T-Mobile Indirect Dealers Holding December 17th-18th Sale, Classic Plans Included

T-Mobile’s independent network of indirect dealers are set to hold their very own “Last Chance Two Day Sale” on December 17th and 18th. The biggest difference between their sale and T-Mobile’s corporate store offer? Their sale is for “…new and existing customers with 22+ months of upgrade tenure who sign up for an Unlimited Classic Talk + Text rate plan with qualifying data feature OR 2 GB or higher Classic Mobile Broadband rate plan.” Customers who opt for the Classic rate plan option can receive anywhere in the neighborhood of $10 – $300 in savings depending on the device.

This promotion is only available to participating Retail Partner Store locations which does NOT include national retailers like Best Buy or Walmart. The local independent T-Mobile dealer with a store location that looks exactly like a T-Mobile corporate store location that you have in your neighborhood? That’s where you can go to take advantage of this opportunity. T-Mobile’s RPS locations can take part in both the Classic and Value plan offers.

So what kind of savings are we talking about? How about a promotional rebate for the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G with a 5GB data plan option? Try $200 off. Blackberry Bold 9900 or Blackberry Torch 9810? Try $200 off. myTouch 4G Slide? $150 off.

T-Mobile corporate stores will have their Value Plan only opportunity going for the very same weekend so depending on your rate plan preference, you’ve got a chance to score a great deal on T-Mobile smartphones and Mobile Broadband products this weekend.

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  • steve clarke

    all these tmobile “deals” are yawn

    • Timothy Desaules

      You sir, are an idiot.  How is it yawn, if you are getting most or all of the money back for a phone?  Galaxy S II for 29.99?  What a tard.

      • how wants to wait 4 months to get their money back? A DEAL would be 29.99 WITHOUT a Rebate, 

        • Cashman

          6-8 weeks for a rebate buddy. I will take advantage of this and after I get my rebate switch back to the 2GB data plan

        • Anonymous

          I ended up getting my rebate back in 4 weeks

  • Shawn

    Yawn at free phones? All of them? fool!

  • Chris

    so does this mean I can upgrade my phone without changing my current plan at a retail partner store?

    • Timothy Desaules

      No, you have to change to an unlimited CLASSIC plan.  Grandfathered plans are not included in the deal.

  • Alex wardlaw

    I went to a T-mobile store saturday to get a new phone(AMAZE) I had 2 lines, one I didnt use much so I needed to drop it. the store rep asked me to call customer service to close the line so they could modify my account. The in store assoc was very nice, but was going to switch me to a value plan… I called customer service to turn off the 2nd line, and when she asked me why I told her.. She asked if I wanted to stay with the classic plan.. WELL OF COARSE… she hooked me up… $269 for the Amaze (still had 3 months left on contract) 350 mins, free tmo-tmo, unmlimted n/w, unlimited text, 5GB Data…$60 a month+ taxes… What a Hook-up…
    If I where you and you are at 20+months on your contract…. call customer service and tell them you want to leave or try and update you acct and phone… never hurts to try …

    • Chris

      I’m hoping you mean, you got the phone for 169 not 269

      • Anonymous

        ya 269 is no hook up. They do that all day long for ANYONE who qualified for on a value plan for a full upgrade. 
        Sorry but you didnt get hooked up. 

  • BigKitty

    Sadly, you’re forced to buy 5 GB of data if you want the S2 or Amaze.

    • Kelly

      That is only to get the rebate. The data is considered a service and not necessarily part of the “plan” so once you receive the rebate, you can drop the data to 2 GB. I just talked to someone in a local store that confirmed that for me.  

    • Guest

      That used to be the case all the time when the 2GB data plans weren’t available. You can always downgrade your data plan after you get the rebate. Just a suggestion

  • PorscheCarrera

    I am tired of all these restrictions and conditions. It gives me a headache.

  • Anonymous

    Mail In Rebate = FAIL

  • Jonstonson

    @david:disqus  Although you mention “The local independent T-Mobile dealer with a store location that looks exactly like a T-Mobile corporate store location that you have in your neighborhood? That’s where you can go to take advantage of this opportunity.” is where you can advantage of the Classic promotions. T-Mobile TPR/TPRi Dealers are under the same category as Retail and we only offer the Value plan deals. So you’d have to go to a “T-Mobile Limited” or “Exclusive Dealer” not a TPR privately owned “corporate-like” store.Just thought I’d clarify that for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      What a phuckin horrible article this is. 
      David maybe you should do some basic research before posting this crap. 
      I cant find a any store around me offering classic plan discount on these phones like this article claims. 

      • Honestly, stop visiting this site. You complain more than anyone else and are constantly critical of everyone else’s point of views. Honestly, you never have anything of value to contribute. Contribute, or stop visiting.

  • febryan aldi

    So how does this work? I dont get it. You are buying a phone at a regular price then get 200 main in rebate?
    If i wanted to buy bold 9900, I have to pay the full amount of the phone and get a 200 rebate in 8 weeks?
    Im confused

    • T-mobiledealer

      You would have to pay $299.99 and you get a mail in rebate of $200 with qualified full upgrade

  • Anonymous

    I am glad they have included classic plan sales. I know a few people holding on to their upgrades for a sale like this.

  • Willie Doit

    Tmobile throats. Simple and plain.

  • Vim

    Bah,  I don’t need text or unlimited minutes, and I don’t want to spend twice as much for the same amount of data as my current plan.  I’m starting to regret not jumping on Amazon’s Thanksgiving sale for Verizon. 

  • Anonymous

    Does using an upgrade extend your contract? I qualify for a full upgrade, but plan on leaving T-Mobile when my contract is up in 01/2013 and don’t want to have that extended any longer.

    • Rubinaeali

      No, if you upgraded, your contract would be 2 years from the day you upgrade

    • T-MobileDealer

      You are allowed to upgrade as long as you did not receive an equipment discount when extending your contract. Call T-Mobile and ask if you’re eligible to receive a full upgrade and if it’s a yes than you’re more than welcome to get those rebates.

  • DesperateForANewPhone

    Ok. I am a T-Mobile user, who in May, we went from a value plan to a contract plan (We finally were credit approved to use a contract instead of Even More Plus). When we did that, we became eligible for a full upgrade because we had been there since May 2008. I have not used mines yet. Will I be able to get the Samsung Galaxy ll free throughout this sale? We are on the Classic- Unlimited plan.

    • Anonymous

      I suppose but you will pay more for your data. 

  • Clwright33

    just got me two GS2’s for 129.99 a piece at target. No mail in rebate todo or special. 

  • Clwright33

    Had three full upgrades available used two and basically got two for less than the price of one at tmobile store

  • rnoor

    who are the T-Mobile’s independent network of indirect dealers?

    • The local T-Mobile stores around you that say “authorized dealer” most likely.

  • guest

    How do i find a list of all the t-mobile indirect dealers in the U.S.?