Merger Documents Blocked From Access

There are new developments in the ongoing drama that is this AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  As of today, the FCC has limited the access of certain confidential information contained in the proposed merger documents.  It was decided that some of the information, if it were to be accessed by competing companies, would compromise AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s, or some combination of the two’s competitive advantage.  The FCC added this along with their ruling:

“We adopt [these] procedures to provide more limited access to certain especially competitively sensitive information that may be filed in this proceeding, which, if released to competitors or those with whom the Submitting Party does business, would allow those persons to gain a significant advantage in the marketplace or in negotiations. We anticipate that such materials will be necessary to develop a more complete record on which to base the Commission’s decision. While we are mindful of the highly sensitive nature of such information, we are also mindful of the right of the public to participate in this proceeding in a meaningful way.”

Maybe not the most important development in this play, this will certainly make some people (*cough* Sprint *cough*) angry.


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  • Anonymous

    LoL Cat says: “Im in the Eff See See… Steeling ur seecrits”

  • Ish just got real

  • Bimmerz

    lol Love the kitty pic! Sux to be Sprint right now. Will be interesting to see how all this pans out…

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    Reeks of shadiness if you ask me.

    • @sidekicker89

      Agreed! I don’t know what they are hiding.. I bet AT&T is bribing the regulators!.. lets face it people… we need T-Mobile to stay what it is today.. I wouldn’t give up T-Mobile just for better coverage when i’m going to be paying MORE MONEY to AT&T!

      • Brian

        I have read the Anti-Merger comments to this point and I think both sides are being retarded. You do not own T-Mobile or At&T. You can complain or write about how happy you are, it doesn’t matter. Both companies are separate privately owned companies. Stop trying to put your opinion on this story, its not needed. Just let it play out, if you do not want to be under At&Ts new conglomeration then leave to Verizon or Sprint or whom ever you like its a free country.

        I personally will hate to see T-Mobile go. I have been with them for a long time and will miss the good service. (Joke time) But its like sex with Kobe Bryant. You can kick and scream all you want, but its…its gonna happen…

        • Climber42104bg

          How can a company be private when both att and DT have shareholders, and are both on the stock market, seems like a publicly traded company to me.

    • Mbregar13

      I’m certainly not a supporter of this proposed buy-out, as my previous comments should display, however I have no problem with this, and I have to imagine it is a pretty standard procedure. Part of the formal proposal to the FCC/DOJ likely includes a roadmap of their plans for the future. This could include pricing information, future device information, plans for a new 4G standard (i.e. LTE rollout) with a timetable and proposed market priority, etc… This information is obviously not something that AT&T would want VZW or Sprint to know, and the general public is not ‘entitled’ to see this information. It’s not a conspiracy guys, normalcy if you ask me.

    • A Tmo Employee

      Really? Really?! So you think that what should be done is that the FCC should take all the secret, proprietary plans and info of two currently competing companies, and just put it out there, so that other companies in the market will know every secret plan and move they are going to make? Keep in mind that Tmo and ATT are two separate, currently competing companies in the market, and that there is always a (slim) chance that they may not merge (and for all you ‘Anti-merger’ fans, I mean slim. Like really slim. Like can’t barely see it if it stands sideways slim). So, if T-Mo and ATT tell the FCC and the DOJ -every- detail of their business from top to bottom (as required by law for the merger anyway) then the proper thing is just to take -ALL- of that and vomit it out to all the other companies? Really?! Secrets are secret for a reason. Secrets are legal, secrets are standard, secrets are how any two entities compete. Does anyone who reads this site have a Business Degree? Has anyone who reads this site even taken a Business COURSE?

  • Khan

    I know this is off topic but how come I can’t view the site on my computer but I can view on my mobile device.

  • Call me when the merger itself is blocked. Not the documents.

  • Legacy347

    This merger will happen they already sent severance letters to T-Mobile retail staff…yet they want us to perform to the highest standard when we could be let go within the year.

    • Mbregar13

      You expect T-Mobile to not let their employees know what they stand to gain by sticking around until the (keyword: potential) end? You would prefer they say/offer nothing and watch a massive employee exodus in the meantime? Sending letters detailing severance and other financial incentives to existing employees is hardly a nail in the coffin. I understand the concern/worry, but I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet.

    • A Tmo Employee

      Did anyone even comprehend the english on those letters? EVERY T-Mo employee in the COUNTRY got one of those letters. And it had TWO numbers on it. One was a retention bonus amount, and one was a severance amount.
      Every time TMO does something, the employees whine like little babies that they didn’t get a heads up, or that there were secrets, or that they should have been told (Like a multi-billion dollar company needs to check in with a freakin’ hourly employee before it makes a move). Well damned if you do, damned if you don’t. To REDUCE fear and uncertainty, T-Mo wanted to tell their employees (us) what we would be facing if we ended up being let go after the merger, AND also what we would be seeing if we were retained after the merger. Sheesh.

  • Angeldevil75

    Few work……we need to go with other carrier……. Sprint give me a promotion if not….. Still going with you :p

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  • MORE LIES like the quadband you told us Tmo/ATT…

    • Gm Aharrington1

      Oh my goodness. You and everybody else with your, ” more lies”, comments. Here let me make a comment that everybody can understand. Quit complaining about every little detail, take it with a grain of salt, and deal with the fact it was a mistake. I have a question for everybody complaining about, lies, or selling of the company or whatever you want to gripe about. The question is this; when was the last time that everything you said and or did was 100% correct, unbiased, or 100% truthful? I also would like to point something out for those that forget. Verizon in 2009 acquired Alltell. Now, AT&T is merging Alltell. Also, what about this article found on AT&T’s website?

      • Mbregar13

        Not sure what you are asking about, or implying with the AT&T/Alltel link. (Maybe you weren’t asking anything, and I’m reading your comment incorrectly… its a bit unclear).

        The AT&T/Alltel thing is old old news. Part of the FCCs approval of the Verizon/Alltel deal required that they divest a certain amount of the market-share to another bidder. That ended up being AT&T. This is something that will likely happen this time around as well, if the FCC/DOJ approve the deal at all. I believe The same thing happened many years ago when Verizon bought PrimeCo as well, although I could be mistaken. I know for certain that the Chicago PrimeCo market landed in US Cellulars lap though, and not Verizon. Anyhow, not really a big deal, AT&T gobbled this small part of Alltel up years ago. (2009)

      • Will

        Your comment is so incredibly weird . Have you read any of what AT&T turned into the FCC ? It is all over the map . All I could think is what drunk person wrote this ? If you are a AT&T customer you don’t this merger either . Its like finding out Darth Vader is retarded . They will botch this .

  • Skibladebri

    what do yall tell customers when they ask about it?

  • Mirna

    Hi I just wanna kno will att customers get better reception if the merger goes tru? I dnt have att I have t-mobile but I kno a guy that has an atrix 4g on att and he always drops calls like crazy over here in LA and complains about slow internet. So will the merger fix those kind of problems on att? Also will t-mobile network get crapier or better?

    • Aerofanbig

      Tmobile network will be gone. They will use the frequency bands we are all using for data to build out their new system. Yes, AT&T’s customers will get better reception and speed, we, will get bricked phones that only make calls and texts on 2G speed networks

      • Muxmarine

        tmobiles network will not be “gone”. tmobile phones will nor work on att network and vice versa…both networks will be integrated and will support all phones after the integration…know your facts before terrifying everyone with rediculous comments

        • Angelsdemon1

          Actually, the facts were spelled out by AT&T. They told us that Tmo towers were going to be used for their LTE buildout. They also stated that Tmobile phone may not work on the “new” AT&T. It was in their press release. I don’t think it’s time for people to be panicking yet,(mainly because even if the merger happens it will be 12-18 maybe 24 months before the real bad things start to happen), however, the possibility of “bricked” phones and other undesirable issues are very real if the merger goes through. Those are the facts

  • Will

    Your comment is so incredibly weird . Have you read any of what AT&T turned into the FCC ? It is all over the map . All I could think is what drunk person wrote this ? If you are a AT&T customer you don’t this merger either . Its like finding out Darth Vader is retarded . They will botch this .

  • Going_home

    Looks like the FCC has already decided to approve the doomsday buyout of Tmo.


  • Anonymous
  • Rick

    Three points:

    1. Even if the merger is not approved, or substantially modified, T-Mobile will not exist in 2 years MAXIMUM. DT has made it clear they want out of the U.S. market, and if they can’t complete the AT&T merger they will sell it to someone else, sell off parts and close it down. Now that TMO is known to be surplus to DT, it will be eaten up by some other(s). It is over, we are just waiting to see who and when.

    2. The FCC *had* to keep some of these documents secret. Obvious reasons include the massive amount of market and sales research, predictions, analysis, and details that will not be made public, perhaps never. This is not the least unusual, despite the loony bin conspiracy theorists bleeting about ‘coverup’ andf ‘bribery’. This keeping some documents secret is BAU.

    3. TMO employees will get offers to encourage them to stay through the process, and severance may very well be spelled out for them to make good decisions. TMO has a lot of reasons to keep their workforce in place right up to the merger, and beyond, to ensure good service, continuity, and to preserve the subscriber base as much as possible. This should be expected to be a condition of the merger, as AT&T would like to carry over as many subscribers as possible. It’s just good business. After the merger, well, if you’ve never worked through a merger, consider yourself lucky. If you were part of the smaller partner, you live on pins and needles hoping they see value in you and give you a position in the new entity with at least the same compensation. If you were part of the larger entity, you live on pins and needles hoping they don’t find your replacement in the other… There will be plenty of AT&T employees already fearing their days are numbered, and that TMO employees will take their places, and at virtually every level. But if you aren’t feeling just a little concern that your job isn’t secure, you’re either very very blessed, or a little oblivious. Nothing is forever.

    • You couldn’t have explained it any better. I totally agree.

    • Brian

      This is not a matter of whether of not T-mobile will be sold to someone else anyway. It is a matter of Anti-Trust and if this sale to AT&T is good for the consumer.

      I think leaving two phone companies with 80% of the market is not very good for the consumer (if the deal is allowed to go through).

      There are at least 4 European cell phone operation in Europe that could buy the US division of Tmobile. It does not have to be a local company. T-mobile USA can stand by itself. Another company can make it profitable. Deutche has been sloppy with the company.

      • Rick

        My contention is that since DT has accepted an offer to sell TMO to AT&T, even if this merger fails, it is most likely that DT is done with TMO and will either seek a buyer elsewhere or just carve it up. AT&T is essentially buying spectrum and subscribers, and either of those could be sold by themselves, somehow. I don’t see another operator that could afford TMO, and am entirely unaware of ANY interest by a EU operator in entering the US market. Do you have any inkling that another operator is interested in picking up TMO if this merger fails? I’ve asked. Crickets.

        It is very attractive to say that the FCC will kill this deal or impose unacceptable limits, and magically TMO will be rescued by a white knight. Don’t count on this. TMO is not seen as vaulable enough to experience such a fate.

        Now Sprint is the best option, but why would they enter into another technology assimilation? their Nextel experiment (or was it the other way around?) was not as successful as it could have been, and in the end do you get a market with three competitors, one still weaker than the others?

        Besides, just between you and me, if DT was serious about the US market, THEY would buy Sprint and put it out of its misery, except for the iDen problem. PTT over GSM is still not the same.

        Two companies with 40% each in the market leaves Sprint with 20% How big would a Sprint/TMO be? 30$? 40/30/30? VZW wins. We lose.

        Being absorbed by AT&T is probably the best outcome for TMO. It just feels horrible.

  • informant

    rick hit the nail on the head

  • Anonymous

    shareholders of both companies must have access by law.

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    • 48ree

      garbage. go away fool