T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II, White Edition Now Available From T-Mobile.com

Right on schedule, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II white edition is now available on the T-Mobile website. Available for the same price as it’s darker sibling at $229.99 after mail-in-rebate, the white edition is a beautiful looking phone and in a perfectly festive color. The special white edition is only available from T-Mobile.com, Telesales and Customer Care.

No word on if the white edition will only be available for a certain time. No reason to wait however, grab it today!


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  • Gwapo

    I might return my Iphone 4s and get this SGS II!!!!!!

    • Kickstar133


      • vooo

        That’s funny.

        • Gwapo

          Yeahman!!! heheheh…I am really considering it :0)  

          Hyperion!!! Yeah saw the commercial!!! hehehe..

  • Gsxrguy412

    Do you have to be eligable for an upgrade to get that price?!

  • Jim Bob Newmark

    adorama camera will have the white one for new acts 139.99 after rebate only in nyc store just an fyi so i beleive other stores will get it as well

  • Tutonutz

    just ordered mine and got a awesome price woohoo

    • Rj

      How much did you end up paying….

      • Tutonutz

        First I called  the I was told $250 but that I wouldn’t be able to upgrade over the phone then i called back spoke to a different rep and got it for $122.99 idk how or why.  I didnt ask question just paid it…lol

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I may try to get that rep you talked to and FINALLY get me a new phone.

        • Mattcat03

          I won’t be surprises if you got the Samsung Galaxy S not the S 2. Hey mistakes can happen in your favor or not.

        • whoaMama

          how did you get that price? i called today retention’s and they wanted me to pay regular and mail in rebate…

  • Reality

    Ordered mine this morning, but I’m upset that I didn’t get the price Tutonutz did! lol…Oh well..

  • Ilyas_k15

    I wonder if Samsung fixed the screen issues in the white version, the titanium one was ruined for me by the dark lines and blobs that kept appearing all over the place

  • hyperion

    Gwapo, you so crazzzy. Been watching the samsung commericals. No pressure, lol

  • jesustheturtle

    Anyone know if this white beauty will be available for the sale happening dec. 17-18th? I assume it will be, but maybe not if you can only get it online…

    • Nearmsp

      White phone is available for sale at Bestbuy. So I think it will be available everywhere.

  • mrmiddl

    i bought the titanium version only because i will be using the white bodyglove case

  • Tmosince2003

    It’s for it is. Its for possessive.


    They don’t have white SGS2.
    They will send you either black one or a f*ing my-touch WHITE.
    So good luck with your purchase over the phone where all the reps are ready to lie for you

    • Adam Yates

      i ordered the white SGS2 and got it today…i’m not sure why you said they don’t have it…

  • Guest

    I ordered the SG S II on Monday night when they was having an after hours sale and the price was supposed to be 129.99 and evidently there was a glitch in the system because the rep said it kept giving her a price of free, so long story short I ended up having to call back in and the next day and I told them I wanted the White one and the rep said that since it was quoted to me for free by the rep they had to give it to me for that price! Yay, guess I got very lucky!

  • Cos824

     Does has google talk with video chat?

  • Anonymous

    Got mine a few hours ago…sweet looking device. Too bad its an xmas gift not for me.

  • Datruth63

    T-Mobile wants $229 plus a $50 mail in rebate… taxes and all you will be spending a little over $300… tho you will get $50 back, i hate rebates. I finally had the the opportunity to place my order from BestBuy and the price for the white samsung galaxy s 2 was $149.99 flat besides taxes plus you get free shipping.

    i was stuck between the amaze 4g and the gs2 for over a month and when i saw they were releasing the white edition i was sold. i had a chance to play with the samsung nexus, tho it has 4.0 it wasnt enough for me to wait for it to be released for tmobile or at&t