T-Mobile Announces The Blackberry Torch 9810, Coming November 9th

T-Mobile has just announced the Blackberry Torch 9810, the latest 4G Blackberry to join T-Mobile’s 4G Blackberry lineup. Powered by the Blackberry 7 operating system and running a 1.2GHz processor, the Torch 9810 provides both a fast and fluid Blackberry experience. The 9810 is equipped with a 3.2″ TFT VGA touch-screen display and combines that with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard for a complete smartphone experience. Along with the full QWERTY keyboard you’ll also get a 5 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording and access to the latest apps through Blackberry’s App World.

The Blackberry Torch 9810 will be available nationwide at T-Mobile retail stores, dealers, national retailers and online at T-Mobile.com on November 9th for $249.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate with a two-year contract.

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  • bigbudha


  • T D1


    • Platypus

      No wi-fi calling at launch, just like the 9900.  Supposed to be enabled in the 7.1 OS release, which is was rumored to be released this month (November).

  • pagozahd


    • Robert Turner

      yeah but how much more expensive is that ATT plan?

      • That argument never makes sense.  Yes, in the long run (over two years) you save money with T-Mobile…like $200 – $300) but it’s the big expense you have as an initial cost that scares people away.  In this economy, people are looking at what they can pay today…not two years from now, or how much they saved two years from now.  $299 compared to $49 (and a higher monthly rate plan) is not very enticing.  BTW…the $50 rebate is a T-Mobile Visa card that comes about 2 months later. 

  • rickster

    $249? this is so stupid! good thing my contract is up, i’m going to att… and an iphone

    • Anonymous

      Someone hasn’t taken their medication today, I see…

    • Anonymous

      Why not Sprint? Aren’t they cheaper? Just wondering

    • so you want to go into 2012 with a 3g handset?….and have a bill that $30 more per month?….and have overage fees?that pretty stupid.

  • Bklynman

    Well now,I know what phone I will be getting now,but not this one. I won’t be waiting for Jan.either for 
    Nokia window phone since it won’t be the 800. I will be getting the Exhbit.2. 

  • Asder24

    Love the Torch’s design and in general I like BBs hardware and software, but $249 on contract is way too high. For all the discussion about RIM losing in the smartphone race, I’m surprised no one has mentioned price…other than the Curve line BBs are almost always overpriced. And the off-contract price of some of those are too high.

  • Maw12900

    RIM and TMo: *sigh* just *sigh* you guys aren’t even trying anymore, are you?

    • Cashman

      It’s all T-Mobile, RIM doesn’t set the price

  • BigMixxx

    Subsidized at 299?  Man, t mobile…..first the 9900 at 299, then this.  I don’t expect free, 199 is appealing, but 299 when the device is 599.  That’s not a subsidy.  I wonder how much Walmart or Costco is gonna price it at.  

    Jeeze…T mobile, you are really pushing those blackberry faithful completely AWAY from you….

    • Anonymous

      How is $300 off not subsidy??? Every other phone with $300 subsidy is ok? Amaze retail is $569, subsidized is $269, so that is $300 off. Galaxy S 2 is $529 retail and $229 subsidized do again that’s $300 off. Please explain your point. I would agree with you if your complaint was about the crazy retail prices that RIM has.

      • Anonymous

        So true, RIM needs to lower those prices in order to buy these phones since I’m on that value plan paying full price. The hardware nor software justifies the price

      • BigMixxx

        @3560freak 300 dollars is not a proper subsidy for this phone, period.  Especially when the other carrier is literally giving it away for 50 bucks, subsidized.  If your contract has come up, there is nothing stopping you from going to ATT and picking up that very phone, even in different colors, for 50 dollars…subsidized.  as a matter of fact, you have to come up with 300 and some change for a phone that is being sold under subsidy for 50 dollars at another carrier.

        That’s not RIM, that’s ALL t-mobile, pricing themselves out of customers.  The Amaze, I’ll buy that.  Galaxy S 2, worth that (supa hot fire…  hilarious  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BrkmIqUXck

        The 9900, it was overpriced there as well. 

        This 9810, I won’t cop that……the costs, subsidized, are just too damn high…It makes absolutely no sense. 

        I’m just pointing out bad decisions on the part T mobile. 

  • 757ehz

    Anyone know the full retail price?

  • Stevenlaso

    I don’t mean to complain too much but you can get dual core phones with higher rez screens, more ram and more features for considerably cheaper than this. I like Blackberry and his phone actually looks pretty nice but unless you’e a blackberry die hard fan then I can’t see the justification for the price on this. 

  • Guest

    When I called to get the other new BB phone thinking I would put it on my credit line they told me they did away with the credit lines. I was so disappointed. So, I guess I just have to stick with my old BB curve because I can’t bring myself to spend that much at one time on a phone!

    • 1225

      if you buy the phone online or on the web you do have to pay the full price, if you buy at a store then they still do the payments…but the store has the 50 restock fee if you exchange the phone ( NOT if you return the phone)

      • LC

        That’s only on value plans though. Before the value plans were introduced, every post paid customer had that ability to use a credit line.

        • 1225

          so they don’t have it for classic plans or they do? i still have the classic plan, the value plan did not seem too appealing to me…

        • 21stNow

          The Equipment Installment Plan only exists on Value Plans now.  There is no EIP for Classic, Even More, Even More Plus and older plans now.

      • Zifnab2k

        Unfortunately they completely god rid of that. You can’t do payments through the store anymore either. I just went to buy my wife a GS2 and they said we couldn’t do it, that they stopped that in September. We were going to have to pay almost $350 to walk out of T-Mobile with the GS2

        • Annes3angelsa

          Overstock.com, I found the Torch for 149.00 , my daughter has the Galaxy s 2 and she absolutely loves it!!

  • Chris Esparza

    That price is ridiculous! It’s like T-Mobile doesn’t want their customers to buy BlackBerry devices.  I’m a true blue diehard BB fan, but I’m sorry that phone is not worth a two-year contract and $300.

    • Auser72

      Add cost of phone and cost of service over two year. Paying an extra $50-$100 up front, might save you $1200 or more over a 2 year period.

  • 1225


  • Cashman

    Shame on T-Mobile for trying to force people who love RIM to spend an $300 on a phone that at&t has for $50! It’s easy to see that Trash Mobile no longer wants my business and once my contract runs out, I will be jumping ship. This is very disappointing and discouraging because i use to love t-mobile and i’ve had them since the Omnipoint days in1999, but my love for my RIM and my blackberry is greater and I refuse to spend that kind of money on a phone

    • Please stop commenting and telling everyone to leave. There is no reason to respond to everyone complaining. No wonder people tell me they don’t want to comment in these sections anymore.

    • KeNNethX

      I want to hear it.  TMO is really messing up with their pricing.  Period.

    • I just ordered two from Sam’s Club for for $149 each.  My TMO rep (via my job) gave me a $100 credit for my problems, so in the end I got them for $100 each.

  • Damien328

    What’s up with all this $50 mail-in rebate crap?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I have been saying. All of this mail-in-rebate shit has gone WAY over the top with them and it doesn’t make the price one iota more appealing. Sigh…

  • Chatter

    High price but I bet they will discount this for a black friday sale. Hype something like $200 off the price and sell it for $50 – like ATT.

  • fixxmyhead

    they still make these things

  • Kindella2

    This is my problem.  I have been a T-Mobile customer since 2000 when they were Powertel.  I now have a Value?? plan which doesnt give me ANY type of discount. I have to pay a “down payment” on any phone and then the remaining amount goes on the installment plan.  So my benefit comes in on the cost of my plan which is BS, but i signed up for it so thats what i get. 

    I have always thought that people who have been with T-Mobile for some time not to mention 11 years should get a loyalty discount but instead we get treated worse than those who just joined up.

    • Anonymous

      You could probably get changed into one of those classic plans. Do the math tho as the value may be better due to saving more in the long run than in the immediate discount of the phone.

    • Kypr2

      But you got what you signed up for right? A cheaper monthly rate on your plan?

    • The Dude

       Realize the cell phone market today vs. back then. In 2000, cell phones wasn’t something everyone had. I certainly didn’t have one back in 2000. People had extremely basic plans that were pretty high cost and you had nowhere near the amount of minutes available today (I remember my family plan had around… 100 minutes tops? And my father paid a ton for that plan). Cell phone companies make money off of the rate plan, not the phone. The phone is something the company offers to entice people to sign up.

      Today, who doesn’t own a cell phone? The company has an active audience, you and the rest of the United States. Landlines are at a decline, I certainly don’t own one. So now the competition is the service itself, who can give you the best bang for your buck?

      There’s so many cell phones being thrown out every day. I have a couple from back in the day that I just keep around. I also give them out to friends when one of their cell phones goes kaput. That’s where the value plan kicks in for someone like my friend. They don’t need a phone, they just need service.

      It’s a matter of economics. Selling the phone is a financial burden for the cell phone companies. the company has to pay for the product (which in turn they can market to entice people, but that’s a whole different discussion of economics and advertising). If they give away a super expensive phone for free (or a not-so-expensive phone), that’s X amount of months/weeks/days that company has to wait before making a profit. Cell phones companies are not our friends, they’re entities we deal business with. They want our money, we want their cellular services. That’s it.

      Brand loyalty comes at the service they provide. Being nice to you, helping you with issues on your phone/service, etc. I don’t ever go to Old Spice and scream, “I DEMAND FREE DEODORANT! CLASSIC SMELL!” because I’ve used that brand since the day I noticed my pits started to stink. Why is it any different with a cell phone company? Because of the contract? Grab a prepaid if you’re offended by a contract. I signed away when I read the terms of agreement and played the game they laid out in front of me. I get my full discount every 2 years, if I break my phone that’s my dang fault, and I’m going to get my X amount of minutes/texts/web as long as I don’t break my end of the deal (IE: Pay them). My HD7 is still rocking and I’ll upgrade to a different phone about a year from now.

      It sucks there’s no more free phones, I loved those phones too. Things change though, obviously not to your liking, but it changed because of the economics of running a cellular company is different. There’s more to the economics than what I mentioned I’m sure (I don’t any cell phone company, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting on TMO news and instead cruising on my yacht in the bahamas). But just digging a bit deeper, there’s more than meets the eye. (Transformers reference intended).

      • BigMixxx

        I completely agree with you here…HOWEVER. (my mother still has 100 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends and AT&T hates her guts)…

        Mobile phone companies DON’T push minutes anymore; it costs them nothing to give you a device that can serve the purpose of being a phone. :-)  in 2008, while EVERYONE offered unlimited minutes.  No phone carrier is pushing the ‘unlimited minutes’.  DATA, that’s different:  It costs even less for data, when you look at
        the ROI on the investment for the infrastructure.  Data costs are also
        at the discretion of the mobile phone carrier, because it’s an unregulated specturm.  Specifically, T mobile
        has the lowest infrastructure costs out of all of the companies, and
        assuming that’s the cost to maintain and run the network, it costs them
        literally NOTHING to provide data to us consumers.  those with the
        amalgamation of network (Sprint, ATT) have the higher costs for
        infrastructure, and feel the pain of that.

        However, it;s 
        data they are beating us over the brow with that.  Verizon LTE and all
        the lightening bolts, ATT ‘the fastest,etc, etc, etc’, Sprint the ‘now
        network’ all are pushing data to the kilt as that’s is the new oil.  Look at the trend.  ATT would be the trendsetter, verizon would be the leader (Cellular one).  Verizon and Sprint had good run’s at the end of the 90’s where mobile phones were the in-thing.  And with the serious smartphone boom circa 2005-8 (not including windows mobile and and early RIM devices) There was a SERIOUS jump in ATT profits, all due to iPhone and the boom in data.  That’s when the data trend kicked in.

        All in all..it’s not evil, it’s profit driven.  it’s where the profits and coming from vs. what we are lead to believe.  T mobile is on a roll with a couple of good devices…network seems more stable these days, than past…

      • then tell me how does paying so much for a phone help us gain a cheaper monthly rate how does the fact they let go account paying aka paying for the phone little by little iaccount help those who dont make much 

    • TMoMe

      so if you signed up for it why are you complaining? if you had questions why not ask before signing up?
      obviously you wanted a lower bill, they offered a lower option and you accepted it. now you are complaining about it?
      figure out the numbers before you complain. the value plan does save you money. 
      your problem is not the plan its you. if you were so interested in getting a discount, you should have went with the classic plan… and if you have been with the company so long why are you not dealing with the customer loyalty department?

  • Jj7867

    Again TMO, meh….no thanks, I’ve still got my andriod.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Around 362 upfront for this phone .. no thanks .. Insulting

  • Bb does not get it.

    Blackberry just does not get it. I was a loyal bb user for 8 years 5 devices. Now have htc g2. Pricing, product cycle. I wanted this phone 18 months ago. ATT exclusive then and now it can not compete with the other android offerings. I want to go back to a bb but these guys are 150 dollars off the mark with this pricing and what is compelling about this over a galaxy s2 or amaze. Come back to reality bb we have missed you.

  • Damien328

    I never buy phones direct from T-mobile. Just use a third party reseller and you will come out alot cheaper.

    • Terry

      How do you buy from 3rd party and then have tmobile activate? Can you tell me?

  • 1225

    So the at&t model has hardware UMA and Near field tech… so why not buy an at&t bb unlocked and have the best of both worlds?

    • King

      … so you will have 4g

  • ed

    this phone and the price are just garbage.

  • AL

    was told by tmo rep that the phone will come with a special type of sim card that will allow uma and wi-fi calling out of the box.

  • Palus85

    It’s stupid to complain about the pricing of this phone and saying it’s not worth it just because Att has it for only $50 dollars. When you average out everything over 2 total years it’s saving u almost $800 being on tmobile for the same plans. Actually, the plan from Att doesn’t give anything near what Tmobile offers you. For $800 dollars less on Tmobile you get 4G speeds. 3G on Att. You get free mobile hotspot. Att charges you to do that. You also get free wificalling and texting on Tmobile which if you have used it comes in very handy. Tmobile pretty much has no dropped calls, Att does have dropped calls no matter who says they don’t. Tmobile has world class customer service, Att has no class customer service. Other than the Iphone, most of thier other phones are garbage. Pretty much all in all, for $800 dollars less, I’ll take the better deal.

  • Iphone Forever

    This phone, Much like Iphone is obsolete when compared to android High-end phones, yet people will still buy. Not everyone needs a phone that can do everything, like Galaxy SII. Some peopel just want a basic phone with internet and messaging features. The old basic phones are dying out, so these Blackberries, Iphones, and windows phones fill in the gap. Iphone is a great basic phone, as is Blackberry and Windows. If you want to run the best games on a duo core processor and stream it to your 50inch tv..get android, teh rest of us will stick with basic phones.