Nokia’s First Windows Phone Entry In The United States Is Now Available On T-Mobile

Let’s give Nokia a big warm welcome as they make their hopefully triumphant return to the United States with their very first Windows Phone 7.5 device in the Nokia Lumia 710, now available from and T-Mobile stores nationwide. Arriving in both black and white for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a two year contract, we think the pricing for the Lumia is fair, despite the few reservations I had about the phone during my review. As this phone is geared more toward a first-time smartphone buyer, my reservations would hardly prevent me from recommending the Lumia 710 as a solid entry-level smartphone. Then again, I’m just super excited to see Nokia finally return to the United States handset market and look forward to seeing what else they have in store.


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  • Osman Ali Khalid

    I would love to see the nokia n8, or even the n9 on tmobile!  Windows mobile just doesnt do it for me.

    • Anonymous

      Both of those would be nice to have. But the last Windows Mobile device came count almost 2 years ago… It’s Windows Phone now

    • It actually feels pretty good in your hand, weight is nice.  The back is a nice surface won’t slip out of your hand like the Sensation might.  I haven’t had a chance to fool around with Windows Mobile but I’d be willing to give it a shot.

    • Peter

      Just FYI “Windows Mobile” not exist for more than 1 year now!

      I don’t know you are just trolling or you simply doesn’t have knowledge but the new platfrom and os from Microsoft is “Windows Phone” which is a brand new and it is fresh start and nothing to do with old “Windows Mobile”.

      • Osman Ali Khalid

        no im not trolling, im sure everyone that read my comment assumed I meant windows phone, I have tried both windows phone and windows mobile, and both dont appeal to me, 

        btw I will also continue to refer to the latest symbian release as symbian belle instead of nokia belle as is the new moniker.

  • Anonymous

    Cheers to TMO for being the Nok’s first US WP but Jeers for them picking up such a run in the mill device.

  • Gwapo

    Good job!!! I hope Nokia will give discounts to Nokia legacy owners!!! or may be a trade-in program for Nokia owners!!!! I might get this as my second phone coz I do not have 3G on my Iphone 4s with Tmobile!

  • Right now, free with new activation or $49.99 upgrade at

  • Tortionist

    I wonder when Nokia is going to put out the Morph. That will be the sweetest phone. I’m glad Nokia’s back.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to hear experiences with this phone . My astound isn’t astounding me anymore . I do love Nokia . Symbian not so much . Anyhow I might consider buying this phone in month or so . I like the windows platform . I will either pick up this or the Radar . Which ever I can get for under two hundred on the bay .

    Baffled as to why TMO wouldn’t pick up the 800 . I would so game that .

    • Anonymous

      Put a non tmo firmware on the astound or even Belle and be…..astounded!

      • Anonymous

        I’m doing some reading up on that : ) Really is a nice phone for the 150 I paid on ebay last summer . Will buy another phone soon though .

  • Intocablepati

    People that buy it today at least online, I believe, will get $30 dollars more off. Too bad my contract doesn’t expire for another 5 days! and I cannot make up my mind about this and the HTC Radar. Help! lol

    • Anonymous

      Look below ya : ) I’m in the same boat . From what I heard the Nokia exclusive apps like Nokia Drive and ESPN give the Nokia a slight advantage . However the display and camera on the HTC radar are supposed to be a wee bit better . 

      • Intocablepati

        Blynman, I tried calling and chatting, and I have to wait until then, they were like unless you want it that bad. Na chill.

        Commander_Fury, it’s such a Dilemma right. All 3 phones I’ve had have been Nokia, and knowing that they are durable and the fact that the lumia will have NokiaDrive is what I like.

        For the HTC radar, the FFC, the elegance of the phone, and the spectacular reviews by Tmobile customers on the website. 

        • Anonymous

          Chill’s cool . I like Nokia mucho as well . The thing about the HTC also is the Nokia has some micro sim thing . So I guess you can’t just swap sims out . I’m an EM+ guy . You can’t chain this down : ) Anyhow after more toy around with this a winner will show . And ofcourse maybe my hope of a TMO Lumia 800 will show itself . That is such a major fail on Nokia’s/TMO’s part . 2g on TMO and AT&T with the 900 Lumia . The Lumia 800 is really hung out to dry in this country . Even a Canadian carrier is picking up the Lumia 800 .

        • Kbagrows

          Can’t speak to the 710, but I’ve been using the Radar for the past month, and it is truly a great phone.  I bought it off contract planning to upgrade to one of the Nokia’s when they came out.  Now, doubt I’m going to be upgrading for quite a while.  I have a feeling that either way you go will be win-win.  It’s a good problem to have. 

        • Bklynman

          That’s nuts! I say screw them,go to Target and get HTC Sen for free,for upgrades and new customers! not sure how long this deal will with Target!
          That where I got my SG2 for $99. in Dec! Some one above wrote that u can get it free at Costco’s or at under current promos. Hope’s this helps.
          If you really want this phone that bad,go to tm store in person if you can see what they tell you.

    • Gwapo

      Nokia has a better hardware!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Am sure you can pick it up today,since your contract is up in 5 days. I would call them and see what they say to you.

    • Smith

      HTC Radar is better than Lumia 710. If It was Lumia 900 then yes Nokia for sure but in this case go with HTC Radar 4G. A solid phone, beautiful and very well built quality.

      It’s smooth and crazy fast as well not that Lumia 710 is not but for look and feel go with Radar 4G. 


      • Jcj1

        What are basing this on? Device just launched an you are already an expert?? DOUBTFUL!

    • RADAR = Front facing camera, capacitive buttons, 1GHZ processor
      Lumia 710=Clearblack display, 1.4Ghz processsor, Changable back covers, Nokia Maps/Drive with offline mapping (Believe me, this may not seem like much now but expect rapid improvement on this, plus offline is always good if your in an area with bad coverage and get lost),

  • YBT

    HTC Radar for the win. Sorry Nokia. But we still love you and the Lumia 900!

    • Radar doesnt win anything.  Its settling for the next best thing because Tmo doesn’t offer anything better.

    • Unfortunately anything on AT&T is market exclusive for the device lifetime (iphone excepted). i.e no 900 for anyone else, inc t-mo

  • Anonymous

    Not excited by the Radar or the 710.  I’ll just hang on to my HD7 until my contract is up then it’s off to AT&T for the Titan II or Lumia 900.

    • David

      Sadly same here with me. T-Mobile really made me disappointed with not offering any high-end Windows Phone devices.

    • as will many people .. i’ve had a Titan (sold it recently) and it is THE best Windows Phone out right now .. haven’t had a chance to play with a Lumia 900 but still .. TMO is lacking in the WP department .. lacking big time.

    • Anonymous

      Definately want to see the Titan II close up. That camera looks awesome and the screen is Titanic sized.

    • FYI all, Lumia 800 unlocked availiable feb from Microsoft stores, and will support 1700/2100

      • Anonymous

        No they won’t.  Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, its even cheap as an early upgrade. The discounts on this phone are quite large. Around $120 for a 1-year upgrade. for perspective, the Amaze is still $350

  • YetAnotherNickname

    Its free at under current promos.

  • TMO has had a lot of firsts but then they get left behind with high end devices … Nokia didn’t do them any favors with the 710 especially with news of the 900 and 800 being elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      The 800 hasn’t been picked up . How weird is that ?

      • i’m not a fan of Nokia phones anyway but still .. TMO could use both.  they could use the Nexus, the iPhone, the Titan lol … oh well ..

      • Anonymous

        Nokia hasnt figured out that in US people want phone subsidized. We want phones for like 99.99

  • Anonymous

    TMO is only going to use the low-end WP phones to drive customers toward their droids by out-spec’ing.

  • Foxeh

    Now all I need to know are the GPS nav apps for Windows Phone and how they compare to Nokia Drive. Granted, both current Windows Phones on Magenta have 8GB of fixed storage which is quite unfortunate. And no, Skydrive doesn’t count as it’s not good for streaming music or installing apps.

    • Navigon and you’ll never need a gps ever again.  Turn by turn if you dont want to invest the money (you wont be disappointed if you go with navigon).

  • D.M

    Walmart in store price $28.88.

    • William Cron

      Argh!! Don’t tell me that! #Indecisive

    • archerian

      Its free at Costco for both new customers and upgrades

  • John McCammon

    Does this mean that you’re not going to have to use those telephone entry systems like these any more?