Deal Alert: T-Mobile G2 Web Only Sale Through June 2nd

T-Mobile is rocking a web only sale on the T-Mobile G2 right now free for new and add-a-line customers through June 2nd. The G2 will forever hold a place in our hearts as the first 4G phone to grace T-Mobile shelves so pick up a piece of Magenta history free right now!


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  • craig

    This is a great phone!! Had my G2 for over 5months and everything on this device is GREAT!! picked up a G2x a couple of weeks ago and there was no big difference in the phone yes G2x processor is bigger but the speed was no difference all thee other stuff I don’t need dual core gaming and etc.

  • Anonymous

    Picked this phone up for 100 bucks a few weeks ago on craigslist. It’s okay. Hate the lifting mechanism.

  • Gma

    wait till the gps craps out on you when you are in the middle of nowhere and the phone requires a battery pull for restart.

    G2 or G2x major problems. Look at the forums. People or not happy.

    Why can VZE and ATT even S get it right? Why or Why!!

    I do not know how much longer I can hold on and not become and apple fan boy!

    • Anonymous

      its funny because the average user loves both those phones, my g2 is running strong with no problems and never have

      g2x sells like hotcakes havent had any returns on those because people love them so much

    • Dalton

      My GPS has always worked fine on my G2. Lol.

    • Tortionist

      You’re screwed up in the head… The G2 has not had any GPS problems. the G2X has, but not the G2. they only had a hard time getting the G2 to permanently root, but that problem was fixed within weeks after it was released.

    • Realcool2000

      GPS works fine on everyone else’s G2. No worries with the G2, its a solid phone.

    • yyevo

      If you were in the middle of nowhere, perhaps you lost a data connection? My G2 GPS never has had a problem.

  • Joseoscarmunoz

    G2 is Awesome

  • rev2redlineguy

    I’ve had my G2 since December and not one problem at all. It runs great and is an awesome phone. It is definitely a keeper for a while.  

  • Tortionist

    The G2 is a great phone. I picked it up in February with the same deal. I added another line for my 15 year old son and got it for free. I rooted it and flashed CM7 after trying a dozen different ROMs. CM7 is the best by far. I got rid of bloatware and have it overclocked at 1.6 Ghz. It is a beast. It runs faster than most smartphones. It runs Android 2.3.3 on it. I have had no problems with it. I love it.

  • 96stanggt210

    Wtf….. I work for T-Mobile and this is why we have so much churn. Everything is free for new customers, but what about existing customers. They get nothing, but a “thank you for your business”. That’s crap! Existing customers deserve free phones too. Just saying.

  • deejayeetee

    It’s currently only $50 over at Amazon Wireless, and that includes upgrades. I’m almost ready to go through Amazon for my upgrade, since the price is better there than at T-Mobile. I’m just a little paranoid that something will go wrong when I order through a 3rd party, or that T-Mobile will finally offer the G2 for free for upgrades after I go for Amazon. I’m on a Behold and my wife’s on a Gravity (both originals), and we’re due for upgrades.

    • PJ

      Do you know if this is a special holiday sale or is this the regular price. Deejayeetee, thank you so much for the info :-) I really want to get a G2 but refuse to spend the $150 TMobile is asking for us existing customers

      • deejayeetee

        I don’t think it’s the regular price, but it’s been at $50 since sometime last week, at least, and still is today. 

    • THawk

       Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend a deal on the G2 through T-Mobile for ages now with no luck. Went ahead and did this through Amazon. Only thing is that it showed up with a 35 dollar activation fee, and should only be an 18 dollar upgrade fee. Hopefully it pans out when Tmobile bills her. Anyways , great deal and easy as pie to complete an order.

  • Luigeluis93

    Tomorrow im calling T-Mobile in the morning, telling them that i HAD IT with my blackberry 9780 its my 4th time they replace my phone. I’m going to tell them that i want this phone cause i just HAD it with my Blackberry.

  • M Zapata80

    G2 is the best phone I’ve ever had. I’ve tried many other phone after that including the G2X but still come back to my G2. Just get it while the sale lasts and you won’t regret it.

  • Realcool2000

    The G2 is great! Ive had mine since February, and had no problems. Its fast ( web
    and os ), no lag, super responsive. Great phone.