T-Mobile National Retailers Lend Support To June Sensation 4G Launch

We’ve been hoping to nail down the Sensation 4G release date even in face of all the evidence pointing toward a June 8th release date and now these internal slides further reinforce a June 8th launch. Without any official word from the Magenta mothership we’re left to take a look at more evidence courtesy of Walmart and The Shack both prepping for a June 12th launch. Along with Target’s leaked June 12th launch this provides even more evidence that a June 8th date for T-Mobile is the real deal. Still, until we get official word we’re left to put our faith in leaked docs and release dates that can change with a moments notice. Keep your fingers crossed!

The Shack is also providing some great incentives on the Sidekick 4G during a promotion between June 5th and June 11th with a $79.99 offer for new customers on family plans. You can also save by trading in a phone and saving an extra $50!

The Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung GT2 are set to drop on June 22nd at Walmart stores which sets them back two weeks after a rumored T-Mobile launch. We’ll be keeping an eye on a T-Mobile launch on June 8th to see if these are on schedule or if the 6/22 Walmart launch is an indication of an overall delay.

P.S. Anyone else like the “Replaces the myTouch 4G in approx 1800 stores” statement?

P.P.S. For those asking in the comments a June 12th launch would be a big box retailer launch since it’s a Sunday. June 8th would be T-Mobile directly if rumors hold true.

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  • Anonymous

    Im confused is this phone coming out on June 8th or June 12th?

    • June 8th would be the T-Mobile launch because its a Wednesday and June 12th would be the big box retailer launch since they everything on Sundays.

      • Cubzfan1968

        I hope the dates on the Wal-mart add are a typo, For the Sensation it says “Dummy phones and fact cards will arrive 6/13”.   The day after the launch.

    • Just wait and see is the safest response here. No one really knows. Either way no more than two weeks away. Now go to bed children Santa will not come until you fall asleep.

  • Wait two weeks at the Shack and save $50!

  • RSX_06

    probably going to land on t-mobile on june 8th first and than later to other distributors on june 12th

    • cirrob

      Hey every one, in case you skipped the article and went straight to the comments, this particualr comment states the same thing as the article but without all the messy details.

      Thanks rsx_06 for translating English into English! Smh

    • None

      >Buzzer< Wrong!  :)

  • BigMixxx

    Wait now….They are outing the LG optimus T?  What does that mean for the rest of the LG lineup, like the G2x?  but replacing it with a Samsung Phone……

    • LC

      That’s just at Walmart, where they’re going to be offering the new Samsung and removing the Optimus T from their line up. I would assume its because the two phones are going to be fairly comparable so Walmart is just choosing to replace one with the other.

  • Clarence Linear

    Do we have any price leaks yet? Although I’m guessing it will be around $499.00 off contract.

  • michael

    When I first read this I was sad to see my Mytouch 4G would be replaced and not flagship material. But then I realized it was just walmart! Fewf! does walmart even have working phones? I have NEVER been in a walmart.

    • ArkAngel_X

      They used to… but people kept on breaking and stealing them so they just use dummy phones now.

    • If you have never been in a Wal- Mart why are you talking? That is just plain stupid.

  • Realdeal1205

    I don’t like that replaces my touch 4g next to the htc sensation, this better not be in the my touch line for the us.

    • Mellow Dubmarine

      I think they mean replace as in the fact that it will be the newest premium HTC phone, and it’s a Walmart. So it’s not necessarily a tmob replacement for the mt4g, it’s just what ghetto walmart is going to be selling in place of the mt4g as a premium HTC phone.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. I’m getting so tired of this crappy temporary Razr. And it’s pink too. Lol.

  • 808 state..

    Sweet!! Sensation will be definitely replacing my g2x!! Due to these random reboots..

    • yea exactly, even tho I love my myTouch 4G the Sense on it slows it down and stalls it just SOOOO much even after a factory reset.  So far it looks as if Sense on the Sensation doesn’t slow it down.

      • 808 state..

        I still got my mytouch 4g rooted with Team royals gingerbread rom and i gotta say Team royal’s roms are bad @ss! Never had any problems with there roms..

  • I’ve heard the Camera, Battery Life, and build is so Fantastic on the Sensation I’m definitely going to replace my myTouch 4G w/ it even tho I still love the MT4G.  I just hope the LCD is Super as they really do claim.  There’s been a question of that with some bloggers since they’re saying the viewing angle isn’t as good on it as on the Incredible 2 Super LCD.  I think it’ll still be comparable tho.  That should hold me over until the Hercules/Galaxy S2 drops in November.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly though how often are you using your phone at odd angles? I don’t see what the whole viewing angles mess is about tbh

  • Sam

    Deal Alert 

    T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™ for FREEWeb-only offer – now thru Thurs, 6/2/2011

    Link – http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/default.aspx

  • J. Williams

    The Samsung GT2 is android?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Ok, I want to flash Gingerbread on my HD2 but I need to know how to sync my data so when I migrate from WM to Android, I can retrieve my data.  Contacts at least.  I know there’s Tmobile Backup but I’m not sure if the Custom Rom has Tmobile Backup on it and I use Microsoft MyPhone as well but that’s Microsoft owned and won’t work with Android to my knowledge.  So, anyone know how Sync and Backup is done when moving from WM on HD2 to Android on HD2?

    Also, good for Tmo stores to give people something to hold them over until the Sensation.  Also the MyTouch 4G replacement is great.

    • Nate

      No Tom that I am aware of will come with T-Mobile apps preloaded. You can grab it in the market, though.

    • Ash

      If it’s roms with HTC sense, then you have to find the right “HTC sync” version and install on your pc.
      There are other 3rd party sync softwares that I’ve heard will work but have not tried.
      Good bet is to search on XDA-dev.

    • Reverend Ink

      How I did it.  Sync HD2 to Outlook contacts.  Export Outlook contacts so they can be imported in Gmail (hope you already have a Gmail account).  Once you have Android on your phone (check the forums and make sure you have newest radio…it made a difference for me) just sign in using the same Gmail address you saved all your contacts to.  Your phone will sync with your Gmail contacts, and you’ll have all your contacts.  

      BTW, there are LOTS of ROMs for the HD2.  Try a few of them out.  I didn’t like the Sense builds and just run a vanilla build (NexusHD2 which is Android 2.3.4),,,bonus is that Netflix streams on my HD2.

  • Strange that it looks awful compared to the other devices there. Strange angle, no image on the screen, odd shadowing. Lazy Wal-Mart corporate photoshopper. Still, June 12 looks like it’s going to be a big day for HTC’s latest!

  • I’m wondering what the upgrade to the G2 will be.. I’d love it to be the same but with a dual core and of course G’bread

    • I was thinking the same when I was looking at the chart above.  The only thing I ask for is that its HTC, other than that im really thinking about getting that sensation!

  • Diane B.

    A friend of mine was in a T-Mob store a couple days ago and was told that T-Mob will be un-booting HTCs.  The reason he gave was that many customers were complaining about not being able to access Netflix.  

    • Nate

      Unbooting? No such thing. And a locked bootloader doesn’t effect whether or not a device is supported for Netflix.

      • Anonymous

        A friend of a friend that I know works at t-mobile too and he was told by a friend of that persons friend that unbooting DOESN’T EXIST.

      • Ash

        Maybe is a typo?

  • Anonymous

    So why is the text for the Sensation all different on the Walmart flier ?.. all the other phones on it are showing launch dates as well, doesn’t make sense for this text to be different and underlined.. and then you get the same thing on the Radio Shack.. underlined and italicized.. Not that I don’t want this to be true.. I really want to see T-Mobile pop up with a pre-order page this week..,  I find it strange that they don’t have a teaser “let me know when available” page.. To think, they could have tortured people the whole holiday weekend with one.. I just hope this doesn’t mean that we are further away from launch than we think.

  • Guest

    Is this the nexus 3?

    • Anonymous

      Lol. NO

    • Guest

      lol no its the new flagship (best) phone out from HTC that will be available on our Tmobile network for the rest of the year at least GO SENSATION lets get it June 8!

  • Wolfepakt

    It is starting to look like T-mo is slowly replacing all of the “feature phones” with low end smart phones, there by forcing everyone to have at least a $10 data plan.  I don’t want my kids to have data, they need a few minutes and texting…… I may have to get my 5th line early!

    • Ash

      Then buy the “feature phones” off contract for your kids, and T-mo can’t force you on any data, I think.
      Feature phones are cheap enough.
      Another point, when low end Android phones are about the same price as feature phones, just get the Android phone. (Off conract, that is).

      Samsung behold2 or something like that, I’ve seen, unlocked, new, for appx. $140 off contract (I bet someone else can find even cheaper.)
      ….good for kids, yes?? :)

  • dammit i wanted to get the GT2 and sell my Optimus T, i need flash on mah android

    • Ash

      If all you want is flash, there are many more to choose from.

    • KitemanKiteman

      google….Skyfire for Android. It works Great!!!

  • Kitemankiteman

    google…Skyfire for Android. It works Great!!!

  • Jonathan3579

    This isn’t all. ;)

    • ep_cre

      ……hmmm? what’cha mean by that?

  • Cellphoneservice

    I want the GS2 not this heavy bulky Thunderbolt look-a-like.  

    • RamisaAj

      Sensation is actually smaller then the gs2, look it up on YouTube , gs2 is fatter

  • Cgogos

    Launch was pushed back a week and its a soft launch, with full launch coming a week later.

  • Anonymous

    I hope T-mobile lets me buy the sensation 4g with some kind of price drop because my G2 got wet at Busch Gardens it sucks now it doesn’t work lol an i really don’t have 500$ to spend right now and i am phone less i mean I’m only 6 months away from 2 years being up.

    • witchkraftracing.com

      that’s why they have insurance

      • Anonymous

        THats why I don’t have insurance

        • trade it in … maybe they will give you some money for it … then get the Sensation

  • So, my friend told me that his friend’s aunt told him that it’s not gonna release until July. He went on ahead and used his upgrade and got the myTouch 4G. I told him “Don’t get mad at me when I say I told you so.” 

    • TinyTim

      Talking to friend who works for Tmobile about the Sensation release. He mentions that they already have the dummy phone in store!! He says usually the dummy comes and aprox 2 weeks later the real one is released.

  • None

    Is the Gravity now Android (It says it replaces the Defy)??

  • TMoFan

    Any info on the samsung dart?