Blackberry Torch 9810 Confirmed For End-Of-Life Status

Consider this just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s early morning post confirming the end-of-life status for the Blackberry Torch 9810. As we said yesterday, we’re not terribly sad or surprised to see it go and more importantly, we’re not sure more than 5 of you will even notice. Still, pulling a phone off the shelf after just eight weeks has to tell Blackberry something about their current state of affairs. Farewell Blackberry Torch 9810, we hardly knew ye.

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  • They better still give us an update to OS 7.1!

    • Tripod

      It does work on 7.1, looking at the version right now with it sitting on my desk

      • Royalco

        7.1 really, not official version is it,because crackberry don’t show it as such-I bought mine off EBay and really think it’s a Good Business phone.Fast and reliable ,so pray tell me where you got this(waiting for Tmo which now won’t bother).
        It will be interesting what J D Power think of customer satisfaction this year !!!

        • Evilnoriega

          Here’s the link to download OS 7.1, it’s not official but you can still install it on  your Torch via desktop manager. Wifi calling works for free but you’ll have to pay for $14.99 so you can use hotspot. There is a software work around so you can have free hotspot access but you’ll have to do some homework.

        • Evilnoriega
        • Evilnoriega

          I can’t post the link so just google’s out there.

        • Royalco

          Thank you for your help,bet if you left the 3w’s off it would take it.
          p.s did you need to delete the vender file on this download or delete any other version’s off the computer .like 7.0 etc

        • Evilnoriega

          crackberry.   /leaked-os-710190-blackberry-torch-9810 and you don’t have to delete the vendor file since it’s leak, not from any specific vendor.

    • Anonymous

      You can always update through other means. I remember a long time ago, Idk if it still holds true, t-mobile was slow on updating so I went thru crackberry they were great

  • Icantu45

    It was too expensive for a model that’s been around for a while..

  • Eprc

    every body wanted that phone when it 1st came out for at&t but now its just old.

  • Marcus Rose

    Luckily I got this phone for $49.00 after all the rebates!  It is a real POS though, Would love to get rid of it for something else!

    • Cmanning0385

      well then u should sell it ( to me)

  • Anonymous

    “has to tell Blackberry something” – do you “tell iPhone” things too?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they’re too good to be on t-mobile

  • Derrickps3

    well that didn’t last long……they waited too long to bring it to tmo, now people dont care about it

  • Anonymous

    lol, it was DOA when it came to T-Mobile.  They were charging $250 for the same phone that was availible for $50 on AT&T. 

  • Tracksforhire

    WtF is a Blackberry you mean there some Idiots out there that still purchase those things

    • PorscheCarrera

      Yah. They are called lawyers, physicians, and businessmen. BES is very powerful. 

      • guest

        Bullshit… maybe in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. Most have left. A few sales guys still use the antiquated BB because of their company. Most have switched to Windows Phone, Android, and even iphone. Although
        a few docs that I know still use pagers lol! But only because the hospitals provide them. Most companies have left BB. Sorry… but it’s true.

        • Brianbb

          I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 and a Blackberry 9700 for work.  The blackberry easily beats my Galaxy on email AND texting ability.  Far simpler and much faster at emailing (with more email fuctions on a much older device). 

          Blackberries have always voiced dialed through bluetooth.  Something I can’t completely do on my Galaxy.  The Galaxy will definitely NOT voice dial if it goes into Stand-by or autolocks itself.  I called samsung who said this was an OS issue–Android blocks bluetooth on lock.

          SO yes, for business people– Blackberry still does BUSINESS better.  Email, texting, messaging are all better.

          I love the Galaxy’s games and web browsing abilities.  Email require clients that are limited–with usually no push emailing.

  • Anonymous

    Still no news from CES.  lol

  • Platypus

    It’s actually a very nice phone. No, it isn’t an iphone or an android.  But for those of us that need good, solid business phones that do great email, it works perfectly.  And, for those of you that haven’t tried OS 7, it does a lot of things that even the save-the-world, life changing iPhone doesn’t do…like multiple signatures and attachments to name 2.  I find the interface nicely customizable, and uses a lot less data than my iPhone does.  The biggest problem, IMHO, is that T-Mo priced it out of the market.  ATT has it for $49 all day, and $.01 on special.  T-Mo had it for $249.  Period.  And it didn’t have wifi calling, which is a pretty important feature for many businesses.  It was just priced and marketed wrong, I think.  Just like so many things at Magenta these days.

    • Violet

      Like I tell my android carrying boyfriend regarding my Torch…. “It’s a tool, not a toy”

  • ByeTmobile

    You may as well change the name of this site. T-Mobile has nothing coming to it of any interest. Sony, iPhone, Galaxy Nexus, and the Razr line is all a no go for T-Mo. How sad I’m dropping them by the summer. 

  • CWC

    Any news on the 9380 Curve?

  • Nursingninja

    They finally get the torch and then overcharge, then dump it before the first OS update?? The leaked OS out now has wifi calling and mobile hotspot.  Tie that to a playbook and you got free bridged internet and come february you will be able to use your phone as a remote for the playbook even while its hooked up to the tv via hdmi surfing the web.  How can they say these things are end of life when they are barely taping their potential?

    I tried syncing my wifes android to itunes the otherday with notpod and it wont let you sync playlists. Who would put up with that??  Desktop manager on blackberry lets you sync your playlists just like an ipod.

  • Anonymous

    CES is going on and all T-Mobile has to tell us is that we are losing phones?!?!?

    March 2012 please hurry.

    • guest

      Whats going on March?

      • Anonymous

        Mobile World Congress well the last day is March 1, 2012. So maybe us T-Mobilians will know something?

  • WD

    crickets at CES from Tmo.  Crickets. 

  • Anonymous

    I was almost considering it but then remembered its a blackberry they are a dead braand now due to the rise of the extremely smartphones that are androids and iPhones. 

  • cw7612

    When is Blackberry End Of Life status

  • Howser

    I actually am very happy with the 9810 and like it better than all of my earlier devices

  • Davidinwc

    I would have bought it to replace my aging 9700.  Not sure I would pay $250 for it when you can get high end Androids for that.    Still might have paid the price, tho, since it is well built.   I had been waiting for 7.1 since wifi calling is a must.

  • BB-holdover

    Does anyone have any definite info about if and when T-Mo will release OS 7.1 for the BB 9810 with full support for  WiFi calling and creating a WiFi hotspot?   I still have some interest in getting one of these but _need_ WiFi calling, and cannot bet on a ‘leaked’ OS.   Nobody in stores nor even in Level 3 BB support knows the OS release plan.  Need better communication from Corporate Marketing!   Some of us need a reliable messaging device with BB International Roaming, with an auto-focus camera, and want a bigger screen than the 9900, so the EOL leaves a big gap.