T-Mobile Highlights T-Mobile TV In New Advertisement

T-Mobile TV is now a staple piece of software included with almost every new smartphone launch and T-Mobile wants to remind you exactly what it can do. Want to watch live sports on T-Mobile TV? Done. “With America’s largest 4G network, fast smartphones and affordable plans, whatever you love will always be there — including live sports on T-Mobile TV.”


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  • Guest

    This is what happens when Dwade and D. howard sign deals with sprint!

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell uses T-Mobile TV?? I hope this isn’t thier big CES news. 

  • Anonymous

    This is expected to lure people sign up?

  • HereWeGo

    This is horrible, TMO is getting worst by the day. Hey use T-Mobile TV so we can slow down at 2 GB and you’ll never use it again….

  • I used T-Mobile TV, accepted the 30 day offer of the upgraded channels, on the 28th day I cancelled. A month later I see a charge for $9.99. I cancel again, turns out the app didnt cancel. The next month ANOTHER $9.99. I check again… STILL DIDNT CANCEL. This time I call T-Mobile and tell them to block T-Mobile TV access to my account for payment. Sure enough they do but they only credit me $9.99… Claiming MobiTV has to issue them a refund before they issue me one. Talk about customer service gone to crap.

    The only reason T-Mobile TV is so popular now is because a plethora of people CANT CANCEL the app, and have been charged $9.99 per month.

    • Bostonsinclair

      A lot of folks on Tmobile forums have complained @ same thing. Also when you first try to use it, it tends to force u into the trial. All seems shady as so many get charged when they dont want it

  • WIll

    does somebody know if this ad is aired on TV or only online?

    • Bimmerz

      Saw this ad on TV last night, or maybe it was the night before.

  • Aerofanbig

    F that. I was going to try it out on my G-Slate but when I realized you can’t use it on WiFi t-mo can kiss my butt lol. ONE game will probably wipe out your 2gb data before its even over