T-Mobile To Launch Pay-Per-Day Prepaid Plans Later This Month

This is the second time in a little over a week that we have seen some leaked intel point to the unveiling of daily prepaid offerings by T-Mobile later this month. This time around we’re seeing concrete info on upcoming prepaid pay-per-day plans confirming the existence of a $1, $2 and $3 per day offering.

The $3 per day plan appears at first glance to be the best offer with Unlimited Talk, Text and Web versus the $2 per day plan which Unlimited Talk, Text and 2G Web. The $1 per day plan is the least expensive prepaid offering with Unlimited Text at $0.10 per minute of voice usage. Our earlier info pointed to the $3 per day plan only offering 4G speeds up to 200MBs and we believe that still rings true.

Aside from confirming the existence of the pay-per-day plans this leaked image also confirms the upcoming launch of the new Monthly4G $60 Unlimited Plan offering up to 2GB’s of 4G speed.

Both the new pay-per-day plans as well as the new Monthly4G offering are likely to launch on October 16th, the same day T-Mobile partners with Wal-Mart to introduce a specialized Monthly4G plan at $30 per month. For prepaid and Monthly4G customers it’s definitely going to be a good end of the year.

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