Samsung Galaxy S 4G Maintenance Update Available

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G owners should be on the lookout for notification of a maintenance update that’s been out for about 10 days. Unfortunately this update doesn’t magically bring Gingerbread goodness but it does fix a number of bugs that have affected some users.

    • ? Call functions
      • Incoming caller number displayed instead of name (for customers who subscribe to Caller Name ID service)
    • Memory
      • Phone freezes, soft reboots, lags, or has black screen
    • Messaging (SMS, MMS, e-mail)
      • Error: ‘Message not sent’ or ‘Error in server response’ when sending a Picture Message
      • Contact’s name does not appear in text message ‘To’ field
    • Wi-Fi Calling
      • No data connection after leaving Wi-Fi area

Samsung Galaxy S 4G owners can take a look at the link provided at the end of the post courtesy of Samsung which provides a walkthrough on how to perform the update. We expected the OTA version of this update to hit soon but if you want to get the fixes right away hit the link below!

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Update


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