T-Mobile’s Chief Executive On The Record With The New York Times

T-Mobile’s Chief Executive Officer is on the hot-seat for the folks at the New York Times answering some hard hitting questions about AT&T, T-Mobile USA and the future. T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm insists that T-Mobile will keep the value plans that exchange a lower monthly fee for selling you an unsubsidized device. While many of you have yet to see the benefit of this type of rate plan, given what Verizon is incurring Verizon’s and it profit margins because of the huge subsidy on the iPhone 4S, these plans are beneficial to both the company and the consumer. On the subject of data plans, Humm stated that T-Mobile has no intention of introducing shared data plans ala Verizon and AT&T who have stated plans to do so.

You can read the whole Q&A at the New York Times.

In response to the question regarding another acquisition for T-Mobile, Humm respond by stating that he doesn’t see that in the future:

As you’ve seen, there is no possibility for a second AT&T deal in the U.S. market, so I think that answers the question on its own. Deutsche Telekom understands that the best thing that it can do is strengthen the value of its U.S. business. D.T. will look at ways to do that and find financing possibilities to overcome its own financial limitations in the European and U.S. market. There is a vital interest in the U.S. business.

Regarding T-Mobile and the possibility of selling the iPhone:

First, T-Mobile has AWS as a band, globally speaking a very specific band. In the past we were not on the chipset for the iPhone. But chipsets are evolving so they can carry more bands, and AWS is becoming more mainstream with the advancement of LTE devices. We expect that over time, the band will be less of an issue.

That being said, whether we do or don’t get the iPhone is probably a question to address to Apple.

Will T-Mobile rollout an LTE deployment strategy in the near future:

In my personal opinion, the LTE topic right now is in the U.S. completely overhyped. If you look at it from a consumer point of view, do you think there’s going to be a difference between if you’re on 4G or LTE? The point I’m simply making is that from a consumer point of view, LTE is irrelevant at this point in time. It’s not something that’s immediate in its need, and that’s why we’re a little bit relaxed on the LTE front. But we’ll have more to say about LTE when the time has arrived for it. More to come.

What’s in store for T-Mobile in 2012:

We really have established ourselves as a value player in the market. Second, we have a very strong 4G device family, which we’ll continue to evolve. We’ll announce the Samsung Blaze, and soon the Lumia 710. There will be more devices coming up. I think the important thing for us is to bring 4G to the customer.

T-Mobile does more than it is credited for, like we have very strong 4G services. … Our TV usage is growing more than 700 percent. We have a fantastic photo album service, which is completely backed up in the cloud, and completely backed-up address books. There are many things we offer to our customer, and we now need to make sure this is being understood. Then 4G really comes to life. 4G is not just about communication or browsing the Web, it’s much more than that.

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  • If there was vital interest in the U.S. market, they wouldn’t have tried to sell off to AT&T.

    There might be an interest now, though. Only time will tell.

    • Anonymous

      the parent company wanted to sell, not Humm. DT wanted money to fix all that ails them in Europe where they had to combine forces in the UK with another wireless carrier in order to have access to that market

      • Lol sorry, that’s what I meant by “they” … Referring to Deutsche Telekom. :)

  • Anonymous

    what is this samsung blaze you speak of?!

  • OldPro

    What!  You want to be a value network, but you’re not going to have shared Data plans?  Altho I guess if Verizon and AT&T are going to grab that plum first, you’re just going to look like a follower anyway.  I guess I’ll have to hang on to our old phones and our $2.99 tzones a while longer.

  • TMoFan

    He’s right about LTE. It’s great tech but it needs time to mature and HSPA+ is prefect for the time being. With that said T-Mobile will need to find a path towards LTE in the future. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in February.

    Reading through this I’m hopeful, if not excited, to see where T-Mobile’s going but at the same time I don’t want to give my hopes up because I know DT would sell us out again. Whatever happens I’d love to see T-Mobile return with a vengence. They need to step up with the advertising and getting the super phones like the GN, the Lumia 900 and iPhone.

    • Asdfg

      HSPA+ had its time already. All 3 Major carrier are 1. Hold LTE already and 2. Announced it (Sprint Galaxy Nexus.) If tmobile want to survive, they will need to get LTE now. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but I could do with more expansion of their existing towers in the way of throughput and cells. I hate it when I’m in a 42mbps area and I can’t access the tower that is 2 blocks away from me due to congestion of subscribers.

  • So Humm says ” They’ll announce the Samsung Blaze.” Um did he not do just that?

  • Factura5

    so in other words.

    1) i cant answer that. ask apple.
    2) no lte

  • Guest10

    Tmobile still don’t get it. Yes you offer the best value plans but I want to be able to look at smartphone choices and  be mesmerized…not just see Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S2. Where are Tmobile 42Mbps-capable monsters like the Galaxy Nexus, the new Motorola Razr/Maxx variant, Galaxy Note, LG Spectrum, HTC Titan 2, HTC HD8, new Xperia models, Nokia 800/900/N9, etc. They run around offering light weights like Radar 4G, Nokia 710…and WTF is Samsung Blaze. These fools keep gunning for the lower end of awesome phones….why won’t they have financial troubles? If you can’t offer an iPhone together with SGS2…..then you better have 10 other super choices for your dedicated customers. Quit shoving useless unneeded phones down our throats. 

    Please forward this comment to Tmobile.

    • There’s still MWC, and Motorola really has only made phones for Verizon, except for their lower-end stuff (Cliq 2, Citrus, Defy, etc..), and you have to remember these phones were probably in the pipe-line for a while now and with the fact that the proposed Merger was on during these phones came up I’m sure they didn’t put in too many offers for new phones asides from what was already coming and they didn’t get too many offers as well, I imagine.

      • Anonymous

        Also the lg spectrum has the same processor as the amaze and galaxy 2, and I’m not too fond of it when it can’t beat the tegra 2 in my g2x in all bench marks with it’s higher clock speed(and I know the g2x another ball of wax). Now a g nexus would be nice as I’m extremely dissatisfied with the wait for carrier mandated manufacturer updates, but hour more I think I’ll wait until the next leap in tech, mainly battery life, like the razor maxx, before jumping into another dual core, after all, it’s only been six months with this phone.

    • Landmarkcm

      I get your point but  I  wouldnt say my Radar is “useless” . I have had alot of phones! on pretty much all the carriers & My current phone the radar is my favorite. I like it better then the 4s I had on Sprint’s slooooow network!

  • David #CES vaca blog

    instead of deploying LTE, which is a costly investment, T Mobile is going to talk shit against LTE. 4G
    HSAP LTE merely a preference..bull shit.
    they don’t want to invest the money so sure why not say LTE is overhyped..
    sad. would expect more from a ..actually no i wouldn’t expect more
    from t mobile. this is how they operate.

  • Ed

    I think he underestimates two things:
    1. The public’s desire to have an iPhone on T-Mobile.
    2. The need to have an LTE network.

    I believe he’s just posturing because his answers aren’t what the market wants to hear.

  • Anonymous

    People will pay more for the phones they want.  If T-Mobile dosen’t give me a highend WP device I will pay more to AT&T to have the phone I want.

  • Anonymous

    And where the frac is the news or annoucements from CES? You mean there is nothing? NOTHING??!!


  • Anonymous

    When T-Mobile keeps on saying whether or not they sell the iPhone is a question for Apple time and time again, will one of the these lazy bloggers get off their butts and do this???  I don’t think one web news source has ever asked Apple why they don’t sell the iPhone on T-Mobile, they all keep asking T-Mobile.

    • BigMixxx

      man you have a point there…  

      Apple does not typically responds to bloggers though.  however, if there is a movement to get iPhone on the t mobile network the time would be perfect now….

      • Anonymous

        The tech press in general is incompetent in the sense they always direct this question to T-Mobile but never to anyone with Apple.  Not once. 

      • with over 1 million iPhones being used on T-Mobile, I’d say there was already a movement as well as demand.

        • BigMixxx

          I COMPLETELY understand.

          As a former iPhone user on tmobile, yes…it was good while it lasted.  Don’t really want an iphone…but every time I turn around another Samsung phone is announced…LG is crap, and we get the low end motorola devices…I’m just saying….while HTC has been doing T mobile a bunch of good…Samsung sure is flooding t mobile with a bunch of…’I don’t knows’  

          with todays annoucments of a device that is already on the network…I sure hope that changes to a something else….

    • Anonymous

      Because Apple isn’t going to say. Simple as that.

  • Cakesmalone

    This guys is a blundering idiot…plain and simple no path to LTE and shitty phones

    • Wet

      Lol ” shitty” phones huh… Get ur iphone and climb back in ur hole.

      Funny my amaze destroys vivids,skyrockts, and thundebolts..u can keep ur lte.

      • Anonymous

        Do we have the  Galaxy Nexus? Even though we mostly….. MOSTLY had all the nexus device. Of course not. This guy is an idiot, even the president of DT said that they will invest in LTE. So if you think that LTE isn’t the future than you are wrong.

      • Tbyrne


  • Guest001

    Regarding the acquisition question, he didn’t answer it at all. All he said is that theres no possibility for a second AT&T deal. And if DT really is having financial problems in the US and in Europe then its only a matter of time before they find another buyer for Tmobile so that they can try to help their European division. 

  • i learned absolutely nothing from his comments. 

    -confused t-mobile customer

    • StrongArm

      You mean illiterate…

  • Gnarls3Q

    As much as I love T-Mobile, I don’t see it being around much longer unless they sell it because right now its being run by complete idiots. Like someone below stated, its CES and where is the T-Mobile news and announcements? So far all we’ve gotten is that Carly is at CES. And with DT having some sort of financial problems I see them selling off T-Mobile to the next bidder. They only care about preserving their European division.

    • Tbyrne

      You don’t get it Gnarls. Seeing the picture of Carly getting physical with David put everything in perspective and shows what T-Mobile is all about. This is a playful company that’s not just focused on making as much money as it can or having huge amounts of high end phones. It’s about having a great experience with a quality cellular provider who offers great phones at low monthly rates. That’s what most people around here want. We don’t want, need nor desire to become like any of the other three. You people out there need to leave T-Mobile the hell alone! Keep complaining and I fear well be dealing with that ominous quote: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

  • All Tmobile has to do – because of Cash Problem is bring back the “Ever More Plus Plan”  They would not have to subsidize the cost of great phones.  Just simply allow the customer to buy them outright!!!

    Plus, perhaps better control store inventory – by having the “Super Phones” on special order.  In some cases the existing stores will become Sim Card and Accessory Shops!

    • Jaygqitalia

      Wait what? Even more plus and Value are the same except Value gives you a contract. Im confused

      • Anonymous

        Thats where they messed up if you pay full price you shouldn’t need a contract bring back EMP

        • Anonymous

          I wholeheartedly agree!

        • Anonymous

          With Value Plans you’re taking a plan subsidy INSTEAD of a phone subsidy.  Classic plans are a PHONE subsidy, I guess if Even More Plus were to exist today it would sit somewhere in the middle.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me???  T-Mobile’s whole problem right now is churn and retaining customers. Customers are leaving, and I’m betting 80% of the time it’s due to uninformed reasons and customers who lack the understanding of how T-Mobile compares to the rest of the wireless industry.

      Keeping customers in contract is probably what’s key.  Consumers complain all the time about how they are getting ‘screwed’ by the big companies with contracts and such but when T-Mobile USA was the only national provider for years that offered no contract post paid plans look where that got them.  I will never understand how a company that does nothing for consumers like at&t has the highest post paid customer retention and a  company like T-Mobile who does so much for the industry has the lowest.

      • Ash

        Most customers in the USA can’t do basic math, and many still think the iphone is the best….there’s your answer.

        For me, I’ll keep my EM+ plan and buy my phone at full price.
        Still save more $$ then these suckers.
        And enjoy my 6+mbps down while those suckers pay way more for LTE and have less battery life….on crappier network. At least in So. cal where I am.

      • Anonymous

        Actually t mObile grew for years when it did not require contracts. A contract is fine up front, but once you have fulfilled it you should be able to go month to month. I’ve been out of contract with t mo for about 10 years, but when I called to change a rate plan, was *forced* to take a *two* year contract. Well you know what? I’m switching to simple mobile, cheaper, no taxes, no contract, and it includes data which I don’t even have now. The stupid thing is, I’m still using t mo network, but since they can’t match simples rates, who purchases time on t mo’s own network, they lose me as a customer, and get only a fraction of what I am paying them now.

  • Anonymous

    Again. I can live without LTE but they really need to work on HSPA+ consistancy. If I have full bars of “4G” in a 21Mbps+ area then my phone should move just as fast as when Im on WiFi and not hesitate like it does.

    • Anonymous

      LTE is the Future dude. They will need it later, and if not, there going to die in a instant 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I know. Sadly I feel the same way in the long run.

  • BigMixxx

    this dude…damn, he could have turned this into such a limelight for T mobile..instead he just further ruins it everytime he speaks.  I wonder if he has a big word of the day dictionary.  Imma use mine…

    He made a VERY good point.  I’m not saying that LTE is hype, but check out the commercials….They same the same thing…you can do things uber fast on this miraculous network…with no good reference to the device…on this network.  The enabler for that is the device that you use.  

    That’s the only thing I agree with him on…
    While he is being steered (read: punked ) into making cost conscious decisions, he is stating the obvious….

    The guy’s on Spike TV made a huge point.  ‘I know my iPhone (added: windows mobile device) will perform the same and if I have issue, I know exactly who to go to’  T mobile REALLY needs and iPhone to make the brand stable; this alone strums up customers.  While Verizon is taking a loss, Look at what these every phone at 49 dollars sells strum up to.  T mobile is doing the VERY same thing.  That loss will amount to absolutely nothing after the first year….

    Finally, if the ubiquitous radio signal is AWS, then eventually T mobile has to conform.  Manufacturers will get tired of making the ‘t-mobile exception’ and it will ultimately cost T mobile money and consumers.  T mobile has sacrificed device quality for quantity and STILL has not realized that people really want and will pay for quality when it comes to ‘careful spend’.  iPhone is at a good price point, Verizon’s ‘droid’ lines are at good price points (the good ones), hell even the GSII and Amaze are overprice by just a hair, yet  PEOPLE will LINE UP to buy them. The attraction has to be given to the lineup, and by intermingling the less than stellar ( i.e. bastardized product a la LG to make mytouch devices — I never liked the name, and LG screwing up the G series brand, what the hell is the exhibit, and Samsung as darn near your sole provider for cheap phones) lineup, dilutes the brand T mobile and no one will appreciate the value that the brand truly delivers…

  • James

    I think the best way for them to compete is to convert their 3g to 1900 band. That way customers will have more options in terms of phones.

  • HSPA+overPCSplease

    So when will the roaming agreement with at&t take effect?

    • Gwapd

      I’m with you!!! I need 3G on my Iphony!!!! 4$

  • smells

    Until t-mobile offers better phones, they are not competing with the top 3 carriers, their competition is metro pcs, boost mobile and the likes. Even they offer 4g. I don’t think t-mobile usa cares to invest in the best, maybe they are simply stalling offering lower end android phones until a potential buyer or merger comes up.

  • HereWeGo

    Three words come to mind, fire this guy!

  • Asdfg

    Mr. Phillp Humm , LTE IS FUCKING 4G YOU IDIOT. God this is why tmobile is failing.  

    • Anonymous

      You’re the idiot.  He’s completely right in saying LTE is over hyped and to the consumer they really don’t get a different experience on LTE versus HSPA+ 42.  In fact, HSPA+ 42 is available in more places than LTE and sucks less battery.  It’s very comparable performance wise.  The benefits of LTE are only really from a carrier perspective because it’s more efficient in that sense.  Really, let’s say some cities had LTE up and running tomorrow and your HTC Amaze, for example, had an LTE radio as well, would it really be a life changing experience switching from LTE to HSPA+ 42?  No, but I would tell you what would get WORSE: battery life. 

      • Asdfg


        • Anonymous

          It’s pretty much a wash with HSPA+ 42 when using an HSPA+ 42 device.  If it’s close to LTE now, just imagine how well HSPA+ 84 will work when paired with an HSPA+ 84 device.

        • Mac Nasti

          You said that umafan! Its going to be a beast.com

        • Who cares? What good will come out of it when your data plans are capped out? The only thing that will result out of this, is that you can now reach your data cap in less than an hour! Which is exactly what AT&T and Verizon want.


          Your CARRIER sents you a text message: You have reached over your data cap, you will be charged $20 dollars for each additional 1 GB you consume.

          You: YAY now I am paying more money to continue to use an overpriced high speed internet (equivalent to wifi) that I can actually get by using wifi at home and outside at hotspots. I am SUPER smart! :-)

          Your carrier: Haha, we are going to make soo much profits with our business models and our genius marketing! American consumers believe everything we feed them. American consumers are so stupid, haha SUCKERS.

      • Anonymous

        If TMO is planning on sticking to HSPA+ then they need need to go on the offensive and advertise why HSPA+ is currently better or will continue to be just as good as LTE.

        I’ve got a couple friends actually starting to talk about LTE and once it is a household name, TMO’s “4G” will appear to be outdated to the genpop.  It won’t be “Man I’m goin to carrier X for the speed X compared to TMO’s speed”  but it will be “I want that LTE(cuz the commercial say its the best)”

  • wsj

    Its aways ask Apple.  BS, DT has enough market power to force Apple to make iPhone for them.
    The real problem is that here in the USA we allow carriers to enter into exclusive marketing agreements.  The Europeans have at least one thing right, not allowing exclusive agreements.  How about the Justice Department look into that.

  • Anonymous

    I somewhat disagree about the LTE statement. I look at it similar to the iphone argument. T-Mobile doesn’t need the iphone from a phone standpoint as they have phones that do everything that Apple’s does, but more from a perception standpoint as it does not look good to be the only major player without it.
    They don’t need LTE from a technology perspective as HSPA+ is very capable, but once At&t and Verizon start touting their LTE network the perception that T-Mobile is once again behind the curve could hurt them in the long run.

    • rcp831

      From a consumer stand point, T-mobile does need the iPhone to succeed. It has to be the number one sought after phone in the market. Obviously, the iPhone 4s is an inferior product. However, to your average consumer, truth is they don’t care. As far as LTE, HSPA+ has been known to pull approximate speeds of 7-9 mbps, on average. On some of the newer devices, even better results. I agree with Humm, it’s better to spread T-mobile’s 4G footprint, than to increase speeds in major cities.

      • Diana

        You speak as if T-Mobile is deliberately not expanding the HSPA+ footprint.  HSPA generally requires Ethernet backhaul…which isn’t *available* in all areas.  If there’s no Ethernet provider in Podunk, Iowa, yeah it sucks for the people living there, but that’s not T-Mobile’s fault.

        • Greaterway

          Well, on the towers that I work on requires fiber optic backhaul for HSPA+. Having said that ,Magenta really backhauls their network compared to another gsm carrier I know. Various parts of the country, T Mobile consistantly gets 18-24 mbps on it’s 42 network upgrade and 7-12 on the 21mbps portion of it. Backhaul makes the differ and T mobile is constantly putting out that fiber optic backhaul.

      • Frank Jacobs

        As specs go, the iPhone is inferior to many of the android phones. For many consumers specs aren’t all they care about.

        Many just prefer the iPhone’s ease of use, etc.

    • Tmoguy1

      I think this will take T-mobile out of the “major player” catagory.
      They LTE and Iphone to get people in the door.
      The problem here is that no one will shop for Tmo. They will offer nothing competitive.

      • Except unbeatable prices.

        • donnyc.

          That statement just isn’t true. T-Mobile’s prices ARE great and extremely competitive but they are not unbeatable. (Simple Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Family Mobile) Heck even Sprints $79.99 plan isn’t too far off after considering the payment of a smartphone on T-Mobiles Value plan – $59.99 + $15 payment = $74.99. My point isn’t to talk negatively about T-Mobile’s pricing – it IS good – but statements like the one above seem to come from blind faith in a company and have no substance to back them up. Nothing is unbeatable. IMO stating something like this as fact, when it simply isn’t, not only discredits the speaker but T-Mobile as well. Which ain’t cool homegirl, I like my Tmo. (and yeah, I know you do too Jessica)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    TMoNews writes: “Regarding ANOTHER acquisition for T-Mobile, Humm respond (sic) by stating that he doesn’t see that in the future.” (Emphasis added.)

    In fact, Humm did NOT say that; he left the door wide open for TMOUS to be acquired.


    The question was: “Is T-Mobile still positioning itself to be acquired?”

    Humm answered the question in two parts, first regarding another AT&T deal (he said “no”). And second, regarding a sale of TMOUS to someone else, to which he implicitly said “Yes.”


    Humm responded: “As you’ve seen, there is no possibility for a second AT&T deal in the U.S. market, so I think that answers the question on its own.” (This was the first part of his two-part answer.)

    Humm was saying what everyone knows (including the interviewer). As I said before, if AT&T has its fingerprints on any part of a TMOUS sale (whether disguised, direct, indirect, or foreign transaction) the DOJ will step in to stop it.

    As to the second part of his answer, TMOUS being acquired by someone other than AT&T, as we said before, for Deutsche Telekom to get the best price for TMOUS it needs to stop its decline in value. In 2012 Deutsche Telekom would need to concentrate on maintaining TMOUS value, ideally.

    Compare these thoughts with what Herr Humm said in response to the question, see how it lines up with statements made three weeks ago in here:

    Humm: “Deutsche Telekom understands that the best thing that it can do is strengthen the value of its U.S. business.” (Note: IMO this pertains to DT selling TMOUS. Your opinion can differ.)

    “D.T. will look at ways to do that..” (IMO Humm is admitting it has to maintain or increase the value of TMOUS, buff it up to fetch a good price, so to speak).

    “[A]nd find financing possibilities to overcome its own financial limitations in the European and U.S. market.” (IMO that’s code for including in DT’s plans the idea of selling TMOUS.)

     “There is a vital interest in the U.S. business.” (This is a nonsense statement. It means nothing or could mean anything. IMO he is saying that Deutsche Telekom investors and management remain keen on doing whatever is needed to get the best price on a sale of TMOUS.)

    Note: I am providing these details so that when an acquisition deal is announced people don’t say “Hey, Humm said in the NY Times that DT would not be selling TMOUS. :)

    Copyright © 1996-2012 Michael Mortimer, Second Chair Publications. All rights reserved.

    • Tbyrne

      It’s nice to see that David is helping you with promoting your publishing company.

  • Anonymous

    This guy obviously doesn’t understand, the U.S. market. I don’t disagree with his thoughts on LTE, but what the consumer ultimately wants to hear in America is that they have LTE. If every other provider has it in their branding, it will strike the consumer curious or odd, that T-mobile does not. 


    t-mo USA could sell the iphone here tomorrow just like they sell it in every other country.

    instead of a phone that lets me watch tv, i got a television for that,

    how about a small ANDROID flip phone that i can use just for calling in conjunction with my ANDROID tablet?

    so i don’t have to whip out  4+” device just to make a lousy phone call.

    the only way for t-mo to survive is to be very cool and very different.

    motorola and intel announced a strategic alliance, t-mo should join that party and give moto access to all the euro cell markets too.

    t-mo is the only international carrier in the USA, they should capitalize on that instead of selling teenage phones.

  • Tmoguy1

    When T-mobile had no 3G service, and every other carier did, we lost tons of customers. Even though many of those customers had no idea what 3G was at the time. In fact many customers asked and were surprised to find it had anything to do with data speed.

    Very few customers understand Value plans. They are willing to pay more to get a Free Phone.

    T-mobile’s CEO needs to go. He just does not understand what consumers want.

    No LTE = Loss Of Customers.
    No Iphone has nothing to do with Apple (ask Sprint, they just invested Billions to get it).
    Apple would make us an Iphone if Tmo paid enough.

    Sinking Ship.

    • Anonymous

      LTE is hardly more than 3 irrelevant letters slapped to the back of 4G at this point. People don’t know or care what it is! It is not a do or die critical thing at ghost point in time.

    • Greaterway

      First off, most customers don’t know or understand what 4g really is, all they care about is fast. So no Lte is not a big deal. If Big Red is taking a hit, why would Tmobile get it in the rear end to at this point. It would be nice if Magenta got the Icrap, but at what cost? Might I note, back in the day, Tmobile was flat out terrible. They have improved greatly in phone line up,voice quality, coverage and building penetration. If they build upon that and market their product right, things would shape up.

  • I hate to say it, but T-Mobile needs to pull a ‘Sprint’ and give the customers what they want.  We all know what it is, and as much as it hurts to say it…it’s true.  T-Mobile could pickup TONS of customers, with just one phone.  Sprint has proven that to be true.  The tables will turn for T-Mobile,  and the 5 million they lost in 2011 will return.  Because TMo has the lowest price plans, and fassssssssssssst speeds.  So why would a customer want to pay more per month, just for a phone?  Well, TMo…you need to find a way to get that question answered.  

    Sure, it’s not the savior to the company, but at this point.  What do they possible have to lose? Absolutely nothing…sometimes, you have to play with the cards you have.  If it means, putting a big load of money on something that is a guaranteed win…why not?

    ‘chip set’ my ass…

    • Anonymous

      The thing with the iPhone is you have to sign a multiple year deal . Obviously that was not possible last year . Everyone now has the iPhone . I question how big of a deal this phone will be in the future due simply to saturation . Sprint mortgaged its future on that phone . Best of luck to them . Where it is at is perception in the telco business . Advertising is huge . Humm hit on something . Look at how the most popular devise the iPhone is only a 3g phone . But boy can Apple promote and advertise .

      • I understand your point.  But don’t you agree, that even if they bring a 3G iPhone.  Sales will skyrocket?  There is no denying that.  Again, it’s not the savior…but it will bring them lost of customers.  Because T-Mobile has the best rate plans, and some of the fastest 3G speeds I’ve seen.  

        • Anonymous

          Oh I do . I think the thing to do is weigh the cost of the iPhone with the benefits in added customers and revenue . If the iPhone 5 is going to be LTE , TMO should be able to get a good deal on the 4S or a 4G alternative . They need to be financially wise . No need to go all Sprint and risk your future on a phone .

        • Yep. They are gonna have to handle their funds correctly. All in all, If they don’t bring some fire, and soon. We could see the end of this company, within te next 5 years. Meaning they will be gone, or they will completely switch to prepaid. Which is not a bad thing, but it will mean full coat for phones. Most people won’t want to do that, if they are $400 plus.

    • As a ‘major’ and highly-educated consumer of smart phones (I buy and manage phones for 400 people):

      1.  The chipset really is the problem. 

      2.  Stop buying all the Apple hype.  The iPhone is just riding out the end of its popularity because there really is a much better phone platform out there: Windows Phone.

      What T-Mo really needs to do is make sure people know that they are here to stay and keep providing the same great service and customer service they have been.

      • Well, I’m not impressed with your so called resume on phones, and I don’t appreciate your approach as a response. Take it for what it is. As I for one am not riding anything. You are surely in denial.

      • Anonymous

        Android is superior. Anyone with computer knowledge knows that anything built with a near vanilla Linux kernel that’s merely skinned is wayy better than a closed source, overhyped operating system.

  • d1andonly

    Tmobile isnt the same since Robert Dotson left!

  • Schippma

    After reading all these comments, I am beginning to think T-Mobile is heading in the right direction. Most comments are negative, and most people are very unhappy with their cell provider, but most stay or resign a contract anyway! Way to go T-Mo!

    Regarding all the comments on HSPA v. LTE. . . . Who cares? T-Mo’s HSPA speeds are very fast, just like LTE. T-Mo is not going to advertise their 4G as ‘America’s Largest HSPA Network.’ No, they will still advertise it as 4G just like AT&T and Verizon will advertise their speeds as 4G. Yes, all carriers will say their speeds are X times faster than Y company but in the end, all carriers will call their next gen speed 4G. Just like Verizon does not advertise ‘Try America’s best 700 mhz voice service! Our signal penetrates walls better than any other carrier!’

    And, I hate to say it, but I do agree that T-Mo needs more and better WinMo phones and Blackberry devices, as well as getting the iPhone sometime in 2012. Or maybe T-Mobile can create an almost identical phone called the iMobile that has similar features to the iPhone and is also 3G, not 4G, as we do not want to out-do the Apple iPhone.

    • Hii_ry26

      I like your thoughts on the iMobile but worried about copy catting things during these patent wars!

    • Anonymous

      No, but Verizon’s is already marketing their 4g network as “4G LTE” and will continue to do so. At&t will do the same when they launch theirs. There are already rumors that the iphone 5 will be LTE capable. HSPA+ is great and T-Mobile had done a great job rolling it out all over the country. But marketing is a powerful thing and perception can become reality when the two big guns are touting LTE and T-Mobile is not.

      • Schippma

        Yes, AT&T and Verizon will market their product as ‘4G LTE’ and T-Mobile will market as ‘America’s Largest 4G Network.’ If T-Mobile can ‘hype up’ their 4G network (other carriers 4G drains your battery over our network) over the competition, there is nothing to worry about.

        T-Mobile is a VALUE leader, meaning you pay LESS over other carriers. HSPA is much cheaper to deploy over LTE, so HSPA makes sense from a value standpoint. If the speeds of HSPA are equivalent to LTE, why spend the unnecessary monies?

        T-Mobile is being smart in deploying and expanding upon HSPA. MOST CUSTOMERS do not understand ‘4G’ anyway, they just know it is fast. As long as T-Mobile keeps up the hype of their 4G network, they will do just fine.

        • Greaterway

          Quick note. HSPA+ is not deployed on Tmobile. As it is, their network is very new; all they do is software upgrades on their current structure. It costs a couple of billion to do so. They’ll soon updrade to 84 mbps. Actually, it’s being done now. Matter of a fact, if Tmobile does get LTE, competition better watch out. Can you see the possibility of having LTE and falling back on Hspa+ 42 or 84. AT&T wont be touting most advanced network anymore with their none existant backhaul.

      • Anonymous

        What’s funny is…LTE is just that. Nothing. It’s marketing. They see T-Mobile’s commercial just say 4G and Verizon’s say 4G LTE and the LTE letters look and sound cool. It must be better. Yeah, upload is better, but HSPA+ stays right near LTE in download

  • Nick

    Completely agree with him on the HSPA vs LTE debate.  I say, build up the HSPA network and invest in it instead of putting money into a different type of 4g.  Save up that money to invest in a 5g network whenever it comes out.  That’s my long-term strategy.

  • Kellz

    I’m giving tmobile until 2012-mid 2013 to officially get the iphone or else verizon here I come 7 years been a hell of a wait, I been trying to stick around with their blackberry devices but u can only expand your wait for so long. Lets go TMOBILE I wanna stick around forvever!! iphones the way to go! Android is just a tease.

    • Kellz

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^sorry ment 5years** have 7 with tmobile^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Anonymous

      No, Android is superior my friend. That is…if you know a lot about technology. It’s too much fun if you do. But if you don’t, idk why people don’t like it, I’m a hardcore nerd, always have been

    • factsandmarketing

      Lol Kellz…please tell me how Iphone is better than an Android device?

  • Dave Macias

    reading the comments now i have to give my opinion, so you guys want T-Mobile to be cool and different? it will cost lots of $$$$$$$$$$ for that to happen we can’t deny innovation also drives a company but aside for introducing Android on US soil T-Mobile haven’t been an Innovator, let’s keep aside the iPhone theme for a moment and let’s look at what the other competitors have; Verizon have a BEATS phone (HTC Rezound) i see a lot of people going around with those beats headphones that telling you the true they are really bad but why is it that people buy them?? because there is a name behind it (Dr Dre) and Verizon advertise the phone as ” the only phone with Crystal clear sound with BEATS” of course people will go crazy for it. Now let’s take a look at AT&T one of their phones can be docked to a Laptop and be used as a Laptop per se, how about Sprint? they have a phone with 3D cameras………..and T-Mobile? oh yeah they have the Lumia 710 a phone for “first timers” (…) .

    T-Mobile needs to understand at this age and time there are no first timers at all!!, first timer could be considered my grandfather but i doubt he will go for a phone that does so much that he does, T-Mobile should concentrate on innovation too and bringing a good line up of devices comes with it , is it too difficult for them to understand that customers are more keen to pay for a expensive device than for your typical blackberry or nokia?  you have to be aggresive on this market otherwise you will end up like the girl on the prom night who’s nobody wanted to dance

    let’s discuss about Japanese carrier Docomo, Docomo is not the number one provider in japan just because, they innovate through time!! many options that we are so “OMG WOW NFC GOOGLE WALLET” that we think is the best thing around since facetime (please Apple you didn’t invent videocall) Japan have been using the same technologies under different concepts, NFC, Video Call, FeliCa or Suica systems, Japanese phones are so advanced it literally beat your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S, but what is it? what is the secret to the success?? INNOVATION, Docomo was the first carrier to introduce 3G services in the world, T-Mobile was the first carrier to offer HSPA+ almost 4G speeds in the country, Docomo line up is strong, really strong, you will see from waterproof , dust proof phones to phones with 12 to 14 MP camera through NFC abilities like virtual wallet, bus ticket (use your phone to pay for your train ride) , not only that but there are phones that use biometrics if what worries you is security there is a strong selection for every taste. Through the years Docomo innovations have been followed by the other 2 carriers KDDI and SoftBank and their competition is really strong that they literally realease new models with every season (winter, summer, spring). The japanese market at this point is so saturated that manufacturers are coming back to Western soil e.g. Panasonic releasing a device on Europe by mid 2012 and the others one also coming back by next year, Sony has already been present around the world but their devices lack majorly what their japanese counterpart have. With Ericsson adquisition i HOPE Sony decides to incorporate BRAVIA technology on its future cellphones and also making the FeliCa NFC systems another standard for NFC systems (FeliCa being widely adopted on most parts of Asia). Docomo have been innovating and working closely with third companies to create and adopt these technologies. even going as far as creating a credit branch to offer credit on it’s NFC system (called DCMX), i hope Verizon, ATT and T-Mobile don’t kill ISIS because that could be a step backwards into NFC adoption in our market, Google Wallet although Works i haven’t been adoptly widely the way Google want.

    So yeah to me it’s innovation, T-Mobile can be a key player with it’s value plans and good prices but without innovation i can see T-Mobile being the next RIM.  it bothers me that much that we are still way behind even with the iPhone,  i can’t seem to understand what is that make that  phone so popular when the HTC Amaze is 3 times better, but we can’t blame Apple for doing an excellent marketing to their product, if you create something advertise it!! .

    i can’t wait to see what Magenta have stored for us this year..

    • Tbyrne

      Hello Dave. You’ve seemed to have forgotten an important factor in what T-Mobile has been successful at. Having some of the lowest prices plans in the industry coupled with great customer service is what brought many customers here in the first place. T-Mobile must insure first & foremost that this will remain the same. I and many others around here don’t want to be a part of Randalls, Ivans or Dans business model. Let’s build up the company for sure, but let’s also keep doing the things that made T-Mobile great in the first place.

      • Dave Macias

        Hey Tbyrne , i do specify that at the bottom of the post but i didn’t get in details(sorry i think i should have emphasized that interest), my main complaint was towards innovation on the mobile arena, T-Mobile should focus on that too, you can have the best customer service and network but people will look to other places if they don’t have what they want e.g. iPhone , as i wanted to state to stay alive on this field you need to be aggresive and play very carefully your cards let’s not be another Verizon/at&t/Sprint business model like you say.

        So to the manufacturers i should say to STOP TRYING TO COPY the iPhone and pull out more creativity , they can do it in Japan (i seen it) why not here??

        • Tbyrne


        • Anonymous

          Everybody thinks everyone is trying to copy the iPhone just because Apple (not to mention like 20 other companies) had the same idea at the same time, Apple just got it built the fastest. Really wish people would quit complaining when a phone that is Android has 4 rounded corners with a rectangular screen and they say iPhone copy. This isn’t directed toward you of course Dave…just to the iPhone trolls (and boy are there lots of them)

        • Tkejlboom

          I thought Google purchased Android in ’05…

        • Anonymous

          They did…what’s your point? Lol

        • iphonefools

          No kidding, Trev’s got it right on the dot.

          Did you know? Statistically 98% of Iphone users are retarded. Don’t like my statistic? I’m sorry, apparently i’m an iphone lover so real facts and data is pointless to me and i say whatever i can to make myself feel better since i just over payed for a phone that isn’t special. :)

        • Tkejlboom

          In Japan your phone isn’t tied to your carrier. So, T-mobile is already offering that. See if you can find the phone you want online, maybe expansys-usa.com has it, and then get the no contract plan at a discount, because you don’t need to get a loan from T-mobile to pay for your phone.

    • Tkejlboom

      T-mobile has the Galaxy Nexus. How is that again? Well, I don’t have to pay off a rather lousy loan. I only pay T-mobile for service. That means I had the money to import it, and screw Verizon and their “exclusivity”.

      • Dave Macias

        T-Mobile doesn’t have hte galaxy nexus as far as i know, my comparison was spec wise not t-mobile having the phone

  • D Velasquez

    http://gigaom.com/apple/t-mobile-apples-next-chipset-will-support-aws/ this just IN, in case iPhone enthusiast want to read it.

  • Gwapo


    • Slapfromreality

      Proof of marketing powers…

      LOL, chances are you have no idea what the Iphone does vs other phones…those who keep saying the Iphone is the best are the ones that have no idea what it offers or just uses their own experience as “proof” instead of looking at it in a real perspective. It’s just another smart phone that has nothing new to offer compared to an Android device.

      Also, people that offer insights or why T-mobile is a bad company “financially” should shut up, you don’t own a massive corporate company that handles millions so your suggestions are pointless.

    • Silk7412

      What is it that you want? the one phone?

    • Silk7412

      What is it that you want? the one phone?

  • One of the best network in UK compared to Orange and Vodafone. Liked the article and thanks for sharing. 

  • Mattcat03

    I’m glad AT&T purchase of TMO was not successful. However they should push through as a joint venture in improving their coverage in existing areas that lack signals and resolve penetration weakness in buildings where most people rely data or voice signals. Both carriers use GSM technology and have compatible Bands. I believe its doable.This would certainly put the pressure on Verizon and Sprint.

  • Tkejlboom

    My friend David is on LTE in Indiana and getting 3x the download rates. I’m exceedingly jealous. Meanwhile, I rub my unsubsidized no contract rate in his face. Thank you, and please keep up non-subsidized plans. I talk them up every chance I get, and I very much prefer T-mobile as my service provider rather than as my loan shark.

  • Wow he is talking like t-mobile will stay in the US i wonder if he heard that DE is planing on closeing the doors of t-mobile USA and selling off its towers.

    • Tbyrne

      What? You’re not making sense. What is DE? Please repost.

      • Analog Spirit

        I think he means DT (Deutsche Telekom).

    • Guest

      I think you mean DT not DE lol… you should really get your facts straight before you start debating… you sound like a fool!

  • Dave Macias

    in Japan your phone is TIED to the carrier, you can’t use KDDI phone on Docomo’s network, totally incompatible and SoftBank doesn’t even have i-mode settings compatible with Docomo, all services are provided by the carrier e.g. Digital TV is free over the air you only need to authenticate your phone on their network (update provisioning) , NFC services are provided by the carrier, banking services (some) are provided by the banks through the carrier so yeah, the phone is TIED to the carrier.

  • Fsdfdshfsdjkhk

    Lol I love how people are saying if T-mobile doesn’t get LTE or the iphone they’ll fail…they don’t know shit haha, most people can’t even tell the difference between LTE and HSPA + unless they use a speed tester and even if they do most things customers do on their phones work perfectly fine on both speeds.

    The iphone is now a standard device, meaning it doesn’t offer anything that the competitor doesn’t either. Just screaming Iphone is better without giving actual facts or logical arguments makes you a fool.

    Oh by the way, I’m pretty sure T-mobile doesn’t care about you idiots saying you’re leaving them because of the Iphone. They have millions of customers with unlocked iphones on their value/prepaid plans. Which now because of the failed At&t buyout, T-mobile aquired towers that offers 3g to unlocked Iphones on T-mobile network, aka me in southern california. I pay $60 for unlimited talk/text/3g web (2gb worth) and then unlimited edge data…even though i never hit the 2gb worth.

    So either enjoy paying 2x or even 3x more monthly than you’re paying with T-mobile which also means you’ll lose unlimited data (unless you go with Sprint which is a loss either way) or you’ll get an unlocked iphone and use it with T-mobile. Either way, they don’t care about you lol

  • Silk7412

    This guy is a trip. That all i can say about him. Can you believe poeple are still filing at the fcc? here one i just seen.-
    “DOG GONE IT. You whippersnappers stopped att from snagging tmobiley? if you think i’m happy about this you’re as crazy as a bessie bug. What am i gonna do now? I was lookin to get a iphony here them. Now that aint gonna happin ! My tighty whiteys are all yellow now!! My grand kid told me” when att buys tmoboley they would get me a iphony” why FC why? And i dont want any robots. they scar the tarnation out of me! what is this world coming to? ANDROIDS Every where! I don’t know who is who anymore!!when I hear people say ” i got an android” I keep a close eye on them and care for them to stay away from me. I aint mad- just unhappy!! “


    What’s in store??  It’s over!!!

  • Tbyrne

    Yeah, just like you said the aquisition was going to go through. Wrong again!

  • Guest

    Wi-Fi calling!!!! Where I live there is no coverage at all with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint…. With T-Mobile I have a GS2 and I get voice coverage and can use data…. Umm NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THAT!!!!!