T-Mobile Launches Galaxy 10.1 Tablet, myTouch, myTouch Q, LG DoublePlay And More Today

Just as expected, T-Mobile has placed a number of new smartphones and a tablet up for sale today, November 2nd. While some of these devices have been available via Wal-Mart for the past few days, today marks the first official day you can grab them from all of T-Mobile’s retail channels. So what’s available beginning today?

So if you’ve been eye-balling any of these brand new devices for the holiday season, now is the time to act!

Purchase them all from T-Mobile. 


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  • I’m confused, is this another myTouch 4G?

    • TMoMe

      hardly, its more of an entry level phone… nowhere near as good as the HTC myTouch 4G

      • Mike

        Stupid Tmobile, instead of releasing good phones like Verizon, they got dumb ones like these. Where the hell is nexus, galaxy note, etc….???

    • no, its a Lesser LG made myTouch that’s nowhere near the quality of the recent htc myTouch phones. 

      • TMOTECH

        How do you know what the quality is? Have you used one? Have you held it in your hand? The Specs are basically the same as the MT4G. It is just in a LG frame with LG UI… Which you may not like but there are other devices out there… And we still sell the MT4G 

        • yes I have held it and its the Typical LG crap materials.  htc’s myTouch 4G is a far Superior device.  wow you seem like a trouble maker to me ; ) 

        • Ambassador

          I have used the new LG phones, they are NOT as good of a build as the HTC devices.  they are nice and they will work for people looking for feature rich phones at a good price.  The Amaze, MT4G slide and the SGSII are the nicer feeling and better phones in terms of performance.

        • TMoMe

          i know what the quality is because we have a demo phone… and it is terrible. its a new overlay for android that is horribly ugly, the screen quality is poor, and the design of the phone itself is ugly. Basically its an all around lemon. I would rather sell customers on the htc wildfire or the exhibit II if they are looking for a mid level smartphone

      • I’m interested in the Q as an upgrade for my wife’s nearly-dead G1. I absolutely don’t want a contract extension and she absolutely wants something with a keyboard. So, for budget reasons it’s either the Q, a used G2 (which most seem to be well “loved” and those that are in better shape are $300+), or a Optimus Slider on Virgin, which a friend says is awesome (though he was coming from an Intercept, so… yeah.)

        Anyone know how the Q is vs the O-Slider?

  • TMoMe

    no myTouch and mytouch Q at our store today…. we have “coming soon” posted on them. — the q is not very impressive at all, even for an entry level android. feels and looks cheap.i’m assuming the non-slide version will be the same. but we have yet to receive one.
    the doubleplay is bulky, slow and ugly with poor screen quality just like the LG mytouch’s.
    the Radar is a nice little device and is the best phone coming out today. screen size is a bit disappointing but outside of that its a cool phone.
    the Exhibit II is not the best looking phone but is a solid little device with fantastic screen quality for an entry level device. the front of the phone is nice looking but the back is kind of ugly (nothing a case can’t fix though). 
    the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is beautiful. enough said. 

  • Asder24

    Exhibit II at Walmart for $200 as a prepaid kit or non-qwerty MT for $279 off contract? So far the Exhibit II has gotten good reviews from users. But the MT has a better camera, better screen (though users say the Exhibit’s screen is pretty nice), and better battery life. I know LG’s rep has taken a hit w/ the G2X but the Optimus was solid.

    • If I had $300 (after taxes) I would get the MyTouch. Not only does it have better specs but it’s most likely going to get some XDA support. The Exhibit II most likely wont. The original didn’t and a lot of other Samsung phones that aren’t the Galaxy S line aren’t on XDA’s radar. I’m getting the Exhibit though cause I can only afford $200

    • I just noted you quoted T-Mobiles Suggested Retail Price as it’s off contract price. Since you can’t get it off contract through T-Mobile’s website then it becomes a little harder to figure out what full retail price is going to be. Maybe you can get that price if your upgrading on a contracted line but not the 4g pre paid plan. It could cost less it could cost more. It all depends on the resellers.

      • Asder24

        Won’t be upgrading, I’m giving my 3 month old Astound to someone. I’d be paying full price for the MT which I’m assuming is $279 in TMo retail stores. If I go with the Exhibit II it’ll be at Walmart for $200 and not $329 at the TMo store.

      • Asder24

        Should add I’m on a post paid plan. I’d buy the prepaid kit for the Exhibit II but just popping in my sim.

  • Anonymous

    The Tab is coming up in search results, but not the product pages. Just an error, or not actually on sale yet?

  • Anonymous

    I wish T-Mobile had more Windows phones..

  • Mr Groppi

    The 2 myTouch phones by LG are not available in stores yet! I work for T-Mobile. We have them in stock but we can not sell them until either the 7th or the 9th… We have the dummy phones on display with coming soon tags on them.

    • nick v

      It does say November 9th…

    • Asder24

      Have you had a chance to test them out? if you have, what are your impressions? How do they compare to the Exhibit 4G II?

  • JBLmobileG1

    The newest mytouch phones by LG are in a way a draw back from the last one. You would have thought LG would have tried to improve upon the HTC mytouch phones of the past. If this is Tmobiles doing did they forget they had a mytouch line going on? Maybe they are trying to kill it off or perhaps LG will be the standard of the mytouch brand and they want to start off with minimal specs so they can improve upon down the line. Who knows… but what I know is unless your new to Android… this phone isn’t worth getting. Especially since there are better choices.


      My touch is moving to the entry level position to make room for SGS2 and Amaze 4G as flagship phones, And more to come… May not be worth getting for a high end tech user but they are great phones for kids, seniors and people who just want a good phone  that will get them on the web. Not everyone needs a superphone.  

  • PO’d in PHX

    anyone with the radar yet? I’m thinking of getting rid of my buggy MT4G and replacing it with a radar. any thoughts?
    thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous

      I think I would prefer the Nokia 710 over the Radar, but it is another two months to get it.

      I would prefer T-Mobile had more to offer on the WP7 front.  After the HD7 I thouht they would be a great fit for a variant of the Titan. 

      It is too bad they seem to be going decidedly low end.

  • Jtt20826

    Can’t find the galaxy tab 10.1 on tmo, where is it? Help

    • Th_dominguez

      Not available online for postcard customers yet… but it is for prepaid customers..

  • Anonymous

    These are some pretty good prices, I may get one of these for my younger sibling pending if it’s not laggy, the Q

  • http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/Samsung-Exhibit%E2%84%A2-II-4G-Prepaid Exhibit II 4g finally listed on pre-paid site. Price is $249 though. Lets hope they drop it to $199 soon or that Wal-Mart doesn’t up the price next week.

    • TMoMe

      we have it at 199 with new activation of 50 or higher prepaid plan… but if you already have a plan that doesn’t help you much

      • I don’t get who “we” is but Amazon posted it today and they have it for $200 as well without a new number or anything.