T-Mobile Wallet Now Working On Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Devices

Great news for unlocked Galaxy Nexus owners on T-Mobile who have looked for a Google Wallet solution since the phone was unveiled. According to a Engadget report, Google Wallet is now working on a Galaxy Nexus with a T-Mobile sim installed and operating. Previously, Google Wallet had only worked on unlocked AT&T models. Engadget has yet to attempt any transactions with the Google Wallet app, but things are looking good. This is yet another reason to take a look at Google’s price drop on the Galaxy Nexus yesterday, just one more reason this is a great phone.

Any Galaxy Nexus owners out there want to give this a download?


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  • El Daddy

    I’ve had.google wallet on mine since January. I used the google play desktop site trick. I love it.

  • AndyH_STi

    Just downloaded it from Google Play store. It installs fine, but then gives me an error upon opening the app indicating that it’s either not supported in my country, or is not supported by my carrier. I am on T-Mobile and live in the US. I suspect the issue may be that my Galaxy Nexus originated from Hong Kong (I believe).

    • mobilehavoc

      Its your build on Nexus. Flash it as yakju and it’ll work.

      • AndyH_STi

        Yup, that is what I figured. I’m already planning on flashing my build to yakju (I currently have yakjuzs)

        • jonathan3579

          You might as well just go ahead and flash to takju since it is the U.S. build.

        • AndyH_STi

          Hmmm, insteresting idea. I guess I wasn’t sure if that would work or not. I will give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks for the idea!

        • jonathan3579

          No problem! I figured it’d be easier for updates since all the speculation is that the takju version will get Jelly Bean first and also the fact that Google specifically states on the Play Store that it has Wallet support. It just seems like the most simple way to get on board with all they have to offer.

  • Same here, El Daddy. I’ve had Google Wallet running since January using the same trick.

  • Michael Hunter

    I downloaded it and got it up and running. I didn’t get the $10 credit that I was supposed to get though.

  • Mike

    It also appears for the Samsung Galaxy SII, however upon launch states that it’s not approved.

  • Choorp

    I set up Google Wallet yesterday. Got the $10 credit and made two transactions so far. Works great..

  • Guest2

    cool..just downloaded mine! will try it at McDonalds’ PayPass later today!
    eat that GS III !!

  • I got it working yesterday.  I flashed yakju to my phone a few weeks ago.

  • Rockyglass

    I got it last week in my Nexus S. It works perfectly. I got that app from a friend. NFC is awesome

  • I installed Google Wallet by sideloading the APK file onto my unlocked (and completely stock i.e. not rooted) Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0.4. I got the $10 credit and made a purchase last night. I don’t see the transactions when i go to http://google.com/wallet (seems weird) but I have a history of the transaction on my phone.

  • carl444

    good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fixxmyhead

    its also showing up on my hercules. i installed it but it says “device unsupported”, get on top of that shit tmobile i wanna use google wallet

  • Minioninnc

    Mine is running fine, accepted my credit card without issue. No $10 credit so far though. As well my GNex just got the 4.0.4 update.

    • Ken

      where are you located with the GN to get the 4.0.4 and what are your dl speeds non-wifi. leaning toward this as a stop gap till more quads are out and contract is up. tired of crappy dl speeds on n1 in dayton ohio

    • 21stNow

       The $10 credit is on the Google Prepaid Card.  If you use your own credit card, you won’t get the credit as far as I know.

  • Incyc

    I’ve had Wallet working on my unlocked GN since January. It has been working fine and I got the free $10.

  • BahamasGeek242

    I just ordered my nexus 3 days ago what download speeds have you guys been getting ?

    • cubanito151

      If you ordered other through the Play store how much was your total after shipping and i guess taxes.

      • BahamasGeek242

        I paid $463 with extended warranty galaxy nexus titanium silver, I wish I had waited a couple of days but who knew google was going to do what they did. I sold my HTC HD7 for $175 and paid the difference for the Nexus so I am okay with the price

  • TBN27

    I think i will get a Galaxy Nexus…. And still keep my GSII

  • Jon

    I’ve been using Google Wallet on my Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile for months now…

    • I just purchased mine directly from Google along with a T-Mobile SIM card to use with the Monthly4G plan. Have you had any problems with it?

  • Ummm *Scratches head^..What is “T-Mobile Wallet” though?

  • 21stNow

    I’ve been using Google Wallet for months now on the Galaxy Nexus, and don’t remember which SIM card was in the phone at the time.  I used the .apk file that I found on a forum.

  • Sitnlow

    “Previously, Google Wallet had only worked on unlocked AT&T models”I didnt know there was an AT&T model releasedWhen did this take place?