T-Mobile Releases Yet Another Statement Promoting Their Android Lineup

T-Mobile’s newest corporate blog post comes just weeks after a similar looking statement from T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman with both posts emphasizing the power of T-Mobile’s Android lineup. This time around the focus is once again on the lack of the iPhone 4S on T-Mobile, except this time T-Mobile directly states that part of the reason is Apple’s decision not to produce a compatible variant of the iPhone that will work on T-Mobile’s 3G/4G network.

Given my just posted Galaxy S II review, there is plenty of strength in T-Mobile’s Android lineup, on that we can hopefully all agree. I do appreciate T-Mobile’s forthright approach on the subject of the iPhone however, given the notion that there is plenty of demand for it on T-Mobile’s network. Still, in the absence of the iPhone, T-Mobile is ready to show millions of customers why Android is the fastest growing OS on the planet.

I think the fact remains that if and when Apple puts out a T-Mobile-compatible AWS ready iPhone, they’ll jump on it. In the meantime, almost 100% of the attention is on their Android smartphones and provided they contribute to 90% of T-Mobile’s smartphone sales, the attention is well deserved.

Full Statement:

NOTE:  This statement may be attributed to Andrew Sherrard, Senior Vice President, Marketing, T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile thinks the iPhone is a good device and we’ve expressed our interest to Apple to offer it to our customers. Ultimately, it is Apple’s decision. The issue remains that Apple has not developed a version of the iPhone with technology that works on our fast 3G and 4G networks. We believe a capable version of the iPhone for our 3G and 4G networks would offer an additional compelling option for our customers on a fast 4G network. However, the iPhone is not the only option to experience the benefit that smartphones offer.

T-Mobile’s 4G smartphones stack up against competitive smartphones in terms of functionality, speed, features offered and overall experience – including the iPhone 4S. Reports continue of iPhones not operating well on some carrier networks, while our latest 4G smartphones offer many advantages vs. the iPhone 4S:

  • Capable of faster speeds
  • Bigger screens
  • Compelling service pricing
  • More advanced camera on the HTC Amaze 4G
  • More choice

We firmly believe that T-Mobile’s portfolio will give any iPhone a run for its money. We offer the increased processing power and faster 4G speeds achieved by our fastest smartphones, the most advanced camera of any smartphone on the HTC Amaze 4G, and our industry-leading 4.52” super AMOLED display offered on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

With our portfolio of Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smartphones, fast 4G network, and competitively priced worry-free unlimited talk, text, and data plans, we believe it’s a great time to be a T-Mobile customer.

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  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As I said before, while it would be nice for T-Mobile to get the iPhone, now that Apple is giving it to regionals and that it is being sold by all the major carriers, it would not make that big a difference on TMOUS’s bottom line.

    This is validated by the fact that AT&T has just reported that sales of its iPhone have been lackluster, this was when only Verizon had it. Now that Sprint and others are getting it, sales to individual carriers will be even lower, as they all “share” in the iPhone’s overall sales numbers.

    But again, it would be great for T-Mobile faithful to finally get the iPhone, sales totals notwithstanding.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really need to start almost every one of your posts with,”as I said” or your favorite,”I said thus back…”. Honestly no one gives a shiite.
      Are those blogs you brag that you run not getting traffic?

    • Bratty

      “AT&T has just reported that sales of its iPhone have been lackluster”.
      …dude, do you have any idea what you talk about? Seriously.  ATT has reported that sales have been so strong that even the 3GS is selling out since it is free.

    • Abolds4397

      I don’t know where you got your comment on lackluster sales of the iPhone with AT&T but I think you need to do some real research, not just posting a comment to be read. The below  info was taken fron Softpedia news and it contradicts what you posted: 

      “Apple’s latest iPhone model, namely iPhone 4S, was already made available for purchase in various markets around the world, including the United States, where it landed on shelves at three major wireless carriers, namely AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, while also being sold through Apple’s own channels.
      Although initial reports suggested that users were disappointed on the release of iPhone 4S, since Apple was expected to make available the iPhone 5 model in early October, initial sales have been impressive. Apparently, the new device has seen the highest demand any iPhone model to date registered, and first day sales reflect exactly that. AT&T, for example, said that it managed to top previous record iPhone activations for a single day, and that a new record has been set. “As of 4:30 pm ET today, AT&T had already activated a record number of iPhones on our network – and is on-track to double our previous record for activations on a single day,” the company said in a statement yesterday.The iPhone 4S landed on shelves in the United States with support for HSPA 14Mbps on AT&T’s network, which makes it the fastest Apple device on the carrier’s network. ”

      • Vim

        ItsMichaelNotMike is referring to AT&T’s sales of iPhones during the 3rd quarter of this year which were down.  In all fairness, this was no doubt primarily because of the 4 month “delay” in the release of the 4S.  Instead of buying in June, the Apple faithful waited until this month to buy.  I thus expect the 4th quarter numbers to be much better for Apple on AT&T. The more interesting factoid in AT&T’s 3rd quarter numbers is that android phone sales are now double what they were a year ago on AT&T.  So just as Apple is expanding to other carriers, Android sales in turn are expanding on AT&T.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        What Vim said (thanks Vim), I was NOT talking about the 4S.

        Obviously YOU need to do some research before spewing insults and being rude.

        Hint: Google “AT&T reports iPhone sales down” or “lackluster;” I assume those search terms will give results on what I was talking about.

        And you should brush up on your reading comprehension.

        I assume people with average intelligence would understand what I meant by “just reported” was referring to AT&T’s 3Q report “3Q” means “third quarter.”

        And a person of average IQ would have also picked up that when I said “this when only Verizon had it” was referring to sales previous to the 4S launch.

        Lastly, assuming one is not a moron, the reader would have picked up that when I said “now that Sprint and others are getting it” that this was referring to the 4S and future iPhones, regardless of iteration.

        Sidenote: Although the 4S is selling well, it has NOT met projected sales numbers. So your comments in that regard are off too.

        Moreover, with three top tier and regional carriers now selling the 4S, what I say remains accurate. Basically there’s only so many iPhone customers out there. Instead of it being available only at one place, AT&T, it is now available “everywhere,” so to speak. I submit this will have a negative impact on all iPhone sellers.

        And it is only common sense that if one can get the iPhone from any carrier that having the iPhone will add to a carrier’s sales totals, it will not significantly contribute to its bottom line, at least not like it did when AT&T had the exclusive.

  • Myblcktee

    I don’t get it. C-Spire is getting the iPhone. How narrow minded are these guys at T-Mobile?

    • Anonymous

      most likely Apple is deciding that it’s not worth it if the AT&T acquisition goes through. 

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The phone to C-Spire is the same as the one made for AT&T, so Apple did not have to manufacture an entirely new phone, as it would have to do for T-Mobile.

  • BP

    Every time T-Mobile keeps talking about the iPhone you can tell that they hate the position they are in with AT&T.  The smaller carriers that now get the iPhone made T-Mobile look terrible.  Until the trial date is over, T-Mobile is in a lose-lose situation.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I hope for the sake of Tmobile they get the SG! That and lack of iPhone are no doubt going to cost them customers.

  • Anonymous

    Now stop blaming T-Mobile not having the iPhone, it’s on Apple court to bring the iPhone to T-Mobile. I prefer Android but it would be great to have the iPhone to T-Mobile. All about personal choice.

  • Sanman202

    I saw that AT&T’s sales for Android devices are picking up. While Apple still has a great device it seems like they are falling a little behind with screen size and processing speeds. The Iphone 4S is still under 1ghz processor. The Iphone 5 will have to be a big change for them, but they still have their fan followers that buy the device because it’s “cool to have one”. It’s more of a status symbol and conversation piece for some to say that I have an Iphone. 

    • Landmarkcm

      I see why you would think that and for some thats the case. But I never thought I would get one but now im converted it’s the best phone ive had on Sprint. My 4S is faster then some phones that said 4g on Sprint!  Ive had like 10-15 of Sprints phones within the last year or so & again im liking  my iphone the best overall. Also not worried anymore abt the newest android every other day anymore.

  • Jaganimated

    Iguess u can’t have both. Cheap rates and out if the gates top of the line phones. One or the other.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    By the way, I do consider it embarrassing that TMOUS does not have the iPhone. Way back I said that T-Mobile (or any carrier) getting the iPhone was a matter of prestige, especially in light of Apple’s strict requirements to get the brand and Apple’s unwillingness to manufacture phones compatible with carriers who want the iPhone.

    Bottom line, TMOUS needs the iPhone in its inventory simply to “keep up with the Jones.”  Without the iPhone T-Mobile comes across as a second tier carrier, especially now that even Sprint has it.

  • TMoFan

    It’s an embarassment that C-Spire (formerly known as Cellular South) got the iPhone before T-Mobile. I hope their execs hang their heads in shame … unless this is on purpose because of this ridiculous sellout. Blaming Apple is just a deflection. Apple has its demands, and obviously worked out a deal with Sprint and C-Spire.

  • Kevin Bacon

    Until we get the Iphone I think if you want to bring/keep more customers offer these high end phones as excellent deals. The HTC Wildfire for Iphone 4s incentive was a joke.  

  • Vim

    According to Gizmodo, the Galaxy
    S II is far faster than the iPhone 4S on Sprint’s network, and both the
    Galaxy S II and the Amaze on T-Mobile’s network blow away the iPhone 4S on
    AT&T’s network.   Apple’s lack of support for the fastest network speeds is a pretty good
    reason for T-Mobile not to take on a huge amount of debt to meet Apple’s
    exorbitant demands the way Sprint did.  I’m sure Sprint will sell a lot of iPhones, but 30.5 million over 4 years on a network the size of Sprint’s is highly unlikely, especially given all the complaints that are cropping up on Sprint’s forum regarding how slow the 4S is on their network.  

    • sidekicker89

      That’s a good point though, I know this isn’t a Sprint forum but why IS their “native” network SO small still after all this time? it seems like that most of their coverage is mostly roaming anyway!

    • Well, the 800mhz dual-core vs. the 1.2ghz dual-core makes a significant difference. Plus, the full browsing with choices of browsers helps as well. Opera mini can do significantly better.

  • Carlos Lago

    its a real shame that c spire has the iPhone first, its just not fair. i believe those are just excuses from tmobile. if they wanted to have it they would have gotten it even before verizon. and maybe now they would not be loosing so much. good bye tmobile this will be your last year.

  • Bigmerf

    If tmo fails to get the galaxy nexus, then we know who to blame. Not having either of the 2 premier phones is a failure period and will cost them customers.

    • derrickps3

      no it won’t..

      • Anonymous

        yes it will

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it will. I am one.

    • They won’t get the Galaxy Nexus. It isn’t even rumored that they will get the Galaxy Nexus.

      • What other carriers use the 1700/2100 bands? Those are confirmed in the specs for the new Galaxy Nexus.

        • BiGMERF

          there are few euro companys that use that band.. like 3 in the uk

        • Three uses UMTS 2100. The only other carriers that use UMTS 1700 are WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Videotron, and Cincinnati Bell.

  • Anonymous

    According to studies of median annual income, the most affluent customers are found on AT&T and VZW, followed by Sprint and T-Mobile.

    Apple has progressed through the carriers in the same way, targeting the most affluent customers for the itunes and App store ecosystem.

    From Apple’s perspective, T-Mobile customers have the least spending ability and aren’t “interesting”.
    Part of the $20 billion deal with Sprint was not to make an iphone for T-Mobile as Sprint wants to drain the T-Mobile smartphone users as much as possible before the merger goes through.

    The excerpts from the Steve Jobs biography depict how much he hated Android so he hated T-Mobile for spawning the first Android phone as well.

    Iphone could have been relevant to T-Mobile, the iphone 4S could have had an impact.

    By the time iphone 5 is out, even if does have AWS bands, even if it’s sold at T-Mobile stores, it will be irrelevant as it will be simply too late to make.

    • Whydoyouneed

      PWRuser you get the prize. 

      What you outlined has WAY more to do with the lack of an iphone at T-Mobile.

      Add to this the fact that there are a lot of unknowns over the AT&T takeover and that lends Apple to a – “no need to bother with AWS banded T-Mobile before we know the fate of that story…and besides maybe being last will teach them a lesson for being Android cheerleaders”.

      You really got it. Everybody else should wake up.

      • Considering the iPhone 4S has a dual-diversity antenna with tri-mode PAs for frequency bands, including AWS would have benefited nearly all AWS-using carriers (Cricket, MetroPCS, WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Videotron, T-Mobile, etc.). The iPhone 4S is one of the few CDMA2000 phones that supports 1xEv on 2.1GHz (required for Asia) because of it.

  • I just left T-Mobile after 8 years.  Tired of waiting for the iPhone that never came.

    • Yeah, that 800mhz dual-core processor… That’s almost almost state-of-the-art.

      • Chrisangel13

        funny cuz it still runs smoother than all these 1.5 GHz android phones.

        • Realcool2000

          R u sure….cause to know that it runs smoother u would have to actually hands on compare android and and iphone, and I doubt u have ccompared them cause I really don’t think you r smart enough to use an android phone.

          Also to use android system u have to b able to think for yourself and obviously that’s not in ur future either…

        • I’m sorry, please stop… You’re making us both look bad.

        • Really? The iPhone 4S has more issues than my 1ghz single-core Droid 2. It also has less features, less customization, and you look like a douche if you use it.

  • guest

    I think at&t is paying apple to not make a Tmo compatible version to support their argument that Tmo is not a competitive company and big manufacturers will not make devices for tmo

    • sidekicker89

      this could be true though… AT&T is a pretty sly company so I wouldn’t be surprised! Paying Apple to not sell T-Mobile so they will lose more customers! hmm interesting..

      • sidekicker89

        not sell T-Mobile the iPhone**

    • William Cron

      I’m thinkIng this or that AT&T has it in their contract with Apple to be the only major GMS iPhone carrier in the US.

  • nerdlust

    Apple makes good products but they blew a golden opportunity with iphone4s sales to tmobile customers. Last year when I had my blackberry 8900 and 32gig ipod touch I may have bought an iphone. But since none was offered I went with a cliq 2. Browsing the web is like using a laptop, full flash browser is so sweet, no way I’m going back to partial internet when I can have the entire internet. I hope tmobile gets it for other folks but apple lost me by waiting to long to release iphone on tmobile.

    • Landmarkcm

      Skyfire browser on iphone supports most flash if you must watch vids on websites that often on your phone. Overall you cant compare the 2 though. The 4S is a far superior phone to the now discontinued cliq series. Just sayin..

      • Tortionist

        I’m not a big I-phone or Apple fan, but I can’t argue that one. I’d take a Wildfire S over a Cliq, even a G1.

  • Anonymous

    Someone send that to the guy at Google who is responsible for launching the Galaxy Nexus on TMo, look how heavily they promote Android phones!

  • I’m tired of everyone cackling about why T-Mobile doesn’t have the iPhone. There’s a reason why they don’t. They have a business plan and it just doesn’t include the iPhone right now. Smart companies don’t just shove out products because people whine about them. They have their own agenda and strategy and are staying competitive in a way that makes sense for them. If you want something so bad, stop whining about it and go get it. If this carrier doesn’t offer what you want, switch to one that does. 

    • Tortionist

      While I do agree with you for the most part. I think it would be unwise to switch carriers over any phone. you have to then deal with different prices, customer service, nickle and diming , etc. It’s just more financially and economically efficient.

    • I also agree to a certian point on your comment TMO has to follow its business plan but it’s quite clear they aren’t fighting to compete anymore and two things have shown this 1. DT efforts to sale and not having the iPhone in their lineup. I really don’t care for the iPhone, been there done that great phone but Android is just a better suit for me but even I know to compete in the US Cellular market the iPhone must in your lineup. Android is great but most teams with a one trick pony usually don’t last long and Android is T-Mobile’s one trick pony thats all we have to compete we also do have WP7 but the business plan as shown in the post is to fully promote Android look at the top 2 carriers in the US they both have the iPhone ALSO have superior Android phones and Windows phones..Verizon is getting the new Nexus next month, that speaks volumes for their lineup they understand the people need choice. It’s simple TMO just isn’t competeing anymore and sadly it’s b/c DT and AT&T want this deal to go through, sucks to be sold out by your own (DT)

  • Jeremy Nguyen

    T-Mobile typically subsidizes smartphones for $300.  Apple demands that carriers subsidize their iPhone for $450.  How many of you clamoring for the iPhone would still buy it for $350 on a 2-year contract?  Not many I would guess.

    • Mopar6464

      Your not even close in price.
      You can get the iphone for $199 subsidized with a 2-year contract with all three carriers right now. So why could’nt T-Mobile if they got the iphone as well.
      Well the answer to that is T-Mobile sucks in their marketing department.

      • Vim

        Before you criticize someone else you really should take the time to understand their argument first.  You’re only revealing your own lack of knowledge.   Apple does demand larger subsidies from the carriers than they typically pay for other phones.  This is a major reason why the iPhone has such fat profit margins. Sprint went into big-time debt to land the iPhone.  DT/AT&T likely see no reason to do the same with T-Mobile US since the plan is for AT&T to take it over within a matter of months, and AT&T already has the iPhone.  Furthermore, as has been stated several times already, lack of the iPhone fuels their argument that the take-over should be approved because T-Mobile US can’t survive on its own.

        • Mopar6464

          It’s simple , if T-Mobile really wants the iphone on their network then shut up and put out the money and regulations Apple wants for the product .
          T-Mobile Can’t or Won’t for some reason so instead that’s why the iphone was not released to T-Mobile unless AT&T had some kind of backdoor say in it because of the acquisition deal.
          Talk is cheap , you want a Apple product , pony up the cash like the other carriers have and T-Mobile can have it.
          So instead T-Mobile goes on this BS sales pitch on how much better a Android phone is .
          Millions of people still prefer iphones over other OS and not one single Android phone could compete one on one with the iphone.
          T-Mobile surely realizes this and even states how many unlocked/jailbroken phones are used on their network right now.
          Again , T-Mobile’s sales and marketing Sucks !

        • Vim

          I entirely agree that T-Mobile marketing sucks.  Nevertheless the situation is far from simple.  There is a very real cost-benefit analysis that needs to be done.  On the one hand we have DT & Apple who do not wish to take on debt so T-Mobile US can land the iPhone.  Then we have Apple which lacks the motivation to make an AWS iPhone unless T-Mobile US can commit to buying an extremely large minimum quantity at somewhere around $650-700 a pop.  Scuttlebutt is that AT&T originally contracted to pay $650 each for the iPhones it (or Apple) sold for $199.99 and that Sprint is paying $700 for each iPhone 4S it (or Apple) sells for $199.99.  Furthermore Sprint is now contracted to buy at least 30.5 million iPhones over the next 4 years.  Sprint barely has 30 million postpaid customers, most of whom do not have smartphones.  Even spread out over 4 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sprint got stuck with 5-10 million iPhones which it will have to dump for free at a significant loss in a few years time. Sprint’s deal with Apple is thus very much a gamble, one that could potentially do considerable damage to Sprint should it not go well.

          The Android hype is typical marketing push-back.  T-Mobile is taking flak for not carrying the iPhone so of course it touts its top Android phones in response.  Verizon did exactly the same thing until it landed the iPhone.  In fact, Verizon used its support of Android against the iPhone as a bargaining chip in talks with Apple to get a better deal.   That’s how the game works. Unfortunately for T-Mobile US, the question marks hanging over the AT&T merger are paralyzing its ability to negotiate a similar deal. 


    • Anonymous

      If people have the money to drop $250-300 on a phone now and really want the Iphone, they will spend the extra money for it.

  • BigMixxx

    They made a huge statement with this. ‘We don’t have the iPhone, it’s up to apple.’  Yet Apple brings the iPhone ti C-Spire.  

    There is really something really wrong at the Circle K down the street.  There has to be a significant reason why T mobile is not getting an iPhone, when ALL other carriers are.

    Anywho.  Imma stick it out with my G2x.  If something compelling comes along that has 4 cores, I’m buying…

    • jon

      In the back of my mind, I have wondered if T-Mobile is thinking three steps ahead and setting itself up for a Google purchase…Heavy promotion and the 2 best Android handsets to date all at the same time??? I wouldn’t go as far as saying that IS what is happening, but just the conspiracy theorist part of me thinking outloud..

      • Tortionist

        I sure as hell hope you’re right. G-mobile would be awesome.

      • BigMixxx

        The big key here is, does a mobile phone company fit in Google’s Portfolio.  What can T mobile offer to Google bottom line. 

        IDK, To me T mobile is worth about 15 to 20 billion dollars, not 39 billion.  Sprint and Google seems to be the next thing, but sprint has wireline operations.  A google Phone company, they could easily pick up a good chunk of the remainder of T mobile.

        Now the crazy thing….T mobile CMO is VERY VOCAL about not having an iPhone offering.  The CMO does not seem to be very happy about a T mobile purchase by ATT.  T mobile is changing the lineup, with LG making mytouch phones and pushing them mid tier. and HTC and Samsung continuing to deliver big, bad phones. (never liked mytouch phones, too, too gimmicky )

        I don’t know where this will be, especially with C-spire and it’s million customers getting iPhone access.  I don’t know what’s next, but if the bets are on Android, blackberry and Windows Mobile, T mobile portfolio look as good as everyone elses…just getting an iPhone offering, T mobile will immediately make a profit.

    • Tortionist

      Probably not until the SGSIII in June. It’s supposed to have a quad-core processor and a 12 MP camera. That’s what i’m waiting and hoping for.

  • Tmobile is hoping the AT&T buy out goes through, thus not wanting to invest the billions of dollars to Apple to get the iPhone when AT&T already has it. Frankly I’m tired of Android devices every new device is supposedly the BEST phone, with a new phone coming out ever 1-2mons give me a break. Android is just saturating the market that doesn’t mean its better than the iPhone cause its not. I’m a WP7 owner and I honestly say the iPhone is the better phone and OS (iOS)

    • Sm

      You are a sheep.. A dim witted idiot. The new androids make the iphone look like a childs toy. Its great if you want a sissy phone. Grow a pair!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Patrick is spot on with his analysis. Sorry Sm you are the dim witted idiot, especially for hurling insults and being an online jacka-s-s.

        • Sam

          Iphones are great at doing what apple limits them to do and therefore forces down to its users what they should do and if they can’t do it in your best interest because apple afterall is the one that set those limits. For people that don’t like to follow as part of a herd of sheep they usually go to other options. What amazes me more is how the feminine sized Iphone 4s will still be bought. 3.5 inches on a touchscreen is a bit small for anyone with man sized hands. There is not perfect size but I would say 4 to 4.5 inches is a range that offers flexibility. However apple knows nothing of how to offer flexibility or options beyond 16 gb, 32 gb or 64 gb. Also I know several android devices that get released as entry level phones or mid range phones not claiming to be the greatest. Pretty much only the Nexus, Top End HTC or Galaxy claim to be a High end phone. Probably all wasted words as Apple sheep will be Apple sheep till the end.

      • Anonymous

        What are you 12? or ghetto punk?

    • Whydoyouneed

      I’m not WP7 or an IOS phone owner and I too would say you’re right…and I’m trying to figure out which one of them I’m going with and if I end up leaving T-Mobile as a result.

    • Anonymous

      Thank You, I have no issues with Android personally, just the fanboys that can’t see past the trees. Android is over saturating the market with no solid competition making it very easy for Google  to capture its market share and they scream Android rules everyone wants it. Right now people want options and its is the OS on more devices offering the most options. 

      • Vim

        No competition? Apple, I think would disagree. Furthermore, Blackberry, Microsoft and Palm have all been around longer than Google’s Android.  When Apple raised the stakes only Google  was able to meet the challenge.  Palm is dead, Blackberry is slowly dying, while Microsoft’s platform has been in a coma so long that it has been having difficulty waking up despite the enormous resources that have been dedicated to keeping it alive. 

        • Anonymous

          When I said Solid competition I meant economies of scale, Apple can’t match Google’s presence by the sheer number of devices that are released running Android. There are just more desirable devices running Android that outnumber all competitors and we need a third party. I don’t want smartphones to be a two horse game like computers. 

          Maybe BBX and Windows Phone will pick up some share soon, next year if Apple plays the right cards it could serve more income ranges.

          iPhone 6 flagship pricing.
          iPhone 4S $99 on contract
          iPhone 4 on Contract $49
          Free on Contract iPhone 3GS or $200 on prepaid

          Otherwise I don’t see nothing putting pressure on Android and preventing it from becoming the Windows of the smartphone world. Not everyone want iOS or Android.

    • ericlrich

      You see, T-Mobile doesn’t want this “merger” to go through because they still have potential. If T-Mobile paid to get the iPhone on their network, then that will be a huge investment. AT&T sucks because they charge outrages prices for service. T-Mobile is the cheapest Major US Carrier.

  • Anonymous

    Well it seems to me that this statement is to impose that the iphone is not the only smartphone there is that could satisfy customers, there are also Android devices and Tmobile have some of the best ones.. Very true!

    In other words.. Tmobile is not bitter about it, about not getting the iphone.. Shove it up your a** apple.. Pffft!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not a bad theory, for sure.

      But what’s really going on is that since DT has put the kibosh on the iPhone ever coming to TMOUS, TMOUS is trying to do what it can to still stay in the game.

      That’s why TMOUS execs (the ones who still care) are trying this Android marketing strategy. It is damage control, not making a statement.

    • Dpro

      Wow so full of hate. Seriously grow up man. T Mobile may not be bitter but you sure seem to be. LOL
      Ok its time for the bullshit to stop. Do I think AT&T and DT played roles in stopping T Mobile USA from getting an Iphone? Sure. Do I think T Mobile USA has made their own stupid moves in regards to Iphones and phones in general. Yes, in fact I had a friend in corporate who told me Apple came to to T Mobile USA first before AT&T. T Mobile USA was to timid to play ball i.e. commit to the price Apple wanted and a purchase agreement.

      Do I blame Apple for wanting a certain price for their product. Hell no, the is the U.S. and the last time I checked we were a nation based on Democratic principles and Capitalism. Which means being in business to make money is not a big bad thing. Now before anyone says Google is great because they give away Android. They give away Android to make money off ads and selling your info. LOL

      Anyways bottom line of all of this is T Mobile USA is just trying to cover their asses for being odd man out on the Iphone. They do want the Iphone and you can bet 100% If the deal to sell them to AT&T did not exist they would probably have it already.
      They are just trying to toss the blame on Apple because of this. Dare they come out and say if it were not for the sale of us(T Mobile USA) to AT&T we would be carrying the Iphone now.

      Apple would love to sell the Iphone to any carrier willing to pay for it.

      • Skihiker21

        If only your “friend in corporate” spoke the truth, things would surely be different. I’ve been here for years and can tell you…that never happened.TMO was never approached by Apple before moving on to AT&T. Given that the IPhone isn’t AWS compatible with TMO…further substantiates your ‘friend in corporate’ misled you.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Some have asked in here what is really going on at T-Mobile, with the iPhone and the Company in general. Here is what someone in-the-know from a respected national computer magazine just said:

    Begin Quote:

    T-Mobile U.S. was starting marketing plans for the iPhone 4S, but something suddenly derailed it.

    I suspect that what derailed T-Mobile USA were calls from both Deutsche Telekom and AT&T to Apple saying the effort wasn’t worth it, that they intend the merger to go through and that would make an AWS iPhone much less valuable. Of course, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, as a lack of an iPhone makes T-Mobile less viable and makes the merger more likely to go through.

    We all know that DT is subtly trying to get T-Mobile to commit suicide, to further the merger. This goes against the valiant efforts of T-Mobile USA’s staff and executives all the way up to Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray, who are opposing their parent company’s tactics by building a terrific HSPA+ network and selling great phones. DT obviously needs to sell T-Mobile USA, just not to another major U.S. wireless carrier.

    End Quote

    • Whydoyouneed

      Anybody ever consider that T-Mobile’s step out adoption of a different frequency band has made it ALL THE HARDER for any of these phone manuf. to just route some phones in their direction.  What kind of brilliant move was that on T-Mobile’s part. Sure it’s given them some bandwidth advantage over the short term…but really… non-standard directions are never a good thing when they are done at the infrastructure level and require your hardware manuf to have to make your stuff as a “one off” to the industry.  I’m not talking the stuff the user sees and interacts with…I’m talking your data/voice plumbing.

      • No. T-Mobile’s frequency band is carved out of two very frequently used bands in Europe: DCS for uplink, and IMT for downlink. Immediately after the AWS auctions were completed, Qualcomm, ST-Ericsson, and several others announced that their chips would support AWS with the appropriate antenna/power amp configuration with a simple baseband update. That is because all radio chips already supported the DCS band (GSM1800/UMTS1800), and the IMT band (UMTS2100). In theory, if a phone supported UMTS 1800/2100, it could be reconfigured to work on AWS. 

        Here’s the problem: Apple’s radio chips do support T-Mobile’s AWS band. However, Apple’s antenna/power amp configuration probably does not.

        • Whydoyouneed

          Thanks for the clarification.

      • Anonymous

        Europe also has “use it or lose it rules” which don’t exist in the USA. This means the FCC allows spectrum squatting in the USA, and there’s very little low-cost sharing / roaming as a result.

        Sharing AT&T’s legacy spectrum in order to drum up manufacturer “support” doesn’t actually solve anything, and the argument that T-Mobile’s better AWS spectrum is too new to support isn’t defensible at this point.

      • Skihiker21

        Hmm..it’s NEVER been an issue with any other device or manufacturer. TMO has
        excellent relationships with HTC, LG, RIM etc…to the extent that these
        companies have almost always created custom devices to support features like UMA/Hotspot Calling for TMO…when TMO was the first carrier to offer the service.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    By the way, I agree with many in here who have opined that it is parent DT who is doing all it can to devalue TMOUS, as part of a litigation strategy and to push along the AT&T acquisition.

    IMO, the best evidence that DT is calling all the shots and killing the iPhone ever coming to TMOUS is this:


    • Mopar6464

      Also could you imagine if T-Mobile did get the iphone and customers are getting unlimited everything for $60/month while AT&T customer would be paying $115/month for the same 3G service.
      I think AT&T had a major part in talking to Apple about not releasing a T-Mobile iphone while they are trying to buy T-Mobile out.
      If it did happen , a lot of AT&T customers not on contract would leave AT&T and join T-Mobile saving half the monthly cost . And if T-Mobile did get bought , they would get to keep same plan for two more years until it expired.
      And AT&T contracted customers would be barking like mad since they would be realizing how bad they would be stuck over paying AT&T for the same GSM iphone service.

  • Android sucks!!!!!! Hey that’s just my opinion. YUP call me what you want I don’t have to “ROOT” my phone so it will work right LMFAO F N Losers

    • Sam

      Must be an idiot if you think you have to “ROOT” your phone for it to work right. Just got a Samsung Galaxy S II and its running what it came with out of the box and is amazing. Very fast better then I imagined possible from a phone honestly no plans to “ROOT” it and I am convinced in its current form it can do everything an Iphone can most of it better.

      • Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have a 2GX. I’m not sure that rooting is the cure for that POS.

        • Myblcktee

          my G2x worked better after I root it. The thing is you can have a phone that’s 10x better then the iPhone but it will never be an iPhone. Does your Samsung run iOS ?. Thought so.

        • Spanky




    • I agree w/ you in a smalls sense. I had 5 Android that were all laggy & buggy. & they were like top-tier Android Smartphones. But, not all Android smartphone need a root to work correctly. I have a HTC Sensation 4G, it it works excellently. The best device I have ever owned. Works flawlessly.

    • Richardthegrape

      Owned a mytouch 4g, and now using the Nexus S. Works without any problems for me ;)

      Never once had to root them!

    • ROTFLMFAO… ever since it first came out, it was a necessity to jailbreak an iphone in order to get the functionality that was already out there  like copy and paste, capability of changing themes, quick reply to sms. there’s plenty more but all of these functions were not present in the iphone when it first came out yet other phones had it. Even now with the “new” notifications dropdown (just like the notification screen in android) screen in the iphone 4s, I had that feature in my iphone 3g about 2 years ago because it is jailbroken. The reason I haven’t upgraded my iphone is mainly ’cause I don’t see anything as innovating as when the first iphone came out. I also have an htc android phone which I love and works just as good as the iphone 4s and I never had to root it to get functionality that is already out there or to make it “work right”. If you knew any better, you’d know that there’s more risk of running a unstable rooted phone

  • Whydoyouneed

    Gee if I were Nokia and in discussions about my soon to be available WP7 devices I surely wouldn’t be too happy with the way T-Mobile is talking.   Keep it up T-Mobile and you will ONLY be Android.

  • Rclubine

    this is so untrue, tmo europe (dt) has the iphone and ipad already. i am just getting sick and tired of reading about all these lies. i have a tmo hungary account and it works here is the states without a hitch, besides on my trips back and forth i would not be able to communicate with others in hungary if it did not work. when i first moved back to the states and told the rep at a tmo shop in san francisco that i had a tmo hungary account they just looked at me and ok no problem. now the eighth largest carrier is getting the new iphone 4s and i have not even heard about this company. i roam on tmo hungary when i have my tmo hungary mobile on while in the states from west to east.

  • to be honest all this talk from TMO about “hey our stuff is better than iPhone .. see look” is doing them no favors.  they appear to be just a whiney bunch upset that they didn’t get it.  i wouldn’t even mention it.  it’s backwards like their attack on ATT when they were plotting a merger behind the scenes.  just concentrate on your lineup and get updates to your customers in a timely fashion. do what you do but do it better than anyone else and you might see an upturn.


    I asked #siri if Tmobile was getting the galaxy nexus or Iphone and she replied “No, AT&T forbids it” SMH ,what a Bitch!

    • Anonymous

      Well ATT wasn’t able to forbid Verizon and Sprint from getting it, and they weren’t able to prevent Verizon from getting the Nexus first (assuming rumors are true)

      • Deceptivesmiles

        AT&T isn’t trying to acquire VWS or Sprint. They kno that having the iPhone would put TMO in a better position. It seems as if AT&T is blackballing TMO to push the deal through and its working.

        Also, I find it rather funny that with how “great” the iphone is, Apple still can’t get it to run on faster speeds. I’m not sure but don’t the new 4s is capatable wit AT&Ts 4G speeds…..Well, I’m sure wit the iPhone 6Gs they’ll make them HSPA+ compatible.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with their idea that they have an all-star line up of android phones is that all the other Carriers have an equivalent to each and every device T-Mobile has. Especially with Regards to HTC Sense 3.0+ devices and Samsung Galaxy line. Everyone has one, thing is the other 3 also have an iPhone… who wins? Not T-Mobile customers that’s for sure. 

    • Anonymous

      For the record I wouldn’t buy the iPhone if it did come to T-Mobile… I just think not having one available is going to effect T-Mobile’s bottom line.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Maybe Jobs knowing his days were numbered and his passing additionally explain Apple distributing the iPhone to U. S. carriers who, in Jobs’ opinion, had tainted their lineup with Android phones and doing business with Google.

    Steve really hated Google and I can see him insisting AT&T, in return for iPhone exclusivity, would not promote Android phones. It was only knowing that he would die within a year that he softened up on doing business with anyone in the U.S. also doing business with Google. (In Europe such restrictive agreements are illegal, for the most part.)

    Book Promo – Steve Jobs authorized biography:

    Escalating lawsuits and barbed comments by executives have dramatized the all-out war between Apple and Google for dominance over mobile devices. Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs offers an unprecedented look at Jobs’ feelings about Google, a company he thought was guilty of a “grand theft” when it launched its Android operating system.

    “I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this,” he told Isaacson of the patent lawsuit against HTC.

    Author Isaacson recalls that Jobs “became angrier than I had ever seen him,” during a conversation about Apple’s HTC patent lawsuit, which really accuses Google of patent infringement.

    According to Jobs “Our HTC lawsuit is saying, ‘Google you fu*#ing ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off. I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product.”

    Jobs also slammed Google’s work, telling Isaacson that “outside of Search, Google’s products–Android, Google Docs–are s#*t.” Jobs told Isaacson that Apple’s approach [closed versus Android’s open] stemmed from the Company’s desire to “make great products, not crap like Android.”

    Just throwing this out there. :)

  • Kha

    Your so dumb. That’s a custom Rom with an iOS theme. Get out of here with that. Your pathetic.

    • And your comment is deleted for not knowing how to treat others.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone is a top selling devices true but the problem with t mobile they made very bad decision in the past. The problem is that they dont know how to make a phone interesting, for example the droid line up with Verizon. T mobile need to make a strong line up. the my touch line up  feel like a high school phone  (that’s my opinion). Example the g line up started good with the g2 but the just pay more attention to the mytouch and the sale of the g2 didnt good up. LIkewise they need to stop getting phone that they will not sale like the CLIQ 2 (biggest FAIL ever)

  • ericlrich

    It’s funny how Apple brought the iPhone to Verizon when Verizon is mainly an Android carrier.
    But NOOOO not T-Mobile because of AWS (I’m an Apple Fanboy).


    I’m just waiting for this POS provider to geting eaten up by AT&T,  I been with t-mo since voicestream days and these last 2 years on t-mo have been the worst for me. In terms of service. Customer Service has went to hell the last 2 times I called within the last month it as longs as 20+ min wait. I’m using android myself, I love the OS, nexus s is holding up good. But honestly the strategy they have to combat the iPhone is downright sad. You can just try to sell an android to someone saying it better. It your damn opinion. At least give the consumer the option to choose between the two. Hell t-mobile android line up is sub par compared to the  larger 3 carriers. If I want pepsi ,dont try to sell me Coke. I know there similar taste, but I prefer Pepsi. That example for people want the iphone but being pushed to  buy a android by t-mo. Garbage company decisions is what put them where they are now. It sad apple doesn’t even believe you to last long enough to even get the phone. Metro might get an iphone before t-mobile. 

  • i think with iphone coming to tmobile when the 5 comes will be a bad call for apple i think due to the good old days of u wanting an iphone u had to go to att now every one and theyr dog can carry an iphone which takes away from the “status” factor…. its going to be just another phone…….. nothing “special”

  • G Sanford

    Iphone gives you status now? wow. Sad sad sad people. If you believe that it does then you are probably one of the many people sacrificing food and other necessities so you can pay for the Iphone each month. Nice status lmfao

    • Rclubine_reich

      Now that is the most ludicrous statement I have read. iPhone, android, windows phone, etc… It all costs about the same. It all depends on what kind of agreement you have with your carrier. If you cannot afford it then do not have one. Simple and straight.

  • Missymiller712

    Some of the new android phones, and ICS (Android 4.0) are making the iPhone look like a boring housewife.

  • Bmitch2621

    So I was at the Mall this past weekend … T-Mobile store had 1 (one) customer in it.  I went in to look over the GS II and the Amaze as I’m up for a contract renewal and it took like 10 minutes for one of the three CSR’s to acknowledge I was there and to ask if they could help me or if I had any questions.  Truth was I was only there for a hands on for both phones as I will order via internet.  Anyway, the Amaze has a great feel to it and the SG II was B-E-AUTIFUL.  Anyhow, long story short, after leaving the T-Mobile store we headed down to the Apple Store and it was standing room only with about 20-30 people standing in line outside the store waiting for the iPhone 4S to purchase/activate.  Come on, does it take a rocket scientist to figure out what people want???

    • Zaraaa_1999

      I agree with you totally. The sales at the tmobile stores don’t want to help or compromise. The CSRs from the call center don’t want to help a long time on time paying customer to get a similar phone like the IPhone. Tmobile rather lose the customer. And they are about to lose me. I’ve been with tmobile for over 20yrs. And this brainless CSRs think they can fool me by not connecting me to someone higher up who can make the decision. I think I’m gonna either check the IPhone store or Sprint. Tmobile got loads of crap and young people who don’t know how to make intelligent decisions. Sure what’s losing another faithful customer.

  • Rclubine

    I just got my iPhone 4s and I like it, simple and no over android mania junk. I choose and use what I need and want period.

  • Fembot5

    I got my iphone unlocked and now I have t-mobile and it works perfectly.