T-Mobile Wants You To Know They Have A Great Reason For Carrying The iPhone Cable

So look, I’m sure the above reasoning is perfectly fine and true and all in all, it’s not a bad reason to carry iPhone accessories. Manufacturers produce the accessory for 99 cents, T-Mobile will then sell it for $14.99 and the bottom line will welcome the extra sales. My problem is, the iPhone has been out for four years, why bring out the accessory now? Did it just occur to someone that the iPhone is in heavy use on the T-Mobile network, both at home and abroad? What took so long to come up with the idea of carrying the accessories? I’m sure the reason T-Mobile is stating is true, in fact I’m the exact customer they would want to market this to but still, what took so long to come out with this. The timing, needless to say is odd. Now we’ve tried to play connect the dots with the iPhone charger and the Micro-sim arrival and it’s likely all coincidental but still, the timing is odd all the same.

While we are at it, let’s just clarify and say that there isn’t any indication whatsoever T-Mobile USA is receiving the iPhone anytime in the coming months. So many of you have “enlightened” with your theories in the comments but seriously, it’s not a conspiracy and there is no indication it’s coming so can we stop hypothesizing now?

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  • thats what they always say!

    • RockTripod

      And it has been true every time…

    • Danny

      T-mobile would have to get permission from apple to even sell the charging cable. Something is definitely going on.

    • Danny

      And apple should definitely be considering an iphone that runs on hspa+ on americas l argest 4g network

      • cris

        you are a moron. AT&T has been on hspa+ longer and has more customers using it. Not to mention that HSPA+ isn’t even 4G. Tmobile initially called it 3G+, but then changed it for the marketing, because they know how much of a joke they are. Time for T-Mobile to go away or merge with someone already. How long do they have to come out on the losing end of customer churn quarter after quarter before douche telecom realizes what a mistake they are. Take it from someone who just quit working for them, internally and across the board, they are idiots who have little to no clue about what “America wants” and how to give it to them. Tmo FTL

        • So what did you do to get fired cris?

        • Mr Manson

          Oh come on now.. I work for T-Mobile and the network is amazing. Have you ever been on AT&T’s network? It’s a joke. I’m sorry your job didn’t work out, it’s good to see you’re using your unemployment checks good sitting at home spamming websites.

        • KC

          cris, as a former employee, you of all people should know there is no comparison between AT&T HSPA+ and TMOs. AT&T indeed does have the + installed in many base stations…the issue is they have no fiber optic running away from the base station. So it is like a big funnel where the data speed grinds to a halt. It would be like having a Corvette with a Geo Metro exhaust. No matter what the big V8 can generate it is choked out by the time it gets to the measly single exhaust tube. TMO was smart enough to install the V8 and proper exhaust (fiber)……

  • Snoopyalien24

    whoa thats cool :D

  • RoTo

    Thank you! I’m about to jump from att to tmo and I had to reconsider once I heard the news of cable and sim. Now I feel safer that I won’t have that many iphonies on my network!

    • igloobuilder

      LOL there are still a lot of them… just less…

      • J-Hop2o6

        David is one of them.. he has an unlocked iPhone over Tmo now (which i still don’t understand since he’s limited to EDGE, or WiFi if available).. but i think he’s switching to WP7’s HD7 soon.

        but yea David, i thought the same thing.. why this late? what Tmo is sayin IS true, but i think there’s one more reason which they can’t reveal yet at this time.. we’ll see what happens in the near future.. and no, i don’t want the iPhone, but it’ll help Tmo’s net customer growth.. they’ve been at 33M for awhile now.. no growth basically.

        • DigiDominus

          Yea timing is odd and while i’d never want to use most apple products I do think it would be great if T-mobile got the iPhone. I couldn’t think of many reasons to pick Att over them at that point. Even their commercials could say “why are you still there?”. I know 4 people right now who are on Att because of that phone.

    • bmg314

      So you are going to be happier on EDGE all by your lonesome, as opposed to having an official iphone on Tmo’s HSPA+ (or even regular 3G) with other bandwidth users?

      I’m not being an ass, I’m just pointing out unlocked iphone + Tmo = EDGE.

  • Cat Isidor

    My guess (Like with their sideways advert for the MyTouch 4g) is they’re hoping to pull more users away from ATT (ie, look you can use your iphone on our better service – you don’t have to carry ATT on your back. lol )

  • Josh M.

    idc its still an iphone! just wait and see

    • Petey


    • Ash

      You don’t care?
      But it transform into a jet and fly you to the island….and it prints $$………

      oookkk…..Why not.

  • 2FR35H

    Boulderdash! Watch in like a month or two and then watch an iPhone appear on t-mobiles inventory. I don’t trust them no I don’t. T-Mobile quit trying to bluff us. I know we are bound to get it.

    • annon

      TOLD YA. LMAO. I feel so much better.

      • William M

        Unless an iPhone pops up with the FCC with AWS, don’t get your hopes up.

      • 2FR35H


        sure it coulsd be A reason but I highly doubt this is the ONLY reason this still doesn’t debunk t-mobile getting the iPhone. So told me so? not quite so. If within the next 6 months there isn’t an iPhone being sold via t-mobile then and only then can you say I told you so plus if I do recall right the debate between us was more so the nexus being a t-mobile device of which it was. and that argument was to debunk your theory of t-mobile offering accessories for phones they didn’t carry. so once again not quite you should still feel bad :)

  • 2FR35H

    Pshh.. trying to playing innocent with me are you T-Mobile well we will see. We will see indeed.

  • Juan

    Right, Big T nobodys buying into the “t-mobile will not get the iPhone” trick,more accessories = something obviesly for a phone that will eventually appear in the ‘lineup..next thing they’ll carry cases “for the current iphone users”

  • holiday

    I guess only time will tell…

  • JB6464

    Of course their not going to admit it right now,that would destroy all the current sales of the MyTouch4g and WM7 phones .
    Lets face it,there is alot of people that want the iphone no matter how much better some of the new phones coming out are.

    • RockTripod

      Then they wouldn’t have started shipping these accessories to stores, either. If anything, I’d believe that T-Mo will start selling the iPad, a la Verizon. Who knows? Maybe that means a T-Mo 3/4G iPad, or it might mean T-Mo is going to release a WiFi hotspot device in tandem with the iPad, just like Big Red is doing. Or it might just mean exactly what they say.

    • 2FR35H


      You make a good point.

    • j

      doubtful when iphone sales are down and android sales are going through the roof. WM is in trouble and win7 does seem to be very nice, takes some getting used to though

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Were talking about the same guy that was able to secure the iPhone and make T-Mo the biggest provider in Europe. Theres really nothing else to put together here.

  • GAM3R

    Yeah I got it.. coolest!

  • djdarkknight96

    It won’t be an iphone…never! Tphone? Better odds. Just sayin! ;-)

    • JB6464

      Iphone,Tphone,Gphone, or whatever you want to call it.
      I just wish they would hurry up and release the damn thing,lol.

  • Twund

    Ok I see what they are trying to say. So why wouldn’t these unlocked iphone people just go buy the cables etc at any att store, apple store, any department store? I go to tj maxx where I live and they have this stuff too. Doesn’t make sense unless tmobile is getting the iphone. Sorry, just my opinion.

  • Bimmerz

    I agree with David, very odd indeed – with the timing. Although I don’t see Tmobile getting the iPhone before Q2 or as late as Q3 of 2011 – allowing Verizon at least 6 months, since I believe it’s to hit Verizon January (or sometime in Q1?).

    Hopefully ol’ Stevie didn’t make the same mistake as he did with AT&T and do a 3 year exclusive with Verizon…we’ll see. Maybe Stevie saw the light with Samsung’s booming success with the GS on all the major carriers, and got a clue!

    Either way, I think 2011 is going to be an interesting year for the mobile industry!

  • Vibrant FTW!!!!!

    Well that’s too bad for tmobile. That would’ve gotten so much sales

  • Magenta Magic


    At least, I wish I could say that. ^_^

    The fact that TMo had to put an article out to squash the speculation pretty much sums it up. Had they NOT put out that article, then I would have agreed 100% that it was coming soon. Now I just think it’s coming eventually…

  • iphone rules

    i hope iphone comes to tmobile its the greatest device ever created better then the stupid mt4g hd7 vibrant and any other android phone lets be honest iphone rocks!!!

    • some internet dude

      Sorry dude Android is number one right now in the US. But i suspect you know that as per your attention wanting comment. Sucks to be Apple right now, didn’t see this coming did you Jobs, LOLOLOLOL.

    • danska

      My hd2 has ubuntu linux, win mobile 6.5, and android all on it bootable. If i where able to boot ios, i wouldn’t. Apple tell me what apps are ok for me? I like freedom!

  • Nerd lust

    Interesting! I hope tmob it’s the iPhone. I think it would be a Hugh boost in sales. I wouldn’t buy it. No flash no sale.

  • mtnman

    If indeed the iPhone did come to Tmo then people would scoff it up. Even though it just made calls and nothing else. It’s all about vanity, they just want to walk around and tell others “Look I’ve got an iPhone”. T-Mobile knows customers will jump on the chance to get an iPhone just for the pure sake of say’n they have one.

    • Kerry

      I agree.. there are several i-drones here at work who buy the new iphone each year because Apple said its cool to do so. If Tmo get the iphone at some point we will have idrones too. And they will buy and buy, and that will help Tmo, and help Tmo grow. As a long time subscriber, I can appreciate what it will do for us. Can we say more infrastructure/towers/coverage???

      I just got the MT4G last weekend, and I can honestly say for the 1st time I can’t see why I would want an iphone. The 4G does everything I need, its fast, and I think its a great built phone. I can definitely see myself rolling this phone for the next 2 years.

  • Drewdogg

    It doesnt matter if they get the iphone because I have the my touch 4g and it blows the iphone away, we dont need that stinken kaka roach……………..

  • HisTreatness

    Wording is EVERYTHING. Note they didn’t say, “We will not be stocking the iPhone”. There is an uncertaintly in their wording. They’re simply saying, “Just becasue we’re stocking this doesn’t mean anything”. They have left the door wide open, allowing for the opportunity by NOT denying it all while denying that it’s going to show up tomorrow. I love corporate speak.

  • MrMocoCoco

    Skip the iPhone and just give us Windows Phone 7 on 4G please!

    • some internet dude

      ha ha ha oh man i felt a little blue today, thanks for the laugh man. Hey win phone rocks, it’s right up there with the Zune and the KIN and windows 7. LOL.

  • iphone rules

    because iphone is a great phone you cant deny it tmobile doesnt have a single phone that compares to iphone and my4g just isnt enough that phone is just no good

    • Vibrant addict

      And your on Tmobile….why? If you have such a live affair to that closed system phone, AT&T will gladly rob…er… Welcome you

    • Vibrant addict

      And you’re on Tmobile….why? If you have such a love affair to that closed system phone, AT&T will gladly rob…er… Welcome you

    • seriously… there is no other comment needed for you than just… go away. You don’t belong here.

  • iphone rules

    tmo has better coverage but horrible phones so i have to use a unlock tmo iphone android im just not sold on it my4g not god enough

  • nickts1989

    My friend and I went into a T-Mobile story about 2 months ago and spoke to a sales person about the rumors of a T-Mobile iPhone. The sales person actually told us that T-Mobile is trying to get it by the end of this year according to a meeting they had. Not sure how true this is and whether or not T-Mobile will get the iPhone with all these rumors coming non stop but they have plenty of great android phones so I am ok with them not having the iPhone.

    • bigk

      Ok. The reps and even managers in retail corporate stores are so low on the T-Mobile food chain they know as much as the customer. That’s it. There is no secrets being handed out to the front line employees. I’m one of them. There is so much speculation. With no foundation beyond the myriads of web blog surfing. I’ve been to the corporate managers meetings. We are spoon fed what T-Mobile wants the public to know in advance. They know that some manager will leak info. So they let us know really important info about the same time as the general public. If you hear things from a corporate store level. Take it with a grain if salt if it hasn’t been in a official T-Mobile press release. Just sayin’

    • bigk

      And on a side note; T-Mobile has put so much into Android, and all positive. Why dilute with an inferior product? That’s right inferior. The Android OS is so much better, the.market is growing and apps are becoming so much more polished. The HD, G2, Vibrant, and even the new LG are amazing additions to the T-Mobile line up. The HSPS+ network combined with these devices (not to mention the TAB and HD7) magenta is looking pretty good.

      One can always speculate and hypothesize but sometimes you need to compare what is in existence, judge on what is not what might be …

      • David, Managing Editor

        Your interpretation of an inferior product is obviously different from others. Don’t pretend that everyone thinks like you, I believe the iPhone is not an “inferior” product as you put it and competition is great for everyone.

        • bigk

          The device is a quality build, imo the OS is inferior to Android. Android is fluid and changing it can be modded teamed and re-tweaked, I’ve used an iPhone and it works, it has a nice exchange client and currently its apps are very polished… but imo rearranging icons is not enough. The android OS us more flexible to my needs. I love the capabilities my HD gives me straight our of the box. T-Mobilecould benefit if they carried the iPhone. Imo I don’t see it happening with as much as they have put into Google and Android. Does that clarify David?

        • David, Managing Editor

          Absolutely, that’s a much more reasoned way of putting it, I don’t like when people call one OS inferior because its clearly an opinion based. In my opinion, webOS is the best of all worlds, but that’s my opinion!

        • bigk

          saw my imo reply, saw your reply, then delete???

        • bigk

          apparently i need to lay off the crack, or get my browser fixed….

        • David, Managing Editor

          Nothing was deleted?!

        • Magenta Magic

          With respect, Editor, don’t assume we all think the iPhone is even on par to be real competition with Android. :-P

          Seriously, at the end of the day, they are PHONES… pretty shells, big screens, keyboards or not… they are supposed to serve one basic function: make voice calls. Beyond that is bells and whistles.

          Now, if ol’ Steve did a #2 in a box and sold it as an iPoop, there are people who would buy it just because it’s the latest iProduct. Good for them. Good for their marketing.

          If Android had remained exclusive to T-Mobile after the G1 and MyTouch, and every Android phone was a T-Mobile device, how many of us would buy up a gPoop just because it’s the latest Google product to come out?

          Truthfully now…

      • bigk

        site on HD was up to date…. laptop was not showing up dated posts. hit refresh numerous times. Apparently my HD surfs better than my HP

        • David, Managing Editor

          Well thats a good thing right??

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Yea right. Its coming sooner or later I know that much. Especially under Humms power. Also because there is an AWS iPhone 4 model its just still in testing for now.

  • Let me say this about all of the iPhone rumors. I don’t care. I have been a apple addict since I was young (I started on an Apple IIe for crying out loud). I still am. I have an iPad and love it. I purchased the MyTouch 4G the day it came out. I love it. I have friends who have the iPhone, I have used the iPhone. I wouldn’t trade my MyTouch 4G for an iPhone ever. Anyone who knocks the MyTouch 4G and thinks it can not compete with the iPhone is out of their ever loving minds.

    • bigk


    • JB6464

      Well keep believing that and when they do release the iphone , we’ll just see which one outsells each other.
      I bet the sales of the Iphone when released will Blow away the sales of the MyTouch 4G and WM7 phones all put together.

      • JB6464

        Everyone can love their favorite OS/phone brand but the sales of the Iphone Blows away the others even on a crappy network like AT&T.
        If the Iphone does release on T-Mobile,you will see a ungodly rush of sales that will make the others look like broken toys rejected from Christmas blowout sales.

  • face

    Its been a while since I have been on here but, this all strikes me as strange. The reason is because of all the changes going o @TMO, I was told in mod summer that iPhone would launch out on Nov 11th but, I did not pay any attention to it because well… I have heard it all before. With such a huge phone I guarantee there would have been some more internal rumblings about this but, the timing of all this does strike me as odd.

  • Peter

    And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Two thumbs down.

  • Mike

    I know plenty of people who use an unlocked Iphone on TMO—they just love the Iphone for their purposes…and like TMO for the service and price….speed isn’t everything to them.

  • twiztid

    While this does not really mean much I’m kinda hoping the iPhone does not come to Tmo. Not that I dislike apple (I have an iTouch and I’ve used mac before not a big deal) But my guess would be the influx of people leaving AT&T to change over would hurt the network of Tmo right off the bat. I mean seriously look how many iPhones get sold each year and on release day none the less? Imagine a huge influx of customers to the Tmo network you know there will be problems.

    • MagentaBandit

      Twistid makes a good point about the effect on the TMobile network.

      TMobile did not deal too well with influx of new customers back in June for the Father’s Day sale. The long wait times over the months since then to speak with customer service are part of the fallout from that. TMobile suddenly had all these new customers who bought smartphones and had no clue how to use them … so what did they do? They called in and got mad at some hapless CSR because they bought more phone than they could handle, since it was a FREE phone.

  • iphone rules

    theres no way mt4g is better then iphone youre outta your mind iphone is better then any tmo phone android is not that good even with flash its still sucks and if iphone comes to tmo about 90% of the customers will leave their andriods and will run to get it

  • Fred

    Am I missing something? Has anything else been said about the micro sim cards?

  • face5535

    @twiztid your an idiot. iphone, like it or now would truly be a game changer for tmo (not the industry as a whole) and right now TMO needs that badly. Internally there is so much uncertainty on where we are going as a company, what we want to “be”, that all i hear is rumors about mergers, buy outs,etc…

    listen growing customer base = more money, growing customer base with data and a very, very, sticky phone = more money and longevity for the company.

    It amazes me to think that people could be so clueless to the point that they don’t understand, if T-Mobile doesn’t make money they will not be in the states and you will be stuck going with either AT&T or Verizon…. oh, or one of these fun prepaid companies

    • Petey

      Agree, Since T-Mobile can look at AT&T as an example (regarding iphone and network)… T-Mobile can prepare themselves. If they’re prepared and the situation doesn’t occur to T-Mo iphone users than that will keep customer happy & bring more customer in meaning boosting in sales & their financial statements won’t look that bad.

  • tmoguy

    I love the NOTE: portion at the end of the image…Kinda like a wink, wink….

  • Wilma Flintstone

    we all know Tmo is getting the lockPhone. Just admit it Tmo, get the phone, let everybody that wants it go goo goo over it, then get on with life and Far superior phones.

  • I’d imagine all these new fun and exciting things are due to the fact that there is a new Sheriff (CEO) in town and he’s much bolder than the previous CEO.

    Good things for T-MO

    • Petey

      Yeh, I think the New CEO knows what he gotta do in order to get T-Mobile up there. Just don’t rank up the prices like the other two big guys lol…

      • MagentaBandit

        Yeah, what the new sheriff is doing is sealing up the areas where the company’s revenue has been bleeding off. Want an example? Try upgrading a phone and having the whole thing billed to your account. What’s that, you say? You can’t do that anymore? That’s because the new CEO figured out how much money the company was losing every year due to customers ordering phones they never intended to pay for and billing it to their account. He closed that revenue bleed off, and he’s closing off a few others as well.

  • cray

    Lets see what happends by the middle of next year.

  • mingkee

    The data cable for Galaxy Tab looks pretty close to iphone one (why GT doesn’t use standard USB cable?).

  • hiiii

    isnt this for the galaxy tab?

  • Tigerz0202

    Who cares iPhones suck