T-Mobile And HTC Holding Special Event June 8th “Showcasing 3 New HTC Phones”

With plenty of reasons to suspect a June 8th launch of the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile we’re still awaiting official word from T-Mobile herself before calling that an absolute. However, a recent tip from an anonymous individual directed us to a showcase T-Mobile is holding in Houston, Texas on June 8th to “showcase 3 new HTC phones…”  Billed as a launch event it’s timing on the 8th is either incredible coincidence given the Sensation 4G rumors or the best case of random selection I’ve ever seen.

What’s really interesting is the hint that “3 new HTC phones” are going to be shown. So what might we see at this event? Our best guess is of course the HTC Sensation 4G but what else? A recent eWeek.com story proposed the idea that the HTC ChaCha with it’s dedicated Facebook button is heading for a T-Mobile arrival. The ChaCha has long been rumored for AT&T but is it possible it’s also heading for Magenta as well or was the article merely mistaken? Could we go so far as to speculate the HTC Doubleshot better known as the myTouch Slide 4G would be shown? It’s certainly a possibility but would T-Mobile want to take attention away from the Sensation 4G which is definitely the phone of the hour? As for what else could be shown we’re left guessing the HTC Marvel/Wildfire S, or the HTC Flyer tablet as a possibility and plenty more. We just don’t know what the other two devices could be but we’re surely looking forward to find out!

Take a look at the job listing below and begin your speculation!


GC Marketing Services has the following job listing in your area. Please read the job posting carefully and apply only if you are able to complete the engagement and if you fit the criteria specified by our client.

Event / Name of Promotion:
T-Mobile Showtime Events Featuring HTC
Dates / Times:
Wed 06/08/11 1:00pm-8:00pm 

(You must be able to work all dates and times)

Houston, TX
$XX.00 per hour
Engagement Description:
Looking for Tech Savy BA’s!! 

T-Mobile, together with HTC (their phone manufacture) is sponsoring an upcoming Showtime Event. The objectives of the training event are to: Launch event to showcase 3 new HTC phones, Hands-on demonstration of HTC devices, Increase awareness and mindshare of HTC products & Generate excitement around the new HTC portfolio.

Booked reps will be onsite assisiting with the following:

-Must be able to write legibly.
-Will be assisting with light event setup/breakdown.
-Are to greet and direct attendees to registration tables and refreshments and/or hand out any welcome materials.
-Assist with needed event wrap up such as: clean up/pack up registration materials.
-Will Pass out/pick up materials as needed from attendees and/or stage presenters.
-Assist trainer during lecture as needed for demonstrations, prize drawings, etc.
-Be present in lecture room throughout event – sitting on sidelines & visible to majority of attendees; upbeat and energetic — cheerleader for team.
-Maintain schedule for assigned group — ensuring they stay on task
-Possibly participate in on stage activities with participants in front of crowd during Game Show.
-Be present at exit areas as training ends to thank attendees for coming & wish them well/safe travels, etc.

** Please note you will be on your FEET for the entire length of event **

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  • T-Mobile version of the Incredible S w/ maybe a different name??  I dunno…  after all the European version had AWS.

  • I wonder??

  • I wonder??

  • J. Williams

    I would love to see the wildfire s with Tmobile.

  • Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing.

  • Guest

    Tmobile is like the fat kid who gets picked last all the time.

  • Guest

    Tmobile is like the fat kid who gets picked last all the time.

    • Bratty

      WTF you talking ’bout Willis?

      • He must be 1 of the sad fat kids, that gets picked last all the time..So sad..

    • You’re comment is a good 1-2 years later. It’s 2011 now

  • whosaidwhat

    Sounds good. I don’t think they need the chacha though. I also hope they advertise the actual strengths of these three devices and not the icarly 4G crap they’ve been running for months.

  • Ken S

    Funny that this is in Houston, TX (Home of AT&T) and not Bellevue, WA (Home of T-Mobile)

    • carcomptoy

      Actually, AT&T headquarters are in Dallas, not Houston http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT%26T.  Same state, but very different cities.

  • Darrinstern

    My local store in Northbrook, IL said to come in on June 10th to pick one up.  I have been having a bad time getting a phone I liked.  The G2x battery just sucked (no better way to say it).  It was a good phone but I got a .5 day of calls and email before it was dead.  The Galaxy S 4G, no memory and to much crapware for my flavor.  I just hope the Sensation can take 10 hours of calls and email and not have to much juck locked into the phone.

    We will see……

    • Danishswag

      depends if you consider htc sense junk, although i guess there’s other home launchers

      I would say wait and see what battery life reports are, because HTC has a bad reputation for that, other than the G2. The thunderbolt and evo, other phones with massive screens, die pretty quickly.
      the sensation also has little internal memory for apps and stuff from what I’ve seen, but that just depends on how many apps you have

    • Cubzfan1968

      I doubt the Sensation will launch on the 10th.
      T-mo phones launch on Wednesdays.

  • Btweezy414

    I am confused a litte. Would this mean the phone would be avaialbe for purchase that day? Or would it only give us a real release date? I guess the whole launch event is mixing things up for me. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile goin’ all Verizon on us with these multi-releases.  Impressive!!  This is how it SHOULD be done.

  • thanks a lot for the post. appreciate your efforts!

  • None

    I do not get it… If we suspect the release date for the Sentation is the same day, it would not make sense to have an actual roll-out even the same day would it?   I would presume a show like that would be a least a week ahead of the actual release to amp up some anticipation. 
    I just cannot believe we are (possibly) 8 days away from a very nice phone (sensation) being released and absolutely no word from the mother ship.  Is that normal marketing for Tmobile or even worse than normal.

    • whosaidwhat

      “Is that normal marketing for T-mobile or even worse than normal” Yes, this is normal for T-Mobile. They don’t really announce anything until it’s about to come out.

      They are however releasing the phones that people were screaming about just a few months ago. I wish they did this a year ago.

  • i live in houston where is it being held?

  • My Bff would love that MyTouch Slide 4G (I would’ve too if it came out closer to the G2x release date, which I have now), but she’s looking for a device this June. I told her the HTC sensation is releasing most likely June 8th, & directed her here. That might be what she gets.

  • Pdxduckfan

    The salesman at my local T-Mobile store (Portland, OR) said he’d be surprised if the Sensation was released on June 8th.  He said nobody in the area has received any stock yet…..he said not even a dummy phone.  He said they should have some stock now for a release date so near.

    • moneyman

      We received our dummy phone last week.

  • G2forwho

    How about this..HTC bleeds off more inventory to the minions of those that buy into a non existant 14.4 while they prepare for the impending ATT take over.

    Masses cry in there milk a year later when they have to pay 100 bucks or more to upgrade to the big blue monster.

    Those that bought before the announcement have a right to be pissed. Those that buy now are, as mr T would say ….Fools!

    • G2forwho

      So David,

      Trading in your MT4G?

      NOT! Your too smart for that.

      We should be talking with our wallets and let this stuff sit until it is discounted. How can so many be so blind.

      • My myTouch 4G? I don’t own a myTouch 4G…the only Android phone I have is the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

        • Osama

          I understand, the other fhone you have is the iPhone,I see, iPhone fan…I’m sure you have one!

        • None

          I have a vibrant in a drawer somewhere…. 

      • Bratty

        The blind people look at your statements and think “how can someone be so dumb”. Works both ways.

        • None

          I think they prefer visually impaired these days.

    • Datnig

      lol i can imagine you in a lab coat with crazy hair..”fools!”. seriously though, i know that throwing around words like “minions” “masses” and “fools!” makes you feel all high and mighty, but most of us are grown up enough to make our own choices. crazy right? so next time you feel a bit judgemental, keep it to yourself

    • whosaidwhat

      Let me get this straight. In 2011, a contract is not binding in American? People who sign or renew their contracts with T-Mobile today are fools and minions because after the sale of T-Mobile goes through, their contracts are null and void. Really people?

      Worst that will happen is that ATT will upgrade all phones that don’t work on their network to comparable phones. They can’t null any contracts. The legal problem they will create for themselves is unthinkable. Imagine them telling you to buy a new phone out of pocket because your 2 year contract isn’t valid anymore?

      Buying a company means, buying their current contracts, debts, etc. You don’t just go around canceling contracts because you feel like it.

      • I would tend to think that this might constitute a material breach of contract but then again, if the T-Mobile customer doesn’t see any actual changes other than who their bill goes to then it might not constitute that.

        • whosaidwhat

          Not a lawyer but I agree with you. I just want people to understand that because the company is being sold doesn’t mean current contracts will be void and null.

        • Tortionist

          Exactly, only an idiot would think that. Personally, I am going to upgrade a couple of times, and one more just before the approval happens, if it does. Then when eventually my phones quit working because the towers got switched over, i’ll go to Simple Mobile which allows you to use your Tmobile phones at unlimited everything for 50$ a month. If that fails, then I might just have to give Verizon a try. ATT totally sucks, at least their customer service and their billing. I won’t go back.

        • None

          WAY too many people think that they are simply out of contract the minute the sale is complete.  Not even close.  If you choose not to take their replacement phone, that is on you–but you will still be on contract (and probably will have renewed another contract by taking the replacement phone)

        • None

          I agree with you completely in theory but many mergers/takeovers/sales have taken place and I do not recall one that allowed free contract termination.  It just doesnt happen that way.  People keep counting on this “fact” and “right”.  I have heard more than one person on this blog say they will upgrade all their lines a week before they think the takeover is a done-deal and then get freely out their contract to then sell the new phones on eBay.  It does not work like that folks.

      • Anonymous

        How come it says at the bottom of my contract, “tmobile has the right to cancel this contract at anytime”

        • None

          Tmobile can null your contract for simply “abusing” your “unlimited” minutes.  Go over 18,000 on your “unlimited” minutes and I would bet you my dead Vibrant that you get a contract termination letter shortly after.

        • Anonymous

          That was point… people who think they are going to have their contract carry over to AT&T automatically aren’t necessarily being accurate.

        • None

          Tmobile can null your contract for simply “abusing” your “unlimited” minutes.  Go over 18,000 on your “unlimited” minutes and I would bet you my dead Vibrant that you get a contract termination letter shortly after.

  • HTC_Sensation_buyer

    if its a demonstration, that means the phone comes out a few days later… AKA! JUNE 12TH… but i hope its still june 8th.. lol

  • I hope they won’t all be Android phone.
    I need another choice of WP7 device.
    Preferable with a decent keyboard.

    • Going_home

       WP7 is a dud. Get with the program Jed.
      We aint in Beverly Hills no mo.


      • I’d like to believe that.
        Unfortunately, my eyes are open and they see different.

        • None

          I would like to see some movement on the WP7 front as well.  If we act like going from 4 to 3 major carriers is bad for innovation, the same can be said for 3 major operating systems.  I believe it shows great promise for a beginning platform but I hate to see it standing still for this long.

  • Ramiro

    A 3D phone would be nice, that would make me stay with T-mobile otherwise here I come Sprint! 

    • Have you even seen 3D on devices that small before? It really isn’t that great, it’s not like the Theater experience where the 3D follows you (depends on the 3D of course..) it’s really lackluster and kind of odd to see the 3D abruptly cut off on the edges.

  • THawk

    Kind of strange how there’s been no screen shots or much info other than specs on the 4g Slide. Hopefully it has some arrow keys on the KB. 

  • Awesome.

  • Tigerz0202

    friend works at tmobile and they got their dummy phone in a couple days ago , im seeing the jun 8th release date as prolly a go, usually once they get the dummy then its a week or so and they get the read
    l deal

  • Anonymous

    I also want to know where this will be held.  I am definitely going to go.  If carly is there, I am so getting a picture!!

  • Youngt82

    Its now June 10th and no update or latest news, so whatever happened to this David? Thanks