Samsung Galaxy S 4G Maintenance Update Available

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G owners should be on the lookout for notification of a maintenance update that’s been out for about 10 days. Unfortunately this update doesn’t magically bring Gingerbread goodness but it does fix a number of bugs that have affected some users.

    • ? Call functions
      • Incoming caller number displayed instead of name (for customers who subscribe to Caller Name ID service)
    • Memory
      • Phone freezes, soft reboots, lags, or has black screen
    • Messaging (SMS, MMS, e-mail)
      • Error: ‘Message not sent’ or ‘Error in server response’ when sending a Picture Message
      • Contact’s name does not appear in text message ‘To’ field
    • Wi-Fi Calling
      • No data connection after leaving Wi-Fi area

Samsung Galaxy S 4G owners can take a look at the link provided at the end of the post courtesy of Samsung which provides a walkthrough on how to perform the update. We expected the OTA version of this update to hit soon but if you want to get the fixes right away hit the link below!

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Update


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  • Next up. Sidekick 4G.

    It too has many of those issues.

  • i got mine ota…

  • Guest

    no love for Vibrant owners?

  • Paul

    got mine 2days ago ota in Chicago

  • Martinchav

    Can I updated even tho I’m rooted? Sorry for the noon question

    • Ohgeez10

      I was rooted and after I did the update, root was gone and all the bloatware I removed came back. No big issue because I can have it rooted again. I did like the memory increase. 



  • warlock

    You will also regain about 100MB of internal memory after the update!

    I ran into an error while updating and had to search out an answer.
    If you get an error that the update failed (may also be accompanied by an error about the visual voicemail being full), you will not be prompted again for the update.  You will need to connect via USB and update using KIES.

    Martinchav, I lost root during the update process, but it’s just as easy to root again when it’s done.

  • Napster

    Typical samsung always messing up

  • Respawn

    Hey David, I have been checking your site constantly and doing Google searches for the myTouch 4G Gingerbread update.

    Any news on when this will drop? It’s a great phone and all but I made the mistake of getting a Gingerbread launcher app so now I’m addicted lol. Thanks as always!

    • Respawn

      And I really don’t want to root :p

    • To just the appearance? Why not just use Launcher Pro and customize the dock to the Gingerbread Launcher while keeping great functionality and speed.

  • anonymous

    Is this KD1 update from KB5? Wasn’t this available since early May (not 10 days ago)?

    • rrb710


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, about a week ago my accidental SGS 4G* had a message pop up that said update available.

    I performed the OTA update of course, but it was too short a process for it to be Gingerbread, but I was hoping.

    After a check in settings it said version # 2.2.1

    Oh well, one could hope.  I ended up having to go online to see what this update changed. 

    Note: Someone, somewhere said that if one applies the update you lose superuser.

    *accidental 4G in that I bought the phone for $200 on eBay (I had sold my Vibrant months ago, to prepare for buying the Sensation or SGSII.  But I could not handle using the Optimus T).  When I got my supposed Vibrant in the mail and booted it up was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually a SGS 4G.

    • Anonymous

      i think i might just buy a sgs4g on ebay. the G2x seems to have too many issues for me to buy without the ability to return it

  • Anonymous

    Note:  Even after the update my phone calls still freeze, to where I have to remove the battery to fix it.

    So if the update was supposed to fix that, it did not.

    (The problem may be some game or app that I downloaded and it’s causing the freeze/crash.)

    • Guyfromtmobile

      Task managers on newer android phones cause more harm to your phone than help.


        Really?? How??

        • Task Killers are foreign to the native Android App Manager, what happens is with that unexpected close Android is going to reopen the application, and then the application will probably draw on data and expend resources, unnecessarily. 

        • None

          One would think Michael knew that as a master of all that is mobile.

  • Anonymous

    what are the chances of ice cream for this phone 

  • Does the GPS still suck?

    • Purpledogs222445

      not realyy

  • None

    I hope the update fixes the creaky plastic case

  • BleedMagenta

    Anyone having any issues connecting the device to Kies mini? I have set the phone to the defualt TWLauncher, re-installed mini kies, rebooted my pc, connected the device, selected the device to be set in the Kies USB mode, and still can’t get the Phone Upgrade icon to initiate the download.

  • I had no problems applying the OTA update, but I prepared for it by recharging the phone, closing all apps, moving as much stuff to the SD card as possible, rebooting and being on wi-fi. Many upgrade problems are because there either isn’t enough space available. I read that at a minimum you want to have at least 70+MB free on the phone before upgrading.

    The best part was gaining 100MB of phone storage after the upgrade. Probably still the #1 issue with this phone – buyer beware!

    Next stop, Samsung please fix the battery drain!

  • My Samsung galaxy s 4g keeps turning off when its on out of nowhere?
    what the f**** is wrong?
    how do  fix it any1?

  • Artakapachigh

    im having truble connecting to my internet but yet my girlfriends works perfectly fine.we are both on the same plan? does any one know how i could maybe turn my 4g on or just help me with the prob???

  • Monster4lyfe

    my tool barr at the bottom of the screen went away and only says applications…. anyone know how to fix i tried manual reboot and reinstall packages didnt work… any thoughts?

  • singh

    it says unregistered,,,,,help….

  • Fawzeyax3

    it says that its connected my phone to the wifi but it won’t work, it won’t open any online pages for me.

  • Purpledogs222445

    i hate when this happens and i have to take off the case and the back of the phone and then take out the battery put it back in shut the phone put the case on and wiat forever while it turns on again. when it does turn on the battery dies by like 20-30%. and if i need the phone i try to use it while “media scanning” and then it frezzes vibrates over an over and i have to take out the battery etc AGAIN!!!

    • Aubreygraham95

      have you found anything to keep it rom doing this. Because i do the same exact thing.

  • guest1234

    my phone keeps turning off by itself and i can’t turn it back on unless i put it on the charger. but my phone will still have like 50% left WTF is going on

  • Klee905

    I have the phone almost 2 months but the problem is getting worse. My phone keeps shutting off from any little vibration, such as in my pocket, walking and running.

  • ant

    Since I already updated my Galaxy S to gingerbread, I won’t get the notice??