Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing Confirmed, Again

If you may recall, back in early October, we received word that the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab would be priced at $399.99 with a 2-year agreement after a $50 Mail in rebate. According to image above, we’ve now confirmed the $399.99 pricing. Additionally, it looks like the Galaxy Tab will run you $599.99 sans contract, $100 less than Amazon’s preorder pricing. I noticed from the comments, that a good amount of you weren’t happy with Amazon’s pricing, so hopefully you will find Magenta’s pricing more reasonable. Mark your calendars, only 2 days left!

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  • Donkey

    I was hoping for $299.00 with 2 yr contract.

  • Vibrant Guy

    Go get an Archos 70 if you can catch one. They are sold out everywhere, but I got mine ordered in time. It will be here in the morning…only $250 shipped, and no contract. Does the same thing…

  • Rilesman

    Does the No Annual Contract mean I don’t have to get a data plan? I only need WiFi.

    • Kickstar13

      I would think so. T-Mobile does not require data plans on handsets that are bought at retail price.

      • Bleh

        No T-Mobile does not require Data when buying phones at full price

    • Ktwist

      @Rilesman Yes you are correct, you do not need a data plan if you by off contact and you could even go for prepaid data starting at $10 for a week pass if you wanted.

  • bob

    dam i was looking a the tab now i may think twice. that archos 7 looks nice what would be the difference? the Samsung hub?

    • Chatter

      Archos 70 is nice. Archos has been “slow” in updating OS versions but hopefully this will get the 2.2 update as they say. Some minor negatives: little heavier than you would imagine, screen and battery life are average, navigation is not the smoothest. Perfect for music, movies, email, web browsing on wifi and skype calling. For $250, it is a great deal.

    • joe

      The differences are:

      256 MB of app storage
      256 MB of RAM
      802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz only, 802.11n maxes out at 65 Mbps theoretical speeds)
      PowerVR SGX530 GPU

      Galaxy Tab
      2 GB of app storage
      512 MB of RAM
      802.11a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, 802.11n maxes out at 150 Mbps theoretical speeds)
      PowerVR SGX540 GPU (2x more powerful than SGX530)
      Official approval from Google for Google Market access

      • tmo

        Also, all the previous 7 generations of Archos tablets (the current one is gen 8) have historically been very buggy (random crashes, reboots, shutdowns, etc.). The USB port on the gen 7 A5IT have been known to fall off due to a bad solder design. Don’t expect to get any Android version past 2.2, either.

      • pete

        800 X 480
        Bluetooth 2.1
        8 GB
        Mono speakers
        No rear camera
        0.2 MP front camera
        Currently ships with Android 2.1

        Galaxy Tab
        1024 X 600
        Bluetooth 3.0
        16 GB
        Stereo speakers
        3.2 MP rear camera with LED flash
        1.3 MP front camera
        Currently ships with Android 2.2

        • jon g

          dont forget the price tag, galaxy tab is $400 more than the archos.

      • rooster

        its 8gb of ram. i actually have one and it is da BOMB!! 250 plus shipping!! had it since last thursday!! Love it. Needs 2.2, but its coming this month (they say) go to and see this guy testing a demo of it)

        Before you hype up the TAB, get one first!! unless you work for the manufacturer.

        Note: I do not work for ARCHOS!!!

  • bob

    what do you think about the 101? its the same size as an ipad.

    • An

      No its smaller its 7.6 inch I think

  • bob

    it says on the site the archos 101 is 10.1 inches.

  • Today I would still have to go Wifi. There are rumors of 10″ coming Q1 2011. JKK mobile has fix in Android Market to make all apps scale to full size. If the rumors are true about Gingerbread/Honeycomb that may not be necessary for long.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • remister

      Also the S-AMOLED versions are coming out mid-next year.

      • calebschosen

        You think? Amoled screens uses 30% more juice then TFT. For browsing that would be a killer. Maybe they will come out with a 6000mAh battery.

  • techy2011

    Hopefully the Galaxy Tab will be way better than the Cruz Tablet (with Android OS) that is $299 at Best Buy.

    If you do not have the Cruz WiFi connected, its as fun as carrying a digital photo frame.

  • umaluver

    am i the only one that would rather get a totally righteous notebook for the same price? and or a mediocre notebook for a couple hundred less?

    • somebody

      but one of its prime features is adobe flash!!! its not like those old notebooks can do that right?

  • remister

    There’s no phone capabilities on T-mobile’s version, is there? I wait to see how much the Wi-Fi only version is….

  • Joel

    I’ll just wait till they drop the price to $249 or less. I’m sure it won’t be too long before that happens.

  • Dominick

    Today I asked about the data plan in a tmobile store. they told me if you get the 5gb 49.99 and your a t-mobile customer you get it for 40$. so you save 10$ which isnt bad.and also the 200mb is still 24.99

  • Ras9929

    I’m getting one …. after great debate. Work in NYC in an old building without good wireless, so I feel like I need the 3G. Was really torn because I believe the level of device I want after everything shakes out is about a year away, but to wait means I won’t have anything for a year. In the end, with cost not a huge issue, I feel like its better to go with good enough now.

    • rooster

      you’re willing to pay like 400 plus 720 (data) for the TAB. You smoking!! at the very least buy just the wireless version.

  • cellswag5

    Can a change my cell phone data plan to a samsung tab plan? And just have a tablet instead of a phone???

    • Matt Hatter

      yes you can, but the Tab does not support voice. It is a data only device.

    • igloobuilder

      Yes you can turn a phone into a data plan if its out of contrct and upgrade to the tab if you get a 2 ye commitment through customer care

  • Josh M.

    they can kiss my ass for 600 bucks…for that i’d get an ipad…come on samsung and tmobile. really? no i mean,

    • pjs

      why does this have to be compared to an ipad? Its a different device, it doesn’t have to be “cheap” because its not an ipad. I never understand why nothing is worth anything unless it is priced way lower than a equivalent apple product. It is still $30 less than a 16GB (Wifi/3G) iPad.

      • Josh M.

        you’re right, im sorrry…
        ill just wait until its officially released and then comment :D

  • Mark

    It’s laughable that the wifi-only version is 100 more expensive than the iPad…lmfao Samsung fails again.

    I was considering buying a galaxy tab because I like the smaller design, but for $100 LESS I can get the larger wifi-only iPad, so I’ll take the larger screen and heavier iPad for less money.

  • Bob

    Don’t forget the Archos is only 800×480. That’s the same as a vibrant. Price is nice but I don’t think it would fit the bill for me.

  • Tipsofme

    So I’m still waiting for these to come into the store. Shipments must be running late. I hope we are stocked for the kick off.

  • calebschosen

    Geesh,check your shipments.demo comes in today.

  • allaboutthat

    so 399.99 dollars and 30 bucks for data, hmmmmm?

    ya definitely a BIG no!

  • Finally after a so many rumors it is now available at a price of $399.But i dont think it will fit in my budget.