T-Mobile Joins Rural Cellular Association, Boosts Reach Of Rural Carrier Group

T-Mobile USA has announced they are joining the Rural Cellular Association and becoming the latest Tier 1 wireless carrier to join their ranks. The addition of T-Mobile to the RCA helps bolster the position of the organization as a counterweight to the CTIA, AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

The RCA welcomes T-Mobile less than a year after Sprint joined the RCA as an affiliate member. Sprint joined the RCA last April, after coming out against the proposed AT&T takeover of T-Mobile USA. With 55 million customers, Sprint ranks as the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier. The RCA’s mission is to advocate for carriers that have less than 10 million customers, but it does have provisions that allow for members with more than 10 million customers to join as affiliate members.

T-Mobile and Sprint have recently sided with each other on a number of regulatory issues including spectrum stipulations, roaming and special access fees. Sprint and T-Mobile recently agreed that the FCC should stop its 180 “shot clock” review of Verizon’s proposed $3.9 billion spectrum purchase from cable companies. T-Mobile and Sprint have asked the FCC to press Verizon to release more details on the deal.

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See the full RCA statement:

T-Mobile Joins RCA

Washington, DC – Today, RCA – The Competitive Carriers Association – welcomed T-Mobile USA as its newest member. T-Mobile joins RCA’s over 100 carrier members advocating to ensure the mobile wireless industry is a competitive one and that competitive carriers are able to provide the most advanced, robust service and products to their consumers. T-Mobile will join other members at RCA’s Competitive Carriers Global Expo, March 28-30, in Orlando, to discuss policy challenges ahead for the wireless industry.

“I am delighted to welcome T-Mobile to RCA,” said RCA president & CEO Steven K. Berry. “T-Mobile’s presence is a clear indication we have grown into the competitive carrier association of choice. We look forward to working with them on the policy issues that are most important to our membership. With all the challenges facing the mobile industry, it is more critical than ever for competitive carriers to come together in the advocacy fight and a stronger membership will certainly help ensure our voices are heard at the FCC, on Capitol Hill and at the White House.”

Dave Miller, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of T-Mobile USA said, “T-Mobile is pleased to join RCA at this critical time for our industry. We share RCA’s goal of promoting a healthy, competitive wireless industry and look forward to working with the other RCA members on advocacy efforts that advance competition and ultimately benefit US wireless consumers.”

About RCA

RCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers serving rural and regional areas of the United States. The licensed service area of RCA’s more than 100 members covers 95 percent of the nation.

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  • Mark

    Hmmm… that’s the first time I ever heard that the word “Competitive” was spelled with an “R”.  (Apologies to Goofy on a Disney record I had as a child.)

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    And yet, T-Mobile has almost no presence in rural America. Maybe they will increase access and bandwidth. 

    • jay_max

       TMO partners with Cellular One in Montana/Wyoming/Oklahoma/Texas, Viera Wireless in Nebraska/Kansas, and is a joint venture partner with iWireless in Iowa.  I’d say they have great rural coverage.  I never have issues with calls or data when I’m in Montana, as an example.

  • Vic

    So the carrier with the worst rural coverage joins Rural Cellular Association…okay.

    • Bob

       They sure do have rural coverage. I can see the cows accross the street from my house and I have 4g on my phone. In fact they have all of Florida covered.

      • Vic

        “The worst rural coverage” does not mean “non-existent.”

      • dm9226

         Its bad in most of the country, it all depends on which legacy carrier your area was a part of, old Powertel is pretty bad.

      • guidomus_maximus

        Ditto.  Rural, cows and horses, home of  state fair.  Rockin 4G

    • Shepinator

      Vic, you’re a troll. Everything you’ve ever written about T-Mobile is negative. In fact, almost everything you’ve ever written is negative, and often without any real foundation. You should start your own blog about how you hate T-Mobile so I don’t have to read it on here anymore.

  • I don’t see the rural comments. When I was transferring to my new school last year. We traveled all the way from Detroit, MI to Murfressboro, TN & 95% of the coverage I had during the trip was 4G, except for on one occasion. Actually most times I travel I usually have 4G everywhere. I just think some places are better than others & vice versa.

  • TMoFan

    This is good for both sides. We need a more united front to combat the unbalanced influence of the top two.