Motorola DROID 4, DROID BIONIC And DROID RAZR Work On T-Mobile’s EDGE Network

This story personifies why Android is an awesome platform as it allows for hacking, tweaking, rooting, and tinkering as the folks at XDA make a very cool discovery. As it turns out, the Motorola DROID BIONIC running on Verizon Wireless actually supports global GSM bands for use on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks. At first, the idea was dismissed, but after working deeper and deeper into the phone’s hardware, it was discovered that the MDM6600 radio works on AT&T’s HSPA network and T-Mobile’s EDGE network.

Famed Android hacker P3Droid posted some images for proof of concept on his Twitter account earlier this morning, showing the DROID BIONIC up and running on AT&T after some software changes.

Other Motorola and Verizon devices, like the DROID RAZR and DROID 4 also work as well. While this hack is likely to never receive Verizon’s blessing, it would allow for Verizon’s network to expand its lineup of global devices, especially if you’re a fan of XDA, rooting and hacking. Development is progressing nicely although Motorola’s locked bootloaders are said to be putting up speed bumps as work continues.

It’s all pretty awesome and while running a phone on T-Mobile’s EDGE network isn’t ideal, it’s fun to recognize that it would work if you wanted to. Also, you’d want to be surround by Wi-Fi 90% of the time. Still, this is why Android is Android.

XDA via Phandroid, P3Droid

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  • As bad as I want to say first, I won’t lol. DROID phones are pretty awesome. I live downtown and if I don’t see someone with an iPhone, I normally see alot of dudes in suits with VZW DROID phones. DROIDs has the best keyboard of all time. Good news for those who are normally around Wi-Fi most of the time and not a data speed nerd like most.

    I highly recommend unlocked DROID for Tmo. You can lie and tell ppl ur on Verizon and watch how many chicks be on you. =)


      So the chicks where you live care who you pay money to for your wireless service? That’s pretty sad. 

      • HughJank

        Sadly in this self concious image world we live in it does.
        I live in nyc and it usually goes like this. Verizon – expensive,upperclass – ATT expensive but decent , sprint – ghetto , poor , t-mobile – your cheap , poor ,both or just got approved with bad or no credit. Metro pcs etc…. 100% welfare.
        This is the young innercity train of thought nowadays.

        • Purenupe1

          …reason #101 on why I hate NYC

    • MarcusDW

      Chicks’ll be all over your junk yo.  Definitely…

  • tranceformer978

    I guess I don’t have to correct people now when they say they have a Droid on T-Mobile.


    This is the same as the iPhone. Once the 1900 MHZ re-frame is complete these devices should work on T-Mobile 3G as well

  • Lythandra

    Wow, Edge! Be still my beating heart!

    • Thankfully that will change over the next year as they swap the 1900MHz frequency over.

  • *VERY* interesting development…

    Makes sense that the SIM slot in Verizon LTE phones is dual use for LTE & GSM… but I had always assumed it was for LTE only…

  • Hamster

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to just get the international GSM variants of these phones?

    • HA – probably… but at least now there’s more options, even if you do have to get your hands dirty.

    • ricky ferrer

      the international versions of these phones cost an arm and a leg buying a bad esn droid razr will set you back 200 -250 while the global is about 500-700

  • Sorry, but with the Galaxy Nexus at $399, there is no reason to buy anything else off-contract.

    • Aaron Peromsik

      It’s a great price, but even $400 can still be tough to swallow for some people. There is still room in the market for Exhibit II 4G at $200.

      • JBrowne1012

        People who are cheap maybe and that don’t know that it is off contract.

        • Aaron Peromsik

          Not sure what you mean by that. $200 for Exhibit II 4G is also off contract (prepaid version at Wal-mart and Amazon).

    • Unless it’s a Samsung Galaxy S3

  • ricky ferrer

    wow this has answered my prayers i was losing interest in the wireless industry and this just reignited my love this is why i love working in the mobile industry 

  • JBrowne1012

    Hmm.. so we can use these devices once t-mo hurries up with the refarming for 1900?

  • Sitnlow

    There is a GSM Droid RAZR that works on AT&T 3G network already available 

  • It might be more commonly known, but you can also get the Droid 3 working on USA GSM networks.

  • Yahanzu

    Bull Shit!! I just tried it with my droid bionic and it didn’t work! After doing the hack that was required to get gsm going on the droid bionic, I tried using both AT&T and Tmobile contract and no contract sim cards and nothing happened. What a waste of time going through forums after forums! Don’t waste time people just stick to AT&T and Tmobile.