Samsung Galaxy S II Load Screen Previewed For T-Mobile

While we’re still eagerly waiting some true “in the wild” shots of the T-Mobile branded Galaxy S II being handled we’ve just received a picture of the load screen in our inbox. While we’re pressing our ninjas to help determine what the actual processor is hidden inside the T-Mobile version, we did manage to get our hands on the single image you see above. We’re told that the units floating around T-Mobile are still pre-production and that a launch timeframe is still expected sometime in October. It’s because the units are still pre-production that they weren’t shown off at Samsung’s press event last week and is the continued reason for secrecy regarding the T-Mobile version internals.

So if single screen shots hold you over for a little while then we’re happy to oblige with this one image. Rest assured we’re furiously working to get our hands on some more Mr. Blurrycam images showing the phone off in all it’s HSPA+ 42Mbps glory.

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  • Bill Batta


  • Anonymous

    That “Android 4G” looks cheesy.

    And that’s a load of crap about why it was locked up in a box.  They at least could have had one to hold.  It works and they just didn’t want anybody moseying around in the phone and coming across “Qualcomm APQ8060” anywhere.

    Damage control.

    • Oreo

      I do wonder are you still going to purchase this phone? Ha ha. Me on the other feel more like buying the GPrime.

      • Anonymous

        LOL naw if there is a TMO Nexus then I will be buying it almost no matter what.  If there is no TMO Nexus then I almost have no other choice unless I catch wind of QTR 1 phones or an ICS update to our GSII.

  • Lu

    it’s a beast of a phone but fact is, most people are waiting on the iPhone 5 and no matter how many great Droid phones TMo will come out with in Oct, they’ll probably lose more customers no matter how much promotion, plan changes, etc there are…Sprint has come out with great Android phones but nothing to make customers go to them really…but now that people hear they will have unlimited data on an iPhone, a lot of people will end up jumping to them.

    • Anonymous

      So there’s just an overwhelming amount of TMO customers that have been waiting for an unlimited Sprint iPhone for years huh?

      Safe bet that most people will stay and enjoy a TMO iPhone with “unlimited” data.

      • alank009

        I would love to enjoy a TMO Iphone, but there has been nothing so far to indicate Tmobile is getting ready for it, there has been sprint rumors allover the place.

    • alank009

      I agree with you the Iphone 5 looks to be the hot phone this fall. I have been with tmobile since they where voicestream, but if they don’t sell the iphone this time I believe I will leave for another carrier.

    •  Lu you make a very valid point, As much as I love Android there’s no denying the iPhone 5 will be the phone of choice this fall, not just Tmo but VZW and AT&T customers who already have iPhones will flock to Sprint if they offer the iPhone 5 with unlimited data. Unlimited Data will really be the selling force there.. the iPhone 5 just puts the cherry on top for them

    • tbyrne

      Fact is, the Samsung Galaxy SII will undoubtably sell like wildfire when it debuts. Android has and will continue to gain momentum for those who love to have more control over their devices. It is a beast of a phone. Why does apple have to cry and go to the courts over Samsungs success? If the iPhone is the greatest thing since sliced bread, why the hissy fits? Seems to me the fanboys mimic their leader. Such a shame!

  • Androidlover

    Iphones are over rated the name is just hyped up for no reason. Just my opinion.

    • Gilla87

      I’m using an iPhone in the mean time as my hd2 had just gone to phone heaven after 18 months of loyal servitude :/ although this iPhone is kind of cool there is just more I can with android and will NOT be getting an iPhone 5.. Only thing this phone does better than my previous phones is record good audio on videos that I take at indoor music shows.. Anyone know if the original galaxy s recorded good audio in such a setting? I really want to own this Hercules beast! o_0

  • Lazera Thompson

    the only thing keeping me away is the lack of exynos 

    i will stick with my sensation for now 

    • Getmore Life

      I think the reason for no exynos is because that chipset does not support HSPA+ at 42 mbps.  The Qualcom chip does so it is the superior chipset in my opinion.  

  • Anonymous

    B.S the reason they were kept from viewing at the release is because the processor is inferior to the others. T-Mobile Galaxy S 2, much like T-Mobile = fail  BIG TIME

  • Anonymous

    They should have went with “Android 4G weaksauce CPU”

  • Cameron W3st

    Yep…another wasted opportunity.  I have been an android follower since the beginning.  I had a G1 the day it launched…but the ONE THING the iphone has over android is this: ONE new iPhone comes out per year.  People KNOW that when they buy the new iPhone…it will not be outdated until the following year…and then the new model will launch, like clockwork…

    Android, on the other hand, has so man god damn manufacturers making phones and using their product that people are starting to get pissed off…you buy one phone today…2 months later something just a little better comes out…and then 2 months after that…something just a LITTLE better comes out again…its ridiculous. ANDROID should have chosen ONE company to make their product (HTC) and stuck with them the whole way…this would have meant no hard feelings with customers AND TIMELY updates to ALL phones…

    if the iPhone does indeed come to Tmo I will stay…otherwise…I’m gone…I can’t deal with how inconsistant the android platform has become already.

    • MrMr

      There is so much technology that is like this. Android phones aren’t unique in this way. It seems to be a weird complaint. I’m not saying I don’t get a little envious when updates are released incrementally that make my phone look a little outdated.. but that’s been the case with any piece of technology I’ve owned since forever. 

    • Rob Reder

      That’s exactly what’s wrong with the iPhone. There’s absolutely no choice beyond “old and outdated or new.” Pick the phone that has everything that you want and be happy with it, or buy off contract and sell your old one. 

      • Cameron W3st

        I wouldn’t consider this a “negative”. Having ONE phone streamlines everything…it means that your friend who has Verizon, your other friend who has AT&T and eventually your other friend who has Sprint will all be holding the same phone…no envy there, no surprises…when you go for the iPhone you know EXACTLY what you’re getting…and don’t call me a fan boy or troll because I’ve been with Tmobile since 2004 and havent jumped at the iPhone yet. 

        I’m just starting to get really pissed with companies saying “buy this! we PROMISE a speedy update to android 2.3″…meanwhile my G2X still currently sits with 2.2…which means, it doesn’t work…still shutting off, still randomly restarting…if Android was only on ONE phone…these problems wouldn’t happen because companies wouldn’t be racing each other to one up…and in so doing, putting out phones that are NOT ready to be put out…

        • tbyrne

          What are you talking about? The G2X 2.3 update already came out! I can’t believe how many apple fanboys come out of the wood work when better performing Android phones emerge. Just go and get an iPhone already!

        • Guest

          Babygirl, it is out but not pushed yet to everyone.

        • Parapappam

          if one really wants to get the 2.3 on the G2x it can be easily updated with LG’s update software

        • Cameron W3st

          Not true…1) I have a Mac 2) even on my roommates brand new windows computer the updater says my phone is already up to date with the current version, which it clearly is not. Get your facts straight. k? thanks

        • Chrisangel13

          first of all, if you want to update your Android phone but the carrier or manufacturer haven’t released an update for it yet, oftentimes you can root it and install it yourself. secondly, because Apple releases only one new phone a year, it means you better be happy with it, down to the very last spec because you know you won’t see anything better from them until the next year, which sucks if the update is only minor like the 3GS and now the rumored 4S. i like Android because it gives me the freedom of having more choices so if a phone doesn’t fit my needs i know it won’t be long before one comes out that does. thirdly, you can ask anyone on Verizon and they’ll tell you iPhone updates are not streamlined, AT&T gets theirs first. and even if there were a “universal” iPhone which was identical for all the carriers, the carriers would still have the last say in how the phone can be used, for example, AT&T saying video chat is only on Wifi, AT&T saying no unlimited data, AT&T saying tethering your own capped data you already payed for will cost you extra. finally, you get a phone for what it is NOW, not for how advanced it’ll be 2 years from now. if a phone has all the specs you need and an OS that works for you, why even care about how compatible it’ll be for future updates? think about it, you don’t by a television for it’s future updates do you? or a car, fridge, or dvd player? in fact it’s in a manufacturers best interest to not give free updates and force you to upgrade to a new device. which is precisely what Apple is already doing anyway. They release software updates but devices they deem “too old” do not receive the full update and other devices are completely left out.

      • tbyrne

        I concur! I might be tempted to get the iPhone if it ever came out on T-Mobile’s network but then I remember why I love Android. I can do things with Android that I would never be allowed to do with the iPhone. It’s purely semantics. If some people want the iPhone then get it and leave those of us who appreciate what Android can do alone!

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyway to retrieve processor info from a stock android phone? I wasn’t aware of a way. Tmo was probably more concerned with the fact that the phone wasn’t ready for primetime yet as opposed to trying to hide the processor……it amazes me that carriers have this much control over how a device is configured. We’ve seen custom uis but never a completely different processor than what the phone was originally intended for. It also surprises me that samsung doesn’t have a processor that supports 42mbps hspa+….they pioneered the 21mbps advancement with the tmo gs4g…..we also know that samsung isn’t releasing the gs2 on verizon. Prob bc the exynos can’t support lte yet….someone correct me itf I’m wrong here……the droid prime however will use a completely different chip than the gs2

  • Hugh Anderson

    That would be the easiest shot to fake, ever.

    • I can assure you it isn’t fake. I don’t post stuff if I think its fake.

      • well how o u know it isnt fake 

        • Because I know where I got it from…I know it isn’t fake.

        • then where did you get it at

        • Chrisangel13

          right, david is going to rat out his sources just for you, and risk never getting intel from them again? you must think you’re special or something..

        • What you said…I’ll never tell you where I got it and you should know better than to ask!

        • Anonymous

          dude, this could be fake …unprofessional boot screen 

        • It isn’t fake, I don’t know why people think it’s fake. I’ve already proven I know individuals with the handset floating around. It isn’t fake, I assure you.

        • Sswicho

          Please don’t take this as disrespectful, but can any of those sources confirm the processor if in fact it is the 1.5 qualcom? Or are they not releasing that info just yet?

      • Hugh Anderson

        Sorry dude I wasn’t trying to say u posted a fake.  Just sayin that it would be real easy to fake that shot.  U can’t even see the edges.

  • tired of the rude tmo agents and bad customer service, i am moving to SPRINT and get the GALAXY S2 for $80 free shipped

    • Cubedguru

      I would advise against it. My co-worker got the Photon crapaphone and I had my sensation. I live and work in a very basic 3G area with max at 1.7mbps up and down. Here is a comparison: She was downloading the new Google Maps Update this week and so was I at the same time. Difference, I was at 65%, she was at 5%. I was done, installed and scanned with Lookout, and hers was at 20%.

      Sucks tmobile service is going bad. 100% behind you on that. I guess its the pre-att becoming ceremony….lol.

    • Anonymous

      I just had another very positive TMO CS experience. I’ve been with them 7 years now, and they aren’t perfect, but always seem to make things right. Otherwise I’d moved.

    • guest

      Good luck with Sprint. There robot-like customer service agents and managers are the worst. They are not able/allowed to act or think out of the box. I will NEVER use Sprint again.

    • guest

      Good luck with Sprint. There robot-like customer service agents and managers are the worst. They are not able/allowed to act or think out of the box. I will NEVER use Sprint again.

    • Tbyrne

      One less whiner to worry about! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    the “TmoNews” logo at the bottom make it look so silly and fake otherwise could be the official boot.

    • Chrisangel13

      can’t tell if troll or just stupid…

    • Go to and type in watermark. Find out why they are used. Have you never visited this blog before?! Seriously…I’m amazed at this comment.

  • E3Jeremey

    Migh want to update the post, Samsung has confirmed the processor, its a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm APQ8060 processor.

    • Might want to see the next post on the site. I think that’s good enough.

  • Vonpesto


  • Fray Contreras

    Go ahead and get excited.

  • johnwall

    im just wondering if tmobile would be getting the nexus prime haha. if they do will it have the same spec as the galaxy s2? ha

  • Anonymous

    Keeping specifics secret about this phone for this long is a mistake. Many people are looking to get the sgs2, and now that they know that this version doesn’t have the same chips that the original beast has, shows that it might not perform as well. with sprint launching theirs this week, many people will flock over there. I for one don’t feel comfortable knowing a qualcomm chip might be powering this phone. they need to build hype for this phone, tell the public what is powering this device, give us some benchmark scores, to let us know out can keep up with the other versions. just cause we hears it will be 1.5ghz dual core doesn’t mean it’ll be better.

  • PhilB33


  • Jimpoop

    september 30 release date

  • Ilyas_k15

    I really hope it’s a fast-boot device

  • Anonymous

    This is a paragraph not a boot screen.(32 character + 1 logo)

  • Anonymous

    This is a paragraph not a boot screen.(32 character + 1 logo)