FCC To AT&T: Show Us The Spectrum!

The FCC and the Justice Department are already reviewing the proposed AT&T takeover of T-Mobile and have now asked AT&T to substantiate their claims of spectrum shortages. In a posting on the FCC website the commission requested that AT&T provide “all plans, analyses and reports discussing the relative network spectrum capacity constraints on the company.”

Inside AT&T’s April 21st filing with the FCC they said they “face network spectrum and capacity constraints more severe than those of any other wireless provider.” The reality might be a little different regarding AT&T’s claim that they face “severe” spectrum shortages given the fact that they seem to be the only ones who think so. There have been widespread reports that not only is AT&T flush with spectrum,  many analysts don’t see AT&T in anything that resembles a spectrum crunch to which they so desperately claim. In fact a recent report by CNET claims that AT&T is sitting on more spectrum than any other carrier in the US with almost 1/3 of it being unused.

AT&T responded with a statement passing off the FCC claim as “standard procedure” and would be happy to provide the FCC all the necessary data.

Except the FCC’s request for more information from AT&T didn’t stop there as the FCC asked AT&T a total of 50 specific questions pertaining to AT&T’s internal plans and analyses regarding it’s own spectrum limitations; any alternatives they considered prior to purchasing T-Mobile USA; current and future pricing lists for both AT&T and its competitors and specifically where AT&T wouldn’t have enough spectrum to offer a 4G LTE solution.

While the questions themselves aren’t unusual for antitrust regulators the deal has begun to see widespread skepticism even from Republican members of Congress who traditionally take a hands off approach to the market.

Bloomberg, Phonescoop

You can read the 50 question breakdown at the FCC link provided here.

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  • Fray Contreras

    Alright ATT… You already know what to do.. But dont bullshit!

    • Jabombardier

      The deal looks more and more bleak.

    • Theres no way to get out of this unless they show how shitty the network is everywhere except the south. But that does not answer short of spectrum claims. But it maybe an answer the FCC will except but there will be arguments of course & AT&T will probably lose that fight too. You really don’t want this to happen. They can give you a better network without T-Mobile if they wanted to. Who says they would give you a better network if the deal went through. I say went through because most likely it won’t. The FCC Compliants have X5 in the last 2 days heading over 25,000. Besides there is law about 30% marketshare limit. They would have to rid most of T-Mobile customers down to another carrier or more than one.

      • Mopar6464

        That may be just what AT&T wants to do. I’ll bet a good part of T-Mobile customers don’t have decent credit for what ever reason anyways so they would’nt mind losing a good chunk of them through the acquisition if this gets approved by the FCC.
        They don’t really care about the customers,they want the towers and spectrum the most.
        $39 billion is alot cheaper than physically building all the towers and network T-Mobile already owns.

  • Tom

    FCC To AT&T: Show Us The Rectum

  • Sjoyner88

    It’s still just a matter of time…….

  • If I am one of the FCC, here it is:

    at&t: Can you approved the deal between at&t and T-Mobile merger?
    FCC: Hell naw!

  • They need to use their own spectrum and leave T-Mo’s alone, greedy bastards!

  • MarcusDW

    With all the network upgrades they are advertising, it sure doesnt look like they are constrained. Shit they got LTE ready to go “in the coming months”

    They’re like a fat person with a sandwich in their hand begging for some lunch money.

  • Derp

    Guys.. it’s going to happen, no matter what.

    • Realcool2000

      Listen up ….”Derp”………your opinion is as simple minded as
      your name. Please find something of substance before posting. 


      At least Needmore4g ( above ) put some thought into his post ( even if it made no
      sense, I travel the state for work 3 weeks out of each month, and have
      consistent 4g over my colleagues on other carriers….yes im on Tmobile….and
      have reception when they dont, and no one gets reception far enough underground
      regardless of carrier )….this is my added substance btw……


      But anyway…u guys have nothing to add of intelligent thought….please use
      your innate capacity to add something worthwhile to the posting. We all dont
      have to like it…but something thought out that stands a chance in a debate
      would b nice.

      • FCC will never let a deal that puts that many americans out of work go through at this point (ie, during a massive recession) Wouldn’t be very wise of big blue either. They wouldn’t be very well liked. Tmo’s makin’ bank I think (38million w00t) 

  • Needmore4GEE

    I’m for the buyout of T-Mobile with conditions of course. 

    Naturally speaking I don’t think the govt. should interfere with the market unless the affect can be proven adversary.  

    Personally as a T-Mobile user I’d welcome AT&T’s lower frequency network so I’d stop losing service in underground garages and inside buildings like I do every single day here in downtown San Diego.  T-Mobile works good outside but I’m constantly seeing “Emergency Only,” inside and NO there isn’t an open Wi-Fi network available everywhere I seem to need one. 

    People forget that T-Mobile also has nationwide spectrum that they have sat on for years because DT was too cheap to build out for themselves.  With no real national roaming agreement that is substantial we T-Mobile subs always fall into those SOS no service situations on our travels.  

    As long as I can keep my plan for the next 2-3 years I’m happy even if AT&T does take over.  T-Mobile just isn’t serious about pushing 4G or real backhaul to anywhere that isn’t densely populated.  I live in a city but tired of seeing EDGE and GPRS pop up all day when my phone should lock on 4G.  

    • Gm Aharrington1

      I have no idea why you think AT&T would benefit you. First off I can say this. In downtown Chicago, when I lived there, T-Mobile was the Only carrier that worked in Any building underground. Was a plumber so spent many days fixing people’s clogged drains. Next, you want only ten new phones released next year if deal goes through; instead of the 25 plus that T-Mobile and At&t are releasing this year because of the competition? How about the fact that AT&T contracts out the call centers to India and Pakistan? How many T-Mobile employees lose their jobs then? I know let’s just fire another 5 percent of Americans in any industry.

    • Realcool2000


      I travel the state for work 3 weeks out of each month, and have
      consistent 4g over my colleagues on other carriers ( outside and inside )….yes im on Tmobile….and i
      have reception when they dont, and no one gets reception far enough underground
      regardless of carrier  btw…

      Maybe u should stop doing whatever it is ur doing so deep in underground parking lots and ur phone will work fine.

      OK seriously tho… Why do u think Tmo isnt serious about pushing 4g….Tmo is the only network putting out high download speeds ( call it 4g or whatever ) of all the carriers. In fact they always ANNOUNCE where they put it…..

       ATT is stuck trying to get more spectrum and Sprint is just stuck….., and Verizon has the spottiest lte …( want proof just look at all the comparison tests and articles on this site that u supposedly read enough to want to post on… )

      I doubt ATT will let u keep ur plan for 2-3 years

      Do u actually think that a lower frequency will get u reception in lower places ( underground ) haahhahahahahaha.

      Sorry, but when u wrote “Personally as a T-Mobile user I’d welcome AT&T’s lower frequency
      network so I’d stop losing service in underground garages”….and i concluded that u think lower frequency means better reception in lower places lol…sorry if im naive.

  • Anonymous

    How about a merger with Sprint and they buy up the Cox 700mhz spectrum and run a competitive 700/800mhz 4G LTE network? Anybody, Dan?

  • Respawn

    I’m an AT&T supervisor and people tend to think that T-Mobile employees are the only ones who stand to lose their jobs, but we are in the same boat as they are.

    Damn this merger and damn corporate for thinking they could take advantage of the American people.

    • Maschwar77

      The AT&T side of the entire merger is the winning partner.  Therefore, usually AT&T employees will be retained over T-Mobile’s.  I really don’t think you have anything to worry about.  

    • Endoftheshow

      you should know, this isnt a merger. its an acquisition of t-mobile by at&t. there is a big difference.

  • ws_595

    What happened to all of the coverage from Engadget and Gizmodo? It appears they have let this slide through the cracks after the announcement and have given barely any of a whisper of merger related news,

  • Smack it to them FCC, we take no bull


    screw 4g.

    build out 3g to every customer first.

    i have to travel 70 miles to get a 3g signal in any direction but, my wifi capable devices work great at home.

    att edge is just as slow as t-mo edge is to me.

    why not just do a deal like orange/t-mo has in the UK and use eachother’s networks freely?


    wait a minute, that’s too easy.

    the companies should both be offering devices provisioned for both networks now.

    what are they waiting for?


  • MT3GS

    And T-Mobile just keeps getting closer to being $3B richer and owning a lot of former AT&T Spectrum – If AT&T falls short of wowing the FCC on this spectrum issue, they will be toast!

    • Anonymous

      You might be right, but if this deal fails there will be another.  DT wants out of the US.

      • CactusCat

         Yes there might be another, but rest assured, ANYONE besides AT&T is better. The worst service ever (from experiencing it many times). Google would be the best ever as they know how to do things properly and treat customers. But Google is not a communications company in the purest sense… they are an advertising company first and foremost. They use communication products to further their advertising business.

        • Anonymous

           No.. not “anyone”.. Sprint would be a nightmare unless they were to drop CDMA and WiMax, and I don’t see that happening, or making Sprints customers happy, or T Mobiles customers if they go the other way and drop GSM.. and Microsoft could just as easily as Google decide to enter the carrier biz.. and there might be a few crazies who would be all for it.. but I myself would drop them and gladly pay the termination fee immediately after it was done.. where as with the AT&T deal, I might at least give it a try for awhile.. SO..
          Google.. ok
          AT&T…. would try for awhile
          Sprint … nope
          Microsoft.. hell no

      • Maschwar77

        Fine, we all know DT wants out of the US market.  Mercedes Benz simply spun it off as its own company. I believe DT might end up doing the very same thing if the proposed merger falls through.

  • LadyGaga

    Jane you ignorant …..

    Dont you know that this is baked in the cake. Its done. D O N E!!!!

    Get over it. The FCC to save tmo? Do you not read the paper. They want a few player for the Govt to control.

    Google Cas Sunstein.

    Name me one of the reformation Ma Bell deals that fell thru!!!

    Davids iphone will be riding high.

    • Maschwar77

      Its only done when it is officially announced by all parties involved.  Claiming the merger is complete right now is to mask an opinion as fact.  This is dangerous as our politicians do it all of the time and this is how dangerous, far reaching decisions get made.  You should always claim something as your opinion if you have not gotten any facts to back it up.

      • Endoftheshow

        This isnt a merger. It’s an acquisition. 

  • Anna09

    Haha maybe this will fix Atts f**cked up network. Trust me I hve att I had many phones bb torch, iPhone 4, Motorola atrix I live in los Angeles and att network can get pretty frustrating. I just can’t take it anymore Im just waiting for the month to end to switch carriers maybe ill go to Verizon. Things I hate about att the most are sometimes a simple txt message wont come in I mean wtf a txt mess?!? Sometimes when people call me it goes straight to voicemail even tho I have full reception again wtf?!? My boyfriend already dumped me cuz he tought I was not answering his calls on purpose , interestingly when I went to Atlanta to visit my sister my phone worked perfect even I was shocked at how good att service is in Atlanta, when I was in Atlanta Txt messages and calls were coming in instantly on my atrix I also didnt drop 1 call shocking I know. Then I came back to La and Same crappy service also dropped calls I forgot to mentioned that earlier half of my calls are dropped even tho I’m standing outside and have full reception. So yea maybe if they buy T-Mobile it will improve their shityy service cuz seriously att is the worse network out there my friend on metro pcs drops less calls than me its embarrassing

    • Mopar6464

      All carriers have those problems. It’s about what carrier in Your Area has the best signal and service. T-mobile in My Area in Ohio nsucks compared to AT&T and Verizon. But it’s half the monthly costs , so you get whgat you pay for.
      I can take my Wm phones to Las Vegas and they rock constint 3G and i’m floored with the great signal i get but as soon as i get back to Ohio it’s the same old shit most of the tome,Edge & GPRS outside the major cities.

  • LadyGaga

    Anna. It will in time. If you think ATT is bad try TMO. Oh in some places its great but not many. However, its a great value. Now that I dont travel I love it.


    42M Lie!
    21M Lie!
    14.4M Lie!

    Let me know when David buys another NEW TMO phone. Its not gonna happen because they wont work in a year or so.

    Yes, I know they dont flip a switch but not all of us have the do ray me to farm out 300 on a whim. We have families that need phones. 

    The OEMs want you to buy what they are rolling out because they have sunk costs. 

    G2x was right when he posted thoughts of a boycott. Force them to heavily discount the stuff. DT is dumping us. The financials suck. ATT does not care if you leave. This deal is done.

    • Anonymous

      There’s absolutely nothing coherent in what you typed

    • Anonymous

      That added absolutely nothing productive whatsoever to the topic at hand.

  • Mopar6464

    It does’nt matter how much traveling you do. It’s about people getting the best signal in Their Area and T-Mobile in My Area in Ohio Sucks. Anytime you travel 10 minutes outside the major city its Edge or GPRS time and inside a Walmart store you get weak ass Edge signal again.
    Half my family is on AT&T and they always get 3G coverage. It’s not perfect or a fast a T-Mobiles but they get a much Better Coverage of 3G over a much Bigger Area.
    So if T-Mobile works for you great , but it does’nt always work for others in different locations.
    So i myself is waiting for this take-over to happen and get it over with so i can get better coverage Inside and Outside of buildings and over a Larger Geographical Area of my state , and not just in the major cities.
    Also i keep hearing how bad AT&T sucks and how they constintly mess with your monthly bills. Well like i said, half my family is on AT&T and we don’t see any bills like that and the only issue was when my brother went over his 2Gb cap they billed him. But you know what,he knew he went over and he Manned-up to it and payed it.
    If all gets approved i may just extend my contract just before it’s final, lock in my Grandfathered Unlimited Everything rate plan for$59.99/month(each) on all three lines and take the ride. It’s better than Verizon charging me twice the amount monthly for the same service and they are going to tiered data plans soon as well like AT&T has.

    • Mopar6464

      That was ment for RealCool2000 but got posted at the end,WTF.

    • Ash

      You don’t need to take over to happen to join ATT if you feel ATT is so much better in your area.
      Why drag others who are happy with T-mo down with you?

      You have your freedom to join whichever company you wish, and others have the freedom not to like T-mo being taking over by ATT.

      • Mopar6464

        Why would i do something stupid like that right now knowing that it’s probably a done deal being dragged out with AT&T and the FCC.
        I’ll wait to see if it does happen and what changes the FCC regulates , and then if i like the deal i will extend my two year contract with T-Mobile at the last moment and keep my Unlimited Loyalty Everything plan on all three lines at $59.99/month(each) in which AT&T will have to Honor until it expires.
        Why would i jump ship now and double my month cost for the same service ?

    • Realcool2000

      Makes sense. I see your point.

  • Anonymous

    DT wants out of the US market. 39B is the best deal DT is going to get for TMO USA. Regardless of what DT and ATT execs say, this is a business deal. Plain and simple. ATT wants more spectrum, DT wants to sell them that spectrum. All this talk about this deal being better for customers is just mostly smoke and mirrors meant to help sell the transaction to the fcc and doj. TMO customers will benefit by having access to ATTs network, but that’s a side affect of this business deal…..Many ppl here prob aren’t considering what would happen if this deal falls thru. DT still wants out of the US Market!!! They will find a way to unload TMO USA if this ATT deal doesn’t work out and I fear that would be worse than an ATT takeover. A lot of ppl are so anti-ATT, but what realistic alternatives

    • Waferasdfa

      Well said!

    • Anonymous

      You are ignoring many details in your scenario like the fact that if the deal goes through it will make AT&T bigger and more greedy. In all honesty I wish google would try and take on the wireless industry I mean they already have started with wired why can’t they become a carrier? Or maybe have some other european company buy t-mobile like 3 or vodafone, vodafone kinda sucks though but an AT&T acquisition would mean less competition which means less innovation, with less competition AT&T gets the ability to become greedy and possibly compete only with verizon in which they are only high priced. There needs to be a budget wireless that is as big as the expensive ones otherwise the expensive ones are going to take your money easy. 

      • Hamster

        Vodafone is already a minority (45%) partner in Verizon Wireless.

      • Anonymous

        I am well aware of the competition factor by eliminating a major player from the game.  My post wasn’t meant to convey that everything will be peaches and rainbows when ATT buys TMO officially.  My point was that it’s not fair to block a sales transaction for the sake of attempting to “preserve competition” or the numbers of major players in the game. It’s not fair to point the finger at ATT here.  Sure, their stance on competition post buyout is BS.  They’re just telling people what they want to hear, so they don’t look so bad.  They want the spectrum, but saying that isn’t enough to convince the FCC & DOJ to approve the deal…..I agree with your idea of Google buying TMO.  They certainly have the funds, but taking on a wireless carrier is a huge responsibility.  Perhaps if the wireless industry was more regulated, more companies would be interested.  Anyone who would come in, buy TMO USA and run it as an independent company faces a steep uphill battle. TMO is like falling stock that’s hard to sell.  I don’t see a European carrier picking up the pieces left behind by DT.  The goal is dominate or atleast compete at a high level in the industry.  As the CEO of a carrier, i would want everyone and their mom using my network.  TMO is not in the position to legitimately compete, let alone dominate.  The current state of the industry makes it nearly impossible for TMO to compete long term.  DT knows this.  If they owned Verizon Wireless, do you think they’d be selling right now?

  • Thewinckle

    If this deal falls through (fingers crossed that it does), Google needs to start a cellular service and pick up T-Mobile.

  • BigMixxx

    Having worked on major mergers, giving responses is typical.  However, I’ve never seen the Gov’t be this specific about anything.  This should be a cause of concern for AT&T. Is this the opportunity for ATT to unify spectrum and push back on the Gov’t for not auctioning spectrum fast enough?  How much will ATT and T mobile have to give up?  60% or 70% of the market?   makes that 39 billion dollar stake quiet a bit more valuable to AT&T….yes more….

  • Schippma

    I just love AT&T and all of their lies. They say they need more spectrum but they already have a ton of it which will become more clearer as the FCC does its investigations. AT&T promises that we can keep our rate plans for as long as we want. For old AT&T Blue customers, those who were acquired by Cingular, were promised the same thing. However, AT&T forced those customers off of their rate plans just a few weeks ago. Those customers had to choose a current AT&T plan or were kicked to the curb. Sure they could get a free phone (minus the iPhone) but who is anybody kidding. AT&T, if this goes through, will allow us to keep our current plans for a few years and then force us onto one of their current offerings which will be more expensive. Let us all fight this before it is too late!!

    • Mopar6464

      It’s already to late.
      T-Mobile DT wants out of the cell service and if the AT&T deal don’t get approved T-Mobile will will be sold in pieces if DT has it their way just to get out.
      AT&T will honor your current T-mobile plan until it expires  , no different than any other cell company would do. If your not happy after that time period just leave and take your business elsewhere. The world will be a different place in two years from now so just relax.

      • ogopogo

        Right. Let’s all just sit back and do NOTHING. Looks like you have it all figured out. Looks like you know what’s best for everybody. Looks like you have an inside track with DT.  You make perfect sense. Let’s just sit back and let the higher prices come, because after all, we don’t have the freedom to express our concerns.

        • Mopar6464

          So what are you going to do hotshot if the FCC does’nt approve the deal and there is no T-Mobile left to go to when DT breaks them up in pieces and sells them off , run off to Sprint?
          They don’t have enough money to buy T-Mobile or they would of put the bid in already and bought T-Mobile and they sure as dogs**t don’t have the money to convert everything to all CDMA or GSM. Their barely treading water financially now, Wimax sucks, and the EVO is the only thing saving them. They better hope Apple does release the iphone this summer on Sprint just to save their azz. And if the deal does get approved by the FCC , it will only be a matter of time when Verizon will buy-out Sprint.
          And Verizon will do the same to Sprint customers as AT&T will do with T-Mobile customers. Then there will still be only two major carriers to choose from.
          Or you can go join Verizon now and your monthly bill will double compared to a Grandfathered T-Mobile plan AT&T will have to Honor until your two year contract ends. So it’s up to the FCC to either approve the deal or not  with AT&T-Mobile and there is nothing us small people can do at this moment but rave about it.
          So yes , sit back and relax until the real verdict comes down and your choice is to stay on with a grandfathered AT&T-Mobile plan or leave. Not much really to decide.

        • Actually, if the merger doesn’t get approved then T-Mobile still gets $6 Billion. And DT still owns T-Mobile in like 5 or 6 European countries. They legally couldn’t sell T-Mobile USA in pieces, and legally Verizon couldn’t just buy out Sprint without it going under extensive review like this merger is. This is really looking like its not going to be approved. And if it doesn’t, and T-Mobile USA gets the $6 Billion, I think DT will be rethinking trying to sell them again. (No doubt if they do get the iPhone) Because $6 Billion to renovate and + the iPhone with T-Mobile’s cheap plans and HSPA+ (Which is arguably fast), I think T-Mobile could be making some cash.

        • Mopar6464

          With T-Mobile losing customers at a astonishing rate, they won’t last very long if the deal is blocked by the FCC.
          DT will sell off the T-Mobile either way as they already stated numorious times they don’t want to be in the U.S. market anymore so quit dreaming.

        • Yancy

          They never said if this deal fails that they will do anything to sell T-mobile. I think you should stay away from the drugs before you come to this post.

        • Mopar6464

          What drugs are you on ?
          T-Mobile / DT has said numorious times they want out of the U.S. cell market , it’s no secret.
          That means they will sell to anyone who will buy , if they can’t get a buyer then they will close out in what ever means needed to accomplish it.
          They want out , wake up and smell the coffee.

        • News Flash…there is another buyer!!!  They are waiting in the weeds.  DT will not give the entire stake of the T-moUSA to this buyer.  DT have brilliantly placed AT&T in a pickle which will result in them (AT&T) moving down in the carrier race, becoming the #4 carrier in America!  If I tell you who it is… we’d have another “Insider Trader Scandal” on our hands.

        • Mopar6464

          Reality Flash….That is all possible but lets hope its Not Sprint or T-Mobile customers are Screwed.
          AT&T does not throw big money around like this just to play games. Their lawyers and big shots have already thought about all these scenarios people are dreaming up .

        • Anonymous

           If your opinion of the mystery buyer is true, then AT&T could not be #4.. they would have to be #3 as there would be no number 4.. except maybe US Cellular.

        • Mopar6464

          Either way , T-Mobile USA will be history soon one way or another.

        • Schippma

          Thank you! As Americans, we tend to just complain about something but never do anything about it. An example is voting. Many Americans do not vote in elections but almost all of us complain about politics. if you do not vote, you have no voice. The same is true for this acquisition. If you just sit around and say there is nothing we can do, then the acquisition will be just that easy. If we, as consumers, write to those who have the say in this nightmare (congressman, FCC, DOJ), then you are making your voice heard. If enough individuals care about something, then change will occur. Yes, DT wants out but who says it has to be AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Maybe T-Mobile will branch into a new company against their competitors without DT. Who knows the future but we cannot just sit here and not say something. That just gives AT&T all the power they need to do whatever they want to consumers.

        • Anonymous

           Who says they have to be bought by anybody ?.. T Mobile US is already pretty much run by themselves.. It was a few months back that the CEO of Europe and US met for the first time in like 6 years.. It has actually been my opinion that is has been to T Mobiles detriment, that they have been such separate entities.. DT could split them off and do an IPO for the “newly created” and rebranded company, and if Google or anybody else wants to invest, they could. I really don’t want them to be taken over by some other company.. The company as is, has done well enough, and made pretty good decisons.. Being bought by some other mega corp would probably be a bad thing.

      • Anonymous

        T Mobile sold in pieces to who ?.. doesn’t make sense.. they are one of two GSM carriers in the US.. Who would buy the pieces ?. more sense to split it off, rebrand, and do a new IPO.. unless they could find another buyer, which I don’t think you want to happen.. yeah Google might do it.. but so might Microsoft.. how would that be ?.. it would be a network filled with Nokia WM7 phones.

        • Mopar6464

          I said “sold in pieces” meaning what ever they had to do just too sell the company.
          DT wants out one way or another. No one but DT really knows how they would get rid of T-Mobile USA if the deal gets blocked by the FCC , but make no mistake they want out of it.

  • alex

    they are the biggest BS they tell the FCC how much they need spectrum, yet ironically enough their commercials states “97% for Americans covered”

  • “and specifically where AT&T wouldn’t have enough spectrum to offer a 4G LTE solution”

    I don’t see where AT&T could BS on this one, since they are already bringing an LTE network this year to over 15 markets. HA!

  • ogopogo

    Just imagine – If they are willing to lie to the FCC, what makes you think that they won’t lie to you? I have left AT&T a number of times, only to have them buy every carrier that I’ve been with. I just can’t seem to escape these bastards, and their price gouging.

    • Mopar6464

      It’s business , they all lie to get what they want in the end.
      Verizon lies all the time too and also overcharges peoples monthly bill,gets caught,and still only pays back pennies on the dollar they stole from it’s customers.
      We won’t have to go on about Sprints CS and billing issues either.

    • Anonymous

      They have lied before 

  • Going_home

    Send the death star packing FCC !

  • Ggonzalez1488

    And this Is where landlines become popular again……we don’t need cellphone we really don’t

    • Mopar6464

      Or drop the expensive Smartphone and go back to the RAZR,lol.
      Then again prepaid cellphone service is getting better too.

  • I get great service in Cincinnati.

    • Mopar6464

      Gtreat , but drive east along the Ohio river and your back on Edge or roaming on AT&T.
      Same goes if your in NW Ohio , Edge or GPRS.

  • Ash

    What’s with all the ATT fanboys lately? If one likes ATT so much, why come to T-mo blog and bitch about it?
    Just join ATT already.

    Damn trolls.

    • Mopar6464

      Its not about being a AT&T fanboy , some people dont have alot of choices in Their Area for service.
      So if your already a T-Mobile customer and the AT&T deal gets approved , you would be smarter to extend your current T-Mobile contract and save alot of money monthly than to be stupid and jump ship to them and pay a higher monthly bill for the same service.
      Of course that’s if the person does’nt have a problem with AT&T.

      • Ash

        Yes, it’s a nice plan and all, but I bet you ATT will find a way to make you “upgrade” to ATT plans.
        Sooner or later…..trust me.

        I had the 15$ Data plan with them (Can be turned on or off, depends on if I’m in USA or not),
        Then I got a touchpro2 at full price,
        ATT sms: We notice, and we have “upgraded” you for your benefit.
        Bam!! $30/month (Can not turn on or off at will).

        With T-mo: I got $10 Data plan, I got HD2 at full price….. No changes to my plan from T-mo.

        So…yeah, I will never go back to them, and luckily T-mo have awesome coverage around my location.

        And the ATT fanboy comment was not directed at you, or else I woulda just replied to you.

        • Mopar6464

          All’s good Ash , i know some people really hate AT&T .
          I’ll have to ask my brother since he is on AT&T and if that happened to him since he just replaced his smartphone when he bought it outright not to long ago.

        • You used i.e. the wrong way. It’s e.g.

        • Anonymous

          No he used it right

  • Steve65

    You know it’s funny you say that… I work for T-Mo and I’ve recently re-activated my iPhone 4 with AT&T.  I guess I just can’t wait for T-Mo to get the iPhone any longer!  

    • Anonymous

      You should work for McDonalds then if you make dumb choices like that.

      • None

        And then eat at Burger King

  • Anonymous

    OMG I DONT CARE where is the galaxy s II already. 

    • HaVoKTEK

      WORD, Deal or no Deal, give me my SGS II!!
      Hell,  Annual Training is about two weeks away, my loot is gonna be ready

  • Anonymous

    A lot of wishful thinking and naive thoughts here. I hate to admit it, but tmo usa is a sinking ship. Lobbying to stop the buyout doesn’t change that fact. The buyout getting rejected doesn’t change it either. Pretty high probability that tmo as we know won’t exist much longer……buyout or not. You really think dt will actually invest that breakup fee money into tmo usa? Think again. 6 billion dollars won’t magically make everything better anyway.

    • Anonymous

      none of us give a rats ass i just want my contract to end before a buyout and thats not happening.

      • Brian

        Your contract is void is a buyout does occur so you don’t have to worry.

        • Anonymous

          No its not

        • None

          I do not think so…  Been through 1 takeover already.  It is very much still in force.  Do not fool yourself.

    • Susank

      It’s been mentioned before that there are MANY mobile companies in the world: Orange, O2, vodafone, Virgin.  HUGE companies that can buy Tmobile USA.  Stop thinking in terms of only a US company buying the Tmo USA branch.  The germans don’t want it (DT) but the British or French might. 

      • None

        I did not think about that!

  • Alex

    google buy  out tmo

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong happening here?!
    It sounds like it becomes ATTnews here.

    • Deajanea11

      Duhh Hun wen da merger goes tru this webb page will be “attnews”

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong happening here?!
    It sounds like it becomes ATTnews here.

  • Wizzstar

    I would love to see Google purchase T-Mobile USA. Now that’s the poll Dave should do, providing the deal between AT&T and T-Mobile USA doesn’t go through … I don’t believe the DOJ and the FCC like AT&T….!(lol)
    I know one thing, AT&T will never ever get my money …! By the way, the flowers in the AT&T TV commercial are plain ugly, telling all those lies …

  • Joanna09

    Hellz yea I want this to go tru. T-Mobile coverage sucks over here in La. I’m tired of not having signal on my g2x that I berly got inside buildings. While my friend has full reception on her LG thrive on att go phone that she berly got like a week ago. Kinda sucks having to borrow her phone to make calls. She’s always all like wtf? U have a better phone than me cuz she admits her go phone is not the best phone out there and u cannot make a call inside Macy’s? Cuz we work at the same macys in the mall. So yea it sucks it would all be perfect if T-Mobile signal would be better inside buildings cuz I like the plan I have. LOL maybe ill buy an att go phone at Walmart.

    • Susan

      I live in LA and the coverage is much better than AT&T.  I had ATT here and it drops…That is why I got Tmobile.  It might be your phone has a small antenea.


    im going to laugh when the merger falls through and shit-Tee&T owes TMO $6 billion in cas and assets! haha

    • Tmosucks09

      Well wateva we gunna be laughing at u wen it gets approved . Even if this merger doesn’t go tru. T-Mobile has made it clear that they want out of the US market and u know that if u don’t well idk were the fck u been this past days . So even if they don’t get bought out by att then another company will probably buy it. Just learn to accept it. T-Mobile is screwed.

      • Yousuxdude

        What did you just say? I suppose with the elaborate mess mentioned above you have a business degree. We be laughing at YOU. 

        • Anonymous

          Maybe you just can’t read?

      • Brian

        There are many european and canadian companies that can buy Tmo usa: vodafone, Orange, O2, Virgin, etc…Even google could get into it.  Tmo has a completely built out national network. 

        • Mopar6464

          Yea but none of them want T-Mobile or don’t have the cash or they would stepped in and made that bid.
          They all know DT/T-Mobile wants out of the U.S. market and no one with decent money has offered to buy them but AT&T , so all those you mentioned above might as well be a pipe dream.

        • Janesimons

          No, one European has said that didn’t want Tmobile USA.  They haven’t been offered Tmo usa.  AT&T did a quiet deal (that Sprint wasn’t even aware of) that offered the most money for Tmo’s parent company in Germany.  BUT is this deal ‘good’ for the American conusmer?  That is what Anti-Trust will look at.  NOT whether germany (DT) makes money off the deal or AT&T gets alot of spectrum and kills some ‘lower-end’ competition.
          If the deal is killed  by the justice department, you might  be surprised who makes an open bid for tmo.  They never went open about selling the division.  The CEO kept saying publicly that they were committed to the US market (while inking a deal with AT&T).

        • Whocares

          You are forgetting the two big providers, Telefonica and Claro (America Movil, 200MM subscriber worldwide), who had been battling out for control of Latin America.

      • mack

        Have to agree. TMO is history one way or another!

  • vecl

    OK at&trash bend over!

  • Anonymous

    Show us the car fax!  Wait…sorry….wrong post.  sShow us that damn spectrum so this deal won’t go through.  I can’t wait to hear AT&Terribles excuse for this one.

  • mack


  • Anonymous

    Wow.. read the PDF and if the DOJ is half as tough and inquisitive as the FCC, then this merger is not gonna fly.. The FCC asks for a lot more than what I would consider to be in their area of responsibility.. For AT&T and T Mobile to provide all that is asked for would take months, and even more months on top of that to tweak it even slightly in their favor.. It also requires them to provide inside pricing and strategy information, that I am sure they are going to try and balk at providing.. They have been asked to back up their spin with hard data, and I think they are on both sides going to regret the claims they made before now.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. read the PDF and if the DOJ is half as tough and inquisitive as the FCC, then this merger is not gonna fly.. The FCC asks for a lot more than what I would consider to be in their area of responsibility.. For AT&T and T Mobile to provide all that is asked for would take months, and even more months on top of that to tweak it even slightly in their favor.. It also requires them to provide inside pricing and strategy information, that I am sure they are going to try and balk at providing.. They have been asked to back up their spin with hard data, and I think they are on both sides going to regret the claims they made before now.

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! After reading the questions the FCC wants answered by ATT…. THIS deal is not going to happen… There is NO WAY ATT can justify or answer all 50 questions without looking like crap and whiny little girls…They just need to go ahead and pay T-mobile the $$$$ and  let GOOGLE buy T-moblie and it become G-Moblie!!

    • Anonymous

       #33 .. They have to back up claims made that this merger would create thousands of jobs.. Mergers usually result in loss of jobs, we’ll have to see how this one turns out.

    • None

      So no more Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Feature phones anymore as “G-mobile”.  You would not stay in business very long not selling feature phones. 

      • Anonymous

        who needs a damn crackberry the OS SUCKS…. there would still be feature phone with G-Mobile… but how many people go shopping for a windows phone or a crackberry anymore… Android and apple OS are the future and every company out there wants a piece of it… 
        Dont be a GOOGLE or Android hater…. some people need to break away from their antiquated iPOS and get with the times…. 

  • MagentaMadness

    AT&T is sitting on a bunch of 700 MHz spectrum that they’re keeping for a “rainy day.”

    • Barb

      Most of the 700 was bought for the LTE network.  It’s not ‘totally” complete enough for it all of the LTE to run on the 700 though.

  • Noel

    Their goal is to knock off a serious competitor…a competitor who has been providing very low prices and low unlimited all u can eat plans. Anyone who doesn’t see what Att is up to..is definately not looking objectively…The goal is to be the GSM KING…gobble a serious competitor and then go after ur dollars…nickel and dime u for every byte, txt, and min. Hope the FCC and DOJ act to protect the consumers and keep competition n innovation alive. A cell Market as large as ours will be well served with four major carriers…2 GSM and 2 CDMA..

    • Its not about what people see or don’t see. Its all about how much money flows around. That means that people in the FCC can be paid off too. How many people accepts a payoff will determine the outcome of this event.

  • Rkd

    I sense an monopoly(;