Department Of Justice Asks For More Information On AT&T/T-Mobile Acquisition

The Department of Justice has extended its review of the AT&T proposal for its $39 billion dollar acquisition of T-Mobile due to requests for new information. This move could allow the Justice Department to extend it’s review of the proposed deal indefinitely.

Along with the request for more information, two unnamed sources said that antitrust authorities have sent “civil investigative demands” to competitors of the two carriers. These demands, which are best compared to a subpoena, inquire as to how the transaction would affect their business.

“This confirms that the government is going to do a deep dive into the transaction to understand what the implications are,” said Rebecca Arbogast, a Washington-based analyst with Stifel Nicolaus & Co.


While it is standard procedure under US antitrust law for regulators to issue second requests for more information, analysts alike agree that this deal poses a unique antitrust risk and regulators are carefully considering possible impacts of the deal passing.

T-Mobile and AT&T spokesman declined Bloomberg’s request for comment.



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  • Anonymous

    Any further looks into AT&T’s shitty ways of doing business is a good thing to me. Hopefully it is blocked, just because DT wants to sell and just because AT&T wants to grow bigger and crappier. I don’t really care what happens to T-Mobile at this point but I don’t want this to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Any further looks into AT&T’s shitty ways of doing business is a good thing to me. Hopefully it is blocked, just because DT wants to sell and just because AT&T wants to grow bigger and crappier. I don’t really care what happens to T-Mobile at this point but I don’t want this to happen.

    • Mbregar13

      I really don’t think DT “wants” to sell, but who wouldn’t accept the terms when they are for twice the value of the company being sold? My guess, is that if this gets turned down, you will see T-Mobile continue on as if nothing happened. (Except they will have an extra $3B in the bank, along with some additional spectrum courtesy of AT&T)

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say they weren’t getting a great deal.

        All in all DT was actively looking to get rid of or merge the US branch. If they truly wanted to they could be the next Verizon Wireless with something called.. investments. Vodafone hasn’t seen a dime from Verizon Wireless on a another note.

        • Mbregar13

          No, but you are saying that they were actively looking to get rid of the US company. I guess my point is that if that were true, I highly doubt that they would have gotten such a good deal. In other words, if I want to sell my house, and I let it be known that it is for sale, I will likely only receive its proper market value, or something near that number. On the other hand, if somebody wants to buy my house from me, and I’m not necessarily interested in selling it, you are going to have to high-ball the hell out of the price to get me to part with it.

          AT&T payed $39B for a company that most valued between $18B-21B. It looks more to me like AT&T approached DT with an offer they couldn’t refuse, and not the other way around.

      • sidekicker89

        lol the only thing DT and their share holders especially ( the German Government) wants is to make more money.. if T-Mobile isn’t #1 then they mean nothing to DT. I really really wish T-Mobile stays the same. AT&T is really greedy and they are just trying to sugarcoat this deal to the regulators.

    • sidekicker89

      yeah DT is horrible at doing business in general.. you don’t just give up on a company just because it isnt #1. 33+ million customers IS NOT a small number! I think they should have sold T-Mobile to a company like LightSquared or something.. even though i’m not sure if they could afford it or even want T-Mobile.. but the worst is being sold to a competitor.

  • Gadgetman

    Sometimes I wonder if this is just false hope or perhaps, just perhaps, the acquisition will not make it through. The impact is more likely to be quite more than what the DOJ or the FCC would like. It appears that T-Mobile will wind up the winner in this and AT&T will have to pay them. No acquisition will be approved.

    • Patmvaldez

      T-Mobile took a gamble that’s going to pay off either way for them. Wish Vegas worked like that.

  • Anonymous

    Even though I’ve been told by Tmobile reps its a done dwal, I still have hope. I don’t want this to happen.

    • I love T-mo, but T-mo reps do not know anything more then we do, in fact we may know more. I know a T-mo rep and she think its a done deal already.

    • Anonymous

      I venture to guess that reps on the floor are the least likely to know anything about the deal.

      However, I have no doubt that all employees and management are acting on the assumption the deal will be approved AND that they will lose their jobs. If any of them contacted my office for an opinion on what they should do, this is exactly what I would tell them to assume. To be sure, since no employee or manager has a written contract or guarantee on what will happen to him or her post acquisition, only the foolish will take that as a promise of AT&T employment.

      The best source for updates on if this deal will cement is experts familiar with mergers and acquisition, and the getting these deals through regulatory agencies. Because if their financial interest in the deal, executives from AT&T and T-Mobile are prohibited by law from talking about the application process, etc.

      • Jcj1969

        Last rep I spoke to said it is wait and see, none I have asked had ever said is done deal. Any that did I would say are unaware of the process involved

    • Most t-mo reps are idiots.. I always see people saying T-mo has the best cust service, but I’ve yet to experience this excellent customer service.. From waiting on hold up to an hour just for the initial idiot I’m forced to deal with, to being told I can’t talk to the Android department because I’m on the phone I’m calling about, to other such sidekick death related issues, they’re incredibly frustrating to deal with. I wouldn’t listen to a single thing any of them say. They know nothing, and although not all of them are, most of them are idiots that don’t speak fluent english.

      • android00

        Lol you must get the bronze treatment

        • Dude, I was convinced they had my number on a special, “make wait an hour for a rep” list because when I would call in from my other line(which my gf has now, living an hour away which doesn’t help me), I would get through instantly. But when I went into the store the guy told me they had other people having issues with the same problem. So I guess I’m not as special as I thought I was. But dude, I don’t want to spend my whole day on the phone trying to talk to these idiots. I fought with them for 2 weeks about the SK 4G. None of them knew what was going on. You’d think T-mo would inform their reps about what present SK users would get or what they needed to do to get the special pricing or whatever. I’ve been a T-mo person for atleast 9 years, and an sk user for 6. I hate deal with the reps.

        • Jonathon

          Any time a special program happens they get a quick email about it. People in the stores are sales reps so they get more information related to selling and not customer service stuff such as sidekick exchanges. That is the case for any retail store.

      • Jcj1969

        Must be flexpay or you are rude and get rude back. Always got grade A service when I call. There is a reason they don’t transfer you when your on the phone, DUH, they can’t troubleshot! How are they supposed to fix the issues when your on the phone??? Really, who actually uses a Sidekick, teenagers. Well if you fail to listen then who is the IDIOT!?!?!?

      • twag

        That’s a bummer to hear as a t-mo rep. I totally agree if you are calling in and you are on flexpay or prepaid though. Every outsourced rep (Philippines I think) always calls me Mr. Tyler (my first name) and doesn’t care AT ALL about whatever your situation is.

  • McDaygo

    I think DT made a wise move, they either sell the company as planned or if the deal falls through they get money AND more spectrum. I believe they may have even taken the deal knowing it would not pass. Who knows, maybe it could be the best thing to happen. If ATT sucks at least there are 2 other (Major) carriers.

  • Anonymous

    Just In: Comments about AT&T’s plan to acquire T-Mobile USA have flooded the FCC’s electronic comment filing system.

    As of last week more than 3,000 people have submitted comments on the acquisition since the FCC
    set deadlines for its review of the deal last Thursday (this according to a search of the FCC’s electronic comment filing system).

    While not revealing much information, the FCC did mention that its staff has a great deal of experience in reviewing major transactions, and has the systems and resources in place to thoroughly review and analyze the application and the public filings in response to the application.” Note: the comments, which you can view, were submitted mostly by consumers opposed to AT&T’s buyout of T-Mobile. (Comments are filed under WT Docket No. 11-65) .

    • Havoktek

      Michael it’s good to see you still posting, I haven’t had an intelligent conversation on here in awhile!!


    anybody notice that sprint is whining a lot but, not making a counter offer?

    DT’s board didn’t ask for enough. they could have gotten 50 billion easy.

    what about an IPO?

    can’t t-mo usa’s management raise capital?

    if the DOJ shoots it down, something else is going to happen.

    vodafone has been hoarding cash for something, a verizon buy out?

    the service is the only thing i care about, i don’t care who’s logo is on the bill.

    • tmoemplyee123

      39 Billion is about all DT would get for T-Mobile considering T-Mobile is only worth 16 Billion….

  • Going_home

    Shut em down DOJ !

  • Havoktek

    Oh Snap this stuff just got really real!!
    Break out the popcorn biscuit, jimmy we got us a show!

  • Anonymous

    Not to toot my own horn, but what the hell, I will…. I said before that the best argument against this deal, from the DOJ’s antitrust perspective, is that if approved it will give AT&T control of the entire U.S. GSM market.

    IMHO that aspect alone is difficult for the DOJ to summarily rubber stamp.

    And I continue to believe that there are now- senior U.S. Attorneys at the DOJ who worked on the original AT&T antitrust case where it led to the breakup of AT&T. Look at it this way, because I do LOL, AT&T is like a criminal defendant being prosecuted again, this time for a separate crime.

    Memories don’t fade at Justice. There’s attorneys there who will simply blow the dust off the old AT&T files and reopen the case, so to speak. I submit that AT&T does not have a good reputation at the DOJ antitrust division.

    Together with the mountain of opposition, the DOJ may be an insurmountable obstacle to this deal getting approved. At the minimum, the DOJ may drag this out beyond AT&T’s stated 12-month estimate on how long it would take for the deal to be finalized.

    • That Guy

      According to Verizon’s plan of rolling out their 4G LTE network, they hope to have their entire 3G footprint covered by LTE by the end of 2012. If that’s the case and that’s what they are able to pull off, then this merger really wouldn’t make At&t the largest GSM provider in America. It’ll probably be another 10 months or so before this deal goes through at best. That would mean that for approx. 9 months, At&t/T-Mo would have a larger GSM network than Big Red. If anything, it’s going to make Verizon step their game up and actually push out good phones and rush their network out. If this deal doesn’t go through, then the exact opposite of your argument is going to happen. Verizon is going to control the entire GSM U.S. market. Look at the facts man.

      • Daerl

        dont think verizon is gsm, i believe they are cdma.

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough Guy. While your points have superficial appeal, your argument breaks down on closer examination, mainly because your points are based on gross speculation and significant assumptions.

        For example, your timeline is totally speculative, especially by the FACT that Verizon’s CEO said ONLY that by the END of 2012 Verizon HOPES to have 4G (LTE) available nationwide .

        For example, in this current economic climate it’s anyone’s guess where the industry will be in 2012. Verizon’s investment monies into LTE could slow or dry up to the point that its LTE nationwide expansion might be delayed to 2013-14.

        For example, Verizon’s CEO did NOT say that the 4G expansion would be the end of Verizon’s 3G CDMA technology, only that by the end of 2012 Verizon might have 4G widely available as an option.

        Finally, the DOJ’s attorneys will require that AT&T submit evidence to support its arguments, not papers overflowing with speculation and assumptions.

      • Anonymous

        At the Open Mobile Summit ’10 in San Francisco Verizon CTO Tony Melone clarified for the audience Verizon’s LTE future.

        Interesting points he made:

        He said Verizon is UNLIKELY to offer an LTE-ONLY device until 2013.

        Verizon will leverage its CDMA 3G for as long as possible, aka Verizon will continue to sell 3G handsets and data as long as customers continue to buy them.

        Verizon will introduce LTE so that it does NOT come at the expense of CDMA 3G demand.

        Melone said he would NOT be surprised in 2020 to see the CDMA-1x network still in place (but the EV-DO system probably will not be. That’s because EV-DO is dedicated to data services, just like LTE is, he said).

        Bottom line, your looking into the future is mere foggy crystal ball analysis. Bonus Tip: Try using some Windex on that thing.

        Seriously, if AT&T makes arguments similar to yours, you can bet opponents to the deal will dredge up Melone’s comments. His comments at the Summit will carry great weight since he was saying such in his capacity as Verizon’s Chief Technology Officer.)

  • Man I was on the verge of joining Verizon . Maybe I hold onto my unlimited everything non contract plan a little longer . Even if the merger can’t be stopped maybe AT&T can be forced to honor all of our rates for a decent period of time . The thing that enrages me , and its never mentioned , is that AT&T is in this powerful position do to bundling their landline services . I keep hearing the government should stay out but was it not the government that gave them control of the landline business . It’s this business which put them in a position to bundle landline & tv services with their wireless service . I hope the FCC keeps that in mind when lobbyists & self serving politicians give them heat . The government created this monster that is AT&T .

  • Maschwar77

    I hope the DOJ bitch slaps AT&T down like a fly.

  • *Waits for deal to fail*

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • Anonymous

    The main reason I want the deal to not be approved, is that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE At&t for allowing their wireless employees, back when they were Cingular, to lie about the $30 “data access” plan, that you were still charged by the kilobyte; which in turn caused my bill to hit $400 just for two lines!

  • Humpty4321

    Would of been better of the merger was with google. You that would be a boss company all those android phones getting the updates first before anyother company

    • That’s what I said. I completely agree. Let AT&T fail & then bring on Google. They know they want us, lol. Shoot like I said, I would’ve even been ok if it was Sprint. But AT&T… I rather bathe in acid rain.

    • Danishswag

      That would have been awesome
      but can you imagine the FCC letting google into ANOTHER market? I doubt they spend enough on lobbying to make it work
      I can still dream though haha

      • Anonymous

        So long as google doesn’t go evil whats wrong with letting them in another market?

  • Likeag6

    Dam lotz of people are bitching bout this merger. I have both att and t-mobile. I guess it just depends were u live. I live in los Angeles which is a huge city. And att and t-mobile work the same outside perfect. Inside buildings ex: clinic, high rise buildings, elevators, underground parkings u will now see a difference t-mobile ” no service ” and its impossible to call or txt, at&t on the other hand at least has 1-2 bars of edge or gsm and it works fine to call and txt in all those places I mentioned above. But once ur outside bam they both have full bars of 3g or 4g and work fine. And besides att is not that bad as everyone says the people that complain either they never had att or they just believe everything bad they read bout att online even tho they never had them ..Yes I admit is much more expensive than t-mobile but I never drop a call and I mean ever on my atrix. I had the iphone 4 from att and while the iphone did disconnect a lot of my calls amd drop them the atrix never ever does that. U dnt believe me fine I dnt care. My wife is the one with t-mobile her mytouch 4g also works fine outside it never drops or disconnect a call. But inside places like I mentioned earlier its a whole different story with t-mobile. It tends to crap out a lot while att works fine. So yea I guess it just depends were u live I’m not defending att saying its the greatest network out there. Because it may be crappy in ur area and that’s why u hate it I dnt know. But yea ..either way I like both in fact I wanted to change to t-mobile because the plans are cheaper but I dnt know cuz then ima miss having reception in those places I mentioned above…

    • That’s because it’s not just about the coverage. Most of us on here have great coverage with T-Mobile, & if not I’m confused on why would anybody have T-Mobile then if you know you don’t have good service in your area. It’s about all the rules & restrictions AT&T has. At 1st I’m like this is a good thing, then I thought about all the bull AT&T does. They have extreme capped data plans, they’re even capping their @ home DSL this month. They don’t allow off market downloads, like .apk, & from Amazon Android App store or from other services like DroidFanz. They don’t have a great selection of Android devices, to be honest they only have a few, & if I’m not mistaken I think a friend of mine said her friend was charged for downloading apps off the Android Market with her Motorola Backflip or some ish like that (don’t quote me on that because I don’t remember the exact words of specifics). Then you bring up price, that’s one too. I mean we’re in a recession the last thing people need is guaranteed high rate plans with huge limitations. Then you have the horrible customer services. A lot of places experience lots of dropped calls, not in your case of course, but others dude. My friend had AT&T & he switched to T-Mobile before the acquisition because of all AT&T’s bull. Then T-Mobile is very innovation, as far as I’m concerned AT&T focuses primarily on Android phones, at T-Mobile you have a wide-selection now from many OS’s & manufacturer’s, we’re not just whoring 1 device. I mean the list goes on & on, & on…. But this is just in my honest opinion from my experience & research.

      • Likeag6

        I know ur are sooo right I agree with everything u said even tho I’m an att customer I hate atts rude customer service and horrible prices and there crappy internet plans. But In my area att works good that’s why I’m sticking with them but damm t-mobiles prices are looking real good just bout now. Because we are in a recession like u said .. and things ain’t looking so good at my job so yea it sucks cuz I might get laid off anyday I dnt kno what to do!

        • I had so many typo’s, lol. But, yeah…

  • KTmazz

    It’s no good for employees or retirees either, Look at what happened when SBC merged with AT&T. Layoffs, increased medical & the Senior execs got richer

  • Why even bother I’m sure the deal will go through I highly doubt AT&T and T-Mobile didn’t think about this. I’m sure AT&T & T-Mobile are throwing money left and right to make sure T-Mobile gets their Money and AT&T gets their customers and Spectrum or whatever you call it. When economy is down that is when companies do their crap. right now the government is hurting with budgets cuts etc. I’m sure AT&T might give them a good slice of their cake especially when they are hungry.

  • Bimmerz

    As of right now there are 3,300+ comments, which has exploded in the last 2 days, since the weekend of only having 147 comments. I feel for the FCC staffers that have to read through all these comments (and no doubt more will come in over the next few days), and to have to weed out all the idiotic comments.

    Apparently I had a little too much time on my hands Sunday morning while drinking my coffee, and decided to read through the 147 comments that were there. I cannot tell you how many dumb-ass comments were made about the damn iPhone!

    “Please tell AT&T to unlock the iPhone.” <— And that's all they wrote! *rolls eyes*

    Are you effin' kidding me?!? I was like WTF does this have to do with the price of tea in China?! lol So again, I feel for the FCC staffers that have to read through crap like that, which has nothing to do with the (for or against) acquisition itself.

    Needless to say, I won't be reading through the other 3K+ comments, as I don't have THAT much time on my hands! lol ;o)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Man, I haven’t been on here in a minute. I agree Bimmz. Also, was that Starbucks by any chance?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Also Bimmz, MEEGO CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO the 23-25th of THIS MONTH!!! LG is joining the show to demo some of their devices as well and other Brands.

        • Bimmerz

          Are you going? As I know how much you LOVE MeeGo! lol I am in CO., so I won’t be going, but will watch for the news about it on the blog sites, to learn more. =o)

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I may go. Depends on how my money is looking in a few weeks. I’m in GA so I’d most likely be taking a flight.

          Also, you don’t have to worry about Live Blogging news. They will be Streaming the Video of the Conference Live!!! MEEGO ROX!!!! XD

          Remember May 23 – 25

          Here’s a link with more info:

      • Bimmerz

        Nope, I was here in my home wearing my jammies – no Starbucks that day. Just a lazy Sunday at home, reading through some really ridiculous comments on the FCC site. ;o)

        • Wilma Flintstone

          You bomb. Lol

  • Gadgetman

    All in all…..I think T-Mobile and Deutsche Telecom took a gamble that just might play into their favor. They played a tough poker game but eventually, perhaps, just might win this whole deal and survive. With that said, T-Mobile stands to gain significantly if this deal does not happen which will allow the market to expand farther and provide a wider base for customers. This is just amazing. T-Mobile has some good people up in the office and administration. They seem to be playing their cards right and hopefully the DOJ and the FCC deal the final blow. JUST AMAZING!!! T-Mobile knew all along they would be able to win.

    • Porsche911

      how will they gain customers when they have been bleeding customers this entire time?

      • Gadgetman

        You have to remember…this deal isn’t final and if it doesn’t got through I have no problem believing that T-Mobile will get plenty of customers back especially with the fact that the Iphone 5 might be a quad-band phone allowing it to work on T-Mobile’s 4g network.

  • Mtnman

    I really hope this deal doesn’t go through. If AT&T does acquire T-Mobile then that leaves everyone with only 3 major carriers, and AT&T as the soul GSM provider in the country. That’s a monopoly and we all know how the DOJ feels about monopoly’s. After all they’re the one’s that broke up the Death Star in the first place because of it being such a thing. With all the comments now flooding the FCC (minus the “Dude I hate AT&T”) ones, I’m really hoping that the FCC and DOJ make the right decision.

  • Anonymous
  • Kayleetay86

    All the post are great comments and point of views! I honestly didn’t know that so many of our, Tmobile customers cared so much. As a front line employee at a call center and having to deal with all the stuff going on about the merger the customers know more then we do! But the point is apparently Tmobile is tanking and customers-people who do have our service just up and leave whenever they DON’T get their way, or just straight up don’t want to pay for the services that were used! We can’t get ahead because people don’t trust “the little guy” until that happens then either way the company is going down.

    • the_truth

      If AT&T keeps us CSRs–wonder what we’ll be told to tell customers who consistently say”I’m not paying this bill” or “What can you do for me?”

      • Rico D’Antigone

        you could always say, you have been there before, and you can related, now buy more services so I can meet my metrics, not really a change, I have been somewhat harsh, but due to the management at T-mobile, it has left many CSR s SR Reps, and Coaches jaded, I know that something has to change, because if your workforce is not happy no one will be, and the new schedules that are so crazy that people can not have any time with their family, ATT not so sure what they are doing, nor how they treat the cust, the reality is simple, people should not have found out about the merger the way they did. My fear is the insecurity of my friends who kill themselves working horrible hours, mandatory over time (when the CSR, SR, Coaches dont call in, or dont show up). Things have changed so much over these last three years, and yes the economy has changed, but you know that the people I see on a daily bases really dont know what they will do, Just wish that the corp office would let people know what they are doing, and further more they will be ok, but what about single parents who do the ironman shifts to just pay bills, It just pisses me off, that with this whole thing, is f you front line people, good luck, and here is a sucker.

        • Spooln3

          Lots of speculation and misinformation in your post Mr. Rico. Here are some facts: 1. The two companies, by LAW could not have announced anything until the paper work was filed. That is a fact, and whether or not you chose to accept it is on you, but, laws are laws, and everyone, including corporations, have to abide by them. 2. You are making a huge blanket statement bashing Management for all of T-Mo. If you are unhappy with your line of management, or shifts, discuss this in the proper forum, not coming on a public site spewing falcities because you are frustrated. 3. Change is everywhere, in every line of business, all over the world. If we, as people, and businesses didn’t change, we would still be riding horses and fetching pales of water. 4. T-Mo and At&t have made it clear to internal employees that they want to retain good talent, you know what I am talking about if you work for them, so I wont elaberate, fact is, if people are really that worried and insecure, then you are more then welcomed to look else where, but encourage all current employees to stick with it, and do what we do best, there are no guarentees and no one, I meen NO ONE knows what is going to happen, how it happens, or when. 5. Frontline reps get a ton of incentives, lots of extra earning potential, trips, goodies, and excellent pay. The benefits we get are second to none, and at this point, your post comes off as a spoiled brat who isn’t getting their way. Just wait to see what happens, until something does, do what you do, and be great at it.

  • Loso

    If anybody should buy T-Mobile, it should be Google. We’ve started with them as the first android carrier G1, get exclusive usability of their “vanilla” phones by being the only carrier up until now… (SMH at Sprints version of Nexus S) to support 3g on their nexus line. Oh and Google is already getting into the service business anyways by starting up their internet service, and google tv… They don’t need to manufacture the product…they can develop software, and provide service… The plan is genius, and Google has so much money, that acquiring spectrum would be genius. Then next thing you know, apple will try to buy a service provider, and so will windows, and the world will be a better place..Where software and service meet…lol Ok, was a good dream. Now let me wake up…

    • That is an interesting thought. One I hadn’t though of.

  • Anonymous
  • Adm110788

    HTC Sentation 4G has just been annouced, get ready everyone :).

    • Just been announced? If just been announced means weeks ago, then yes, this is true!

  • prince

    Its this simple we all know at&t and what they do.. like the caps they added for there data plan …that’s crazy and a new way for them to make money .. plain and simple at&t could have used that money to help there network on there own we all know they have money to waste .. they dont need . This .. money is what rules the world …this deal will lead to customer lost .. etc…well that all depends if at&t have more say in what gets done…