T-Mobile Announces The Galaxy S Blaze 4G, Expands HSPA+ Network To 12 More Cities

T-Mobile is announcing at CES the addition of its next 4G smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, their third HSPA+ 42Mbps capable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor running a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, Super AMOLED display. The Galaxy S Blaze 4G is expected to be available sometime later this year, like most every phone announced at CES. Additional details will follow closer to availability, but in the meantime you can find out more info about the Galaxy S Blaze 4G at T-Mobile’s website: www.t-mobile.com/GalaxySBLAZE4G.

T-Mobile is announcing the expansion of their HSPA+ 42Mbps markets to an additional 12 cities beginning today. Additionally, T-Mobile is expanding the reach of its HSPA+ 21Mbps markets to an additional 9 cities today. With the inclusion of these new markets, T-Mobile now covers 217 markets across the country reaching more than 200 million people.

“Our 4G network is better than ever heading into 2012,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “HSPA+ will continue to deliver a competitive mobile broadband experience for our customers in the coming years as we evaluate our options for continued investment and evolution of our 4G network.”

T-Mobile CEO also reiterated that T-Mobile isn’t down for the count and isn’t ready to be written off. The company has a clear road ahead of them and they can write their own success story. How they will do so remains to be seen, but the path is wide open for T-Mobile to take advantage of their fourth place position and be aggressive in both value and 4G making for a winning combination that will appeal to consumers.

“Last year, T-Mobile made solid progress during uncertain times, doubling our 4G network speeds and launching 25 new 4G devices,” said Philipp Humm, CEO and President, T-Mobile USA. “We are here, in fighting shape, and we will compete aggressively to win and retain customers by delivering compelling 4G services — all at a great value.”

Expanded 4G markets include:

  • Jackson, TN,
  • Longview, TX,
  • Lubbock, TX,
  • Michigan City, IN,
  • Midland, TX,
  • Modesto, CA,
  • Shreveport, LA,
  • Stockton, CA,
  • Tyler, TX

New 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps markets include:

  • Beaumont, TX,
  • Longview, TX,
  • Michigan City, IN,
  • Midland, TX,
  • Modesto, CA
  • Mount Vernon, WA
  • Naples, FL
  • Punta Gorda, FL (including Port Charlotte)
  • Sandusky, OH
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Tyler, TX.

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  • fun

  • Anonymous

    when’s the tmobile g3 coming?

  • Parkersplus

    what in the world I just got the galaxy s2 now this……

  • Julian C. Taborda

    all this expansion in Texas…

    • Jarrod

      There are expansions in other parts of the country also this doesn’t even tell 10% of what is actually happening. There are expansions in New Mexico California Florida Oregon Utah Colorado and other places on top of all of those. 

      • Bob

        Yes there is. Including the town of Bartow Florida getting 4g towards the end of December. thank you.

  • Jmotley69

    And still no galaxy nexus):

  • Anonymous

    Link to phone is 404.

  • does this have wifi calling?

  • Anonymous

    What are the improvements over the Galaxy S II?  Sounds like it’s the same phone…

    • 720p screen seems to be about it. Maybe it has a different cpu. Hard to tell.

      • Scratch that. It doesn’t say anything about 720p screen or have the Super Amoled HD logo.

    • J-Hop2o6

      This actually sounds like part of the 1st gen Galaxy S family (Galaxy S1 #3 | S1->S1 4G->S1B4G?).

  • Anonymous

    I think the iphone is coming….it would feel a gap in tmos lineup

    • Silk7412

      yep. iphone number 28!! keep waiting!!!!

    • Jarrod

      I hope they do soon cause they can’t keep going on with “high end” devices that are crap.

  • lol

    Its the same exact phone unless you want an 720p screen. At&t just did the same exact thing. You might as well skip this phone if you already have a Samsung galaxy 2. Truth is skip 720p as well 1080p phones will probably be on way before the end of the year.

    • There is no reason to believe there will be 1080p phones in the foreseeable future just like quad core phones don’t look viable until q4 of this year if not 2013. This seems like a good jump if you have a Mytouch 4g or something and didn’t like the low res screen on the original Galaxy S II. Yeah if you have a Galaxy S 2 you wont jump just cause of the screen bump but you just signed a 2 year contract so I doubt you were looking for a new phone anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Well I don’t have the S2, so this is looking pretty good, since I don’t have the money for an unlocked Nexus. The design looks nicer too.

  • Anonymous

    WTFFFF still no 42 for Kansas City?!?!

  • Ilyas_k15

    So what’s the point of this Galaxy S Blaze 4G? It’s the same as the GS2

  • Bkidko

    It better have ICS.

    • HereWeGo

      With that crappy TouchWiz over it, no thank you. They need to get the nexus period….

      • Bkidko

        Actually, it has the hardware buttons on the bottom, so I guess it was not meant for ICS out of the box. If it came out next week, it would be outdated, let alone a month or two from now. I don’t understand android anymore.

  • Adil Aziz

    hopefully it’s 4″, don’t need a 4.6″ slab in my pocket

  • Jgaleas2011

    not sure about this, im giving up on the GalNex on TMo since im not about to cough up $700 for it, my G2 is slowly dying out but i guess ill make full use of it untill i can find a good tmo phone hopefully they have some good phones releasing this year.

  • Phillip Veintimilla

    The difference between this device and the initial GSII offered by Tmob is this one they just announced will probably get all, if any ongoing software updates from T-mobile and Samsung… One glaring reason I stayed away from even considering the original installment of the GSII Tmob offered. Just as I figured history is likely to repeat itslef… They did the same with the Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G….

  • Alvin B.

    That looks like Gingerbread in the screenshot…..

    So… essentially, the rest of the world, you know, Wind Mobile, Sprint, etc all get the Galaxy Nexus… and T-Mobile announces yet another bloatware infested phone with out of date software, that even if it DOES get ICS will never see another update beyond that…

    They aren’t doing a good job rebooting the company yet.

    • Jmotley69

      I agree,guess I’ll be using my ns for most of this year or switch to Verizon for what I want….smfh

  • JamesJ

    Way to stand out tmobile..bring out the same phone that ATT , Verizon, and Sprint  will have available later. If it wasnt for tmonews I would have already left to another carrier…

    Im honestly disapointed and surprised considering the fact that tmobile was the first carrier to release the g1 they still dont have the nexus. I will never shell out 500$ for a phone

    Such a disappointment. To the people getting this phone…good luck with your updates, and it already being out dated withing 3 to 6 months with the way samsung releases the galaxy lines.

    • Jmotley69

      My thoughts exactly…. How do u offer/and or support the first 2 nexus devices and then just stop……wtf???

      • Diana

        That’s a manufacturer decision, not a provider decision.

  • whosaidwhat

    Snapdragon S3? That’s got to be a typo, Right?

  • Fixxmyhead

    if this has a hd screen im gonna be fucking pissed. and here i am laughing at the skyrocket users about the new one that came out and i was thinking i was safe

  • Oh joy.  Another android phone.  WTF are the highend WP devices???

    • Yeah, the Titan II would be awesome on T-Mobile. I guess you could always unlock it and then use it, but still, it would be nice if T-Mobile had more native WP high-end devices to choose from.

    • Anonymous

      Thats a controdiction, high end and windows phone 7. 

    • ogopogo

      In another post, you said that you were leaving T-Mobile. Why do you care?

    • AT&T

  • BigMixxx

    ok..what the hell T mobile….What the hell.  

    What is this…I mean, just you just slapped the shit out of the GS II with powder in your hand.


    well Im even happier with my decision to import my Galaxy Nexus. Even after CES it seems I will still have the best phone available on TMO. pathetic 

    • Wheresbrent

      Um, you are dogging tmobile for phones that you don’t even know exist, well lucky you with your nexus, your also out 700 bucks. Please keep your negative comments to yourself,



      • whosaidwhat

        It’s his money and he’s absolutely right. 

      • Anonymous

        So are you after 2 years the only difference is that he was smart enough to pay it now.

      • BiGMERF

        how is my comment negative? im frustrated, i want tmo to gt better phones. over a two year contract i would probaboy spend more than the 650 i paid for it upfront. i have no contract and pay about 20-25 less a month if i subsidized. please dont be so harsh to judge

        im already putting away 10 a week into my nexus fund for th next version next november.

    • T-Mobile is making announcements for the next two days as well, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I really hope this isn’t all they have to offer, but it very well may be.. considering they were not “ready” for this, hoping for the acquisition by AT&T to go through…

  • BigMixxx

    Samsung is pulling a HTC….

    Not good…I hope this is not the T mobile version of the nexus…but then they would have called it the nexus…

    • wildside84

      Where’s Memphis on this list

      • BigMixxx

        IDK big homie!  When I go back, I expect better throughput…however, I think the last time I was in the M, it fixed my phone (went from rebooting everyday to stopped)

  • one word…yawn

  • Better

    Who cares that is no better than any other

  • Anonymous

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the same phone as the galaxy s2?

  • Wilma Flintstone


  • Anonymous

    Really what in the world is different on this compared to the T-Mobile Galaxy S II?  Is it supposed to be a cheaper Galaxy S II since it’s Super Amoled not Super Amoled Plus?  Is that all the difference is?  That and lack of 16GB storage and nfc

  • nerdlust

    interesting i cant to see what the difference between the two..
    Im loving my sensation but looking forward to this.. hopefully they put a led light on it,

  • HowEmbarrassing

    So their HSPA + network covers over 200 million POPS?  Same ‘over 200 million POPS,”  story since 2010.  

    T-Mobile is making tiny incremental expansion efforts.  By now they should have had their entire network (262 million POPS) with some form of HSPA.  

    T-Mobile, asleep at the wheel, has lost their “4G,” lead in terms of POPS covered to Verizon.  How embarrassing.  

  • I think this will be a prepaid company in the next 5 years. Reason being, they keep bringing a knife to the gun fight. Stop it, we have enough Samsung phones already. Spend the money on something that will bring people in, not make them leave.

  • HereWeGo

    Ok so how is this any different from the Samsung Galaxy S 2 other then a few better specs. T-Mobile needs more unique phones or maybe phones ppl actually want like the iPhone, Galaxy Nexus, Titan, Sony phones…

    • $22343803

      nobody wants a sony phone, most don’t want an iphone, and if you want it you can get it, and the only people who want a nexus want it for ICS which is obviously coming to tmobile whenever the OEM’s get around to it. so… stop sucking verizon’s dick.

  • Anonymous

    CES made me hate being a T-Mobile customer. AT&T got all the great high end windows phone. That’s a shame, I dont know what T-Mobiles aggressive strategy is but after this show I am disappointed. Let all your voices be heard. Tell tmobile how disappointed you are via their twitter. @tmobile

    • taralee

      windows? really? eww!

  • Daniel.

    Screen size??

  • 4G

    Where’s the 42 for KC???

  • Thecityboy781

    I hate when phone companies release a phone that’s gonna be outdated in like 2-3 months, Tmobile is slowly killing it self hate to say it but its true…..

    • Anonymous

      All carriers do that in some shape or another.

      • Diana

        This is called “planned obsolescence”, and it pretty much happens with ANY consumer electronic device.  If you buy a top-of-the-line computer, by the end of the month it’s going to be outdated, because something new/better/faster/more storage/better graphics will come along. 

        Why all this rancor is directed at the *provider*, I haven’t a clue.

        • Michael Oliva

          Except that with a computer you get regular Operating System updates and when a big update in the form of a new incremental version comes out once every few years, instead of a few times a year, you have ability purchase the upgraded OS.

        • Luis Lopez

          and youd rather purchase then get a free upgrade?

  • Wheelfro

    I’d be happy with 3G right now.

    • T-Mobile. America’s Largest 2G network.

      • Luis Lopez


      • Anonymous

        Go away troll

      • Tbyrne

        Randall? Don’t you have anything better to do than spew lies in here? Take your Death Star and take a ride on the Metro and bother a Virgin!

  • Yawn…T-Mobile has the worst collection of phones.  It’s always behind on everything.  It’s for poor people like me who can’t afford to be on Verizon. LMAO. 

    • Candy23

      I agree t-mobile is for poor people like me and u.. trust me hun if i had a good paying job i would totally be on either at&t or verizon. But since i dropped out of high school at 16 cuz i got pregnant and i got a crappy job at mcdonalds and im only 19 and im working for minimum wage i cant afford verizon or at&t. im paying the consequences right now since im a single mother cuz my boyfriend ran out on me with another gurl. i hate t-mobile service so much i dont get service in my house in ghetto east los angeles . i have friends on at&t and verizon that when they come visit me they get better service in east La on verizon and at&t and they atleast get 3G on at&t and verizon. and i dnt wanna go to metro pcs cuz from what i heard they worse than t-mobile. so for now ill stick with t-mobile and my g2x which only gets 1-2 bars of edge in my house.. cuz verizon and at&t is TOO expensive..

      • Anonymous

        Ha Ha

      • LOL I live in Van Nuys

        • Candy23

          Lol van nuys is close to east LA

      • Silk7412

        You are joking. Right?
        Contrary to popular belief. Not everyone is poor on t mobile. Some of us had really good jobs and was downsized. I was one of the first to get a G1 and 3 other android phone. Ok dog!a!

        • Candy23

          hmm no? im broke i admit thats why im stuck with t-mobile because its the only thing i can afford.

    • Anonymous

      Serving the Ghetto since 2002

    • Derrickps3

      s**** i dont know about you, but i love tmobile, they might not get all the cool phones like verizon or at&t, but i would take any free smartphone from tmobile anyday….also the fine girls that work in my local tmo stores is one of the reason’s im still with tmo

    • Tbyrne

      Since you’re so hip and cutting edge, you obviously aren’t with T-Mobile right? Tell Randall to get over it. He failed at the acquisition. We banked 4B, added spectrum and are moving on. You should move on too. Goodbye Death Star!

  • -_-

    So it’s a galaxy s7382? Great just what we needed -_-

  • Youngt82

    LETS JUST FACE IT GUYS!!! T-Mobile is really acting like the 4th competitor carrier that they are smmfh so sad so sad:(

    Butttttt then again they always seem to do this every year, they start off slow and small and then they end with fast and big lol

  • Jayreid

    To be honest I’m comforatble with 3G speeds and service Its the phone lineup that upsets me with t-mobile. Like really… Where are your phones?!

    • Jayreid

      And besides all this 4G and LTE speed are theoretical for all carriers. Manufactures have yet to develop a phone that can attain such speeds and your area is just as big of a factor. 

      • Anonymous

        It is not the phones it is the network. It is amazingly expensive to put these services out there. It is even more expensive to guarantee  the same speed for everyone. There would have to be a 10Gigabit ethernet link to every site and we would have to quadruple the amount of equipment out at every site to accommodate all of the users. That is why it is theoretical. Because you have to share the bandwidth with others. But on average in the core i get around 10Mbps with my HTC amaze and when I am under a site working I regularly get around 15 to 20Mbps. And that aint bad considering our limitations just 3 years ago were 500kbps. So things are getting better as we expand and upgrade.

        • Minhluan81

          i read some news about iphone4 picked up 3G signal in west areas, Do you know when will eastern area such as Philadelphia, Atlantic city have it? Thanks.

        • Anonymous

          Well I cannot speak for the northeast because i don’t know what their immediate plans are for 1900 spectrum but we are starting to re-purpose 1900 in some markets where we have limited AWS. I would think that if the markets where we are testing this things go well we will start deploying it in other areas. but don’t hold your breath. It will probably be a while.

        • Thewinckle

          hey tmotech, you said you are part of the south engineering team.  any word on 4g for college station, TX?  We’ve got 100,000+population (200,000 if you count in Bryan, TX as well) and a corp tmo store across from campus.  just curious.

        • Anonymous

          Looks like you have 3G there so we are probably waiting on the Telecom vendor there to provide us with Fiber optic Ethernet to the cell sites  so we can provide the back-haul that 4G requires. I am sure it is coming soon. 

  • Jayreid

    What makes this different from the GS2? ….not a got damn thing.

    • That’s not true!

      It has a different default wallpaper… and a different name :)

  • S18sport

    I think this the same phone as the galaxy S2 or maybe this has the hd display and its built better

  • Tatdude806

    Expanded 4G markets include: Lubbock, TX… BULL SH*T! We don’t have any 4G in Lubbock, PERIOD! Not to mention our T-Mobile Retailers are gone leaving us with Wal Mart and Target… Lie Some More To Me TMO!

    • Anonymous

      having been to Lubbock, I’m surprised there’s even Tmobile there

    • Anonymous

      Do you have a 4G Phone to check? 

      • Anonymous

        The reason I ask this question is because we literally turned the network up yesterday. All at the same time. overnight. so calm down a little sir and check your disbelief at the door. We are in the middle of an expansive project in Texas and Florida to put 4G in Rural areas so just realize that this is part of that. It may not be on every single tower in Lubbock as of right now but i assure you it is being done. 

        • Tatdude806

           Yes, I have Sensation, and it goes with me all over town, I have yet to see anything 4G… Especially at 34th and University… I will continue to check, but as of now, at 34th & Uni. Nothing… Same old slow…

        • Anonymous

          Are you sure you don’t have it set to 2G only? have you tried to restart your phone? Are you seeing 3G? 

        • Tatdude806

          It is set correctly… Even checked my roomies MTQ and same results… Maybe something in this area didn’t get switched on… Both show 4G but only 745k down and 523k up

        • Anonymous

          I see. Sounds like they dont have the ethernet backhaul integrated yet. if they are broadcasting 4G I am sure it will be coming soon. 

        • Mark

          How about Maine?  Any news here?  (We’ve actually NEVER had a TMo company store, and the standalone preferred retailer near Portland consolidated back to Brunswick a few months ago :( ).

        • Anonymous

          I wouldn’t doubt that they are still on EDGE even if they are served by a 4G tower. That’s the theme T-Mobile sets with their 4G network management.

        • Anonymous

          Theme?  What are you talking about? 4G tower? the equipment is on the same tower. There aren’t “4G” towers. There are towers. Some have 4G equipment on them.If 4G is being broadcast to the public and the phone is set correctly it will pick it up and work. So WTF are you talking about?

        • Anonymous

           You know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about connected to a cell site that has WCDMA/UMTS, and getting EDGE from the cell site because the WCDMA signal is too weak due to power control which is intentionally set low by the local network engineers

        • Anonymous

          That is not an accurate statement.
          WCDMA reduces its own power to keep interference from becoming too high when call volume increases. This is necessary because everyone in on the same frequency but talking on a different scrambling code. unlike GSM where everyone would talk on their own 200KHz channel. That is why 3G/4G fluctuates so much. Trust me we want our WCDMA signal to get out as far as it will tolerate the interference. No conspiracy here. It is just how the technology works. 

        • Anonymous

          There’s no fluctuation. Middle of the night, low noise floor, and still have a receive power of over 20 to nearly 30 less than GSM.

        • Anonymous

          You have way too much time on your hands. I could post back and forth with you all day proving that you are wrong but I have work to do, keeping the network working. You have enough information to allow you to believe there is more to what is happening but not enough to really know what is actually going on. 
          I can see you already have your mind made up that there is some conspiracy to reduce your coverage area for some unknown reason. I suppose you have a spectrum analyzer in your home that is measuring the noise floor and you understand C/I calculations and know exactly what the PRX-target figure is that was set on the cell so you know exactly what the RX level should be after the loss of the feeder lines, Antenna, atmosphere, the concrete in your walls and the lead paint in your bathroom. I am sorry if you feel like we are doing what we can to reduce your coverage. Even if we are not. 

        • Anonymous

          You just told me that the reason why the WCDMA signal is weak is due to the number of users. No, it’s not. If there was a high number of users on the cell there would be lots of noise in the signal. There just isn’t as my phone is reporting to me.

          The reason why the coverage area is smaller than it could be is to manage network capacity. One of the cell sites recently upgraded has a few T1’s for backhaul and 3G operated at 10-50Kbps until the power level was reduced, now you can get 100-800Kbps as there are less users on the cell.

          Antenna – check, AWS antennas are active on all sectors.
          Atomsphere – has little to no effect on GSM signal, but it causes a -30dBm drop when switching over to WCDMA? Please
          Concrete/lead paint – again, GSM penetrates through it just fine but my 3G/4G signal has trouble? Last I checked the air interface does not dictate object penetration.

        • Anonymous

          Like I said, you understand enough to be dangerous, not enough to know what is exactly happening. 

          I don’t have the time to tell you every single thing you got wrong here.

          Just know that they work completely differently. 
          WCDMA is not running on the same frequency as GSM. 1900 penetrates better than 2100 because the higher the frequency the easier it bounces off of solid objects. 
          it is way more involved than could ever be explained here. 

          But I can assure you we are not trying to keep people off the network. 

        • Anonymous

          AWS is weaker than PCS, but not -10-30dBm weaker. Cricket and MetroPCS with CDMA on AWS have a signal that’s slightly weaker than the PCS signal on T-Mobile but still manage to keep up with T-Mobile’s GSM signal where they both have antennas on the same cell tower. This is not 850MHz vs 1900MHz spectrum, AWS and PCS are too close together to be the cause of such huge discrepency in coverage levels.

          Are you really saying that WCDMA’s power control has not and cannot be used to maintain higher network quality where spectrum or backhaul is scarce? If that’s true and AWS is really 10-30dBm weaker than PCS, I need to get a new carrier. That means the spectrum used for WCDMA is truly garbage and will never be at the same coverage levels as the GSM network. For me, it will never work and it will never work for T-Mobile’s network here. -95dBm on the same serving cell with GSM basically means no WCDMA signal will reach my handset, and 2x the cell sites will need to be put up to make up for that. Something that will take years to fix.

        • dan

          @TMOTECH:disqus are they updating current 3g areas to 4g? or are they expanding the 2g area to now become 4g also?

        • Anonymous

          Both. but these things take time. I cannot be sure the timeline. only that it is our intent.  

        • Dan

          thanks. its good to know a little insite that they are working to getting coverage expanded. at least they are working at it.  since sometimes from consumer view it may look like they are working slow or not at all on getting 3g/4g coverage expanded.  at least your saying they are working on it, which gives it hope. hopfully they do it as fast as they can to stay up w/ other competitors.

        • dan

          @TMOTECH:disqus do you know if arkansas will get getting any type of network upgrade soon or sometime within the next 6 months? since i visit there often and most areas there are on edge.

    • Fernando

      I was in Lubbock last month and I had 4G on my galaxy s II and the speed was good I watched netflix movie

  • Knightnothorse

    TMobile, are you kidding me? And didn’t Samsung just post that they were not going to update their Galaxy S line to ice cream sandwich? Man, I hope I am wrong on this, but does anyone else remember this? Anyone?

    • Knightnothorse
    • This is a Galaxy SII phone, the original Galaxy S line (Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic, Captivate, Galaxy S 4G) will not be receiving upgrades to ICS.

      • Bkidko

        As of today, any Android phone that comes out without ICS is a instantly outdated and a waste of time. This is no longer about being future proof, but present proof. I don’t doubt that it will get updated, but it will be too late by then.

        Tmo is stooping to a new low. Not only is it the only company that does not have an iphone, but it will be the only company that does not have ICS.

    • Befreetoday06

      I sent Samdumb an email, saying I was not pleased about not getting an update to the vibrant.
      I also stated to Samdumb I will no longer support their Galaxy line anymore. This new Samsung phone is stupid it doesn’t make any sense, It’s all about making the money, they can careless about their customers, so I will go in another directions. 

    • i think its samsung’s decision

  • Anonymous

    Feels like T-mobile is waving the white flag on competing with Sprint, ATT, or Verizon, and is going to become a national prepaid company.  the best they got is a galaxy s2 twin? 

    I am disgusted by their attitude lately. Last year T-mobile was kicking Ass and taking names later, but now they feel like they are going to call it quits. I wish they would follow in sprints footsteps and actually try and compete. Fix Churn by improving and making customers want to join, not cutting corners. I hope DT sells T-mobile to a company that wants to compete with the big boys. 

    • Anonymous

      It is the first week of the year.

      • Derrickps3

        yea, we just getting started in the new year, give tmobile a break, they just overcame the at&t takeover, give them time to heal and they will become the best carrier as we all know and love…..tmo for life

        • Tbyrne

          Yes, Totally agree!

    • TMO4G

      TMO is known to only launch 1-3 phones in the 1st quarter of the year while they build their strategy on how to attack Q2-Q4.  More phones will be announced towards the end of Q1 and will begin launching mid Q2-Q4.  That’s how it usually works and the majority of the hot phones are launched towards the end of Q3 into Q4 for the holiday season.  This is what all carriers do.  Most of the handsets shown at CES won’t be offered until Q2 or Q3.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm maybe its a qHD (960×540) screen, I hope so for Tmobiles sake otherwise why didnt they just name it Samsung MyTouch 4G. There is hope for the next couple of CES days that they release a Galaxy Nexus or equivielant.

  • Anonymous

    This sucks!  My contract was up a few months ago, So I was literally waiting aroung to see what they got coming, I was kinda hoping on the samsung galaxy note.  But I guess not!  I dont see me renewing my contract with this company.  They high end phones is very limited, I like the GS2 But its kinda old honestly.  Dont really like the nexus, so I guess I will get the galaxy note on at&t.  The Only way I will stat with this company is if They give me a free GS2 in white!   

    PS:  I have been with tmo since the first side kick

    • Anonymous

      Jesus dude. give it a rest. CES just started. Give it a few days. 

      Why does everyone feel like they “deserve” something for nothing. Things are earned, not given away. 

      • Derrickps3

        then they treaten to leave tmo like they or we would care LOL……and go to at&t which is even more hilarious

        • Anonymous

          you are so right men!  :)  I need to chill my ass out! 

      • Anonymous

        You are absolutely right,!  I need to chillout! for real! :) 

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or doesn’t this phone look a little tubby? like less than 4″ screen tubby

    • Anonymous

      This might be perfect for my wife. She wants a new phone but thinks the GS2 is too big.  Hope this one comes out soon. 

  • Luis Lopez

    t-mobile is winning… because its a warlock.

    • Pcj14

      Warlocks are defeated by level 9 Trolls. =)

  • Fester

    Still waiting on that 3G…
    Verizon has 4G in my area! But I can’t complain. Dad still pays for my bill :D


    i’d be happy with more EDGE on interstates.

    • Anonymous

      lol I know right? My cousins get 3G basically all the way down I-10 and I’m switching between EDGE and GPRS…at one segment, even no signal.

  • Techhi

    I cam from a 10 year ATT contract and couldn’t stand the slow speeds on my INFUSE 4g  I live only 10 miles south of Philly and at my home still got Edge speeds most of the time – I now have a $60 unlimited month to month and a $340 GS2 from ebay and Love the Speeds so so much faster – and on the month to month so I can go anywhere when I want – Saving $40 a month – NO CAP ON MY DATA –  so go to ATT and pay $40 more for slower speeds

  • Anonymous


  • Why not just call it the Galaxy S2 Blaze and avoid the whole “It’s just an “S” series” conversation?  Not seeing this as much of an upgrade over any current device so to come out “later this year” it may end up being a mid to lower end smart phone based on those specs.

  • Good

    Great to see more cities being added to HSPA+ 21/42. We just got 21 recently and it’s definitely faster than regular 3G, even on my older HSPA smartphone (10/1).

    The big question is when will the rural UMTS/HSPA roaming on AT&T start? That will be an overnight BOOM in coverage for those traveling on interstates and in the the big areas out west (formerly Alltel) that is now 3G with AT&T. It will just require the right phone.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. The roaming agreement is a nice stop-gap, 5 years for T-Mobile to make its network truly a “national” one that appeals to businesspeople on the go. 

  • Anonymous

    I live in Michigan City, In! yay!

  • Zubi21

    fuking bullshit

  • Dfga

    4g in newyork is slow

    • Shsgh

      damn right especially tmobile hspa+ i mean 4g

      • Brianbb

        I get 4-5 mbits in manhattan.  I think that pretty good;)

    • are u using an amaze or a GSII? if not, get one. much faster.

  • Anonymous

    all in the middle of nowhere thats a smart move 

  • Anonymous

    sandusky oh lol thats funny as hell 

    • Swallyk

      That actually Important because a HUGE theme park is there with some of the biggest ride in the US.  And no I’m not from Ohio but people who visit a theme park want their cell phones to work.

    • Greaterway

      No it’s not when I and my family go’s there twice a year and for 2-3 days at a time. Do you realize how much of the country go’s to that amusement park?

  • LOL

    Whats the difference between this and the Galaxy S2?

    • Brianbb

      Yes, odd…the S2 has the same specs??? The AT&T variant has 1 gig of ram for the OS.  The Galaxy 2 tmo has only 768meg for OS NOW.  Maybe this version will have 1gig of RAM for the OS like the AT&T skyrocket variant.  REally too many variants.  I’m thinking of going to HTC..

      Too many versions of the Galaxy…it’s kinda stupid.  THEY ALL HAVE A slightly different shape and size too!  Just stupid!

      • Dontchawantmae

        Correction tmobile gs2 also has 1gb of ram you maybe thinking of the mytouch 4g slide that’s has the 768mb that you are speaking of. Believe I know I’m pretty thero when it comes to checking specs and features.

  • taralee

    how can anyone say this is just like the galaxy s 2 when the specs haven’t even been released yet? we don’t know the screen size, camera specs, android version.  and i have a galaxy and love it so if they just want to keep making them better and better, why not.  and if you don’t like it, wait for something else to come out.  geez, people need to chill.  it’s just a phone…

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe Midland,tx gets hspa+ 42 but not Odessa, tx. Midland and odessa are like one city in the middle of nowhere. I hope this is just temporary.