Deal Alert: T-Mobile Weekend Sale On Now!

Just in time for the holiday weekend T-Mobile posted a 3-day weekend sale offering up deals on such prizes as the Motorola Cliq XT, Gravity T, Blackberry Curve 3G, LG Optimus T, T-Mobile Comet, Samsung Smiley, Nokia 5230, Samsung Comeback, T-Mobile Tap (refurbished), T-Mobile Rocket 2.0 (refurbished) and last but certainly not least the myTouch 4G. All of the above devices are currently free for new and add-a-line customers through the rest of the holiday weekend! Who has their eye on the Samsung Smiley? Come on…be honest, you’ve been eyeing it!


Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • bb


  • Anonymous

    All the phones beside the mytouch are worth that much anyway.

  • oppressed

    clearing all of their garbage phone I see. T-Mobile sucks!

    • Nights94

      If you do not like T-Mobile then why are you posting on a pro T-Mobile blog?? 

    • EX-SKLX09 User

      the mytouch 4g doesn’t suck, its a great phone. granted though on this list it isn’t in the greatest company.

    • What are they supposed to do with it…………….somebody wants it and they still work. You suck, everything about your needs and desires. Everybody does not want the latest and greatest dickhead, some people just want a newer working phone.


        you have mother?? i think no, you are a Bastard !!! AMERICAN BASTARD !!! JUST 1 MORE !!!

        • Mjc9

          Hey dickhead! Go suck ur own head!!! Hahahahahahaha

      • Dude, no personal attacks here….

  • NardVa

    Once again no deal for current customers to get a free upgrade. Is it current customers don’t matter anymore? 

    • PJ

      Nope, they don’t but I like their customer service. Try also looking at Costo. They throw in a leather case, Bluetooth headpiece and car charger FREE with every phone and they usually price their phones cheaper. LIke through end of this month, G2x is $99

    • What the hell you want an upgrade for? Finish the damn contract and get a new phone then, can’t you just wait and honor your contract. Current customer…….finish the contract you signed nobody made you sign it. Damn babies!!!!!!

      • MCC

        Some current customers are not on contract.  And we still don’t get the deal.  It’s not always about finishing the contract.  I want a new phone and I have no problem signing a new 2 year contract if I can get a deal on the phone.  But no, that’s not how it works.  I am not a new customer, we already have 2 lines, and I don’t want to add a 3rd line for no reason.  I just want  a new contract phone.

        • Chatter

          Call TMo. A friend was in a similar situation and he got the MT4G for $50 (not free of course) BUT they gave him the first month free essentially making the phone “free”. And this was done in the store, not online or on the phone. Maybe you wont get a deal but it doesnt hurt to try. Good luck.

      • You do realize that T Mobile has had Tiered Upgrades for awhile, right? That is also in the “Contract”……

  • Natg427

    Upgrade at Walmart upgrade there to a Mytouch 4g 48.88

  • Anonymous

    Lol, T-Mobile Tap. Is it just me, or did T-Mobile choose its worst items (besides MT 4G) to give away?

  • Anonymous

    Takin out the trash I see.

  • PJ

    Sounds like they are clearing out their older phones to make way for new phones (debuting some time around June 8). I am holding out because I think prices will drop on the better phones when the new ones come out next month.

  • J. Williams

    This is a good thing, but I would like to see something great to replace all of these. No rush, just make it good Tmobile.

  • android00

    Cliq xt … lol
    Tap… lol


  • The Cliq XT should have been taken off shelves a year ago. Actually, they should have never even made it into stores. #ImJustSayin