Breakdown of New Classic and Value Plans!

I know we already told you about the new classic and value rate plans that are going into effect on July 24th, but now we have a great breakdown of what’s to come.  In the pictures below you will be able to see what the new plans will look like and see what the new plans will save you, and it looks like quite a bit in most cases.  Give it a look and follow the breakdown for more information.  Of course, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments!

So what are Value plans? According to our sources they are going to be very similar to Even More Plus plans with the biggest exception being they will now require contracts. T-Mobile will no longer have any non-contract offerings except for prepaid.

  • Value plans will be able to add unlimited text to family plans for $5 a line as no text bundles will be offered.
  • New data plan pricing for Value plans
    • 200MB for $5
    • 2GB for $10
    • 3GB for $15
    • 5GB for $25
    • 10GB for $55
    • No web features are required for value plans
  • Three new rate plan prices
    • 1000 Min for $49.99 with $5 add a line
    • 2000 Min for $59.99 with $5 add a line
    • Unlimited plan with $5 add a line for 500 minutes, $20 for unlimited
  • Value plans have 21 month Equipment Installment Plan for full price on equipment, the first month is paid up front.
  • Max EIP is $300 a line
  • Existing EIP plans cannot be cancelled, if you lose/break a phone have insurance
  • Two year contracts are REQUIRED
  • FIrst payment will be the same as traditional two year contract price on Classic plans
  • Migration fees from Classic to Value plans range from $0 to $200 depending on how far customer is in contract, out of contract has no migration fee
  • One a customer switches to value plan cannot go back to Classic Plan
  • Classic plans will no longer have Equipment Installment Options

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