LG Confirms That Optimus 2X Will Receive Ice Cream Sandwich Update Restoring Hope For G2x Update

Oh this LG Ice Cream Sandwich story just keeps getting better and better and this time, we really do mean the story is getting better. As of early this morning LG Mobile has taken to their official Facebook page and attempted to end the Ice Cream Sandwich update rumors for the Optimus 2X.

“LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update for the LG Optimus 2X as well as other LG high-end smartphones. Detailed information on the ICS OS update schedule for specific models will be announced, once the ICS OS is publicly released by Google.”

There you have it, not only will the Optimus 2X receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update, so will “other LG high-end smartphones.” Given the close relationship between the Optimus 2X and it’s Americanized counterpart, the G2x, we continue to hope that LG will provide T-Mobile users with the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Considering only two weeks has passed since the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, and adding in the notion that the code itself has yet to be made available (publicly that is) it’s a little premature to start blaming the manufacturers for not promising to update your smartphone. We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.


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  • Somewhere

    Lol, guys i will not PUT any hope on this release. Even if they release this i am betting it will be sometime in JUNE/JULY of 2012. Also when it is released if any, it will be a half ass job. Sorry LG you really screwed up and you will pay for it in 2012.

    PS: another pissed off customer…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LG makes some decent products (LG Optimus series; Revolution, Esteem; Rumor Touch – feature phone). Where they mess up, IMO, is failing to support the products it sells, whether it is due to manufacturing issues or providing updates.

      Reuters said a few months back (July) and LG agreed, LG is having problems breaking into and keep a strong foothold in the highly competitive handset industry.

      If the Company’s current circumstance is due in part to LG not being able to invest the money required to support its products and providing good customer service, I can see things only getting worse for it (to where the big carriers may not place large orders for handsets).

      If LG wants to be a handset supplier to the majors it better shape up its act and not anger carriers with lack of support (as what happened with the G2X).

      • LG makes crap – whether it’s a refrigerator, microwave oven, or cell phone. The company used to be known as Goldstar. Goldstar made some of the crappiest, cheapest junk imaginable.

        With the 2GX, LG never responded to users’ complaints and took three months to slop out the Gingerbread update. They put out a phone with an OS that wasn’t designed for multiple core processors and ignored the complaints of people who paid big bucks for it.

        I was reluctant to buy something made by LG, but my phone was dying, and I wanted a dual core phone. The G2X was the only one available at the time.

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I’m glad it’s coming knock on wood.my g2x is coming today so here’s to it coming out

  • Anonymous

    This means we will never get the update since to LG “soon” means at least 6 months. If we are lucky and we do get the update it will be long after the jelly bean update.

  • Ryan Rapp

    Now I want to know about the G-Slate… I love Honeycomb, but it definitely has its bugs, and I’d appreciate an ICS update for it.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to post that the G-Slate has been totally swept under the carpet, this was the flagship tablet and probably still is, it received very positive reviews from the Gadget sites, and yet it seems to have been end of life’d at an amazingly fast rate.
      I bought the G-Slate for my wife, and like it’s size and quality, yet LG seem hell bent on ruining this device, locked bootloader in an upgrade, etc 
      I probably won’t ever consider another LG product after their shambolic treatment of customers. I said the same thing about HTC years ago when the POS XDA Exec would crap it’s USB port out the side every month, and have stuck by that.
      Good luck LG, you’re going to need a LOT of help continuing in the tablet/phone market, if you keep treating your customers like you do. 
      We have a habit of NEVER coming back to you!

  • Khamikaze

    ?LG Mobile / LG USA Mobile,

    Please explicitly expand your comments to T-Mobile G2x regarding the ICS update. Nobody can not assume anything.


    twitter. com /#!/search/realtime/OccupyLg

  • LoL, I can’t say that I am as upset as @283986234e3bc746acb04763ba422414:disqus but I too am less than impressed with LG after my G2x experience.

  • Anonymous

    These manufacturers are really feeling the heat already with this update and that’s a good thing for us!

  • Damiza88

    Hell yes

  • Custom roms are making my G2x a dream, No UI sitting on top of Android slowing it down. Vanilla is the yummy way to go. I have faith in the Android community to get this port running. But even if they don’t I’ll wait for my Jelly beans

    • Nate

      You DO know that you didn’t have a UI sitting on top of android PRIOR to your rome, right?

  • Anonymous

    LG also has announced Monday that the 2X and 3D would finally begin receiving the 11 month old Gingerbread update.

    Moral of the story is unless you want the G2x to be riddled with problems from the ICS update, you better be patient.  Like 6-8 months patient.

    You gotta wonder who these companies have working in their software department.  I’m happy to know that Samsung has Cyanogen working in theirs lol.

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile doesn’t move phones like the other carriers and updates cost money.

      • Anonymous

        The T-Mobile G2x got Gingerbread back in July.

  • Anonymous

    and the pessimistics begin in 3…..2…….1

    • The G2X is a piece of crap that LG and TMO just slopped out to market. It’s pretty sad when you have to root a phone and put somebody else’s firmware on it just to make it work as advertised.

  • James

    It would be nice if they gave us an update about their flagship tablet, the G-Slate. We’ve been left in the dark as to whether it will be supported and updated to ICS.

  • Bklynman

    Let me understand this,most new phone’s out now don’t have ics as thier os as of yet?
    But google is bringing out anew already called Jellybean? What kind of in-saneness is this? 

    • ICS hasn’t even been released yet for one.. and Jellybean hasn’t even be officially announced or really spread in mass rumor, we only have the idea that the next naming would be Jellybean.

  • Kha

    That’s great news. Now my question is. How long will we have to wait ?

  • Anonymous

    dont forget the gslate!! LG bleecccch

    • The G-slate had so much potential, LG messed it up :

  • Will

    Wow. This doesn’t sound at all like LG. From what i can guess, the release is going to be buggy and just sort of “Good enough”

  • Havoktek

    We’ll see….”grins as I move on to another bucket of Halloween candy..”

  • Anonymous

    thank god! well actually i have been eyeing that new galaxy note so idc! xD

  • Dudeman1964

    I want back the camera app that originally came with my G2x when it had Froyo.
    That particular Camera App is the reason I purchased the phone, and now T-Mobile has taken it away from me.
    I want that EXACT Camera App. If it isn’t there, I’m done with LG, AND T-Mobile can kiss my business goodbye. I don’t care about contract. THEY have broken the contract..