T-Mobile Says G2X Does Not Have Quadband HSPA+, Disappoints


In a response to an Engadget inquiry regarding the frequency bands on the T-Mobile G2X, T-Mobile has released a statement clarifying the included frequencies.

The T-Mobile G2x fact sheet, attached [PDF link], contains accurate information. The T-Mobile website is incorrect and we’re working to correct it. The G2x supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for 2G/GPRS only, and supports 3G/4G UMTS/HSPA+ bands I and IV. The G2x does not support AT&T’s 3G bands. This banding is hardware based.

Back in early September an eagle-eyed reader pointed out the T-Mobile.com page for the, at the time upcoming G2X indicated the device had quadband HSPA+. As it turns out G2X owners who have successfully unlocked the device have been unable to use the device on AT&T 3G. So now its settled, no quadband HSPA+ on the G2X.



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  • Manchi

    This will piss off some who thought this phone is future proofed…

  • Fatman317

    There u go. Not the so called “future proof”handset everyone’s talking about!

    • Software wise, it is still pretty future proofed, since it runs Tegra 2 and will support newer versions of Android for years to come. But frankly, by the time HSPA+ on AWS is turned off, you’ll have a shiny new Tegra 4 3D phone that is LTE ready and uses UMTS 850/1900. So, don’t worry about it. The only people that would care about the banding issue are people who planned on using it on AT&T, Rogers, Telus, Bell, any carrier in Latin America, or Telstra in Australia. Basically the roamers and importers would care the most, while the AT&T people starved for a good Android phone would be next in line to care.

      • Manchi

        I think the main point is that T-Mobile released “false” info for those AT&T, Rogers, Telus, or Bells user who bought the phone and thought they could use their 3G on it. They probably hoped T-Mobile would correct this information at the time of release this phone.

        • Manchi

          Btw, I’m a T-Mobile user. Just felt unfair for those people who bought the phone at full retail price and can’t get the phone working until this official announcment.

        • Sean

          Yes, shame on T-Mobile for posting incorrect information but if the only people it hurts are those who are not on T-Mobile… then boo hoo for them.

          To worry about this phone not working IF the merger goes through is to worry about getting in a car accident when driving on the road. Are you going to stop driving?

          It’s all speculation what might happen. For those worrying about the future of this phone… are you serious that you are going to be using this phone 2 years from now? Unless you are upgrading from a Blackberry 8900 G1 or Sidekick 2009, the techies that tend to visit sites like TMONews.com, BGR or Engadget usually upgrade pretty frequently. I’d be surprised to see anyone who gets a G2x within the 1st week of it’s release to be rocking it 2 years later when it’s outdated and old news.

          Just as others have posted AT&T will not leave T-Mobile subscribers high and dry. While the past is no guarantee of future actions, when AT&T picked up Alltel subscribers they were more than generous–giving out free phones and resetting upgrade tenure. AT&T or anyone for that matter does not want to lose subscribers–it’s much cheaper for them to give away some free phones in an act of good will to keep you on a contract worth much, much more.

          Hey Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling.

  • Souljourney

    While I am disappointed in this. I figure this phone will still be usable on T-Mobile (or merged AT&T-Mobile) at 3G and 4G speeds for at least 2 years. At that point I’ll have an upgrade and will have to decide what to then… stay with same company and get new phone, or move companies and get new phone.
    MOST folks I know don’t tend to keep the newer, “fancier” phones more than 2 years.

  • It was certainly on the ‘reasons to buy this phone’ when I was originally planning to get it. Just another item on my list of why it was returned. Thanks for that T-Mo.


    Dont be so sure that ATT is going to use the 1900 band for HSPA+…. No decision has been finalized yet…

    • Havoktek

      You know what, were not sure of too much of anything right now.
      And you guys aren’t talkin’!

    • I’m pretty sure the decision was finalized quite a while ago, AT&T is already running HSPA+, albeit with a slow back-end, and is doing so on 850MHz and 1900MHz.

      The only decision yet to be finalized is whether AT&T will be allowed to buy and shutdown T-Mobile…

    • Carol Brady gave me whiplash

      Be very sure . Gas , grass , or a$$ , nobody rides for free . As far as AT&T goes , times that line by 50 .

      • Mopar6464

        LMFAO , i have’nt heard that line in a long time.

  • Jonathan from LA

    The only thing that bothers me about this phone is the problems people are having with it rebooting constantly, the battery dies, and the wifi connection that won’t let you switch to wifi when its on and instead the phone grabs data from T-mobile’s network.

    That’s why I’m holding out right now.

  • Anonymous

    See ya TMO. Hello UPS store.

  • Oh well. Will make it easier for me to switch carries if the deal goes through (believe me if it does I will be switching). And maybe this means that T-Mobile is pretty confident the deal won’t go through & their trying to reap the benefits of the disapproval in hopes to make their network better than what it initially was with these beneficial elements? Who knows…

    • Anonymous

      i hear ya. Tmo and at&t both want this to go thru, and it probably will. so why would Tmo care about people getting up in arms when they are essentially taking themselves out of the game. they thinking “cry all you want, we are outta here.”

      • Who knows. We don’t know if they do want this to go through or not. Mind you DT sold T-Mobile USA, T-Mobile USA didn’t sell themselves to AT&T. I don’t necessarily think T-Mobile wants anything to go through, I just don’t think they don’t have a choice & they have to handle it the best way possible. & if you really think about, if that said; Why would they continue to expand their network speeds & release all these high-end phones when the deal is gonna go through? They’re almost in turbo mode now. That’s just gonna bring more customers, & would it really benefit them if it’s not gonna be for them, but rather AT&T will collect those customers? Why would they continue expanding their HSPA+ network in both speed/performance, & coverage when they know that it will be phased out soon in the favor of LTE (lead by AT&T), & continue to release non-AT&T 3G/4G compatible devices? In no way is it benefiting T-Mobile USA. The only person that is benefiting from this is DT, & the only benefit that they’re getting is the size of their pockets.

        • Anonymous

          Good point. I did mean to say it was DT that is just gonna benefit. But it seems like DT controls the sale yet not the roadmap. Its weird.
          Glad you brought that up tho. I’m on here a lot and see you tend to be one of the few rational thinkers

        • Thanks. You actually didn’t say DT at all. lol I just had to bring that up (not saying you), but some people don’t know that T-Mobile actually didn’t make this decision & their owned by the German Company Deutsche Telekom & they made the deal. So, I just wanted to make that known. I’m honestly not sure if they want this to go through or not. Is it a ploy for them to gain the money, roaming agreement, & spectrum to build a better network? or is this the way to just get them out without losing anymore profit (DT, not T-Mobile)? (rhetorical questions). It can go either way. We’ll just have to see.

        • Frigadroid

          You guys need to get realistic DT 100% wants this deal to work they need the money. To think that they would go through this for a band aid concession payment is rediculous. They would be dead in the water without a plan for future lte because DT has told tmobile they would have to be self sufficient. They want to sell to the highest bidder now, and get out while they can still get the top price, rather than hang on and let the company lose value.

        • I believe I’ve already stated what you’re stating. So as far as being realistic, I think you need to read everything that we’ve written. I said DT wants the “bigger pockets”, I never said T-Mobile USA. They are 2 separate companies. DT just happens to own T-Mobile USA.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll stick with my G2 for now, and upgrade later on down the road. I keep hearing stuff about the battery / screen bleeding from too many people already.

  • sadgurl34

    i am seriously pissed off i guess u cant expect a lot from a crappy company . i berly got a g2x , and since i read this right now im going right now this instant to cancel my t-mobile contract . i just gotta put on my shoes and do my hair in about 20 minutes i will be out my door hop on my car and go to the t-mobile store to cancel my contract. critisize me all u want i dont care i am tired of getting screwed over by t-mobile. this pretty much means if the merger does go tru which im sure it will u will get edge only on at&t since it doesnt support atts 3g. verizon here i come!! im just going to wait to the 28 of this month to get a samsung droid charge 4g on verizon ! cuz it looks like an awesome phone ye ya i cant wait!! i dont care if verizon is expensive because i have a good job so i can afford it. the thing that hurts me the most is that i have been a loyal t-mobile customer for 3 years. so yea im sad . o well hopefully verizon is better .

    • Senor Chang
    • Aznvanwilder

      youre an idiot, the merger won’t be fully in effect for at least a couple of years and by that time your contract is going to be up anyways. know your stuff before you post

      • Daisy26

        I agree with sad girl I also have a g2x yes its an amazing phone, but still it sucks because I don’t know if this merger will go tru I’m hoping it doesn’t. Because from what I read online t-mobile towers will be converted to att towers. Or something like that? Can anyone correct me on that? I don’t want to sound ignorant but I haven’t looked into that really well. Anyways that would really suck if the g2x only gets edge when the merger goes tru. I know at&t is crap because I had it before over here in los angeles and at&t drops waaay more calls than t-mobile and the 3g,4g internet is slow when compared to t-mobile.so yes I kinda get why sad girl is pissed off.but unlike her I will not be switching to verizon for now noticed I said now? I will be staying for t-mobile for now if things get really bad then I will switch to verizon. Because like I said I had att before and its horrible t-mobile is much better

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahah. You ain’t going anywhere. You’re the type of hood rat that won’t pay $300 for the Droid Charge, let alone Verizon monthly smartphone fees. You are just venting but nobody cares.

      I won’t correct my typos so that it looks like we speak the same language and you might understand what I am saying.

      Your argument about not having 3G bands and using that as an excuse to leave is bogus.

      Girl, you don’t need a smartphone, you need a RAZR, smartphones are for smart people. Go get a RAZR and stay true to your nick name.

      • Jeff86

        Hahahaha PWRuser you my friend, are an idiot. The arguement is legit. All she is saying is that she is upset like myself, because she bought the phone like many others with the impression that she would be able to use the 3g bands after the merger. With the news today not only will she not be able to use the bands, she now has a phone that will be basically useless next year. Why dont you stop with the insults because you aren’t good at them the RAZR joke was horrible.

        • Anonymous

          RAZR wasn’t a joke, that’s the right phone phone for her. T-Mobile 3G bands will remain operational throughout 2012, it won’t be useless like you are.

      • Jeff86

        Hahahaha PWRuser you my friend, are an idiot. The arguement is legit. All she is saying is that she is upset like myself, because she bought the phone like many others with the impression that she would be able to use the 3g bands after the merger. With the news today not only will she not be able to use the bands, she now has a phone that will be basically useless next year. Why dont you stop with the insults because you aren’t good at them the RAZR joke was horrible.

      • SabsWifey

        That was really rude & TOTALLY uncalled for! And the fact that 4 people ‘liked’ that comment is just sad. People come here to talk about what is going on. Calling her a ‘hood rat’ was just wrong. As far as her spelling goes….so what? Is everything u post gramatically correct; 100% of the time? Maybe only a certain number of characters are allowed on whatever she is typing on. WoooW! We were talking about this phone not bashing others.

        • Anonymous

          Aww, Mrs. Goody 2-Shoes chimes in. You need more uninhibited sex in your life and you will care less about what I, random stranger, say on the internet. Chill.

          P.S. Nothing wrong with hood rats, I went through dozens back in that day.

        • Jeff86

          You went through dozens back in THAT day? Which Day would that be moron? Lol The fact that you have posted multiple times on this one thread shows that you have no life. Hide behind your computer and talk all you want tough guy we all you aren’t going through anything but lotion.

      • Your name calling wasn’t called for. Deleted.

        • Anonymous

          Right on. I’ll try to be less of a douche. The comment section would be better with less cross posting though.

        • The whole section is a mess, it needs an overhaul but Disqus is the best option and I sincerely doubt you guys would welcome Facebook comments. I can only wish people stayed on topic!

  • Anonymous

    The merger isn’t happening tomorrow so peeps saying that they are returning the phone are either G2X haters who never had it or idiots who think that AWS will be turned off within weeks of FCC merger approval.

  • That sucks for the ones who bought it just to find out it doesn’t work. Other than that I don’t care.

  • Doesn’t T-mobile check specs before they post something online??? Major Fail

  • u m

    This doesn’t change anything. Even if AT&T acquired T-Mobile and you renewed a 2 year contract today, you will not be forced to buy against what your contract stipulates. Anyone that knows anything about vanilla Android will tell you the G2X is the fastest android phone on the market.

    If you bought it simply because you heard it supports AT&T 3G spectrum, kick yourself and remember: Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why would T-Mobile put in the G2X spec sheet that the phone was Quad Band (AT&T radio bands) The specs were written for everyone to see, I have a printed copy to show. These specs were there for over one month. That is not an overlook that is false advertising, that is pathetic. T-Mobile knew they were there, every major tech website was commenting bout this great phone being future proofed. I’m keeping mine for 14 days and giving it back. I like the phone but will not put up with anymore bull shit. I will not buy another expensive paper weight. For a lousy 5 bucks that phone could have been future proofed. That is wasteful, to throw away that hardware after the buy out goes thru. Truely a waste of a great device. There is no excuse for that.

  • I think T-Mobile missed a huge opportunity here – a Quad band 3G phone would rock the international travelers in the business world. I bought one bright and early the first day only to realize T-Mobile had lied about or had been *totally* oblivious to the error for at least a month (not sure which I want to believe). Do they not follow their own press? This is exactly the kind of thing you pay PR people to avoid.

    I feel like the Manning protesters in San Francisco – I’m not leaving, but I am deeply disappointed, and this “oops” will be remembered for a long time.

    • Havoktek

      Just bad execution man, we can’t win from losing!

  • BobMarley

    Why would anyone want to use this on AT&T’s slower, crowded network? If you’re going to buy it outright, you’re probably better off paying the early cancellation fee then just switching to T-Mobile and getting it subsidized…

    • Aerofanbig

      I think you might have missed the point everyone is sore about. If this phone HAD worked on AT&T’s band, it was not for AT&T users to buy it (they are getting the optimus 3D soon anyways, very similar phone) it was so Tmo customers could feel good about buying this phone NOW and having it still work at full 3/4G speeds when the take over happens.

      • Havoktek

        Indeed it’s all about perception, in this economy people need to feel as tho they made a wise purchase that will survive a major network upheaval.

  • Rick

    So after being beaten about for not caring about AT&T 3/4G support, it turns out to not exist on the G2X, Nice.

    I’m not surprised. this phone was probably in design well before anyone at AT&T called anyone at T-Mobile to see if they could work a deal. Why would they?

    And my only concern now about a new phone is that I’ll get ‘only’ a year or so out of it before the merger completes, and then only the service life until AT&T shuts down the HSPA+ network they bought. Maybe 18 months. Then I will be relying on AT&T to want to keep me enough that they will make me an offer on a new AT&T phone.

    Kinda unfortunate, but in 12 months I’ll be dying for a quad-core Tegra 4 phone anyways with 64GB internal and a 4.2 720p screen, so I’ll spring for it on discount.

    Or I’ll go to Sprint if they got some TMO leftover coverage. Never VZW. Maybe a MVNO…

  • I’m a little amazing that nobody has seemed to realize that if/once the AT&T deal goes through, that your old contract will be nullified since it will have had to have changed, since service has changed. I really don’t see why anyone is upset about this oversight.

    If this is the worst thing that has happened to you, (your perception that T-Mo has lied to you re the G2X), then you’ve got a wonderful life indeed!

    In the end, it won’t make any difference really, beyond having to purchase a new phone in the next 2-3 years once the possible switchover finally happens, but really, do you think you wouldn’t be doing that anyways?

  • I’m a little amazing that nobody has seemed to realize that if/once the AT&T deal goes through, that your old contract will be nullified since it will have had to have changed, since service has changed. I really don’t see why anyone is upset about this oversight.

    If this is the worst thing that has happened to you, (your perception that T-Mo has lied to you re the G2X), then you’ve got a wonderful life indeed!

    In the end, it won’t make any difference really, beyond having to purchase a new phone in the next 2-3 years once the possible switchover finally happens, but really, do you think you wouldn’t be doing that anyways?

    • Jimm

      People like myself are upset because regardless if all contracts are nullified, what we paid $200+ becomes useless in 1-2 years. This affects people like myself who bought this phone as a long term investment. I didn’t plan to buy this phone only to throw it away and cough another $200 in another year.

      • Ktwist

        Well if this eases your mind once the merger goes thru, if your device is no longer supported, at&t will give you there latest smartphone free. This is written into the merger but you will have to sign a two yr with them. Plus its going to take a few yrs anyways.

      • Anonymous

        Your contracts won’t be nullified and your phones will be using T-Mobile’s 3G bands twice as long as you think. Your purchase complaint is invalid, go buy a unlocked $500 phone and then we can talk about it.

      • remister

        Everyone still has buyers remorse!
        14 days in most all states
        30 days in CALI!

      • The good news is, even if the merger goes through in 1-2 years, it’ll take them several more years to phase out the old towers and phase in the new ones.

        I can sympathize with your feelings on this, but I truly can’t imagine a scenario where they won’t take care of those disenfranchised from T-Mo towers, to do so would be total suicide in the amount of people leaving for other service.

    • Anonymous

      While exact details have yet to be be worked out and it will take a while before we know…
      Look at how the Alltel merger was handled:


      Unless you switch to AT&T plan, you will be able to keep your plan and AT&T ships out phones that are comparable to the ones. Some dude posted a detailed explanation in the forums here and I saw a link to Alltel forum too where you can see how the merger went down from the customer perspective.

      One thing is certain: EM+ customers won’t get the free phones and they are throwing money down the drain if they buy expensive smartphones once as the merger gets closer. Maybe smart to hop on the EM train just before the merger is finalized.

      • Carol Brady gave me whiplash

        I’m in that boat . Can’t decide whether to hold out hope for my all unlimited EM+ plan or jump to Verizon before their unlimited data plan runs out . I will not do business with AT&T again . I’m also starting to think Sprint is on borrowed time . To anyone holding out hope that this will just work out , look at what AT&T filed with the FCC . TMO’s network is going to be chopshopped as soon as AT&T gets the go ahead . They want the cheap infrastructure & could care less about you as a cheap customer . Sorry .

    • Mopar6464

      If you have a two year contract agreement with T-Mobile at the time AT&T takes over all T-Mobile contracts AT&T cannot nullify anything. They must honor that commitment until your original T-Mobile contracts ends. That’s why you wait until the last possible moment before the Buy-Out happens and extend your contract and lock in a cheap rate plan and make sure you get a phone that has the AT&T 3G bands in it.
      It’s the same kind of agreement as if your Mortgage Company on your house was bought by another company. Your monthly fixed payments,percentage rates,and length of original contract stays the same and will until the original contracts ends.
      Unless you wish to modify your grandfathered T-Mobile rate plan , only then will it change to AT&T’s current rate plan. Which would be about twice as much as T-Mobile’s for the same service or less depending on your area and reception qualities.

      • Jay

        What about the even more plus plan with no contracts. I have that now and also was thinking about switching to a contract plan at a later time, but the t-mobile customer service person on the phone said ATT would have to honor the even more plus plan also and cant force us to change the plan UNTIL we want an upgrade.

        Which basically means if you buy your phone AT FULL PRICE , you can keep your plan. Id rather do that and keep paying 60 bucks a month instead of more

        • pantlesspenguin

          This is exactly what I was told as well. It’s nice to see that this info is somewhat consistant.

        • Mopar6464

          You are still covered because it’s still a T-Mobile contract and AT&T will still have to honor that rate plan until it ends. So if your ok with AT&T and plan to stay on for the ride, i would wait until the last possible moment and extend that contract two more years and make AT&T honor your cheap rate compared to theirs.
          That’s what i’m going to do. It will be half the price compared to a current AT&T rate plan.

        • Anonymous

          No. Prepaid credit from your EM+ plan will be transferred to AT&T prepaid options in the last month of T-Mobile AWS operation. You will be offered “deeply discounted” phones at that point. 2 months before AWS is shut down, you willl start periodically receiving txt messages form AT&T that you need to change your options.

          The best option for you is to take advantage of the cheaper EM+ plans, not invest in a good phone and then switch to contract plan and get a high end phone so the replacement phone isn’t crap.

        • Camille

          Not all of the EM+ plans are prepaid. Mine is a postpaid family plan, the exact same as the contract plans, except that I purchase my phones outright and don’t have a contract. While I still think that I will be screwed either way, I don’t think that it will happen as you’ve outlined (being transferred to a prepaid account).

  • Frigadroid

    Yet another missed opportunity, it is business as usual at tmo. I wish a manufacturer like HTC would make us the ultimate international travelers phone. With dual sim, quad core, multi bands, multi languages, extended life battery, a large samsung display….. My vision the “HTC Passport Connoisseur” something high end that will make even the apple fan green with envy. I dont care if its $600-$700 if its worth it.

  • so did the FCC lie as well with an quadband 3g optimus 3d?

    • Havoktek

      Damn good question………..Anyone?

      • Humpty4321

        Mhmm I would sure like to know

    • Anonymous

      I hope David digs the answer up. I would like to know

  • This actually pisses me off quite a bit. I bought the phone under false pretenses. It wasn’t just a “rumor” I had heard or read, it was an actual spec listed on T-MOBILE’S web site. Effin shady, very effin shady

  • Carol Brady gave me whiplash

    Man you could sue like 6 or 7 companies or agencies . I have visions of drooling lawyers . I just dropped this phone when I head the news & I suddenly can’t feel my toes .

  • Certainly not a deal breaker for me. Just another disappointment in a long string of disappointments I’ve had with this phone.

  • Is it hard to understand?????
    If the band isn’t listed on FCC, IT IS NOT THERE!!!
    See it yourself!

  • Anonymous

    This is a significant material issue allowing for a full refund for those who want to return the phone. I assume many people bought this phone under the assumption that the G2x was quad-band, not dual-band, in other words, post-acquisition it would work on AT&T’s 3G. Turns out it won’t.

    So people who bought the phone in reliance of T-Mobile’s published specs, or who are affected by this post-purchase revelation, you have recourse because the phone is not as advertised.

    If you want a refund simply call AT&T, excuse me… T-Mobile, and demand a refund. They have to give it to you.

    Note: T-Mobile’s lack of integrity and “every man for himself” attitude are indicated by the fact that T-Mobile has not offered G2x purchasers the opportunity to return the phone for a full refund. If T-Mobile was above board and its executives/employees not more concerned about getting hired by AT&T or polishing their resumes, the Company would acknowledge this significant error and offer to cure it.

    I keep telling people that this is an acquisition not a merger. This is an important distinction because in this acquisition you cannot rely or trust anything T-Mobile or AT&T say.

    And as this revelation evidences, you should also be suspicious of what AT&T and T-Mobile are NOT saying.

    • Bratty

      You really need to stop writing essays. You don’t actually have much substance to your comments.
      And – this announcement is within 14 days of purchase so you can return the phone TODAY if you want. But you did not purchase the phone….and want to whine.

      • Havoktek

        You obviously don’t know who Michael is………..Read a little deeper, more than you do your twitter and you might grab a crumb.

        • None

          If you cannot make a point in a couple sentences, then you should write a blog, not post on one.

  • Yancy Perrys

    Who cares if it’s future proofed. Att 3g is slower than T-Mobile’s edge (where im at) So I don’t care.. and this merge would mean 40000 job losses the united states government would not let that happen. That would damage our economy far too much.

    • Dalton

      Bet they would let it happen. What’s 40,000 jobs in a country of roughly 300 million. Yeah, no.

  • WindlessSails

    I love my G2X, but this really DOES suck. Pretty damn disappointed in my Magenta’s management.

    They blatantly lied in the info they put out. Complete misrepresentation. I’m disgusted.

    I basically feel played by a company I was proud to patronize.

    Already sold my MyTouch 3G, so I would have to get another phone somewhere if I returned this otherwise awesome piece of hardware.

    Luckily, I bought my G2X cash, and I am contract free in July.

    One of two things will happen. The AT&T merger will fall through, and I’ll stay with these liars because they’re the cheapest whores in town, or when AT&T takes over in 2 to 4 years, I’ll jump ship. By then, the G2X will be obsolete, and it will be time for me to upgrade to another phone. A 2 to 4 year run for $500 worth of tech is not bad.

    If Tmo winds up in the trash, it’ll be their own fault for screwing up a majorly promising company. Cretins.

  • ReallyNow?

    I guess they don’t treasure those J.D.Powers and Associates awards all that much…

  • Wallace

    I understand that people are pissed off but does everyone that bought the phone understand that it launch one week ago meaning everyone that could have got their hands on it is still within their return policy to revert everything back…just saying. You will get a full refund.

  • Anonymous

    To those who say this is no big deal, AT&T will give people an equivalent phone or that these T-Mobile phones will be usable for at least two more years, etc. I’ll re-post a comment I made in here a few weeks back:

    I am not aware of anyone in AT&T upper management saying “it will take 2-3 years before T-Mo phones are “bricked.”

    I have only heard AT&T say is that if the acquisition is approved T-Mobile “3G” phones will need to be replaced to keep data working on T-Mobile’s towers that AT&T plans to “reconfigure” to AT&T’s actual 4G. In other words, since T-Mobile’s 4G phones are really re-badged 3G handsets, T-Mobile’s phones won’t work on AT&T’s 4G or 3G frequencies.

    AT&T has privately said it factored in the cost of AT&T replacement phones for T-Mobile subscribers, if T-Mobile subscribers become AT&T customers. I would love to see those numbers because I find it hard to believe that AT&T is planning on being fair when it comes to replacing T-Mobile handsets or absorbing T-Mobile customers.

    Anyone having faith that they will be “made whole” by AT&T, or that T-Mobile will make sure of that, well brace yourself to at most get a $100 credit toward your purchase of an AT&T handset, but ONLY on your agreement to a two year contract ;)

    • Anonymous

      Look at the how the AT&T/Alltel merger went. Government imposed terms that AT&T had to obey and talk to Alltel customers before you make assumptions. It’s more beneficial for AT&T keep customers paying lower T-Mobile rates than lose them to other operators. To say that the terms of the T-Mobile merger will be much worse than the Alltel merger is a baseless assumption.

      The $100 discount amount you came up with may only apply to EM+ customers, contracted customers will receive free phones AT&T deems comparable to the phones they are replacing and those will be identified with ESN.

      Go look at phones Alltel carried and the phones Alltel customers were offered as replacements.

    • Mopar6464

      And that’s why i’ve been saying that if your going to buy a new phone make sure it has the AT&T 3G bands in it before the AT&T take-over goes down.
      Therefor you will not have to sign a new AT&T contract.

  • Really

    T-Mobile admits their web site is wrong and their response is that they are “working on it”. Tells you about how poor the management is there and how slow they are to react. Any reasonably efficient team would have said that their web site WAS wrong, and that they ALREADY corrected it. In a struggling economy, it is amazing that incompetent people still have jobs.

    • Anonymous

      Whats your point. They said it will be fixed. You want a cnbc news conference about the mistake.

      • Carl

        In the time it took them to announce their mistake, an efficient business would have already fixed the mistake.

        • Havoktek

          Any serious Company worth their salt and PR team would be all on this.
          I got mad love for mu magenta but they fell off on this one.
          In an economy where everyone is hit…little things like customer service, and product integrity is king in a land of clowns.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The same thought went through my mind when I read that “working on it” phrase in the PR. I’m not a web professional, but I know a little-bit about it — enough to know that it doesn’t take hours to fix a couple of lines in a web page.

  • Anonymous

    And here is what I said after deciding not to buy the G2x. IMHO the comment remains relevant as it summarizes the “phones will be bricks” issue as I understand things.

    Note: If I am mistaken in any of this, please post a correction. I’d like to consider getting the Sensation come June-July.

    I almost bit on the G2X but I did some research and re-read everything that T-Mobile and AT&T have said about the acquisition. Bottom line is as you say. T-Mobile (and AT&T) have not said squat about what’s going to happen to current T-Mobile subscribers and their phones once the acquisition is approved (if it is).

    Both Companies have kept their options open and made sure they have not made anything that T-Mobile subscribers might even remotely interpret as a promise. At the end of the day here’s where I stand with the company (I’m an EM+ customer too, which puts me in a worse position):

    1. If the acquisition is approved, lets say in March 2012, at that point we will have been offered to sign up with AT&T. But the plans won’t be any different than what AT&T is offering anyone off the street. In other words, contrary to what some in here think or hope, there’s not going to be any special deal for T-Mobile customers.

    Note: T-Mobile and AT&T have projected and accounted for that about 7 to 8 million T-Mobile customers will choose not to go with AT&T.

    2. Subscribers choosing not to sign up with AT&T are SOL on T-Mobile superphones. It’s basically bricked, unless one can sell it on eBay. Even then, not all T-Mobile phones will work on AT&T’s network. So with certain handsets really end up bricks.

    3. The people who do migrate to AT&T and have phones that won’t work on AT&T will most likely be given a credit for their old T-Mobile superphones. IMHO don’t expect much in terms of a credit, probably $100 at most, toward the purchase of an AT&T phone.

    Note: AT&T has accounted for the cost of giving T-Mobile customers a credit. IMHO, reeling from the $39 billion to buy T-Mobile, AT&T is not going to be too generous when it comes to handing out credits for “old” T-Mobile phones.

    4. So far AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s attitude about all this, IMHO it’s “buyer beware.” While I can’t prove it, it appears to me that they are thinking: “Since everyone knows about the acquisition and what it means (basically T-Mobile USA has left the building and there are paper banners on the front door proclaiming “Out of business”), if you are stupid enough to buy a phone anyway, that’s your problem.

    While that may seem harsh, T-Mobile and AT&T have the law on their side. If you had no notice about the acquisition that would be different. But everyone has notice about this sale and the implications it will have on your handset and plan.

    The bottom line to all this, I am not inclined to spend $1000 on phones (as an EM+ customer that’s $500 for a phone for each line). That’s $1000 on phones that most likely will be bricks 10 to 14 months from now. And being bricks I won’t be able to sell them on eBay, as is my “habit” with phone purchases (I use them a few months or six then sell on eBay).

    This is all really too bad because as some of you know, I like buying all the latest T-Mobile phones. I was looking forward to getting the SGS2 and the Sensation. But on looking into this I have to pass.

    • Unfortunately tmo got me to extend my contract by offering me a discount on a plan so when i heard about ther merger i was pissed. Im not going to pay for etf i cant afford that. So i had to buy a phone since my g1 was dying and i might as well used my upgrade that i had. The g2x supposedly had quad band 3g so it eased the pain but now hearing this.. the bandaid fell off.. :(. As long as i can leave when the merger goes through ill be content. I hope verizon or sprint get good deals for old tmo customers to coax them over. I want to be able to get a tegra 3 device for a good price. Still sad to hear that my g2x i just bought wont even last me a year.. my g1 lasted me 2 and a half years.

      • Jay

        When you have 6 months left on your contract it costs 50 dollars to cancel .. Not really a big deal

    • Anonymous

      Do some research. The entire AT&T proposal has been made public by the FCC, If you like to write walls of texts, try reading a few beforehand, I am in a rush otherwise I would correct you.

      • Havoktek

        What are you new to this or something?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    By the time the deal goes through and network changes take affect, theres a good chance g2x users may be eligible for upgrade or be out of contract. Its nonsense that alot ppl are so up in arms about this. As far as i know, tmo never made a public statement saying the g2x could run on AT&Ts HSPA network. They did however “admit” that the website had false info……Lastly, do we even know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the g2x cannot run on ATTs 3g network? Wasn’t it reported that the phones ATT data capability could be software locked?

    • Dalton

      “This banding is hardware based.”

  • Sean

    Yes, shame on T-Mobile for posting incorrect information but if the only people it hurts are those who are not on T-Mobile… then boo hoo for them.

    To worry about this phone not working IF the merger goes through is to worry about getting in a car accident when driving on the road. Are you going to stop driving?

    It’s all speculation what might happen. For those worrying about the future of this phone… are you serious that you are going to be using this phone 2 years from now? Unless you are upgrading from a Blackberry 8900 G1 or Sidekick 2009, the techies that tend to visit sites like TMONews.com, BGR or Engadget usually upgrade pretty frequently. I’d be surprised to see anyone who gets a G2x within the 1st week of it’s release to be rocking it 2 years later when it’s outdated and old news.

    Just as others have posted AT&T will not leave T-Mobile subscribers high and dry. While the past is no guarantee of future actions, when AT&T picked up Alltel subscribers they were more than generous–giving out free phones and resetting upgrade tenure. AT&T or anyone for that matter does not want to lose subscribers–it’s much cheaper for them to give away some free phones in an act of good will to keep you on a contract worth much, much more.

    Hey Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling.

    • Setzer715

      I totally agree. To not buy a TMO phone simply because ATT MAY be purchasing them seems foolish. First of all, ATT does NOT have the capacity to instantly take on all 35 million of TMO’s customers, it will take time to migrate them and second, they are not going to risk loosing a customer because the phone they have won’t work on ATT’s system. I’m sure they will give you a new phone when it’s time.

    • Rob

      Very good points. I myself upgrade my phone just about every year. That should be the standard contract honestly especially with how fast hardware is getting better. I don’t expect the merger to effect any tmobile customers until their contracts end.

      But the people I feel realty bad for are the non techies consumers getting sucked into at&t for the iPhone 3gs. Getting stuck with a way outdated phone for 2 years wondering why they cant download the apps their friend had. My gfs mom was looking to upgrade to a smart phone and the at&t rep straight up lied and told her the 3gs is better than the iPhone 4.

    • Timmie

      There are those from other countries that bought the phone thinking it would work on there network, there are also people who are att network that bought it thinking it would work for them.

    • 4G_or_not_4G

      Sean I must respectfully say I disagree that AT&T will not leave the T-Mobile customers high and dry. Just ask some of the many IPhone customers who for many years could not send pictures or videos and whose web access was not as fast as their phone or network was capable of. Or maybe you should ask the Atrix owners whose most powerful Android phone ever built is running slower then the 3G Android and IPhones??? Yep, tell me AT&T will bend over backward…I believe whatever they tell me.

  • Anonymous

    This is somewhat off subject (somewhat). I just got my G2x and after I take it off charge I have to pull the battery and put it back in to turn it back on. Also after every phone call, the screen will not come back on. I have read several others that have experienced this. Has anyone exchanged their defective device for another one? Was there still an issue? Also, is there anyone NOT having a problem with their G2x???

    • Sean

      Why don’t you go return it and exchange it for one that works instead of crying about it on this forum?

      • Anonymous

        Who’s crying? I asked a question because if I exchange it and have the same problem, what’s the point in doing that? I would just wait for a software update genius.

        • Sean

          As you prefaced your post, it is off-topic. How simpler would it have been to give T-Mobile a call, go to another forum or go down and return it?

          In any case, I apologize about the crying remark. It was totally off base. Posing a silly question with extra question marks = whining, not crying.

      • Anonymous

        “Crying?” That’s harsh. All he did was ask a question. True, he will have better luck getting an answer in the appropriate TMoNews forum or elsewhere, but it’s not “crying” to take a stab an getting an answer in here.

    • Tcole1322

      i had that problem and returned it and got a new one no issues now…

    • Camille

      no problems with my G2X.

    • Stimpe2000

      I’ve had only one lockup in a week and I think it was because there were a ton of backround apps running. Other than that it’s an excellent phone. I have however had the slight screen color bleeding at the top corners of the screen, but it’s not that bad. I compared the screen bleed to my old iphone (i know its an old comparison but all I had) and the lightest bleeds on the G2x were darker than the darkest blacks on my old iphone. So I’m not complaining.. As long as this bleed doesn’t get WORSE that is…

  • frpo23

    who cares? the merger is >1 year from now. I usually upgrade phones every year!
    BTW the G2x is the best phone I’ve ever had, super fast! No problems whatsoever!

  • Mmmmaxheadroom

    Oh boy here we go, WARNING this might piss some folks off and if it does, oh well get the hell over it. So I will go over this issue list style.
    1. This whole acquisition is one thing and one thing only, a way for at&t to cya. If you have read the fcc file that at&t presented last week you will have read between the lines and noticed they don’t own enough spectrum to service their customer base, hell they stated it right there in black and white, quote “this merger will allow us to improve our service with fewer dropped calls etc.” This whole merger is a spectrum and tower grab because the iphone and any future smart phones require MUCH more spectrum than they have available.
    2. At&t will know well in advance that the approval is final. That’s why they pay so much for friggin lobbyist and lawyers. With that said my prediction is that if at&t can’t handle their current customer traffic how on earth will they satisfy the needs of 25 to 30 million more customers? Simple really. At&t will have the early heads up some time this summer that their bribes coercion and others tactics havened worked and the feds areread to” play ball” or looking to approve the deal.
    3. With that advance notice at&t will know the extra customer load will overwhelm their crap network and will need to get the ball rolling pre completion of the deal.
    What this means is at&t will will build out their LTD network starting ohhhhh in September of 2011. Don’t hate me just telling the truth money talks and the feds will approve this under the table oh six months before we know and come march 1 of 2012 they will flip the LTE switch on about 75 percent of tmobiles 1700 mhz 3g band, and BAM!! No more 3g from tmobile phones. I keep hearing people say their phones will work 18 to 24 months from now” and guess what they will to make phone calls and text but not data!
    4. If at&t is paying a ten million dollar premium (seriously tmob usa is worth maybe 20 to 23 billion) then they are desparate. And if you think the will wait five seconds to turn off tmobs 3g to make a buck your nuts.
    5 I am pissed like all the others about the g2x. However realize the big picture at&t does not want all of us just a few million.
    The evil empire does not care a bit about tmobs company or customers they are out for spectrum towers and profits so pick a phone knowing you may not have 3g in less than a year. I have been with tmob for 7 years and they have been good to me, however being an em+ customer I will not continue past march 2012 because their phones may rock but at what cost edge speed? I think not.

    • Mopar6464

      If this is all true then just buy a 1900 mhz phone off contract that has AT&Tbands and extend your current T-Mobile contract for the cheap rate plan.
      It will still be a win-win situation because you will get to keep your T-Mobile rate plan for 24 months and your phone will have a AT&T bands already in it and you won’t have to sign any new AT&T rate plan that’s double the price for the same service.

      • Mmmmaxheadroom

        Em+ hence no contract so that wont work for me. I wont go back to em for the extra forty dollar cost per month more with no subsidized phone to speak of. I have several lines, so the cost is substantially more. 5 dollar add a line on em+ versus 10 for em for example.

        • Mopar6464

          Wow, glad i’m not on the EM+ plan.

        • Asdf

          I’m glad I’m on the EM+ plan.

          Saving $20-$40 per month over the standard plan, and I can cut and run from AT&T with no penalty. Not much of a downside.

  • Sean

    To 4G_or_not_4G and those worried about big, bad AT&T:

    Have you seen this link: http://www.att.com/mergers/alltel/index.jsp

    In case you are too lazy or your biased fear monger blinders won’t allow you to click that link and read it, here’s what happened the last time AT&T acquired some customers:


    How is my service going to be impacted?
    When your service transitions to AT&T, you can look forward to:

    A better network
    Your new AT&T coverage will be similar to Alltel’s non-roaming coverage footprint and you will be on the network that covers over 97% of all Americans.
    Keeping the important things you have today
    In most cases, you’ll be able to keep your current rate plan, features, and current phone number.
    A new phone or data device
    AT&T will provide Alltel’s individual and family plan customers with a new, FREE phone or data device comparable to the one they have today with no additional contract term required. You will also have the option of upgrading to the latest technology and the most innovative devices AT&T has to offer.

    Prepaid customers will also have the opportunity to purchase new AT&T phones at deeply discounted prices and transfer their current account balance to their new AT&T GoPhone® prepaid plan account.


    I honestly have no idea how AT&T treats their current customers (or how they will treat future customers), all I can see how well they treated new Alltel customers they acquired. Digging deeper, Alltel customers responded positively when discussing the transition. Heck, if I could get a new phone and keep my plan and not have my tenure reset I’d be pretty happy. Worse case I could kick the tires and see how it goes and if it’s not to my liking, I could part ways and sign-up with the wireless provider of my choice.

    With the G2x, Sensation or upcoming Blackberry touch screens, seems like a good time to sign up and enjoy the ride.

    Let the babies cry about the what if’s and might be’s. The smart money knows a good deal when it sees it and will jump all over it.

    • AlrightyThen

      I guess I might have an Atrix coming my way in the future….

    • Gm Aharrington1

      With what you have linked I would like to link this for you and everybody else that does not want to research anything. http://www.forbes.com/2008/06/05/vodafone-verizon-update2-markets-equity-cx_ll_lal_0605markets32.html
      So with that now placed out there. Kind of strange that AT&T can purchase or merger anything that is Alltell when Alltell was bought by VZW. My thought is this then, does this confirm the fact that AT&T and VZW are one in the same?

      • Jason

        AT&T agreed to purchase some Alltel customers from VZW because VZW was required to sell off some of their Alltel customers in order for their deal to go through.


        The reason AT&T dished out phones for Alltel customers is cause of the difference in networks, Alltel phones wouldn’t work w/ AT&T. Don’t expect the same with an AT&T takeover of T-mobile.

        • Sean

          If mid-way through a CONTRACT and your data phone no longer works, I’m sure there would be some compensation… especially when history and precedent affirm so.

    • Patmvaldez

      A guy I used to work with was part of the Alltel acquisition. They postponed his phone switch twice before he was finally converted.

    • Mmmmaxheadroom

      This situation is completely different than att buying tmobile because:
      A. Att did not buy Alltell, Verizon did and Verizon was forced to divest some of the assets to att. So I feel it would be more accurate to see what Alltell customers received from Verizon.
      B. The number of customers and with who they must divest them to would be interesting. Which customers will be affected and which carrier will I, you be divested to?
      I do not think att will be near as giving in the handset swap as they were with Alltel because tmob phones will still be able to make calls and text. With alltel those phones were true bricks after the merger because of the cdma gsm difference. I could be surprised but after the sealing of documents from the public today it makes you think something fishy is going on at the good ole fcc.

      • Respawn

        Lol I know it’s completely off topic but that last sentence made v me think of that Family Guy FCC song for some reason…

  • Ash

    Thanks for looking into this, guess it’s HTC sensation for me then.

    • Camille

      from the specs listed on HTC’s site, that phone still won’t have the AT&T bands, either.

      • Aja

        I think we all knew the Sensation wouldn’t have AT&T bands, but for people like me, that was the major thing that almost made me want to get the G2X b/c I could still get 3G on AT&T after the merge. Sensation it is.

  • TMoFan

    This is disappointing to people like me who hang onto their phones for a few years. I had my last Samsung dumbphone for three and a half years and plan(ed) on keeping my G2 for about that long. I think this phone was in the works though while the talks were going on and remember that T-Mobile USA isn’t selling out but it’s its parent DT that is giving up and shipping out. T-MoUSA is just a chip that’s in play here. Despite what att says I would be cautious about plunking down some money for a phone that I would otherwise keep for a few years and another thing to think about is that att may be have to divest T-Mobile customers just to get this deal through.

  • Anonymous
  • why would anyone want to punish this awesome phone by sticking it with att’s network?
    why would you punish YOURSELVES with att’s network?

    • Jeromeo

      The only qualifier that will matter would be penta-band (not quad band) UMTS/HSPA+ so it could use AT&T AND T-Mobile frequencies unlocked. Only Nokia uses such a radio (which is simply SAD for North America knowing their market share here in the US).
      The wet dream solution to EVERY device would be a penta-mode CDMA/GSM/penta-band UMTS/LTE/WiMax radio chip. The idea of that one device on any network is so damned hot…

  • DavidwantshisiponeonATT

    When folks are no longer buying phones with the money that should go for their mortgage the last thing you will worry about is a phone. More likely how to pay for gas and food.

    The deal is rigged. Its gonna happen. TMO service sucks outside of the city. Everyone I talk to that had cingular is loving ATT. Nobody complains of bad customer service. Totally different on the Internet side of things.

    Get a mifi from verizon and stay with tmo soon to be ATT. You will surely rule the air!

  • Also, what happened to this phone have FM Radio supporting RDS? I have the phone and the specs at one point said it did…and the European specs still say theirs do. But The TMO version? It seems to be removed.

  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to say. G2X is a great phone, if HTC Sensation was not in view, I would have bought two of these.

    Got our hands on one on hopes that it would work on international bands.

    Requested the unlock code from TMobile. They asked a fax of the receipt to prove it was actually bought. No Problems, though alternate methods took less time.

    Placed an SRF (France) sim card, and it would not even do voice. (2100)
    Placed an ATT sim card, voice and edge(1900/850)

    Though the SRF card would not go for anything. So we skipped over to XDA found that a launcher gave you access to a hidden menu. (Anycut could probably do so as well)

    Download LauncherPro

    On home screen

    – Long Press –> Shortcuts –> Activities

    Scroll down to and expand

    – com.lge.hiddenmenu –> HiddenMenu (first entry)

    Type a shortcut name

    – Select on shortcut to launch

    touch base bands used (highest first)

    And the phone could be used with SRF !!!

    Now 3G was a diff story… APN is not set yet.

    But, Edge is up and running.

    So, yes the G2X is a nice phone to have!

  • Anonymous

    On a second note

    Have you all noticed how BAD customer service has become with T Mobile ever since the ATT announcement?

    You call customer service, and they don’t offer a callback anymore when you select other or technical support.

    They will keep you on the line for hours!!!!

    Bad move T Mobile, you are scaring us off to Sprint or Verizon.

    • I’ve called twice with EXCELLENT support both times. They asked for my phone # for callback. They did say ehh a lot but I won’t hold that against them. It was a great experience both times I called… try that with Sprint.

    • I’ve called twice with EXCELLENT support both times. They asked for my phone # for callback. They did say ehh a lot but I won’t hold that against them. It was a great experience both times I called… try that with Sprint.

  • Anonymous

    ATT may have requested the Band be blocked for now. FCC could not have lied.

    Speculation yes, but any ATT former customer does know how AWFUL ATT is.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Dp4609

    You know what the G2x does have, sadly, screen bleeding, issue with wifi staying connected, random reboots, and Everyone I’ve talked to on this phone says they can’t hear me that well, especially via wifi calling. Once these issues are resolved this phone will be 5 stars in my book. Right now, just basing everything off of my G2x, it’s 4.5 stars out of 5. Great phone plagued by corporate decisions and other x factors.

    • I got a defective G2x, now I’m waiting for a replacement. I agree with what you’re saying tho. Hopefully i get a good handset this time.

  • Anonymous