T-Mobile Compatible HTC Flyer Tablet Now Available From HTC’s Website

T-Mobile’s offered the HTC Flyer to business customers since September 12th but now it appears the 7″ tablet is available through HTC.com with T-Mobile AWS bands for everyone. T-Mobile doesn’t have the HTC Flyer listed anyway on their website and isn’t likely to ever sell it directly. Have no fear as HTC’s website has it for $299 with a new service plan, $454 with a contract extension and $549.99 outright.

If you’ve been waiting, hoping and praying for your opportunity to purchase the HTC Flyer on T-Mobile’s network, well you now have that chance.

HTC via Engadget





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  • They waited too damn long for this. Everyone who even thought about getting a flyer has either bought one outright from best buy or got one of the newer honeycomb tablets. I think it was a waste of time on their part. I’ve been waiting on this particular model to come out for tmo-us since it was announced. It took so long that I went ahead and got it from best buy…

  • Kevin Niven

    Why not buy the Wifi only for 299 and tether your phone for wifi? 

  • Kevin Niven

    Also HTC has been saying for some time now that they will update the flyer to HC. Well its been months and no update!!!