(Updated With New Image) Costco Offering App Promotion With HTC Sensation And Galaxy S II?

Updated: As it turns out, this isn’t much of a promotion at all as the deal is specific to the $150 in apps you receive in the first year.

Are you a T-Mobile customer with a Costco card? Good, listen up as Costco is running a special promotion right now for $69.99 for unlimited data, talk and text. The image itself shows both the HTC Sensation and the Galaxy S II and to the boys at Android Central who received this image…those are the only devices this offer is good for. Of course a new two-year agreement is required to take advantage of this offer but perhaps you’ll save some cash in the long-run.

Any Costco reps out there able to provide a little more info?

Android Central

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  • Guest

    This appears to be the standard $140/month family plan, just advertised on a “per line” breakdown. Nothing to see here…

  • RevenG101

    I work at Costco and this covers all smartphones. It is a promo T-Mobile is actually throwing. They just did a picture of a Sensation for visual aesthetics.

    • Guest

      It’s nothing special though… just the standard rate for the $140/month (for two lines) family plan. It has been broken down into a “per line” structure. This has been how the new brochures have detailed it since they rolled out months ago…

      • TMOTECH

        But how is this a special when they have unlimited TT&D for 49.99 per line? Or did we stop that promo? Am i missing something here? I just went to our website and it says 49.99  per line. Sounds like Costco customers have the privilege of paying 20 more dollars a month.  

        • Anonymous

          The plan you are referring to is a Value Plan, this is the Classic Plan.

        • Duece2020

          The plan that’s 49.99 you don’t get a discount on phones you have to pay full retail price and sign a contract while on the 69.99 plan you can get a discount on phones when u sign a contract

  • Reveng101

    It is their Classic Unlimited Family Plan Plus for 139.98. 139.98 divided by two equal 69.99.

    • As I understand it…the deal is on the phones, not the rate plan.

      • Ash

        But the print says per line per month.

        • Ash

          Why are you using my name? I’m gonna sue like apple!!!

        • Jair

          I guess your not the only Ash around here, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have to get a new plan?

  • SirWilliam

    Or you can be like me and only add 20 bucks to your plan and pay 15 for a new samsung galaxy s 2! if one is a good loyal customer and nice at talking on the phone you can get the same deal!

    • Gabe41521

      You also have to put down $249.99 because the payments equal $300.00 that is what you are allowed to split up! No more, the value plans are for customers getting entry level phones under $300.00

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I was in CostCo tonight. I strolled by the cell phone kiosk that CostCo has near the front of the store by the TVs and computers.

    The kiosk features all the carriers phones and it was sad to see the kiosk “manned” by two 20 year old girls busy gossiping rather than help the three people looking at phones.

    It was also interesting to see T-Mobile’s section with the Samsung Galaxy S II dirty and damaged (it was a dummy phone that looks like a lot of people tried to steal parts to the phone, or tested the display with their keys to see if the dummy display was Gorilla Glass).

    Most of the phones were dummy phones, by the way. Guess they have a lot of problems with customer abuse. Regardless, I don’t think that’s an effective way to sell phones, showing tire kickers a dummy phone. Maybe they pull out a real phone if someone actually looks interested, but to get someone to that point I think you have to show them, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S II’s brilliant screen.

    • Costco

      I work for Costco all you have to do is report the issue to the common. BUT THE CELL PHONE KIOSK IS A INDEPENDENT COMPANY of Costco. They do not hire the ppl that work there nor put out the phones. The manager of the kiosk has to press the issue of getting live phones by increasing sells. However, at my store all of the phones are live. 

      • Nearmsp

        Whether or not Costco owns it, Costco profits from it and if the service is bad will lose customers. It is thus in Costco’s interest to keep a tight leash on a sub-contract they let in to their house. That said, I too did not get much interest from the sales person in the Maple Grove (MN) phone outlet, but the girl was polite but did not much about the phone itself.

        • Costco

          Your wrong, Costco does not profit from the cell phones. The intentions of the kiosk is for covenants for the Costco members. Costco makes majority of there money off of membership sells.

          However, I dont disagree with you about the bad customer service. But if u have a problem with any service just report it to the GM of that store and he/she will tell the manager of the kiosk and the problem will be solved. But like i said before the hiring or firing of the kiosk is not Costco option. Those are subcontractors to Costco not apart of Costco. So its not like a Costco manager can just walk up to the individuals at the kiosk and fire them but they can report them.

        • Ex-KM for WA

          Oh bull honky!! I used to be a kiosk manager for Wireless Advocates aka the kiosk inside of Costco and they make a TON of money off that cell phone kiosk. And Costco managers can absolutely get an employee fired from the kiosk. I was the #1 manager, #1 salesman and on my way to a DM promotion with WA when the GM of my Costco and I had it out and my DM gave me my check the next day. You are completely full of s$%t.


    Wow so if you shop at Costco you pay more for your plan? What a deal! 2 Lines are 49.99 a month per line for unlimited TT&D at t-mobile stores and on the website. So how is this a deal? Please explain. 

    • This is not a value plan so your phones are subsidized. The $49.99 plan doesn’t have sub’d phones.

  • Nearmsp

    I was told the Deal is not applicable for value plans and only valid for new or those who have completed 22 months in the contract.

  • Most of those apps came on my HTC Sensation, despite that I didn’t want them. The $150 “value” is a joke.

  • Tmobile guy

    Every one should educate them selves more on the plans before making stupid nonsense comments


      Yep your right.  I don’t understand the plans very well because being in the engineering department I don’t pay for my phone. I was not aware we had different unlimited post paid plans.