Deutsche Telekom Says “Plan B” Available Should AT&T Deal Fall Through

Deutsche Telekom Chief Technology Officer Olivier Baujard speaking at the Broadboand World Forum Conference in Paris Wednesday reiterated his company’s position of faith that the AT&T deal will go through. Deutsche Telekom is already preparing how to spend the influx of cash received from the AT&T deal in order to bolster their German business as well grow in emerging European markets.

Taking his talk a step further Baujard said that as any company should, Deutsche Telekom has a Plan B allowing for other opportunities for its United States branch should the DOJ succeed in blocking the deal. While Baujard declined to say specifically what a Plan B would look like, he did declare that T-Mobile USA is still of value to Deutsche Telekom.

“For us the main problem would be how can we keep T-Mobile competitive in the mobile data race,” he said.

“It’s not as if we have no other opportunity than to close T-Mobile USA if the deal doesn’t work. We have other opportunities. (T-Mobile USA ) may not be an economical jewel, but it is a true asset that has many ways to be valued,” Baujard said.



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