T-Mobile Wants You To Know They Have A Great Reason For Carrying The iPhone Cable

So look, I’m sure the above reasoning is perfectly fine and true and all in all, it’s not a bad reason to carry iPhone accessories. Manufacturers produce the accessory for 99 cents, T-Mobile will then sell it for $14.99 and the bottom line will welcome the extra sales. My problem is, the iPhone has been out for four years, why bring out the accessory now? Did it just occur to someone that the iPhone is in heavy use on the T-Mobile network, both at home and abroad? What took so long to come up with the idea of carrying the accessories? I’m sure the reason T-Mobile is stating is true, in fact I’m the exact customer they would want to market this to but still, what took so long to come out with this. The timing, needless to say is odd. Now we’ve tried to play connect the dots with the iPhone charger and the Micro-sim arrival and it’s likely all coincidental but still, the timing is odd all the same.

While we are at it, let’s just clarify and say that there isn’t any indication whatsoever T-Mobile USA is receiving the iPhone anytime in the coming months. So many of you have “enlightened” with your theories in the comments but seriously, it’s not a conspiracy and there is no indication it’s coming so can we stop hypothesizing now?

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