Samsung Galaxy S II Load Screen Previewed For T-Mobile

While we’re still eagerly waiting some true “in the wild” shots of the T-Mobile branded Galaxy S II being handled we’ve just received a picture of the load screen in our inbox. While we’re pressing our ninjas to help determine what the actual processor is hidden inside the T-Mobile version, we did manage to get our hands on the single image you see above. We’re told that the units floating around T-Mobile are still pre-production and that a launch timeframe is still expected sometime in October. It’s because the units are still pre-production that they weren’t shown off at Samsung’s press event last week and is the continued reason for secrecy regarding the T-Mobile version internals.

So if single screen shots hold you over for a little while then we’re happy to oblige with this one image. Rest assured we’re furiously working to get our hands on some more Mr. Blurrycam images showing the phone off in all it’s HSPA+ 42Mbps glory.

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