• Gwapo

    Just bring the IPHONE!!!!!!

    • Derrickps3

      keep waiting, it’ll come one day or not

  • Wcdude18

    Is there any info out there on how big this phone is?

    I got my hands on a Galaxy Nexus, and it just seems a little too big.  I currently have the first-gen Galaxy S, and really like the fit of the 4″ screen.  

    • Aerofanbig

      rumors are that it will be right around the 4″ mark. basically the replacement for the original GS phone…coincidentally just as many of those purchasers will coming up on their 18-22 month renewal mark. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m tellin you, since TMO was about to get sold, all the advanced stuff will be few and far between until quarter 2 at the soonest.  CES was a bust, MWC will probably be a bust and we’ll have to wait until CTIA in May to see what’s crackin for the summer.

    I love my Samsungs but this 3rd generation Vibrant isn’t much better than the Galaxy S 4G.  No excuse for not having a PLUS screen or at least qHD.

    • Robert Simmons

      Funny my tmo Samsung Galaxy S2 screen looks BETTER than the Sensation I was using. 
      These rants about qhd versus amoled are like people complaining about 5 megapixels versus 8. The 8 isnt always better than the 5. 

      • Anonymous

        LOL ”
        qhd versus amoled” that’s funny.  You do know that qHD is a rsolution and AMOLED is a screen TYPE right?  For that matter you must not realize that The GS2 is using AMOLED while the Sensation uses LCD…

        “Funny my tmo Samsung Galaxy S2 screen looks BETTER than the Sensation I was using.”  Shoulda left it at that.

      • Anonymous

        You must not realize that qHD is a resolution and not a screen type AND you must not know that the Sensation has an LCD screen and that’s why your GS2 looks better. There is a such thing as qHD AMOLED…

  • Lee

    In other news, the iPhone is a hit with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. As well as the variations of the Galaxy Nexus. LTE deployment is being done by AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. The only major carrier not doing so is good old T-Mo. Its only plan is to reverse customer churn without having a plan to do so. It will continue to utilize HSPA+, a technology that may be cost effective today, but may come back to haunt it in the future as with the 3g fiasco. Overall, it could be a telling sign that T-Mobile may be sold to another entity.

    • Tbyrne

      Okay Lee, it’s nice to see doom & gloom is alive and well. Seriously, quit bitchin. Let’s give TMOUS a chance now that the acquisition fell apart. Okay?

      • Lee

        Please. Let’s ask the customers who got screwed by terrible customer service, ppl who wonder if the gs2 will follow the gs with the update shenanigans, and the consumers who have ‘4g’ for one moment, move a inch and speeds drop to below edge?

    • Anonymous

      LTE sucks lol i have no clue as to why yall really want that. have you not been reading the news about all those LTE outages that delayed the nexus in the first place? how about it hogging up all the battery? yeah thats the last thing i want, LTE. HSPA+ works better and provides a better experience to everyone not just everyone who bought into their new network. Iphone is only desired for T-mo for reasons that its a popular device which means higher profit

  • 4G

    This phone looks just like the phone I’m holding now

    • Chrisroberts7577

      all these phones look nearly the same now.  Nothing new.

      • 4G

        And that’s the problem

  • What they need is their own version of Verizon’s Stratosphere (my company uses Verizon and supplies me with this phone). It is essentially the Galaxy II S with a physical keyboard. Keyboard-equipped phones are becoming scarce on the TMo menu unless it’s a Blackberry that makes your heart go pitty-pat. Am I the only TMo customer that wants keys with his smartphone??

    • trife

      I’m with you. Happy G2 user here.

  • Anonymous

    What is the difference between this and the Galaxy S 2, other than a silly “blaze” moniker at the end?
    Also, I get weary when the carrier says: “a variety of pre-loaded entertainment” as I take that to often mean unnecessary bloatware.

    • Sahhardcore

      The bit deal with this one is it is capable of the new 42Mbps network.

      • SO is the GS2. That’s why the TMO variant ditched the Exynos chip.

    • JustMike

      This phone will probably be pre-loaded with the Justin Beiber movie.

  • Robert Simmons

    I guess screen size must be top secret. 

  • Fixxmyhead

    does this phone smoke weed?

    • Anonymous

      No, but you can use it as a pipe for your smoking pleasure.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a gimped GSII.  What’s there to learn?

  • TiredofTComplaining

    Ok, everyone needs to stop getting their panties in a bunch. Just because a new device comes out doesn’t mean it is automatically going to be the TOP of the LINE! Please…. there are some customers that can’t afford the latest and greatest, so TMobile offers Mid Range devices as well. Just because it came out after the GS2, doesn’t automatically make it better. Take a chill pill and let others have their day that like the device and looking for a way into Android at a possible lower price point.

    • Tbyrne

      Voice of reason! Thanks TiredofTComplaining!

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile already has WAY TOO MANY mid & low end phones. They need MORE higher end phones like their COMPETITORS pump out every week.

      • Aerofanbig

        Except that totally goes against T-mo’s plan. Many times they have come out and said they are not after the latest-greatest-tech-nerd crowd. Those guys are happy to pay much higher prices at other carriers that flood the market just as much. 

        • Tbyrne

          Exactly! I for one don’t want to get gouged like customers who are with the other three. Let’s keep T-Mobile as the low priced 4G alternative.

  • quinto

    looks like a new “vibrant.” whats so great about this vs the sgs 2 hercules and the galaxy nexus? its the same processor as the sgs2, most likely the same amount of ram, prob the same 4.52 screen size, and just a remake of the sgs 2 with added entertainment bloat.

    whats such the huge fuss over this phone? will they release this one in white in stores 3 months from now?…lol

    • Wheresbrent

      Not everyone has the need to compensate like you by having the latest and greatest, this is a 4″ upgraded galaxy s, what’s wrong with that?

      • Anonymous

        thats a tired excuse. whats wrong with getting your money’s worth over 2 years? 

      • pinto

        Latest and greatest? Lol that’s just making the phone up to standard with the sgs 2 and amaze. I don’t see the reason for a huge announcement over it.

  • Anonymous

    Later this year?  Damn, by that time, it’s will be old.

  • Mattcat03

    This is good for the latest existing Tmo phones. It should bring down the price point for those devices sooner.

  • Johntajacobs

    Im happy with my Sidekick 4G idc about devices that are coming out this year because I have everything I need in my device. I could careless about the consumer market anymore because everyone has been brain washed we dont need smart phones at all. Were losing time by having them anyways. Im thinking about downgrading my phone anyways the battery dies too fast.

  • juicebox

    Haha. It may look nice. But why would I want something Samsung might “kill off” in one year? No, I’m not talking about newer phones coming out. Although, newer phones may or may not make this phone “obsolete.” I’m talking about the possibility that Samsung might announce the end of updates for the phone…like they did for the Galaxy S II. (The Galaxy S II isn’t that old.) 

    And I will not accept the hardware support excuse as a blanket explanation. My friend had his Nexus One when I had my Vibrant and I’ve witnessed him get 2.2, 2.3 before my Vibrant ever got updated. I don’t know about him getting newer updates because I haven’t asked. I have another friend with an iPhone 3GS who upgraded to iOS 5 recently and the install is running very smoothly. All official updates. No need to root/jailbreak/etc to get desired results. That is how it should be.

    Now, back to topic, I wouldn’t even consider the Samsung Blaze. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll be done with Samsung smartphones.

    • Guest

      samsung didn’t announce the end of updates for the galaxy s ii, they did for their galaxy s line (international and all u.s. variants) … and obviously your friend’s nexus one would get updates before your vibrant, that’s a direct google phone. samsung has released updates to their international version for the galaxy s, the vibrant gets their updates through t-mobile.

      • JustMike

        The original Vibrant was updated once.. about a year ago, and you had to manually update directly from Samsung through Mini Kies. I can’t tell you if Samsung or T-Mobile is more to blame on that one – they both would just prefer to sell you a new phone.

        Even the 2.3 update that went to the international Galaxy S series months ago never made it to the original Vibrant.  Sure, you could root and hack in a *mostly* functional third party 2.3 ROM, but the *mostly* part always bothered me.

        He has every right to be weary of any Samsung phone that doesn’t have “Nexus” in the name if he likes getting software updates.

  • Pira

    Since this has S ll specs, this should be the “galaxy S ll blaze 4g”

  • simon templar

    @55003b60b3a50cc177bd25fdd5cad232:disqus @b7e6db9f21035102564a0df58b92ea81:disqus you guy are 100% percent right. rush out to buy a Samsung newbie, few months down the road you get one update the next thing you hear is the new Samsung Galaxy “Astound’ no more updates for the blaze. I still have the vibrant with all it’s qwerks and glitches.  the only thing i can do reset or root the phone when it acts up. i really don’t think i will buy a new phone in the future and likely not go back to HTC  

    • I have a Vibrant too and that’s about what I do too, reset daily. LMAO

    • k-mack

      you mean not go back to Samsung.

      • Dijoudol

        I stand corrected. here’s my issue, Tmobile was one of the first to issue Android based phones. its seems that  since then the other carriers have out-shined them. It seems that Tmobile gets the no frills version of the while the other carriers get the trailblazer bells and whistles version. i don’t like spending money and a few months down the road it’s downhill. 

  • aaron cooper

    I’m 3 months away from a “partial upgrade”, guess I’ll log back on around that time to see what the status of TMobile is and what phones they have

    • Tbyrne

      Let me save you some time aa. T-Mobile will be doing brisk business and will have some powerhouse phones that customers are going to gobble up!

  • Is this the Galaxy Nexus? =)

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t look like it. Soft touch keys with none on the screen. 

  • TMOSince2003

    If it come sans Carrier IQ … we’ll see.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I can almost confirm just by the picture there that this is NOT a Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S 2 variant.  Simply look at the form factor, especially the top portion.  Neither the Galaxy S 2 nor Nexus has the back of the phone higher than the face of the phone.  This most likely will be a variant of the Galaxy S 4G and I’m not expecting it to be much more than that.  I hope Tmo proves me wrong but I think we all know that the chances of that are VERY slim.

  • Anonymous

    hope this is a stock photo, or artists rendition, there’s no excuse for phones that (should) come pre-loaded with ICS to have buttons on the device and not part of the software.

    it’s like having gone from real buttons to capacitive touch buttons, once you have gotten a taste, you just can’t go back, and as my tablet has the software buttons, I can’t imagine taking a step back to the hardware buttons.

  • Anonymous

    hope this is a stock photo, or artists rendition, there’s no excuse for phones that (should) come pre-loaded with ICS to have buttons on the device and not part of the software.

    it’s like having gone from real buttons to capacitive touch buttons, once you have gotten a taste, you just can’t go back, and as my tablet has the software buttons, I can’t imagine taking a step back to the hardware buttons.

  • Kirbi182

    so its jus a super amoled, no plus? in that case its a step backwards and the htc ville sounds like a better step forward if it has the S4 chip. Just wish it had a 720p display there’s no excuse for high end phones in 2012 to not be on par with the nexus. just my two cents, tmo had till june to show me something worth staying for and it better not be “HSPA+” updates if they dont bring in a killer exclusive phone that is not a “mytouch” and more of a droid or evo high end, cut my own arm and leg off sexy phone.

    • Kirbi182

      has* typo

  • Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    What a waste of an upgrade this shit is basically the same.phone as the galaxy s2 with 42bs so why release something 95% the SAME

  • Anonymous

    where is the nexus 

  • Ballroomdru

    This is a GS2 with a lower screen resolution at the same size. It might be Samsung’s $100-$150 price point phone on T-Mobile seeing as how they currently DON’T have one. 800×480 on a 4.5 inch screen vs. 960 x 584 on a 4.52 inch screen. think about it.