T-Mobile Launches HTC Flyer For Business-2-Business Customers Only

T-Mobile B2B customers looking to score a new tablet now have the opportunity to pick up the HTC Flyer which launched yesterday as a business-2-business exclusive. We’ve had plenty of clues and hints that the Flyer would eventually arrive on the Magenta network since this past February and now its official, at least for business customers. The major exception is of course no indication (as of today at least) that this will be available to anyone other than business customers. The tablet can only be sold by Business Sales employees using a specialized order system.

The Flyer is a great addition to the T-Mobile tablet lineup running at 1.5GHz, HSPA+ 4G speeds, stylus capability and HTC Sense 3.0. The 7″ tablet also has a 5 megapixel camera on the rear and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for video chat. Pricing for business customers will be a two year contract price of $399.99 and one year pricing at $499.99.


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  • Lu

    they need to give us all options for tablets on a 1 year contract, at this point, they get outdated so quickly…same with phones too.

  • Alex wardlaw

    I think its some major BS that its only B2B… what if I wanted one?… 

  • Fred

    ANOTHER poor marketing move. Our B2B clients aren’t even a drop in the bucket.

  • JM

    Overpriced and late.

  • Why would anyone buy a tablet on contract when you can get the wi-fi version  for a similar price and just wirelessly tether it with your HTC Sensation for free?

    • n900mixalot

      You can get an unlocked 3G model for about 550 online that has T-Mobile’s bands.

    • Well for one the htc sensations battery doesn’t last forever plus less data would be used as tethering itself uses more data

  • Anonymous

    So nice of you for Info about T-Mobiles man

  • Anonymous

    Goodluk T-Mobies

  • Anonymous

    I mean, what if I want one? Seriously T-Mo?

    • n900mixalot

      Get at 3G model from Negri Electronics or another retailer. They are unlocked, and they come with a pen. They also support AWS bands.

  • Lame

  • alexander60

    Well my job requires phones but they told us too choose at&t or Verizon because t-mobile has poor reception inside high rise buildings and elevators . And no we will not be using wifi to make calls because wifi is crap and slow. So its either at&t or Verizon for us because there the only ones that get reception all the way to the 70th floor and inside elevators in the Us bank tower and underground parking lots in downtown LA . And also I heard that other businesses don’t choose t-mobile because of the same thing crappy reception inside high rise buildings. So yea … does anyone know if that is true? Because I like some phones t-mobile has. … But they only give us at&t or Verizon because they say there the only one that work were I work.

    • Adriana90

      @alex I think u should go with at&t or Verizon. Period I also work in downtown LA and carried an at&t phone and Verizon phone. They both work about the same reception wise, inside highrise buildings and elevators. Many of my friends on t-mobile hated the atrocious service t-mobile gets inside high rise buildings. But they were cheap azzes and only stood with them because there plans are cheap. The only thing that made them feel better than people on Verizon and at&t was that that they had uma wifi calling. But once reality kicked in and they saw that yea wifi calling might work great in the office were there’s wifi the wifi signal doesn’t reach all the way to the elevator or restroom so they had no service. And everytime were riding elevators they take out there t-mobile phones that say “no service ” and they tell me um can I borrow your at&t Samsung infuse which at least has 2 bars of service inside the elevator to make calls. So yea go figure .. at&t or Verizon are the only way to go for u. I think its funny how at&t gets rated the worse network yet signal inside buildings is much better thann T-Mobile I think cuz of the lower 850 mhz band they use.

      • mirna

        I agree with zerox frank and da gurl above me T-Mobile is not taken seriously for business .. I mean they don’t provided deceny coverage inside high rise buildings and elevators. And yes Adriana I agree while uma wifi calling on t-mobile might work great at the office once u go somewhere else like the elevator ur stuck with no service cuz the wifi signal doesn’t make it all the way over there and t-mobile doesn’t provide decent coverage inside. And The thing with at&t or Verizon is u don’t need uma wifi calling cuz they get good enough service inside them high rise buildings and elevators so no need for wifi there. And yes I mentioned at&t because my friend has att I have Verizon and I have been SURPRISED at how good att works all the way in the 60th floor in an elevator . So yea also good thing I have Verizon or if I had att I would also feel safe. Because imagine u get stuck in an elevator? With t-mobile ur screwed lol. With att and Verizon u can at least make calls and call someone for help!

        • Anonymous

          There is nothing more irritating then being stuck on an elevator with someone jabbering on their phone. 

        • Jackee00

          @rommy don’t hate on them cuz they have att or Verizon and have service unlike u on t-mobile that has no service in that elevator.

        • Anonymous

          Your grasp of the English language leaves something to be desired, and you seem to have entirely missed the point I was making. 

        • Joiseyeric

          Rommy, I think your comments are lost on the majority  of the people who post here…you know that old saying, “opinons are like a–holes, everyone has one”. 

        • XeroX Frank

          lol I hate that too!

          (But when I call comes in, I gotta answer it)

        • Joiseyeric

          It’s really that serious to have coverage in an elevator? For REAL?  I guess some people just don’t have a life.  By the way, every elevator I’ve ever been in has that door which opens to reveal (GASP) a REAL phone which is connected to security – so even if you do get stuck, there’s still a way out…OMG!!

        • Joiseyeric

          It’s really that serious to have coverage in an elevator? For REAL?  I guess some people just don’t have a life.  By the way, every elevator I’ve ever been in has that door which opens to reveal (GASP) a REAL phone which is connected to security – so even if you do get stuck, there’s still a way out…OMG!!

    • XeroX Frank

      Same here. When I signed on with my current job a few years back, all phones issued by the head office were Verizon. Since then they’ve added some AT&T ones too, but for the most part we’re still Verizon due to coverage.
      T-Mobile is not even taken seriously by most businesses. I can probably count on one hand the number of them I’ve dealth with that issue T-mo phones for work purposes, and have a couple fingers left over. Businesses want dependability and coverage, not bargain basement prices. If associates can’t make or receive calls, there’s no point to having phones.



  • Anonymous

    I guess I will have to wait for the review and see how things will turn out I’m patient enough to wait and see woooow that’s incredibly unbelievable I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use http://b21.in/uh

  • M Wright

    I bought one of these two weeks ago on Amazon.com.  It was pricey ($750.00), but it is very useful, and with the T-Mobile Data I’m enjoying great connectivity!  I’m an iPad2 owner, but I wanted something smaller and more rugged to use working in a shipboard environment. It runs the same version of Android as my updated HTC Sensation, but has some extras that I really like.

    So, you don’t need to be a business type; anyone can purchase it!

  • Anonymous

    What the hell B2B only. why does tmobile keep cutting us out of products this is getting sad and stupidly thought out