T-Mobile Launches New Bobsled Messaging Application, Highlights T-Mobile TV Growth

T-Mobile is about to reinvigorate their Bobsled platform in a big way as they introduce Bobsled Messaging, a service “which provides consumers with effortless communication for free across devices, countries, social networks and mobile carriers…Bobsled Messaging is a free, all-in-one, cloud-based messaging application that allows users to send and receive free individual and group messages with friends and family from any AndroidTM-powered smartphone or tablet, and any web connected, browser-enabled device.” That’s not all as the Bobsled calling service is now enhanced enabling users to make free phone calls from their smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled devices including tablets, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

T-Mobile is also working to make mobile data easy and understandable, especially for first time smartphone buyers by offering additional value other carriers won’t offer. T-Mobile estimates that customers purchasing a data plan receive over $150 dollars worth of free applications, content and services on select devices. On many T-Mobile smartphones, customers can easily access this free content through the Bonus Apps widget, or through T-Mobile mall, T-Mobile’s mobile digital storefront. T-Mobile TV, GameBase, MobileLife Album, MobileLife Family organizer, Bonus Apps, Zinio and Google Music are just a few apps that are offered as part of the “freemium experience.” T-Mobile has seen rapid growth in these services, T-Mobile TV’s premium service has increased over 700% with T-Mobile customers using tablets as these customers are twice as likely to upgrade from the free to paid service.

“Our goal is to deliver amazing 4G experiences at a great price. We deliver these compelling and optimized 4G experiences by bringing together a fast network, smart devices and leading innovative applications and services,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, T-Mobile USA. “Our „freemium? approach to applications, content and services provides our customers with a great out-of-the-box experience at a value unmatched by our leading competitors.”

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  • Anonymous

    Screw carrier provided TV and start putting DTV antennas in the phones in the States already. Payin’ for that sh…

    • Giraffe

      I agree, DTV would be a nice option to have, but I’m not sure I want those chipsets in my phone personally, if it lowers the bottom line.  Then again, HDMI that phone onto your TV and get rid of your cable bill…

      • Anonymous

        Your bottom line? And DTV OTA like rabbit ears would be free anyway. just sayin.

        • Anonymous

          I think there is some confusion between DIRECTV and DTV, meaning digital tv. A lot of manufacturers are making promises for the latter and attempting to pass the mobile protocol for stateside use, hopefully soon. On the other matter DIRECTV is working towards establishing a mobile app and computer based option for those with disapproving landlords, like myself. I look forward to both.

        • Anonymous

          Great insight and than for clairifying that.

    • Realcool2000

      Insanely enough, I agree.

      Actually, whoever puts an all free TV app will make way more money than all the pay for ones……

  • omg i wish i could get out of this contract so I can give AT&T my money.

    • Anonymous

      and pay more for slower internet?

      • Anonymous

        no.  pay more for a better phone.

        • Tbyrne

          And a crappier experience. Check.

        • Anonymous

          You’re welcome to you opinon

        • Aaron Tant

          Tbyrne is right.  Pay more for the same service, then pay to get overages.  Then get the most dropped calls of the big 4 carriers.  As for phones, they’re pretty much all carbon copy phones among each of the four carriers…

        • Bajaaj

          pay more for bulln exp at&t sucks unless u have iphone sprint only good is truly unlimited data now verizon ok u got me but for a cheaper bill why not stay with tmo and have 4g speeds rite behind vzw

    • Bwajoli

      if you can afford ATT i don’t think $200 is gonna stop you.

    • Realcool2000

      Hahaha….how much they pay u to say this, hope u didnt make this silly statement for free bro.

  • Free applications worth $150? Oh, you mean the crapware that users can’t uninstall.

    As for T-Mobile TV – you mean suckers…I mean…people actually pay for that?

    • pufhsvtk

      Not a single app that does anything except trying to sell u stuff….

  • trife


  • Anonymous

    As a Google Voice user, I can’t see why I need this. And when in Italy, I forwarded Google Voice to Google chat and handled phone calls perfectly.

  • alexxxx

    whoever calls the shots on new tmobile products must be on loads of drugs, because no one gives a damn about pos bobsled. they keep coming out with useless bs. why dont they concentrate on LTE & more high end phones. im sick and tired of reading news about verizon, att, sprint. 

    • ugdthdjclair

      Cuz they have terrible mngt and disastrous mrktg and pr! And reps keep getting worse and worse at all levels. ECR is rude; Prepaid r outsourced and ignorant

    • Anonymous

      Because marketeers think anything that logs into Facebook is marketing gold.

    • Yeah, and while they’re busy doing that put up a tower next to alexxxx so he can get better service instead of wasting money on a service that alexxxx doesn’t want to use.

      • alexxxx

        thanx joseph, il make sure when their putting up that tower that they send all bobsled related information your way.

  • That article is so interesting

  • jair

    All the free apps on my phone are just trying to sell me stuff I dont want & are constantly running and using up my battery and cant be deleted. Ive used TEXTFREE BY PINGER for free texts. They give you a free special text phone number (&email for photo texts) Its worked great and I text friends overseas for free. People just have to remember to use one number to call me and a diffrent one to text me

  • $150 worth of free applications… if they were free, how the hell is it worth 150 dollars????

    • Realcool2000

      Cause thats their monatary worth, but they are bsing given for free.

  • TMOSince2003

    All of those CrapApps are portals where you have to spend MORE money to use them. And they can’t be removed.

    You know, when ATT marketing tried to sell the idea thar a merger would create jobs, everyone called BS.

    When is * this * gonna stop?

    Yeah, root your device, but that’s not practical for most folks.

  • Romedroid

    A word to the wise (according to my experience anyway) The Bobsled app constantly accesses the Gallery for some reason and sucks the everliving sh*t out of your battery. I installed, and without even using other than setting it up, my battery lasted 5 hours. Uninstalled and after a full recharge, I am at 5 hours unplugged and chillin at 85%. 

  • TwistedCross

    The app is free. It’s far from garbage. In case you didn’t notice in your testing, you can make calls to any number for free. It does not use voice minutes. In other words, if you have the $30 plan with 100 voice minutes, unlimited texting and unlimited data plan, you actually also get unlimited voice. $30 for unlimited everything? Only a dope would complain about that. It worked on my Optimus T, Exhibit 4g and Sensation 4g.