MetroPCS Looking To Pick Up Divested AT&T Assets From T-Mobile Deal?

There goes the neighborhood as MetroPCS is now the rumored frontrunner to absorb wireless spectrum, assets and subscribers from AT&T and T-Mobile as the two companies work to complete their acquisition. Though the size of any deal is far from definitive, it’s likely to include subscribers and spectrum and be valued at less than $4 billion.

AT&T has already approached both Leap Wireless and Dish Network but MetroPCS, with more than $2 billion in cash is in a stronger financial position to be able to take over the spectrum and customers. The Department of Justice would have to sign off on the deal however and they may find the proposal with MetroPCS insufficient to satisfy their demands.

“Spinning off some of T-Mobile’s customers or network doesn’t really remedy the government’s issue with the merger, which is that T-Mobile is such a disruptive and significant competitor that anything which makes them no longer independent would be unacceptable,” said Glenn Manishin, a lawyer with Duane Morris LLP in Washington. “It’s unlikely that sufficient assets could be transferred to any of the regional players to make them into a national network.”

Bloomberg sources said that AT&T and MetroPCS are aiming to meet with the Justice Department again sometime in the next two weeks to determine if the proposed remedies satisfy the DOJ demands. As part of the proposed deal, Deutsche Telekom would help MetroPCS with some of the financing. All parties involved declined to comment.



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  • Sounds like even if this did happen DOJ still won’t be moved to approve, and after hearing Al Gore’s comments last night right now things are still in the consumers favor…for now atleast. If I ever got moved to MetroPCS (which I doubt cause they don’t even cover my area) I def be gone with all the whack phones they got.

    • Tortionist

      I trust Al Gore about as much as I would  trust Qaddafi. After all wasn’t Crap ( oops cap) and Trade his idea? The idea for us all to pay a crap more on our electric bills so the government could use software he paid to have developed and make millions off our government and essentially us consumers. What a corrupt person.

      • I mean that’s cool you have your own opinion about the man, I really don’t care for him or politics like that I just know he said something in favor of T-Mobile’s circumstances in this whole situation and whether people like him or not he still has pull in DC so it’s a good thing to hear something favorable like that come from him concerning T-mobile.

  • Whydoyouneed

    AT&T read my lips…. if you get your way, SPRINT is where I’m going just out of principle.  DT I guess you are happy with AT&T being the world’s leading global telecom company? 

    • Mopar6464

      Just test drove a i4S with Sprint to see what their data speeds are.
      F-that , T-Mobile’s Edge service is faster than their Wimax 3G.
      No wonder they offer unlimited.
      Good luck with your future nightmare , lol.

      • Anonymous

        Gonna have to agree. I tested out a friends Samsung Epic 4g in LA and it was getting slower speeds than my Nexus One on T-Mobile. Part of me wants to switch to Sprint when this all falls apart because they’re cheaper… but honestly i’m ready to drop the extra cash to make sure my data is faster… But man, Verizon & ATT are SOOO much higher in price than T-Mobile. ATT was $60 more per month for a plan equal to what I have, and Verizon was $80 more per month… That’s not a huge amount of money persey, but that works out to almost an extra grand a year…

        Plus Verizon scares me b/c I go over my data constantly and get throttled down. That’s but a minor annoyance, and usually doesnt happen until the last couple days of the month… Verizon will suck another 100 bucks out of me for doing that.

        • Spanky

          I tested my brother-in-law’s Evo 3D a few weeks ago. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and Sprint gets absolutely no signal in my neighborhood. The phone constantly fluctuated between 1 and zero bars, although, according to Sprint’s coverage map, my neighborhood is supposed to have full 4G. Then again, in early August, T-Mobile’s speeds dropped down to EDGE speeds and have stayed there since. T-Mobile explained to me that the T1 cables at the cell site that serves my area need to be replaced, but there’s no ETA for this to be done. With my corporate discount, a similar Verizon plan (2 line family plan), albeit with 2GB of data, will cost me $35 more per month. Looks like I’ll be jumping ship when the Galaxy Nexus is released.

    • Blackcat3119

      Me too. And sprint is rolling out 4g lte next year!

    • Tortionist

      What do you mean by leading? Hopefully, not largest because that’s Deutsche Telekom. Leading in what? Poor customer service. I can buy that. Leading in poor phone line up. I can almost buy that, but have you seen cricket’s line-up? Leading in high prices? sorry, but Verizon has them beat there. T-mobile has the best customer service (not sure how long that’ll last), best prices( for a national carrier), and the best phone line-up (add the I-phone and you can’t really improve it much more after that). I still don’t understand what you mean by leading. Like I said, leading in what? what are the factors that makes AT&T (supposedly) leading. Im’ not trying to be a jerk. I’m just truly curious as to what you mean.

  • PhantomWraith

    MetroPCS do the world a favor and pull that bottom lip over your head and swallow.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s unlikely that sufficient assets could be transferred to any of the regional players to make them into a national network.”
    Like I’ve said before, unless ATT creates a replacement national carrier this ain’t gonna happen.

  • I hope you’re right PimpStrong!!

  • Guitarskeelz

    Wouldn’t mind Metro if they got the Galaxy Nexus. If they had 4G here, I’d even consider switching, though I do love T-Mobile.

  • 30014

    No way in hell I’ll ever be a metropcs customer. Their data speeds are terrible and their voice quality is horrendous. One more thing, their phone selection sucks ass.


    more smoke and mirrors.

    if att needs urban bandwidth why would they divest it?

    the problem is the executive suite at att got suckered by a bunch of shrewd germans and now have to make it run its course so they don’t lose face.

    you can bet your asses that t-mo germany will get generous roaming agreements here and att will get the same in europe if the deal flies.

    remember, we’re only seeing the USA details not, the international ones.

  • Mahmoud Shaaban

    I don’t understand so if this would happen then i could end up on metropcs? but what if i want to stay with at&t and T-mobile?

  • Anonymous

    Womp womp fail

  • BP

    It would be smart on the DOJ’s and FCC’s part to just tell AT&T what they need to do so T-Mobile customers can stop suffering.  They should have all did this in the beginning but in America its all about politics.


    why would a small potatoes CDMA carrier want GSM customers when they would have to replace every GSM handset at their expense?

    • Anonymous

      They want the spectrum…They are very limited on what they have now and were already eying Clearwire for spectrum.

  • Jayrversion1

    MetroPCS? I’d rather not have a cell phone at all.

  • Anonymous

    MetroPCS is in over their heads if they think we will convert over to them, lose our handsets, take their garbage ass phones, pay our current contract prices, and deal with their HORRIFIC customer service. Their current network can’t even handle what they have now! Not to mention the coverage is straight up garbage

  • Enoel69

    More attempts at the snake oil sales pitch…do or say what ever you can to have ur way. I hope DOJ and FCC will kill this deal already, get it over with quickly so Tmo cam move on and start focusing on improving their network and line up of devices. The bottom line is maintaining the four major networks (two GSM Tmobile and Att and two CDMA Sprint and Verizon) for improved competition and innovation. But one network is trying to be the only GSM carrier in the whole US cellular space, hence knocking of a value carrier that serves upwards of 33 million customers who love their network and their pricing plans. We hope DOJ and FCC will not let this happen..mostly in such tough economic times a loved and value carrier like Tmo which serves millions need not be gobbled up. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you except the “Tmo can move on and start focusing on improving their network and line up of devices”. I find it more likely that DT will find another way to disperse T-Mobile rather than continue. I know they released a statement that they aren’t going to throw in the towel if the deal falls through… but it really feels like they’re giving up.

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt the doj realize that this is damaging to tmobile? Tmo has disruptive pricing but they continue to lose customers…..what does that say? Tmo isnt thriving!!!!!! If they were, theyd have a valid point to get in the way of this buyout. The doj needs to get out of the way, work out concessions and let the process proceed!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Whether or not T-Mobile is “thriving” is not the point. The point of opposing the merger is going from 4 national carriers to just three. With 2 of them being so large, not long after the sale, Sprint will be the “new T-Mobile” and a target for purchase by the other two.

      Then there would only be two, with no chance of any other company being able to enter the market.

      • Anonymous

        I understand the dojs concern, but theyll have a hell of a time proving what they say will happen will actually happen should the deal go through. Sprint has set itself up to compete long term and can be the disruptive force that the doj says tmobile is now. Unlike tmo, sprint is a willing competitor in the market. As evidenced by them acquiring the iphone and plans for lte. In my opinion, the events of the past few months have worked in favor of the buyout…. Tmo continues to lose subs, tmo is the only national without the iphone, sprint appears energized and poised to compete. You cant keep tmo in the market for the sake of maintaining a number of players. Dt can walk away and sell tmo usa for scraps…. What does that leave us with if that happens? 3 National carriers.

  • iPhone on Tmobile :)

    Had MetroPCS when I was 12 left them when i was 13 and came to Tmobile… I’m not going back to them

  • Asfkja

    yeah rip en apart metro pcs 

  • Bravosfan1025

    If they try to divest me to metro pcs I’ve got only 2 words… Hello Sprint!!!!

  • BP

    AT&T is only working with MetroPCS so they can act as a 4th carrier. As pathetic as it is, 1 of the DOJ’s problem was 4 major carriers turning into 3. This is more of a front to get the job done. Nobody from T-Mobile will be on MetroPCS. This is Sarah Palin running for vice president all over again.

    • Realcool2000

      Haha good one!

  • Guest

    If by a miracle this deal goes through and AT&T buys TMobile and some assets are sold to MetroPCS, would current TMobile customers have the opportunity to get out of their contracts? 

    • Anonymous

      Lets pray, especially if they throw you on Metro. Getting thrown to ATT i’ll likely ignore until they absorb T-mobiles frequencies, or my contract ends… If i get thrown to metro.. i’m raising hell. Screw that. Metro isn’t even a competitor.

    • Crimsonsmom

      I work for a cell phone carrier who purchased a smaller carrier and they had 2 months to cancel with no etf if they did not want to stay. They were allowed to keep their original plans.

    • Ironman

      Every salesperson I’ve asked said that if the sale of Tmo goes through, we will have the option of walking away from our contracts with no penalties at all.

      Well, except for those who said “Duh, I have no idea…”

  • TMoFan

    It’s laughable that T-Mobile and MetroPCS are even being compared and that Metro will be able to fill the void with the removal of a national carrier. I never had Metro and have nothing against them, but they’re not T-Mobile. Far from it actually. I regularly pull between 4-5 mbps on my G2. From what I read I would be lucky to get half of that on Metro’s LTE because they use cheap equipment. I guess DT is not tired of spending money to prop up Metro if means they can get their 8% stake in at&t. What’s a little scary is that both sides are desperate. I wonder how low either of them would go just to pass this.

    • Casillas_94

      Your so right its like they have a Galaxy s phone which are suppose to be the same all around and what do they do to it??? Make it crappy and again use cheap equipment, it so sad when you think about it.

    • Anonymous

      For sure, and with the lows they’re going to reach, hows that going to affect the “improvements to technology” they’re promising. Then they’ll be crying about how much money that had to spend to acquire T-Mobile, and now they need to raise rates to compensate for their losses… oh and until we recompensate no new towers, sorry.

  • BigMixxx

    It makes sense. But it does not make sense.

    It makes sense:  Same bands, even though they are a CDMA carrier, they could piggieback on ATT and get roaming agreements.

    It does not make sense:  HOW DO YOU SPLIT THE MARKETS that T MOBILE and ATT represent.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord I hope that if I got thrown on Metro PCS that there would be a way to escape that contract. I’m not even sure Metro PCS is in LA? And if it is, I don’t know a soul that uses it.

  • Auser72

    Free case for Galaxy s2 on tmobile site. I ordered every color except pink and only had to pay for shipping $6.41 fpr shipping. Order in processing and may get canceled but its worth a try.             

  • Auser72

    Tmobile has cases for Samsung galaxy S2 on their site for free.Galaxy S II D3O® Dual Impact Case – Black,and Galaxy S II D3O® Flex Prot. Cover – Black, in a couple different colors . check it out.


      Yep. Just pay 7.10 for taves and shipping.

  • Giraffe

    Probably split postpaid and prepaid in areas where metropcs gains coverage.  Seems pretty straightforward to me.

  • NoWayJose

    Gross.  I would never be a Metro PCS customer.  I would leave for sure if this happens.  The iPhone on AT&T is looking really good right now.

  • Bklynman

    I think the only people that they would force to go Metro,are the ones without contracts. That means everyone on Prepaid Tm-would become prepaid with Metro. Think about it,if this buyout happens and the ones have still have there contract,would than likely will be Att. The ones without will be Metro’s!
    Hello,hello,hello! Hell no I won’t be one of them! Sprint here I come or H20 or Simple Mobile if they are still around when if this buyout go’s thru!

    • Blackcat3119

      Sprints goin to LTE so wi max 4g will not work on the phones they’re selling now. Well at least sprint ppl know what and when. In chicago we have US cellular. There is no metro pcs, prolly isn’t in many markets. Sounds like a poor mans boost mobile. Sprint says the LTE phones will be out in 2112. I’ve had tmo for 5 years and love it still, no sprint fan, but geez contract is up jan 17, tired not knowing a friggin thing about tmo future. And we have us cellular, but they named sox park after them. I’m a Cubs fan!

      • Bklynman

        Look at it like this Cat,if you resign with T-m,u will have another 2yrs with them.
        What ever terms you have will be with you even if this buyout go thur, by 3/12 we should know if it does. Then you will still have the same deal with Att. I have 500 anytime mins. unlimited text,and unlimited data,200 mbs a month,then if I go over,it’s slow down.
        $62.00a month with my employee discount.I didnot work for Tm.Hope this helps u.

        • Realcool2000

          Exactly, I just resigned w tmo on a value plan, I. Have 3 phones one 2gb, 1 200mb, and 1 with just ulmt text and they all split 1000 min talk. I pay about $100 a month after taxes.

          Totally worth a new two year contract.

          People don’t what a good thing is and would rather complain. If there is a merger that messes with my plan, a contract is a contract and I will get somethijng in court for sure, I’m not afraid to go there.

          If att wants to pull the “your phone don’t work on our 4g signal , just buy one of our phones on our contract….” ill just buy an att compatible phone for full price or discounted somewhere and still keep my old contract terms.

        • Bklynman

          Hi Real,not trying to be pickly or be know all,but people keep saying this is a merger,is it not,it is a buyout,if this is appove,Tmo will be no more. What I was told att. would bring out a sim card that would work
          on Tm phones and their phones,if they did say your phone can’t work bah,bah. I would buy att. go phone,some of there go-phones are pretty good,maybe not all the latest and greatest but pretty decent those. That what I would do. Then after my 2 contract was up,hello Sprint or hello Simple mobile or H20 if they are still around. Some think simple would be gone,I think not,they would just switch over to att.towers.

      • Blackcat3119

        All good points. If I knew at$t would own tmo, I could live with that for the duration of a contract at least, but no one knows. I do like the gs2 and amaze, haven’t decided, although htc will go to ICS. Rolling the dice on tmo may not b a bad thing, in 2 years sprint will be all LTE with suported phones if things don’t work out. Hate not knowing.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Does anyone know if ATT is going to keep WIFI calling if this goes through? I might as well not have a cellphone if that doesnt happen because I live in a basement apartment with no signal. 

    • Anonymous

      Basement apartments are the worst. Aside from the awful reception, basement apartments are prone to flooding.

  • Lordblackhulk

    This means that metropcs will have all the prepaid customers of AT&T and tmobile prepaid they will become a national network they will be starting to sell gsm-CDMA: mode cell phone to work on both networks and all does new customers will get free cell phones at metropcs spends

  • Batgirl

    There’s talk if the merger goes through China will be buying Siemens and BASF from Germany out of Spite. They’re talking about breaking up AT&T if they pursue the merger.

    Norway may be forced to buy T-mobile. Rebranding the name Thor.

    • Blackcat3119

      : D

    • Littlesis1774


  • dasoulessgingr

    i dont want curry stains on my bill statements 

    • Because everyone that works at MetroPCS is eating curry. Your misguided racism isn’t funny, it’s pathetic.

  • I refuse to go to MetroPCS, it’s a horrible network with horrible coverage. That being said I’m a postpaid (Classic??) TMO subscriber and if this goes through TMO will probably give MetroPCS it’s prepaid and Value pay customers, I doubt AT&T is willing to lose millions to Postpaid customers to MetroPCS to make the deal go through.

  • Anonymous

    “……As part of the proposed deal, Deutsche Telekom would help MetroPCS with some of the financing…”

    Enough Said!!! 

  • A-Sense

    Why sell assets and customers just to go ahead with the merger/take over? Doesn’t make any sense at all!!!

  • This is ridiculous, MetroPCS is a CDMA network. Now if they can become a national GSM and CDMA network, then that’s different. However this still isn’t sufficient to out weight the disadvantages of this T-Mobile takeover. Since MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier, It doesn’t directly compete with AT&T, Verizon, nor Sprint, for contract subscribers which means there will only be 3 national contract based wireless carriers left. Sorry this isn’t going to pass by for AT&T.  Nice try by luring in MetroPCS tho!

    • Anonymous

      The CDMA network moniker is not as important as the bands they share.  Both T-Mobile and MetroPCS share the AWS band spectrum.  Changing the band from HSPA to EVDV or converting METROPCS to all HSPA+/LTE isn’t as hard as you think.

      Look at the Canadian market.  Telus (#3) and Bell (#2) both took their networks from CDMA to HSPA in less than a year and now are launching HSPA 42 and LTE.

      It can be done.

      • Well if MetroPCS becomes GSM then this would eliminate the possibility of AT&T holding a GSM monopoly. I prefer GSM, but that’s just personal preference. If there are other GSM options that operate their OWN network then this merger wouldn’t be so bad, but there isn’t and also if the market wasn’t so concentrated, but again it’s TOO concentrated. This merger is just unfix-able.

        • At&t still wouldn’t have a monopoly. There’s also StraightTalk which has GSM phones that run on Verizon’s network, not At&t’s.

        • Anonymous

          wrong they run off cdma. the few phones that run gsm run at&t and they have that gsm locked down so hard you cant just put one of their sims in a real device. they require a registered esn in their system along with the sim id.

  • Diana22

    I had metro pice of shyyt cuz I admit I’m kinda broke I’m only 17 btw nd have a part time job, worse decision i ever made in my life. ! I live in los angeles, I got one of them 4G phones from metro the samsung indulge. And man metro had horrible coverage, crappy call quality slooow internet. Wven tho my phone had full bars and a 4G icon I still had horrible data speeds and horrible call quality. It was ridiculous that it took about 1 minute and 20 seconds to load the mobile facebook page and half of the time it wouldn’t load web pages. Also did I mention half of my messagez wouldn’t send and sometimes texts wouldn’t come in at all and my friends would get mad cuz I wudnt reply. Same thng with calls half of them wouldn’t come in. So I went with at&t and got a go phone from best buy an LG thrive on atts unlimited plan for 50 bucks and the 25 bucks data plan. I kno its not the greatest phone out there but at least I get better reception and much better call quality. Its funny that I would read online that at&t nework sucks. And well honestly I haven’t had any problems with them calls sound loud and clear, no dropped calls, txts come in instantly and send instantly, internet is 3 times faster web pagez come up instantly when I have a 3G icon I admit when edge pops out its a lil slower but still faster than metro. So yea I just wanna know why am I not having problems with at&t service? Because a lot of people say it suck . One thing I kno for sure its better than metro I will never ever go back to metro.

    • 1hoe


      • Fatgurl23

        I think she meant metro piece of shyyt suckz . It was kinda hard to read but its true metro does suck even at&t which is known for having a crappy network is better.

  • TmoNinja

    This falls right in line with Metro announcing recently that they want their network to be 100% VOLTE (Voice over LTE network insteadt of traditional voice networks)… IF they get the specturm frequencies that support LTE< it would make plently of sense for Metro, and they could become a national player.. but they still cannot offer the kidn of prices that T-mobile does.

  • mrmiddl

    if they rolled me over to metro pcs i would definitely be getting the hell out of there. they suck ass on soo many levels. i would just head over to Verizon the first chance i get. I’d rather get screwed by a good network than a shitty one

  • DerrickPS3

    metro pcs, hell naw…….i’ll go to boostmobile instead

  • Anonymous

    MetroPCS would be a better choice for consumers because T-Mobile is awful in the prepaid space.  Working in the industry, this is what T-Mobile thinks.

    1. It’s okay to sell smartphone devices at a markup, rather than subsidizing it.
    2. Non-contract folks don’t care about high end phones.

    T-Mobile only has 2 devices that approaches $299.  That is the Samsung Sidekick at $379 and a refurbed original Galaxy at $349.

    MetroPCS has three “real 4G” LTE devices at $300 or above.  Regardless of the processor that is used, an LTE device is still very expensive, so you get a better deal.

    So I applaud MetroPCS for picking up T-Mobile Assets, cause they know the pre-paid market.  If they can expand their network and get T-Mobile’s once great customer service system, that would make them even better.

    • Bklynman

      Better in what sense? Ok they would suck less,is that really improvement? How much they suck now? There new ad would be,OK we suck before really bad on all levels,but we suck less now all levels! Between 1-10.we use be -100,now we are only -50! Yea! LoL

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Actually, Metro PCS flagship phones are $200 for the Samsung Indulge (in concept the same as the MyTouch Slide, but the Indulge has better specs.

      And the other 4G phone is the just-debuted LG Esteem, which Metro is pricing at $250.

      I just got the LG Esteem and IMO no one should be dissing that phone if they have not seen it.

      The LG Esteem has the same feel as many HTC phones I have had (rounded edges and corners, rubberized battery cover, chrome looking controls on the side rails).

      It comes with Gingerbread 2.3.4,
      4.3″ display,
      HDMI port,
      5MP camera,
      720P HD camcorder,
      4GB internal memory,
      1.3MP Front Facing camera
      480 x 800 resolution
      microSD slot – 32GB max
      512MB RAM
      Single core – 1000 MHz

      In 2010 these were specs for flagship phones and even now the major carriers sell phones with these specs at $400. So at $250 retail, this is an amazing deal.

      But the best thing about prepaids, I was unhappy with Virgin Mobile’s service. So I am selling my Motorola Triumph (another nice phone) on eBay and canceling my VM plan. There’s no ETF to worry about, no two year contracts, I can go where I want, when I want.

      To each their own, of course. I’m just saying that you need to update yourself and take a look at prepaid. The service is improving and the phones are outstanding (especially the LG Esteem for $250).

  • Anonymous

    ghetto phone, just great hopefully that sale doesn’t include me as customer

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You obviously have not seen nor used the Samsung Galaxy Indulge or the LG Esteem.

      Those two phones are not even close to being “ghetto phones” as you describe.

      I am curious… what phone do YOU have?

      By the way, you don’t have to stand there like a deer in the acquisition headlights, so to speak. No one is going to force you to do anything if the acquisition is approved. You can go anywhere you want. Do don’t fret or hope (people who “hope” means that they don’t have any control over events or circumstances. As a T-Mobile customer you have lots of choices when and if things start happening next year.

      But go ahead and pray/hope if you want. ;)

      • Miro

        I have the vibrant, which is last year’s flavor and as I found out tends to be weak, but that’s more a fault of the OS I think.

        MetroPCS have been improving I guess but they still got cheapy phones and of the dozen or so people I know who use them, none seem thrilled to be on Metro and for various reasons call it ghetto phone, actually that’s an oft used nickname for Metro I think from what i’ve seen in forums and such.

        and yes, if Tmo gets eaten by another company I plan to pick my knickers and go elsewhere, probably Sprint since I can’t fathom giving money to vapid companies like AT&T and Verizon

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          Thanks for the response. Ah yes, the Vibrant. One of the best, if not THE BEST, phone I have ever had. I am so fond of that phone that that I could not sell it on eBay like I do all my old phones. I kept it in the family by giving it to it to my sister who absolutely loves it.

          Stop by a Metro PCS store and check out the LG Esteem. Compare it to your Vibrant, I think the Esteem will surprise you. (Like the Vibrant, it has 720p HD recording, a 5MP camera, and also has 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 4.3″ display, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, etc).

          I duly note that Metro has had some dog phones, such as the Samsung Craft that in March 2011 was reviewed as the worst smartphone on the planet. But really, all carriers have had their share of lemons.

        • jeffrey

          Save yourself the BS they feed you and switch to net ten better service never lose reception Evan 2500 miles away. No contracts same smart phones same low bill y not go net ten and let go of metro. Unsatisfied customer of metro PCs my new priority is to save customers the bs the consumers make or break a company so let’s break metro today.

  • Wicked_skier

    AT&T just needs to drop this whole annhiliation of their closet competitor.  Everyone knows that in order to be the big player in the game, that you have to go in and take out the toughest person.  Tmobile is that “next in line” toughest person.  Once you take out your direct competition, you are the last man standing.  This is directly comparable to AT&T being a multi-conglomerate drug cartel wanting to push their drugs to the innocent people of the country.  Tmobile is the law enforcement who is there to protect the rights of its citizens/subscribers and to promote fairness amongst everyone in the land.  Now AT&T being they have a huge influence is going to buy off the police, dismantle them and auction off their cop cars(equipment), weapons(price plans) and other assets(spectrum) so they would look like the nice guy for distributing the “wealth”.  Now AT&T (drug cartel) will be free to do whatever they want because there is no one there to stop them.

  • All these people are talking about how metro sucks ass, but what they dont know is that it was 1x not 3g. Metro just 3g on 20% of their towers. I’m in one of their areas and have to say it is much faster. I can actually watch a youtube without buffering and without wifi. They’re are still updating too.

  • Lordblackhulk

    4 me metropcs is a really good company I have there blackberry curve 8530 and I get 3g service in miami they will be the best wireless company if they offer full 3g and 4g more selection of phones. More blackberrys it will helph if they get galaxy nexus and they buy the 8 billion $ assest that att and tmobile will offer to the market