AT&T Responds To FCC Concerns Over Jobs, Says “Thousands Will Be Created”

Following Thursday’s letter to AT&T from the FCC asking AT&T for more information regarding the creation of jobs in the United States following a T-Mobile takeover, AT&T has responded in kind. AT&T replied and stated that it “is aware that the Commission has requested addition information about the job related effects of the transaction,” and that AT&T “…intends to respond fully to that request.” AT&T has long said one of the highlights of any proposed T-Mobile takeover was the resulting job creation, including bringing 5,000 new call center jobs back to the United States.

In the process, the merger will spur billions of dollars in additional investment, create thousands of jobs, and significantly narrow the digital divide while advancing the Administration’s rural broadband objectives – all of which will aid the nation’s economic recovery and future economic strength without the expenditure of public funds. On top of that, AT&T has made significant job commitments, including our commitment to make a job offer guarantee available to existing T-Mobile USA non-management employees, our commitment to retain the two companies’ U.S. call center employees, and our commitment to bring 5,000 call center jobs back to the U.S.

Oh AT&T, I wish I believed you.


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