract for 2 years!!!

    • how the heck do you go about doing that? Online they want me to pay $249 sans the $50 rebate… at the tmobile store, they want me to pay $279 before the $50 rebate and $100 buy back rebate. I’m a full upgrade customer. 

      •  I called and was transferred to an account specialist, since myTouch 4g slide was having numerous problems. They gave me an account credit I, too have full upgrade eligibility on both my lines. I got the Lumia for my sister for free and the One S for free, just called for a 2 year extension on both lines.

        • interesting… I guess it’s all who you talk to :) Thanks for sharing. 

    • Dave Gomez

      For free? From t-Mobile? For extending the contract?

  • Ewabeach

    Waiting for the micro-oxidation ^____^

    • Dave Gomez

      Is this definitely coming in June, or not? Need some damn facts.

      • Luizx2004

         +2 can tmobile please give us an official answer ?

  • Ruperto17

    I’m trying to upgrade through but it doesn’t give me the option to split the cost of the phone into multiple payments anymore. Is that option gone?

  • dgcat

    Target has full price for $579.99 with free shipping.

  • Jaygqitalia

    I just bought an amaze last week. If this phone had a removable battery and SD card, I would bring it back for this. Sadly, it does not, so Amaze > 

  • Thomas Brezinski

    I think you have to be on a current Value plan to do it.  At least the store at one point told me I could not do it on my EM+.

  • Bulletban

    Galaxy Nexus is way more better than this in terms of price and value

  • melon3531

    Just got mine…it’s purty. :)  And fast and smooth!  I’ve shown it to a few people and the first thing they’ve all said was about how thin it was.  Looking forward to really playing with it tonight. :)

  • melon3531

    Apparently – I asked about that when doing it in-store and they said they don’t do it anymore.

  • nerdlust

    I’m still loving my sensation, but I can’t wait to check out the fastest phone on the planet. I have not bought an extra battery in years, so much cheaper to just buy a car charger. The non removal battery is less of an issue for me now a days. I do use an 8gig sd card that is no where near being full. I have been using for a couple of years so 16gig would last me the life of 5 phones. At first I said non removal battery and no sd card no sale but after looked at how I used My htc sensation, that’s not an issue for me any more as long as I can back up my photos and app to a cloud service?!?!

    • Jaygqitalia

      16 gig is really about 10. Just saying

    • or you can use the supplied usb cable and download them to your computer… which is probably faster anyhow. 

  • Usrbrv8332

    I just called customer service and then ended up with customer loyalty. I was on a grandfathered EvenMore Plus plan and I was able to switch to a Value plan and get a $250 credit towards the One S which brings it down to a reasonable $350.

  • ingram1225 promo 4gtrade
    what happened to the guaranteed $100 for any smartphone? 

    Voucher #:
    Phone Number:
    Price:null04-25-2012MotorolaCLIQ XT$  15.00

  • ingram1225

    Voucher #:
    Phone Number:
    Price:null04-25-2012 MotorolaCLIQ XT$  15.00

     what happened to the guaranteed $100 for any smartphone?

    **hopefully it was because I clicked on the “trade in old phone now” link…
    I also talked to a rep and they said you can do this online while buying a 4gphone online.

  • ingram1225

    I just talked to a tmobile rep and they said yes you can buy a 4g phone and trade in your old one online at this link Still, i think i’m going down to the store (some 25 miles away) and purchasing it in person. Doesn’t really save me any money (due to gas) but at least I get it tonight vs tomorrow or later. 

  • Tomnewtn

    At least you can make sure the display is to your liking before you buy. Good idea, actually. Thanks for the link. 

  • ……So for me, being that I have a perfect condition iPhone….IT’S FREE?!!! :O GIGGIDY GIGGIDY ALRIIIIIGHT! :D

  • melon3531

    You have to enter the promo code 4GTRADE in the box – the trade in value will then show as $100.

  • Greg O

    I called T-Mobile this morning and got 2 of them for free, including rush shipping, I paid $20.  :)  Gotta love it

  • Anthonynyc1a

    Nice phone l love it!

  • ms

    I bought one this morning with the trade in offer and  found the HTC One S very disappointing, Sense 4.0 sucked as much as it did before. The text is so small compared to the SGII, I rooted and tried the few ICS sense free roms and the text and over all feel of the phone kept reminding me of the sensation and amaze. No real noticeable improvement except for the excellent camera. 

    • you can change the size of the text. it comes default as medium. 

  • blink

    Found mine at Best Buy for $149.99 with new 2 year contract and also received a $50 gift card for some promotion I signed up for a few months back (I believe they called it phone freedom). They do trade-ins as well but not sure how well they payout on older devices and they don’t do mail in rebates so its an added bonus to not have to deal with that mess. 

  • I got one today at a local tmobile store. $292 with a purchase of a Zag full body protector. Turned in my old Cliq XT phone for a $100 rebate that they took care of for me (mailed it in) plus that $50 rebate that they also wrote up and mailed in for me. 

    Initial results: im blown away. Keep in mind im coming from a Motorola Defy but my wife has the myTouch4g slide. Quadrant score is 4112 and 60fps or twice that of the myTouch4g slide. showed not so great 4g speeds, but I took the test around 6pm. 1mb up. 1mb down. 

    Everything is wicked smooth… just like the reviews said it would be. Oh…storage. The phone says I have 2.4gb internal and 9.2gb phone. that’s usable storage. Like I have said… If i get full, i’ll simply upload or transfer (via usb) the pictures and video to my computer. No worries. 

    Last thought, under load, this phone heats up like the old Cliq/Cliq XT phones did. 

  • anyone have voicemail notification issues? like always saying you have voicemail? Seems to be a rampant HTC issue with all their phones.