Overview Of The HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Watch And The New HTC Sense

Are you thirsting for more HTC Sensation 4G information but aren’t quite satisfied with the competitive comparison from earlier this afternoon? We’re still trying to nail down a release date but we’ve got a little more intel on the Sensation 4G and all the greatness it brings to T-Mobile. Want to know a little more about HTC Watch and the New HTC Sense? Check. Want three reasons to buy the Sensation 4G over other T-Mobile smartphones? Check. Is the HTC Sensation 4G T-Mobile’s most powerful smartphone yet? Megacheck.

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  • NICE!

  • Thereugo67

    Gonna have to do alot of research on this one. Is the Bootloader going to be on this one? HTC says on future phones, does qualify? Looks like the phone I have been waiting for. Is it going to have the NFC going on with it?

    • Secano

      NFC is a negative.

      • CMK

        How can NFC possibly be a negative?

        • Amdivoff

          I dont understand why people even think of NFC as being negative. its already implemented in some countries and its already set in some local store near me (Austin, Texas) i look forwarrd to the day i can forget my wallet and take my phone only. :)

        • I think he means “______” is a negative. Meaning it’s not present.

        • Amdivoff

          I dont understand why people even think of NFC as being negative. its already implemented in some countries and its already set in some local store near me (Austin, Texas) i look forwarrd to the day i can forget my wallet and take my phone only. :)

    • Nate

      First Gen will probably come with a locked bootloader.

      And no, there doesn’t appear to be any nfc support.

      • Anonymous

        I’m thing the locked bootloader issue will be resolved by HTC releasing the unlock codes to XDA or something along those lines. Also before anyone discredits that HTC engineers and support do indeed recognize XDA as a valuable third-party information source.

  • Kareem810

    This phone s**ts on any new mobile phone device out

    • Anonymous

      more or less. 

    • Anonymous

      Not the GS2 in Europe. 

  • Secano

    “Lightning-fast web browsing” uuhhh…no.

    • reez

      Looks like it says “lightening” to me…

  • Ferminmartin2003

    I cant wait!!!!

  • Matlock

    I cant wait for this phone to come out!! Also, this whole NFC thing could kiss my butt! what is the point to it! Oh I know, all it does it make it easier for thieves to access your info! No thank you, on the whole NFC bit! Leave it off the phones, thank you!!

  • liveTexas

    No NFC & Only 1gb app space means I’ll wait…

    • Anonymous

      NFC won’t take off. Look at the whole pay pass ordeal. Everywhere I go, the retailers that still have these still installed, have the same thing to say…”ohh, don’t bother using that. It’s never worked.” I predict the same with NFC.

      • Anonymous

        im never gonna use it because im just not gonna put card info and tie it to the phone. That being said it works great i dont think it not working will be an issue here

        • Anonymous

          The general concensus is that nobody used the sensors. I manage a theater and my location had pay pass sensors and nobody used them. Even when we had heavy promotional material from Visa and MasterCard. Nobody wanted to use them. I don’t see NFC as any different. Sure, whatever phone I have in the future that has NFC, I am sure I will have a card or two linked up but even I know I probably won’t use it like how google is intending. I really see this not being as big as google is hoping.

        • I’m not sure why but everywhere I’ve gone and tried to use the paypass option, it always fails and comes back declined. Swipe my card and it works. Which leads me to believe it’s the hardware.

        • Crazythunder1968

          nfc is the mark of the beast! don’t use it!!!

      • Amdivoff

        wont take off? google wallet is about to launch and with push from Sprint/Citi/Google and already local shops set to take it..

        • Anonymous

          So what. Visa and MasterCard had a whole slew of retailers behind them too when they pushed out paypass. This is a very similiar concept. Tap and go. I still stand by my opinion that this won’t be as big as they are hoping for. Could be wrong but…

        • Guest

          It has worked everywhere I tried it.  Anecdotal evidence is useful.

  • Nk1

    Only 14.4 mbps 4G? The Sidekick has 21 mbps and isn’t as good as the Sensation… Why T-Mo?

    • J. Williams

      Yep. You have to wonder why some of these decisions are being made, Ans hope they have good reason.

      • smylax

        So far only the hummingbird chipset supports it, that is why. Qualcomm and nvidia don’t. I’m imagining they didn’t include support for 21 so they can jump to 42 in the next generation… or so i hope…

  • My question is whether the Sensation will work on AT&T 3G bands like the Vibrant does. If it doesn’t, it might well be a paperweight in a few months, and that’s not even mentioning the locked bootloader.

    • rameel

      first of all, when at&t mergers. it will take over a year AFTER it mergers for at&t to shut off the 3g and 4g for tmobile. and the bootloader is unlocked, htc is sending a update to all sensation users.. 

    • HTC is no longer going to use locked bootloaders, and you can always sell the device to someone who wont use a data plan.

    • tmo88

      Few months you are very ill imformed if you thing this deal will go thru, in a few months

  • J. Williams

    This will be a hot seller.

  • the lock screen is really awesome, i have it on my MT4G.  Also since 3.0 is really cool.

  • Ron

    I can’t find the reasoning behind buying possibly; an expensive phone on a network whose future is uncertain. 

    • Anonymous

      Not like it would still work if T-Mobile gets obtained by AT&T or anything…

      • Ron

        Ok. So lets say you buy this phone under a 2 year contract for say $200-300. Pay for text-minutes-data plan etc. Who knows whether T-mobile will still be operational by the time the phone pays off?  And by that time a better phone would have come out anyways. Right?
        Personally, I am on T-mobile myself. I hate the fact their 3G frequencies are different from other GSM carriers (making their 3G functionality nonoperational in international countries I travel to) but they do offer a cheaper plans than others.

        • Anonymous

          If AT&T takes over, they would HAVE to honor the T&C of your contract, or offer you a free way out (free termination). It would still work on AT&T though, just under a different plan. If you don’t like that plan, someone will and you can sell the phone for near the unsubsidized price, more than what you paid for.

          And better electronics ALWAYS come out. If this is an issue, don’t buy any. 

          I do agree on that last part though, but I usually never use the web feature with international companies. Just don’t find the cost necessary. 

        • Ron

          Good point. Thanks!

        • None

          It is NOT a free termination during a takeover.  Why is everyone spreading this bogus news?

      • d1andonly

        Actually it would still work on at&t 3G , I noticed the back of the box lists UMTS 1700/2100/1900.  It showed on a pic from a previous blog.

        • Ron

          Nice catch!

        • Nate

          The g2x was originally supposed to support at&t 3g and hspa + as well…

          But it doesn’t.

        • d1andonly

          the g2x never had umts 1900 listed on the back of the box the t-mobile.com made a mistake saying it did on the website, it only had umts 1700/2100 listed on the back of the box

        • d1andonly

          g2x box never had umts 1900 listed on box, only umts 1700/2100

  • Anonymous

    How is it the most powerful smart phone yet when the Tegra 2 beat it in benchmark tests?

    • whosaidwhat

      Yeah, this is a very nice phone and I might end up with it if we don’t get the SGS2 but everything I’ve read and seen so far shows that the SGS2 is a much faster phone.

      Anywho, it will be one of the best phones to hit T-Mobile this year so we should all be happy.

      • Anonymous

        People who like the SGS2 are like people who root for the Miami Heat…I mean, really, how could you?

        • Really??? I don’t know whether to be upset or laugh because I am rooting for the Heat AND like the SGS2… But shouldn’t Heat fans only like Sidekicks??? lol

        • Auser72

          @the_omen, and where is the logic in your comment. It is a matter of preference. If you could come up with one logical reason (outside of personal bias) why anyone shouldn’t root for Miami Heat, I will buy you phone of your choice.

        • Guest

          Floridians are old and dying.

        • Anonymous

          I was unaware every statement had to be logical. It’s purely emotional reaction..Lebron rubs me the wrong way and has since he was in high school.  

          The Galaxy has rubbed me the wrong way since it’s release.  

  • HTCSENSE.COM has been under maintenance for awhile. So I see no use for Sense till its off maintenance.

  • Mellow Dubmarine

    Can somebody f****** tell me if the SGSII will be coming to Tmob and if so, when? I’ve only recently started to get into smartphones and android since I’m upgrading from my 2 year old OG Samsung Gravity soon, and this whole phone business bothers me. You don’t know when a friggen phone will be out until basically a week before. Basically I think the Sensation is quite nice but I’d want to wait for the SGSII if it will be coming to tmob. And no, if the Hercules will be the SGSII variant tmob gets I don’t want it since it won’t come with the same processor and a 4.5″ screen is just too big for me.

    • Thagreat93

      Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a thin and lightweight, dual-core smartphone. Running on Google’s Android 2.3 software, the Galaxy 2 offers access to four new ‘hubs’ for music, games, e-reading and social networking services. It comes a 4.27-inch ‘Super AMOLED Plus’ touch screen display for improved quality in color gamut, contrast ratio and edge sharpness. Additional features include a 8.0-megapixel camera with 1080p high-definition video recording and a 2.0-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling.

    • I spoke to a retail employee of Tmo and they said that the SGS2 WILL be available from tmobile but not until around August or September… Apparently Tmo is focusing on one MAJOR phone launch per month… June is the Sensation, July is the Doubleshot aka Mytouch 4G Slide, and that leaves August and September for the Hercules and SGS2… It doesn’t make sense to me why they would release both of those phones within a month of each other, especially considering the Hercules is based off of the SGS2, but thats what I was told by the guy at the store… But of course you know you have to take their words with a grain of salt… Especially when I said to him that I thought the Hercules was their version of the SGS2, and he replied with “ummm…. I don’t think so…. my rep said we were getting it…” He also told me that the Sensation DID NOT have a locked bootloader lol… And when i said I read about it HAVING the lock here, he said he never saw anything about it and his HTC rep didn’t mention it to him… So I guess what I’m saying is that….. WHO KNOWS….. which sucks cuz I want the SGS2 too… I have a Vibrant and am ready to upgrade to the SGS2… I don’t want a SGS 4G….

      • Nate

        Nothing against retail employees, since I used to be one… but they don’t know shit on which phone is coming and when.

        They’re lucky if they check the grabngos.

        Please take with a LARGE grain of salt.

  • Sincitydoughboy

    Well this is the phone that i have been waiting for it will be a complete upgrade from this pos iphone 3g i use now… Yes i have seen that there are better phones coming out ( iphone 4s, and hercules) but im tired of waiting and i think the sensation is going to be a great phone for tmobile finally its about time

    • TMoEmpNY01

      IPhone 4s…Better??? Really… IPhone fans are starting to sound like symbian (Nokia) Fans. No matter how out of date the phones get, and how much better technology comes out, its still all about IPhone.. Crazy. I would say 4g over 3g, 4.3″ screen over 3.5″…. The camera…etc.. All out of IPhone’s league, but hey some people still worship symbian too.

      • Nate

        The iphone4s is SUPPOSED to support hspa+.

  • Chrisg1225

    i have seen the device and I have played with it. One of my employees went to an HTC event and won one. The phone is sweet. And trust me when i say the new HTC sense is a nice add. I am not a Sense fan but they did it right on this phone.

  • Thagreat93

    it time for me to get and HTC any way i had samsung and motorola phones since i first came to tmo in 2006

  • None

    Retail employee read the same blog you are reading now for release dates.  They have no majoc information.