T-Mobile’s Newest Commercial Premieres: “It’s a 4G Wonderland”

T-Mobile just premiered their first Carly holiday commercial with Carly, 4G, little elves, 4G, more 4G and the dress chosen by T-Mobile’s official Facebook page fans. It’s a 4G wonderland, with smartphones, 4G speeds, elves and Carly as the Magenta Santa?

Ok, I admit feeling a little festive after watching.


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  • Anonymous

    The facebook fans have picked well….

    All I want for Christmas is a date with Carly…  Do you think Santa will deliver?

    • Andrew Melcher

      Carly sold her soul to satan..T Mobile is pathetic. T Mobile is trying so hard to be the iconic symbol of American Culture, and they push these ideologies on you to buy there product. They should invest that money into better coverage, like Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless sells you on their solid good network. No cell phone company compares…
      go down to Beveryly Hills or Santa Monica on a weekday afternoon, you will find a lot better than Carly.

      • Anonymous

        what type of ideologies?

      • Giraffe

        Pretty certain their coverage expansion is still going on… Trollface former T-Mobile customer is legitimizing his purchse.  Grats dude.

        • Mbolden26

          U rite giraffe they still adding all this new technology on top of old G.S.M. technology thats why they have network blackout data, NEW AND OLD PARTS DOES NOT WORK NOR PATCH WORK…………SPRINT sold t-mobile the gsm network in 1999 in omnipoint/voiceStream days………tmobile just updated thier 3g network to 90% of thier people two years ago….SLOOOOOOWW

        • Respawn

          Dude. Seriously. Learn to spell. Go away.

        • When in reality, T-Mobile like Verizon and AT&T bought a bunch of smaller regional players in areas VoiceStream/Omnipoint didnt have coverage, and leveraged that to continue to build out. T-Mobile ALSO has a very high amount of 3G spectrum that could be used to build out 3G/4G ONLY areas but they chose not to. So pipe down there.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, get a life, it’s just a phone service company.  Your life must seriously suck to get this worked up over a cell phone company

      • Verizon? Verizon may have the best coverage, but you don’t get UNLIMITED data with them anymore. HAH! What good is a network when it is limited? THINK! Also not to mention they offer limited service for EXPENSIVE rates. Have fun with Verizon raping your bank account :).

      • Anonymous

        I live in beverly hills and I do go to Santa Monica a lot. Carly is bomb

  • josue cifuentes

    the hell with the phones i want carly lol

    • Dude, unless you like super skinny girls with big heads….I’d rethink that…David can attest…she is like 7 inches wide at the waist…I met her IRL at CES very disturbing my forearm is longer than she is wide…

      • Anonymous

        Naaa I still want her

  • Tas6363

    I totally heard the wrong word when I saw this commercial for the 1st time! Replace “4G” with “Orgy” and u’ll be as shocked as I was! LOL!

  • zazou1

    Did they say 4g wonderland, or orgy wonderland? 

  • Gerald

    i wanna puke

  • stumped

    The last actor who says “like the new Samsung Galaxy S2” – WHAT ELSE WAS HE IN?  IT IS KILLING ME!

    • Daniel Albrecht

      I am almost 90% sure he’s from some Disney Channel TV show. He played a bratty little kid. I can’t remember what show though.

    • Ladybug

      He was on Even Stevens

      • stumped

        That’s it!  He was also in Kicking and Screaming with Will Ferrell

      • Yeah, he played Beans!! 

  • Kourage2

    That was the wackiest commercial I ever seen. I hope they don’t release this cause their competitors will crush them.

  • Andrew Melcher

    Completely just ruined the feel of Christmas. And it’s only November 1st.
    And wait, the bosses of T Mobile USA, the people who give orders to T MObile USA, aren’t even American. No wonder TMobileUSA commercials go out of the way to make you feel lke T Mobile is the symbolism of the American Culture. If you have T Mobile (besides having horrible cell phone coverage) You are either
    a sucker

    • Anonymous

      You are a moron.  All the national cell phone providers are about the same with coverage.  They ALL have certain areas where they are stronger than everyone else and they ALL have areas where they are weaker than everyone else.  At&t said themselves their OWN smartphone customer base is hooked onto wifi 90% when they are at home or at work.  That’s why T-Mobile comes out the best because they are the only company where you get reception for voice and text through any wifi connection on the frickin planet!  That’s amazing.

      • Scarfacemario

        UMA_FAN well said! And its true here in my area T-mobile is the best

        • Santa

          obviously FormerTmo has something against Germany… maybe you don’t realize Germany celebrates Christmas too hahaha

      • Exactly, and also T-Mobile was the only carrier bold enough to use UMA. Just like the DOJ has said, T-Mobile is a maverick in this industry and is more open with its network. Unlike Verizon and AT&T who their main goal is to make $$$ and don’t care about the consumer in the least bit possible, and the more important thing, they AREN’T innovators like T-Mobile is!

        • LOL @ Maverick….really? (pulls off Fabio’s ! mask to reveal dog gone Sarah Palin) Gotcha!

        • Oh and Yes UMA is the best feature T-mobile offers over any carrier for waaaaaaaaaay less $$ than any of the other 3 Majors…Take that Roaming charges!

    • JTNC

      I get great service and have never had any issues with customer service.  usually answer on the first ring.  Hardly ever have any dropped calls and usually always have service and if I don’t I have voice mail.  I don’t need to be tied down to my phone for every minute of the day and the best thing of all is I don’t have to pay the same ridiculous prices as Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. so it seems that I’m not the stupid one!!!! 

    • Broke? How about smart? Why would anyone give away their money to other carriers who offer LIMITED services for expensive rates, such as Verizon and AT&T? T-Mobile offers UNLIMITED, talk, text and web for $49.99. Check to see if any of the other big carriers have such bargain.

      • Mopar6464

        But it’s worthless UNLIMITED data after the 2GB .
        It’s so slow on edge you can go eat a cheeseburger before you can load a Yahoo homepage on your new shinny smartphone.

        • You’re exaggerating! I don’t know where you live, but it depends on where you are. Here in NYC T-Mobile edge speeds are fine, not as slow as you claim! And also have you ever heard of wifi? Still T-Mobile beats AT&T and Verizon on rate plans anytime, anywhere!

  • former T Mobile customer

    T Mobile is selfish, So glad I am no longer a customer.
    Just a hint* if you want to get out of your contract with T Mobile, when and if the At & t merger happens, get out..No ETF!
    Verizon is the best, but if you can’t afford em
    Sprint is so much better than T Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile has the fastest internet speeds in more places than any other company.  Plus Wifi Calling, which is only offered by T-Mobile, gives you the reliability of a landline phone.  Any wifi connection in the world is your personal T-Mobile tower for calls and texts.  Oh yeah, and they’re cheaper.  Have fun getting ripped off by Verizon and Sprint :)

      • Mhholw


        • Anonymous

          And in response to your first idiotic comment that they are selfish, I hope you realize that they are the only company in the US that give you the choice to subsidize your plan INSTEAD of your phone (value plans).  With Sprint and any other carrier they charge you a monthly rate that accounts for a discount on a phone that they give you initially and they will keep charging you that monthly rate long after they make the money back on the phone they discounted for you and long after your contract is over and you go month to month.  So if you pay full price on a phone with Sprint, they don’t cut you a break on your monthly rate.  T-Mobile, on the other hand, does.  T-Mobile is the ONLY company that does give you a cheaper rate if you chose not to receive a discounted handset.  It’s such a shame you are too stupid to realize it.

        • American consumers are blinded by the BIG bad wolves, AT&T and Verizon, who are sucking every last penny of American consumers. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, look at the wireless industry in Europe! Consumers are treated WAAAY better over there.

        • Ash

          Yet we get people defending these carriers…
          Buy phone at full price have cheaper plans? only T-mo have this.

        • CALM down

          WHY ARE YOU TYPING IN ALL caps? haha

        • Sprint is somewhat of a rippoff… Their Unlimited Talk is Mobile to Mobile…not Land Line inclusive like Tmo!

      • Exactly UMA_Fan.  We are the only people with MBA’s on this post.  These others are in Grade School… Educate them my friend!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure eft applies because it applied when Helio merged with Virgin/Sprint. I had to deal with that years ago.

    • Gerald

      Verizon is rapping your behind right now

      • Ash

        Don’t worry, he likes it, it’s the best.

    • Ash

      “T Mobile is selfish, So glad I am no longer a customer.”

      And Verzion is not? If you are no longer customer of T-mo, quite coming in and bitching.

      Yeah Verzion is the best, best at BFing you the customer along with ATT.

  • Oleg Ostrovskiy

    Sounds like “walking in an orgy wonderland”

  • Deff

    Ew. You better believe you’ll be hearing this every ten seconds too. It’s not the amount of times they play the commercials T-mobile….it’s the content of the commercial that’s gonna hook a customer. Verizon commercials are action-like, with dark settings and bright lightning that makes you feel like your phone will be lightning fast.. all this commercial shows is a lack of funds to make an actual advertisement with a point… I swear these corny commercials are beginning to get worse than those Geico ones. Seriously though, they wonder why they aren’t getting any business? Look above lmfao..

  • Lee

    T-Mobile is becoming the laughingstock of the wireless industry. Not only is the coverage starting to degrade, but also its once excellent customer service. Those commandants in the Fatherland must think that we Yanks must be pigs. Send in Carly, con the consumer with subpar service, pathetic phones, crappy coverage at welfare prices. You get what you pay for.

    • Oh… I can Wifi-tether without the extra charge too… And, still make a phone call at the same time.  Educate yourselves people please!!!

  • Steve Lauterbach

    It’s time that T-Mobile stops the lying about it having the Largest or Fastest or anything 4G network!  They don’t have a 4G net work and it’s nothing compared to AT&T or Verizon’s 4G LTE network!

    • Anonymous

      You are not the person who decides what 4G is.  On an HSPA+42 device you get an equivalent if not BETTER experience than one would on LTE.  First of all, battery life is insanely better on hspa+ than lte.  Second, I average between 8mbps-15mbps CONSISTENTLY on my hspa+42mbps capable HTC Amaze.  Things load instantly, Video chats run smooth.  How is T-Mobile ripping anyone off here?  THEY CHARGE INSANE AMOUNTS LESS THAN VERIZON & AT&T.  Your post is an example of thick headedness. Consumers get the same experience with evolved HSPA+ as they do on LTE.  T-Mobile has a roadmap path to evolve HSPA+ all the way to 672mbps, with that you would get an experience BETTER than LTE.

      • Nicolehenderson26

        Good for u 8-15 is still soo yesterday! I’m getting 16-30 mbps on my bionic on verizon.. so what if t-mobile gets there network to 672mbps?. Have u heard of LTE advanced? Its still gonna much faster than your 672 mbps on t-mobile. LTE advanced is capable of 1gigabit per second which is much faster than your 672 mbps. Also one thing I love about verizon is that thy use the 700mhz band for LTE which provides much better indoor reception inside buildings than t-mobiles 1700 band heck even at&t works better since it uses the 850 mhz band. I know cuz I seen it with both my friends one has the s2 on att the other the s2 on t-mobile the one on at&t ALWAYS has better reception inside elevators, underground parking lots higjrise buildings than the one on t-mobile over here in downtown los angeles. If.I had to choose between att and t-mobile I would deffinetly choose att any day over trashmobile. But that’s not gonna happen cuz I’m happy on verizon.

        • Mbolden26

          Yep sprint also said they are moving to lte advanced to…….even regional c-spire….aka cell south is goin lte….wow t-mobile

        • Yeah… but You Can’t Talk and Surf at the Same Time! Plus, my TMO Pockets are a little fatter than your Verizon Pockets

        • Mbolden26

          Derrick you gotta have great svc to go along with that talk and surf……lol

        • You can enjoy paying expensive rates for limited service (NO UNLIMITED 4G LTE) with Verizon, all you want, everyone is entitled to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm others, but you can leave T-Mobile consumers alone. T-Mobile is affordable, doesn’t offer limited services or overcharge you outrages fees. They may not have the best network but they offer consumer confidence financially wise. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about overage fees as much as Verizon and AT&T consumers do.

        • Lupon

          IDK if it’s just me, but to me higher speeds == faster overages. Isn’t anything over 10mbps on a phone overkill anyways?

        • Anonymous

          higher speeds= more data use= faster overages unless we go unlimited.

        • TMD Photo

          Then what the hell are you doing here, on a site dedicated to T-Mobile news, except to troll and argue?

    • Guest

      AT&T LTE network is a joke. As for Verizon, it’s good. However, the other day I witness two coworkers running Speedtest.net app in San Diego. One on the HTC Amaze on TMO, the other on the Droid Charge on Verizon LTE. The Amaze on TMO hit 12 Mbps consistently while the Charge on Verizon LTE could only hit 5 Mbps. I was shocked. I just assumed anything on Verizon LTE would smoke anything else. When they switched to another server to run the test the Charge was able to go as high as 10 Mbps, while the other still hit 12Mbps.

    • There’s 4G where I stay at and it’s quite fast. Just to throw that at you bud.

    • JustSaying

      T-Mobile doesn’t claim to have the fastest network at all, they are fine where I live so they’re fine with me! :)

    • SO what? AT&T and Verizon don’t offer UNLIMITED LTE 4G. What good is 4G LTE when it isn’t unlimited? Be a smart consumer, AT&T and Verizon want to trick us by saying they have the best network, while that might be true, their network is VERY VERY limited and expensive. So, think, what’s better? Unlimited service, and friendlier rates (T-Mobile) or limited service and expensive rates (AT&T and Verizon). Anyone else with me here?

      • Mopar6464

        What good is unlimited on T-Mobile if it’s slowed down so slow after the 2Gb it’s useless.

        • Mines slow down after 5 gigs but I don’t try to hit that cap anymore.

        • The good is, that you don’t receive a surprise EXPENSIVE bill in your mailbox! Hence more freedom and stress free, no need to be worrying about going over a limit, because there is NO limit on T-Mobile! So sorry! No matter what you say, you know that T-Mobile beats AT&T and Verizon in customer satisfaction, anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

        • Mopar6464

          Yea no need to worry about going over , that’s because the throttled edge data speeds are so slow you could care less to use the service in the first place.
          What you fail to realize is when T-Mobile throttles you after you reach your limit , the Edge speed is not as fast as the normal Edge data they offer before you get throttled.
          T-Mobile may say it’s Edge speeds but it’s slower, they regulate the speed.

  • Dfd

    You guys are idiots. If the service sucks for you, then move on. Where I live, T-mobile has the best coverage versus att/verizon/sprint lol. But i’m sure there is other areas that are vice versa, clearly with these people saying tmobile sucks  blah blah blah.

    • Mbolden26

      Of course u got good sve they probualy ask u can they put a tower on top of ur house…….ishhhhhh-in me

      • Confused

        I have no idea what you just said.. seriously..

        • Respawn

          Mbolden26 is just a troll. Look at all his or her posts. Someone needs a hug or a great big kiss from Carly.

          Wait. I’ll take that kiss from Carly.

        • Anonymous

          maybe if you look the other way she’ll disappear

  • Mbolden26

    Ok TRASH-mobile

    • Scarfacemario

      troll !

    • Respawn

      Lol, wow, you must have some personal vendetta against T-Mobile. That is the third unintelligent “addition” to the conversation I’ve seen from you so far. A small spurt of nothingness. Well done.

      • Scarfacemario

        M bolden 26 you are very disrespectful and you should seriously stop with your negative comments your showing your level of unintelligent theres no reason for you to be in this community this website is to keep tmobile customers informed your just trolling with negativity

  • Dpro

    Wow, and like others have said, it does indeed sound like they are saying Orgy Wonderland. LOL

    Besides that, this is right up there with those horrible cheesy Old Navy Ads, errr wait on second thought its worse.
    Seriously who are they trying to attract for customers? This has to be the worst T Mobile ad to date.

    Its so sad to see this,its really pathetic. I mean as a consumer it does not entice me to buy from T Mobile. If Anything it makes me want to run the other way. I am sure if they were not paying Carly a hefty sum she would be like forget this.

    T Mobile you have sunk to new lows.

  • Mbolden26

    Right there thats why old navy is gone right today sleezy ads cheap commericals…..NO GOOD, i had trash-mobile in 03 everytime i went to the rual areas of arkansas big words pop up NO SERVICE got tired of that what reallllllly took the cake is when we was in IL…..20 miles outside EFFINGHAM IL we was without service for 5miles i said HELL NO dropped them with a heartbeat…..never looked back

    • huh?

      yeaahhh because T-Mobile never expanded their coverage since 2003… oh wait haha

      • Mbolden26

        Lmdao…..ha !

        • Ash

          Look up the word “sarcasm”

    • Gramnazi

      WE……..goes with………..WERE
      WE….doesn’t go with…….WAS (I can’t make it simpler than than)

    • Anonymous

      who in the EFF has ever heard of Effingham, IL?

      • Mbolden26

        If u travel its i-57 between Marion and champaign il

    • Scarfacemario

      03 well that was then and now t mobile has expanded their coverage

    • TMD Photo

      Apparently you dropped the use of punctuation and grammar, as well. My supposition is corroborated by your reference to “no service” as “big words.” 

  • Merry Xmas

    Carly is beautiful.  I’m sold.

    Actually, just switched from Sprint due to better rates.  Sprint is charging up the a$$ to make up for their $30B mistakes (WiMAX and iPhone).

    • Mbolden26

      Lol….big mistake…!

      • Respawn

        Maybe to you. Not everyone is going to fall for the extra charges the other carriers charge. Yes, Sprint has unlimited data, but T-Mobile has great rates. People need to contribute some intelligence to conversations, not just opinionated BS.

    • Anonymous

      You switched to the SLOWEST cell phone service provider in America.  Congratulations.

      • Merry Xmas

        Huh?  How do you know?  I was a long time (10+ years) Sprint customer and my service degraded to where I was getting no signal in my office.  Now I have a strong signal and 10+ mbps internet to boot on my new sgs2.  Zip code = 92121.

  • Davenycept

    Yes smartphones do mean alot these days but all the name calling is silly ….I don’t even have tmobile but it doesn’t seem bad with the gs2 and amaze..my friend has one and the coverage is great and that gs2 is killer quick..calm down people.(the commercial is a little cheesy but its harmless)

  • Mbolden26

    Name callin ok i could of dress my lil neice up in a pink dress and did better then that….come on DAVENYCEPT

    • TMD Photo

      If you COULD do better, then why didn’t you? What have you done? 

  • Lupon

    I lol’ed when I first saw the “4g > home internet” meter. They still got nothing on my 25/25 FiOS connection. I know it’s “averages” but still…

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      They’re close here. I get a steady 8.5 Mbps on cable, and I’ve hit 7 Mbps on my MT4G

      • Anonymous

        My GSII hit almost half of my 30.7mbps home internet lol

  • Wtfdude956

    People talking trash about tmobile get out of here go to your Verizon sites or AT&T sites…this page is to keep tmobile customers updated…if you hate tmobile so much stop visiting this page seems like u have no life and just wanna troll this page

  • Hmm so a lot of the comments here are claiming that T-Mobile sucks, that this commercial is horrible and that Verizon and AT&T are better because their network is real 4G and blah blah blah. First of all, there isn’t any standard definition on 4G right now. Second of all, those carriers offer limited services to their networks. AT&T and Verizon both decided to not offer unlimited data. What good will 4G be if it isn’t unlimited? AT&T got rid of their $5, $10 texting plans and only offer pay per text (20 cents) or $20 unlimited texting. As a consumer you must realize that these companies are not serving the public’s interest. They limit services, charge expensive rates, and have outrages overage fees. T-Mobile is completely opposite to these companies.

    T-Mobile is more open to options. T-Mobile is the only carrier to support UMA handsets, unlike the other carriers who saw UMA as a threat to their business. T-Mobile was the first carrier to update their network to HSPA+ (which they’re calling it 4G). This forced Verizon and AT&T to roll out LTE. T-Mobile allows you to bring your own phone, unlike Verizon and Sprint (since their CDMA). AT&T allows you to do this but of course they have limitations when you do this. T-Mobile is an innovator and T-Mobile is seriously the maverick of the wireless industry.

    For Verizon and AT&T, they would love to see T-Mobile and also Sprint disappear. T-Mobile is their biggest threat right now and this is why they want the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile to occur. So that everyone won’t have a choice of a lower cost NATIONAL carrier and so that they can control the market and block out any new competition to this industry.

    So the point is, T-Mobile is a consumer friendly carrier and if you have the money to pay outrages rates to Verizon and AT&T, then good for you, but the majority of Americans would like to have affordable rate plans and unlimited service without having their bank accounts getting raped, just because 2 companies are being extremely greedy with their business and overcharging for their LIMITED services. Thank you!

    • Actually there is a standard definition for 4G and NON of the carriers meet it. Also I completely agree with you on tmobile being the best of the national networks. I just wish t-mobile would/could expand their network a little more.

    • Mopar6464

      Again , T-Mobile restricts your data to Edge data speeds after you reach your 2GB of service to the point the data is Useless.
      So yes you are getting unlimited data but it’s Useless unlimited data after that cap.
      And as for overages , well if one is stupid enough to by a 4G smartphone and not keep track of their data use per month then they deserve to get billed for overages.
      Half my family is on AT&T & Verizon and they don’t seem to have any problems with data billing problems.

      • DetroitTechnoFan

        You must have been using AT&T EDGE. I stated it once before… I roamed on it and literally got 1 k downstream speeds. If that’s EDGE, then yeah, pointless. But T-Mo’s at ~200 k is workable for some things at least. I’ll take it over nothing at all or getting overcharged.

        • Mopar6464

          NO T-Mobile Edge or so they say after they start limiting you after the 2GB.
          Lets put it this way , if i use my unlocked iphone on Edge service it’s just as fast as my brothers iphone on AT&T’s 3G service.
          Now when i use my HD2 or HD7 on 3G service it’s fine up to the 2GB limit , after that they throttle you so slow its useless. It’s not the same speed as the normal Edge i get on a unlocked iphone that’s not even a T-Mobile device , it’s slower even though my HD2 or HD7 phone will read Edge after that 2GB limit.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve hit my 5 gig cap twice lol I found real EDGE to be faster than artificially throttled 3G/4G (let’s stick to HSPA+ lol) T-Mobile is by far the best company. Here in my not so big city, I get 14.5 mbps download or so. Gotten up to 15.x on a Rocket 3.0 stick, which increased every speed test I did. I would have easily hit over 16! Guess what, that’s the same speed/faster than Verizon’s precious LTE baby. My Galaxy S II owns the competition in terms of data speeds. I’m really sad that T-Mo is on its deathbed.

      • I guess you never have heard of wifi, have you? You must love paying higher rates don’t you? Don’t you see that T-Mobile will push AT&T and Verizon to lower their prices and offer unlimited service at reasonable rates? Or maybe you just work for one of those companies and you don’t want the prices to decrease huh? Anyways, yes they may restrict it to edge speeds after 2GB but at least you can still use the Internet even if it is slow, and also when you receive your bill it’s affordable and you don’t need to be worried about outrages fees or keep track of how much data you use. And like I have mentioned before, T-Mobile’s rates are reasonable and affordable compared to the top dog carriers, and that’s what makes the difference!

  • UsedTmobile

    This website has become unreadable…at least the comments.   You’re all a bunch of angry lonely nasty people.  Folks come on here to find out information.  Maybe they’re an unhappy Tmobile customer or have had a problem – no reason to attack them constantly or call them names.  Im not even going to read the comments section anymore which is sad because sometimes there is helpful information…but all the negativity is not good for my soul.  I am a longtime Tmobile customer but I am not happy.  Im concerned about the merger, which is how I first found this website a few months ago, but I am more concerned about the terrible customer service Ive been receiving and the way Ive been treated as a customer and how bad many of the reps Ive dealt with have been.  So you can yell and scream and call everyone names.  People are only trying to get information or at least vent ..i the hopes maybe someone from Tmobile will read it and get insight into what their customers are feeling.   I just converted from contract to prepaid and I feel my days will be numbered there too.  Im not going to buy a new phone on Tmob and contrary to what y’all MagentaKoolAid drinkers think, its not the cheapest phone service so value customer are going to other prepaid…just like those that want the highest end service and handsets.  If Tmobile was so great and their company was being run so excellently they wouldn’t be int he trouble th eyre in.  So before you start cursing folks out on here, think about your own life and why you’re so unhappy and nasty.  Realize theres another person on that end.  If you can’t provide some useful information, then just ignore them.  You can reply all you want to this but I will never read it so go have a field day

    • 123

      I hope you read my post at least. 

      I really agree with what you said about this tmonews community. People here are just attacking people out of the blue. And it is malicious too. So many people here lack class and just do not respect others, which suffocates any chance of discussion. I really don’t understand why everyone here is so angry. Perhaps they have grave financial problems? Are they angry that they have no lives? Jealous of other people? Why do they lash out? I have no idea what is wrong with these uneducated people and quite frankly, I don’t care. I am just glad that I am not the only one who sees this community for what it is too. 

      At the end of the day, I love my porsche. It keeps me happy, so I see no need to lash out on other people. I love tmo (back before the merger) and will continue to stick around until they are gone. They give me great rates, so I’ll stick around. I have unlimited blackberry email for 9.99 a month.  No one can beat that. 


    Aww that was a cute commercial loved it even the kid from Disney channel tv show “even stevens”with “Shia Labeouf” from transformers he would baby sit the kid & it was his neighbor. The little kid loved his bacon lmfao thats so funny hahaha

    • TMD Photo

      The kid was known as “Beans.”

  • Anonymous

    Watch the video Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun. You’ll see T-Mobile executives and the executives from the ad firm T-Mobile chose…

  • unknown

    Guys! Lets put it this way.  Corporate system are designed based on consumers action.  Corporate needs to make their profit for share holder and consumers want to pay as little as possible to save money.  Their plans, phones and services cost for a reason.  You have no clue how many people days in days out calling customer care (each call on average will cost Company $8-$10), going to store for many dumb reason (store will needs more employees to better services cost increase) , phone abuse request for warranty exchange (each warranty exchange, company lose money) , sign contract to get the phones then ran off (Company just eat that phone cost), lawsuit over dumb stuff (each lawsuit cost company a lot of money) and many more.  Who is paying for all these? WE ARE! Smartphones are not cheap, don’t get a smartphones if you don’t want to put your effort and time learning how to use it.  Now of course u guys won’t see it because we all know how to use phones and services, but what you don’t realize is that a lot of idiot Americans abuse corporate system badly that cost us all a lot of money.  We do things what is best benefit us and same thing for corporate.  So sometime we can’t really blame them. 

  • Cakesmalone

    Its a wonder for sure always wondering if you will have coverage or be able to make a phone call…


    I do love the White and Pink. But…. The dress is ugly, the eyebrows are ugly, the SONG is ugly.

    Guess T-Mobile couldnt do better with that $39Billion they got paid, since they sent it all to Germany.

    • Anonymous

      Funny…I never heard about the hostile takeover getting the green light? Great commercial all around btw

  • Dude Lebowski

    All major US carriers have the iPhone except Tmobile lol. U mad bro?

    • Have you ever heard about this thing called an unlocked iPhone? Are YOU smart bro?

      • Anonymous

        I hate the iPhone. However, having the iPhone would cause a huge amount of people to switch to T-Mobile. This huge increase would cause two things to happen. 1) T-Mobile would likely stay in business. 2) our fast network would be so bogged down, that it would be like AT&T’s because that’s how theirs became so slow. Yet another catch 22 – T-Mobile would have to shell out a massive amount of money that they apparently don’t have to buy so many handsets. Then, after recuperating all of the money spent on the phone, they’d have to upgrade their network to keep people on. So, iPhone=bad for T-Mobile.

        • Stephen

          So is Tmobile going out of business better?

        • Anonymous

          Network upgrades cost a lot. Probably too much for them. Once the network gets slow, people will once again leave. It’s like a no-win circle

    • Rachel

      even something called c spire has it

  • Chatter

    Minority opinion here – I don’t think this commercial was as awful as some of you make it out to be.

  • Bklynman

    It’s only a commercial people! Lighten up! I seen worst,I am sure you all have. What they should do bring back the parrot,with Carly!

  • I really wish TMO would change their marketing techniques; I’m not a fan of this Carly woman she’s very annoying.

  • Liztom31

    4g sounds like orgy wonderland

    • Rachel


  • Blackcat3119

    So exactly where is this orgy wonderland, google maps seems to have problems finding it, I wanted a street view and directions.

    • Tinytimm4

      It is somewhere near the North Pole where Santa lives that is why the elves are the only ones besides Mrs Clause can go there. Imagine if Google had the correct location and all the people who would go there just for elf action. LOL

  • Daddiesgirl

    I love this commercial, went in search of it only because I was told that it sounds like the elves are saying orgy wonderland. While I am not a critic and do like the commercial, one can only wonder how long it will take for the commercial to be yanked off air…..

  • josue cifuentes

    am i the only one who hears “its a orgy wonderland” ? lol

    • Tinytimm4

      No it’s what they are saying if you don’t see the ad like while cooking in the kitchen while the children are watching family T.V.

  • Napleskahuna76

    Some of the elf chiks were HoT!! Is that wierd?

  • Mstrongjr

    im loving it

  • 12345657890

    lol sounds like “orgy wonderland”

    • Tinytimm4

      I swore that was what they were saying when I was cooking in the kitchen and not watching the ad I had to see what my kids were watching.

  • Anonymous

    People like Steve Lauterbach and the majority of the mainstream american market unfortunately has been blinded by Verizon and At&t and for some reason have to warp reality to justify the ridiculous prices they charge

  • Anonymous

    Studies by Verizon and At&t themselves have indicated that the majority of their own smartphone users connect to Wifi when indoors.  T-Mobile is the ONLY carrier to offer Wifi Calling so your calls, texts, and data all go through wifi in the only place T-Mobile signal is degraded -indoors.  This gives T-Mobile customers far superior battery life than anyone on Verizon because it powers down the cellular radio on the phone when initiating wifi calling.  BTW the cellular radio is the most battery consuming part of the phone.  Verizon LTE devices will ALWAYS have atrocious battery life because their devices have one radio hooking up to the CDMA cell tower and one to LTE.  T-Mobile customers pretty much get the same speeds when they are out on the about and will get DOUBLE the battery life a Verizon customer would get, they get Wifi calling when indoors, and oh yeah they pay a fraction of the price.  Not to mention those faster speeds are available in MORE PLACES than Verizon LTE.  Need I go on?  Verizon is such a rip off.

    • Anonymous

      This is true and I love that they do it. Wish they would hurry up and update my Galaxy S II for wifi calling already! T-Mobile connects to 2 bands for 3G/4G I know, but does it connect to a 3rd for voice while in a call? I’ve wondered if it used the 1900MHz band for voice while still utilizing the 1700 and 2100 for upload and download, respectively.

      Edit: never mind I found out it only connects to one at a time lol

  • Anonymous

    Well you can always pay for a 10GB plan.  The good thing about T-Mobile’s plans is that they don’t charge you overages and you only pay for the amount of internet that you need.

    • guest

      Isn’t that the benefit of Sprint with their unlimited data plans?  I just have no idea how much data Id use..

  • Rachel

    So glad I am not the only person who thought they were singing “Orgy-wonderland”


    • Hshdh

      They say 4g wonderland, people.

  • Borrusownage

    anyone notice beans from evens stevens for a second

  • Guest

    Can someone who is familiar with the 17 phones offered on the Tmobile Prepaid Monthly 4G website tell me which phone you think is the best?  Is the newly announced Samsung Exhbit II for 199 the best deal?  (Better than the other Androids offered)   Ive read several tech blogs that have said its a good mid-grade phone for that price and for the prepaid market.  (I know its not an iPhone or a Galaxy S II).  I know nothing about Android and have been using a 3 year old feature phone so this is all new to me…and the comparisons seem pretty similar in terms of features…and the phones are all in boxes so its hard to compare.   The one thing I see about the Exhibit is that it only has a 3mp camera and my old feature phone actually has a 5mp phone so thats a bummer.  Im just looking for a decent phone for a 12-18 months.

    Also what is 30MB Data?  Can you actually visit a website once a day on that or not?  Do you know with the $30 1500 min/text plan that includes 30 MB data does it just stop working if you go over 30MB?

    Is there any way to know which phones can be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich?

    And I assume theres no way of knowing what will be the future of Tmobile Prepaid if the merger goes through…Its all a risk as the plan prices may change and theres no guarantee these phones will work on an ATT or MetroPCS or whatever system

    Thanks for your guidance and opinions.

    • Anonymous

      The Exhibit II is pretty nice. 30 megs…even if you visited just one website per day for one month, you’d go over. Even if it was every other day, you’d get really close or still go over. Seeing as 30MB is such a low amount, I’m almost positive they charge overages. That plan is meant for feature phones, not smartphones. You want at least 200MB for a smartphone. And upgradeability hm…not even the manufacturer can tell you that for sure. If you root, you’ll almost certainly get Ice Cream Sandwich. You could always get a Nexus One in good shape for cheaper online :) try swappa.com

      • Guest

        Well I just won a free Exhibit II….So what is the 30MB plan supposed to let you do?  Maybe tease you?  It can’t really charge you an overage on prepaid if you have $0 on your account.  Now if the phone has wifi, if you connect using wifi, it doesnt count right?  Maybe thats who its geared for.  Id like to try to use the $30 plan for a few months but then the next level is the $50 unlimited with 100 mb at 4G and then the rest I guess is 3G.  My feature phone wouldn’t even connect to the internet; it was supposed to but it never did.  I was going to leave Tmobile but when I got the free phone, all of the sudden Tmobile became enticing again…I just was wondering if that phone was decent.  Ive also read stories about apps or things that are always ‘on’ even if you think they’re off and then they use up all your data so I wanted to make sure I avoid that.  Are there any good Android app sites or just Android sites in general to learn how to use the phone…I feel Im going to be a bit overwhelmed.  I have a Mac and theres a great site that tells me about all the Mac apps that are free or on sale…I m assuming something like that exists for Android but haven’t found it yet.  Thanks Trevor…Im just afraid IM going to turn on my phone and get overwhelmed….Do you know, do I just take my sim card from my old phone and put it in or do I need to activate the new sim card that came with the new phone?  Its all confusing and I don’t want to cal CS again because they have steered me wrong every time..>I cannot stand the Prepaid CS.

        • Anonymous

          You won it?? Wow that’s awesome. Yes, you can just put your old sim in it. And I’m not sure what 30 is for really. If you used wifi all the time with the occasion of leaving the house, you’d probably rack up about 15MB. And oh, true I suppose it would just stop you because it’s prepaid. And yes, some apps are always on, that’s why Android requires a data plan. But most apps can be told not to automatically sync, making it much less of a data hog

        • GUest

          Yes getting the phone for free made a big difference cuz I all but gave up on Tmo…and fear what will happen when the merger goes through – Even the phone box says they can change the plan rates at any time and if you’re not under contract, who knows what will happen…What if metropcs gets tmobile prepaid?  the phone wouldn’t even work.

          do you know if the phone has a gps that one could use in the car just like a regular gps – like it would talk to you and tell you turn on main street etc…(but something like that if it does have i assume would use up all the data)>>>ill have to see I was trying to save money by getting by with the $30 for a few months…I haven’t had the web data before so not missing it but iim sure once you start,

          Im just afraid its going to be too complicated to set up and figure out and theres no one to call…at least with iPhone you have a store and a phone line…i wanted to be able to sync a calendar from my Mac computer to the phone but I doubt that will be possible unless I change over to Google calendar.

        • Anonymous

          Yes Google Maps is free and probably pre-installed. If you load routes and maps via wifi before you leave, you would likely save most of your data plan. And you would probably have to switch over to Google’s calendar. And any merger will be bad, but I would stick with T-Mobile. They’re a good company (besides willing to sell out) and don’t worry about your phone not working if they merge. They would acquire T-Mobile’s frequency holdings in most markets…they wouldn’t be repurposed until a couple of years down the road. Kind of a legacy requirement for old users.

  • guest

    In the beginning when Carly is standing in front of the doors, it could just be me but it looks like a subliminal ATT with Carly being the A.

    • Bklynman

      No,I thought that too. Inmatter of fact I thought it was one where they make fun of Att.

    • guest

      i didn’t notice that until you said it, but you’re right it is freaky.

  • Luanne

    sounds like they are singing walking in an orgy wonderland

    • Anna

      i think so too

    • Asimm00

      i think so too

  • Desertdawg

    Love the commercial, “walking in an orgy wonderland”…. At least that is what it sounds like. Wonder how long it will air…. lol

  • B3AR

    Did it say ‘orgy’ wonderland by any chance?

  • Denise

    I always think of “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” when I see this commercial.
    Clowns & Oompas kinda freak me out.

  • Call me crazy but isn’t that Beans in :21 from Even Stevens? that show on Disney a few years ago?

    • Puppycluver

      I thought the sameee thing!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    There’s a couple elves in there I think I recognize from other TV appearances.  I think one elf is that mom from “Little People, Big World” on TLC and another elf is the girlfriend of Ashley from Pit Bull XL. What do you all think?

  • Anonymous

    I’d sure love to score a couple of those elf hats with the pink hair, so if anyone could hook me up, I’d really appreciate it.  THANKS!!!

  • Trebor7517

    who are the elves in the commercials ??

  • Hansensw

    is one of the people tatoo from famtasty island

    • Llorijb

      I noticed the elf too.  That’s what brought me to this message board.  It looks like Herve Villechaize but he died several years ago.  Could it be an editing trick inserting his likeness?  His estate may have approved it.  Can anyone confirm this?  It’s driving me nuts.

  • Mstormy

    A orgy wonderland lmbo

  • Judy196

    Did anyon find out if that is Tattoo driving me crazy also.

    • Pjgelbanviugcroa

      Probably not Herve Villechaiz. He shot himself in 1993. :(

  • Tazz5613

    tattoo died years ago !