T-Mobile HTC HD7 On Backorder?

Several hours after its official launch, it looks like the T-Mobile HTC HD7 is already on backorder. We made a call to Customer Care and have been told that the handset is now on backorder and that they do not currently know when it will be back in stock. Additionally, when trying to order the HD7 from my.T-Mobile.com, we received the error message pictured above. Either the HD7 has been selling like hotcakes or Magenta didn’t order enough.

Have you had trouble getting your hands on an HD7? Let us know in the comments!

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  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 USER

    Trying to sell this G2 so I can pick min up

    • I return my g2 and got the mytouch instead

      • John

        I returned my myTouch4G (Ugly Phone) and got the HTC HD7 instead.

  • Miro

    ugh I thought it was 449.99, they jacked the price up

  • I hope they subtract the return numbers from the sales in the next two weeks. Ppl are just bying into the hype right now. If you go look at XDA all I have been seeing are complaints. WP7 = Epic Fail.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Go look at XDA? The XDA group isn’t the customer for this phone so I sincerely doubt that incredibly small minority you are taking from XDA and comparing to the overall sales group is only in your own mind. Bottom line, it’ll sell and why? Because it looks good and is simple to use.

      • Do a search for WP7 “why doesn’t” “shouldn’t I be able to” “this is gay” I was using XDA as a reference. I’m guessing that you believe what I”m saying is right though.

      • Bruce Banner

        Wow David, Managing Editor your sounding like a fan boy. I doubt the phone is selling like you want it to. Tmo has been limiting supply of their phones lately to create false hype. As someone with inside knowledge you should know that.

        • David, Managing Editor

          No, I sound like someone who doesn’t put my personal preference in front of you know, common sense. How can anyone POSSIBLY predict future sales based on one day, which btw isn’t even complete yet sales reference. Some of you must be able to tell the future.

        • @ David, I’m not a fortune teller I’m using information I’ve gathered from multiple sources to make an educated guess.

          When the MT4G came out there was excitement everywhere I went about it being the best phone ever, I love this, I love that. That would lead me to believe that the MT4G is going to do well. Unless I missed something and word of mouth is not the best form of advertising.

          It’s the opposite for the HD7

  • jason m

    same thing happened when the HD2 came out. They just do this to make it seem like the phone is on high demand which i don’t think is the case.

    • J-Hop2o6

      yea i think HD7 was limited in supply (meaning Tmo didn’t buy alot).

      • GAM3R

        Yes you are right. all of tombile stores in my town got 5 or 6 HD7 boxes what retailer clerke told me.

    • Bruce Banner

      I agree. This phone isn’t selling like hotcakes, tmobile is intentionally limiting supply to give the impression that it is. I’m waiting for some dumb ass to try and refute my comment.

      • JimmyJ

        Not true. Our store for example got almost 120 mt4gs at launch and had about 55 HD7s at launch

        • Hmm

          In general they do not have a high stock level of the “big” phones when they launch. THey like to play it “safe” since they don’t want another nokia 8801 on their hands. I remember that phone coming out and they were practically trying to give those away.

        • PHONE FREAK

          BUT, I thought this was for online purchases. Are we SURE that NO store has this still in stock?
          Question: Where do Online purchases ship out from?

          BTW: Remember that WP7 also sold out in Europe.

        • lbc

          i picked mine up yesterday at the store about 12 noon pst and i was the only person that purchased the damn phone. so, they may not be selling alot. I upgrade once a year depending on the phone. i got this hd7 and spent 4 hrs playing around, batter goes fast but i had the my location feature on so i can get the best update for certain apps. the phone is very simple to use and yes its a breathe of fresh air to be able to access everything from one screen. Need more apps, voice navi that i dont have to subscribe to. All in All i give this phone a B-… it could be alot better, that said i will be taking this back today one day after purchasing to get the mytouch 4g…

      • TheDude

        Who says they are intentionally limiting it to give any impression of sales? They hardly marketed it. Not sure if it would make sense for them to give each store 1,000 boxes on day 1.

        Not only was T-Mobile not present at the Windows Phone launch event, AT&T’s CEO in his speech declared they were going to make history by being the first carrier with Windows Phone 7 (obviously a lie, but it makes them look better), so impression by any who even watched the event would be that AT&T is where to go, not T-Mobile.

        There is also NO windows phone marketing around the T-Mobile stores I’ve been by today in my area. I was able to go inside one and there was no mention of Windows Phone ANYWHERE – had to ask a sales rep to get me one and then he just handed it to me and left me alone for a bit. No marketing… so why would they expect strong demand and why would they need to spend a ton to push all phones out there?

      • Starz

        My store sold 40 today and we recived over 200 phones for the launch.

  • craig

    naw the phone is pretty sick… if you actually compare it to the new mytouch4g, the hd7 is QUICK!!! I’ve always hated windows mobile phones, but the hd7 hands down is nice, I work for tmo corp. and these demo the best and are flawless…

  • Mitch C

    I think the MT4G is a tons better phone then this one will ever be. It’s just the HD2 with a different case but same parts on the inside.

    • KUL

      I agree with you!


      So what makes the MT4G better? The HSPA+, and FFC right?

      • Charlotte


  • Paul

    I Really hope they don’t delay the employee orders like they did the hd2

    • Bleh

      If customers are demanding to many and employees have phones available to buy…. Guess who comes first….? The customers do. So if they are on backorder you will probably see ours go into backorder like they did with the HD2 and come available until customer demand has settled down

  • Mitch C

    Still think I’ll stay with my MT4G with a second gen snapdragon processor more ram android ffc and its just a more proven os and i like the free nav with voice turn by turn.

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      Question: is the led light multi-colored? I hope its not like my Slide that only flashes orange and green.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      wow, I have free voice turn by turn nav on my hd2 through bing and it works great.

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    I’m an Android girl, but I honestly hope that this phone will get rid of the bad rep from the HD2. I saw it today and its a very nice looking phone inside and out. I think Windows has what it takes to be one of the top mobile OS out there.

  • T-Mobile

    Both the HD2 and the G2 both sold out quickly after initially launched.

    T-Mobile still lost 60k contract subs in Q3.

    A device sell out doesn’t equate success. Like others pointed out it just means they ordered too few of them which is irritating because it can really turn people off from purchasing the device who may have otherwise done so on a whim.

    • Matt Hatter

      Just FYI on the 60k contract subs in Q3. Something that was not exactly emphasized in the press release (because after all, it is an excuse and not a reason yet it is a contributing factor) is all the false churn that was created by the Father’s Day promotion. Now, I’m not saying that all 60k subscribers cancelled and created new accounts all on the same day, but if we could wash out all the false churn that happens on a consistent basis (i.e. dealers telling customers that they can’t upgrade and they should cancel their accounts and open up new ones – you know who you unscrupulous people are!) I’m sure that you would find that the numbers aren’t as incredible as they’re tended to think they are.

    • G2 sales do not count in the Q3 sales. Q3 sales are from July 1st through September 30th.

      People flocking to other carriers during this time frame either went to Att for the iphone 4; verizon for the Droid x and/or Droid 2, or for other reasons.

      G2 sales will show in the Q4 sales numbers since it came out in Oct.

  • dstewstar

    The black LG Optimus T is on backorder also. I ordered it via the Tmobile website as soon as it was available. What is going on? Why advertise the availability of a handset when you do not have it in stock.

    • Want2CBetter

      What are you talking about??? I went into a store on the 3rd and there were plenty of LG Optimus T’s in stock. I called Customer Service on the 4th and ordered one. No back orders. It came in yesterday and my son loves it.

  • Jesushouston

    windows sucks period its a garbage os dont waste your time go to android !

    • TheDude

      Considering this is day 1 of a fresh, built from scratch, new OS from Microsoft… I must assume now you’ve already bought a Windows Phone device and played with it enough to presume that it sucks and therefore returned it.

      • David, Managing Editor

        What this guy said! ^^^^

        • Matt Hatter

          you need “like” buttons.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          wow, this is the first 4th layer replay I’ve ever seen on this site. They usually stop at 2 replies and just cascade down. Nice.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I’ve added it in, Disqus should go live later this week, fingers crossed!

        • JT4

          “Like”, “dislike” and “seriously dislike this %#$&$**-” button please, I remember this guy from long time and it is irritating.

        • 2FR35H

          I agree with Matt Hatter

          Definitely need “like” buttons for the comment section.


      Jesushouston sucks period hes a garbage person don’t waste your time reading his comments go onto the next one!

      Now how am I supposed to know that when I don’t know you. The only thing I know about you is that you are ignorant.

      • Yyevo

        Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Smith


      Jesushouston sucks period.His comments are garbage comments. Don’t waste your time read his comments, go read more valuable comments.

  • rich bitch

    I’ve seen videos abt the hd7. I think the tiles look stupid. I mean it looks easier to use maybe a lil to easy…lol.
    I love the screen size,that’s what makes me wnt this phone.
    I haven’t seen this phone in person…but I think it cool. The mytouch4g seems nice to. I have the mytouch slide but this 4g looks just like my phone really. No I dnt have 2.2 or a front facing cam. I think this phone shd hve been designed a lot better. It shld had a 4.3 inch screen and a lil more like the htc desire hd.

    • BrainlessDrone

      I think icons looks stupid…what’s your point? You care about my personal preferences as much as I care about yours.


        Well he is just stating is honest opinion. At least hes not like Jesushouston ^^^^.

  • tmo rep

    didn’t sell one today… nobody even came in looking for it.

    and the hd2 WAS a big seller… sold 30 units the first day (which isn’t a huge #, but a lot bigger than 0)

  • Hecg55

    I told you david. I Sent you the link twice saying that they would most likely sell out quickly. Hate to say it but I told you so..lol!

  • Yoda

    Strong with the Force Windows phone 7 is not.

  • roger

    Uhm my local T-Mobile just told me that they’ve only sold 1 out of 14 ..

  • Vibrant Guy


    • Scrud

      Buying a Vibrant, then an HD7?? Dude, you need to do more research before selecting a phone.

  • Thomas_M.

    I assume a majority of the haters on the forum now have NOT spent 1 minute with Win7 yet, as if you have, you’d probably be singing a different tune or at least be more willing to put aside your preconceived judgments to see Win7 as euphemistically “raising the bar” for all other phone O/Ss out there (iOS & Android). The interface is solid and very attractive for a phone and considering my 1st impression with Win7 tonight, I’m now seriously considering the jump from Android 2.2 to Win7. Yes, it’s that good (despite what phone aficionado-site review you read 2 weeks or 2 days ago).

    Full disclosure: I’ve owned a Nexus one for quite a few months now and despite the age and 5+ versions of CM and other ROMs on my my sexy-nexi, I was tremendously impressed with the HD7 tonight after spending 20 minutes in my local T-Mobile store. Sure Windows didn’t hit it out of the park on its first at-bat since striking out in the last game, but looks folks, if they did nail the winning home run today, I’m pretty sure many of you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it. I’m all for Apple, Google, and Windows putting out a great products, but take a step back from the kool-aid, shut your mouth, play with the toys in your local T-Mobile store and give an honest opinion after you’ve tried the product out, and quit complaining about the “lack of” for a subsidized product. Remember, many of us Americans don’t like paying FULL PRICE (read $500+) for a phone, so when you end up spending $69-$249 for a new phone, take a seat and sit out your 2 yr contract with a little less lip.

    In the mean time if you’re considering a Win7 device, I strongly recommend you find a nice T-Mobile store to drop by (like the S.Shepard location in Houston) in the coming days and spend a few minutes getting familiar with the new competitor to Apple and Android. Hopefully after a few minutes with the HD7, you’ll have a more informed opinion as to what exactly you’re talking about and you’ll be more inclined to appreciate the innovation and progress that Win7 has brought to the mobile phone marketplace.


    • Vibrant Guy

      I could not have said it better. This phone is so much better looking than the iphone and android OS. All of the people at work are shocked that I am going with this phone…they know how much I love android. But I have an android tablet to satisfy that need. My daily driver is now, the HTC HD7. The email application and other application like messaging, and pictures…are so nice to look at. The Zune player, oh my goodness…its so nice. Better than android, and iOS. Hands down. Give it a try. My wife came home and saw my new toy, and her jaw hit the floor. She thought the iphone 4 was hot, but after seeing this…she ported her number back to T-Mobile…and got this phone. LOL…its just that good.

      • GAM3R

        Are you serious??

        anyway I got mine..


        I want to experiment with this and see if WP7 OS has buggy or glitchy, the crappy battery life, whatever.. I will return it to TMO for refund, or exchange it for SAMTAB when it hits on tmobile’s shelve by this month.


    • Tmo rep at south shepherd houston

      Thomas! It’s funny to see this post. Such a small world. I was there talking to you about the HD7! My store is nice and calm! People. I’m all for android. I am even running android on my HD2. However, windows 7 surprised me! BIG TIME! Walk in to a T-Mobile store, talk to the reps, and play with the phone. It truly is a different phone that we are not used to…

    • Bored

      I dc not know how you guys ever even get to see these phones. I have about 6 malls within a 10 minute drive and 2 or 3 free-standing Tmo stores. In each and every one of them, they have nothing but dummy phones (and I do not mean feature phones, I mean, non-working pretend models)…
      The price of these phones has gone up and up… yet, I dont even get to turn one on before they ask for their 499 off contract or 199 on contract (random numbers).
      I have to resort to holding a pretend phone (still wired to a display) and watching unboxing videos by little kids on Youtube.
      Be happy you get to actually touch the phones before you spend your 499. Here in Baltimore, you may get to touch 1 live phone (frequently a feature phone) in the entire store.
      Apparently Tmo thinks we shoplift their display phones or something.

      • chris

        If it is a corporate store they all have at least one of every handset live. That being said, customers DO shoplift our phones, and even know how to get around the alarms. Especially with smartphones we usually do not have enough stock to take sellable inventory and put it on display if the demo gets stolen. On the other hand, the management could just be too lazy to put demos out, in which case they are dumb for doing that.

      • lbc


  • I played with one in the store today. The rep confirmed no HSPA. They are officially calling it 4G now. No Hotspot as of yet, but that has not officailly gone live so that could change. Google has launched a app for the phone all ready.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Thomas_M.

    I assume a majority of the haters on the forum now have NOT spent 1 minute with Win7 yet, as if you have, you’d probably be singing a different tune or at least be more willing to put aside your preconceived judgments to see Win7 as euphemistically “raising the bar” for all other phone O/Ss out there (iOS & Android). The interface is solid and very attractive for a phone and considering my 1st impression with Win7 tonight, I’m now seriously considering the jump from Android 2.2 to Win7. Yes, it’s that good (despite what phone aficionado-site review you read 2 weeks or 2 days ago).

    Full disclosure: I’ve owned a Nexus one for quite a few months now and despite the age and 5+ versions of CM and other ROMs on my my sexy-nexi, I was tremendously impressed with the HD7 tonight after spending 20 minutes in my local T-Mobile store. Sure Windows didn’t hit it out of the park on its first at-bat since striking out in the last game, but looks folks, if they did nail the winning home run today, I’m pretty sure many of you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it. I’m all for Apple, Google, and Windows putting out a great products, but take a step back from the kool-aid, shut your mouth, play with the toys in your local T-Mobile store and give an honest opinion after you’ve tried the product out, and quit complaining about the “lack of” for a subsidized product. Remember, many of us Americans don’t like paying FULL PRICE (read $500+) for a phone, so when you end up spending $69-$249 for a new phone, take a seat and sit out your 2 yr contract with a little less lip.

  • Jim_MAY

    Was the first and only one at 10am when the doors opened at T-Mobile Buckhead-Atlanta location. Was very suprised, that being their largest store in Atlanta.

    • chris

      The Buckhead store isn’t even close to being the largest stores. Stores like Riverdale, Lavista Rd, Lennox Mall, and about 2 dozen others are all at least double the size, especially when it comes to traffic in and out of the door. Buckhead is considered low traffic…

  • Brandon

    Coworker picked the Samsung WP7 on ATT this morning, slick, fits the reviews, but this is DEFINITELY not the phone for me.

  • Reader

    Oh snap, I got a Trojan on my Windows Phone 7.


      Oh snap, my iphone was hacked! I JUST LOST 500$ in apps that I DIDNT BUY!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        they did an investigation and found out that it was in fact Steve Jobs that hacked that iphone and forced you to buy those apps. Haaa!!!

  • Carmen DIva

    lol i love how people feel the need to talk down about an OS just
    because they are so heavily invested in their own, such as IOS or now Android….

    Personally, i love my samsung focus…and i think it is a great thing for consumers.
    Android to me was fun while i had it but i have no interest in rooting my phone, flashing roms and all the tech stuff that android fanatics like doing with it.

    With all that it does, it meets my needs.
    Social networking UI, the fluidity of the OS
    and just something fresh is 3 of many things my focus offers.

    It seems a lot of strengths with WP7 i am missing in Android
    and WP7 lacks Android’s maturity but given time, it will do
    well i think…

    I wanted the HD 7 but questioning tmobile’s coverage…
    But i think that most WP7 sold out…my at&t store
    had like 2 initially and had to go to another one
    to get more….

  • I played with the hd7 today. Hardware looks nice and feels solid. But I am not a fan of how the os looks. Especially the tiling. Screen looks pixelated.

    Nice Netflix apps

  • Also while I playing with the hd7, a middle-aged woman came in asking to see the demo after me. I was shocked.


    • BrainlessDrone

      Yeah, who let you mom out? Put her back in her cave.

  • Vibrant addict

    Fanboys will be fanboys. All the Android addicts need to realize 2 things…

    1. Android is not for everyone. We don’t all like being watched by Google.

    2. Competition = innovation. Key features from this OS will soon be implemented in others for ALL to benefit.

    I welcome WP7 to this Android/iOS/BB world. :)

    • GAM3R

      what the more, Samsung lied to galaxy phone users, they will update oweners’ their phone with android 2.2 in sept 2010.. theres never actual happened… So, Samsung’s promise is FAILURE….

      I hope MSFT kept their promise to wp7 users for C&P in earlier 2011.

  • TangoPapa

    The HD7 screen is incredibly responsive and fluid, I have the MT4G and I dont consider it lacking in the screen compartment but the HD7 is noticeably more fluid. Browser speed the MT4G won hands down on just about every site I’ve tested. I personally did not like the HD7 design, it feels and looks breakable but I can see ppl liking the chrome bezel more, I personally like the MT4G looks, android, and hardware but I think thats more of a personal preference.

    I felt the MT4G had the better camera and vid quality. I also like android’s front interface as it provides me with more info instantly than the Win7. I thought the kick stand was kinda dumb and flimsy, I have a cover on my MT4G that has a kickstand which I love and wonder if the kickstand would still work for the HD7 if one would purchase a cover to protect the phone. What was the kicker for me was HD7 not having a trackpad as if they didn’t learn from Samsung’s design flaw. Editing emails and documents will prove to be tricky without a trackpad. Overall the phone felt way too big in my hands. I’m not a small guy at all but I prefer my phones to not be so big. I really feel the 3.8 and possibly 4.0 is about the biggest a phone should get. Again it’s personal but that was my initial take on the HD7.

    PS I dont like the WIN7 interface much at all. I’m probably used to Android but the WIN7 just felt so toddler’ish.

  • TangoPapa

    I believe the HD7 may have been sent back to manufacturer due to design flaws with gaps between phone and kickstand failing prematurely, I saw some issues the phone from engadget had where the kickstand was stuck a little recessed out out and the battery cover had a gap that could not be closed flush. Not sure if that was just a prototype lemon or if its common, I didn’t notice it but was not looking for it.

    • Yyevo

      Yeah, just like the G2 with it’s “hinge problem”. Oh wait, no one has complained since that one duchebag.

  • somebody

    what happened with those nexus rumors ?

  • Roger Sales

    Regardless of what anyone says, any phone that is going to help T-Mobile compete is a winner in my eyes. Its true, windows 7 may not(i don’t know personally) match up with android, but its an alternate choice. some people like vanilla, some like chocolate, and every now and again someone dips into the strawberry. That being said, someone could justify a windows 7 device for work more than an android phone, and it could be a better option for them than blackberry if they are a techy person(no offense bb lovers)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m a butter pecan man but I guess my flavor would have to be neopolitan (Symbian 3/Maemo/Meego)

    • Good point. I love Tmo, and want them to succeed more than any company I’ve ever been attached to.

  • Percy76

    I played with a WP7 yesterday and I have to say that I was extremely impressed. I am an android fan but WP7 seems like after a few months and some little tweaks here and there it can be a great OS. One thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the fact that it doesn’t have copy and paste at the moment. I do a lot of emailing and editing from my phone and need that feature and like TangoPapa, I would also have to pass at the moment because of the exclusion of a trackball or trackpad.

    All in all, I like the WP7’s OS but would wait a little while until it matures before making the switch.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    just to inform, it may be kind of a slow day today. Cod Black Ops just came out and millions will be stuck on that for a while.

    And The HD7 actually went into backorder? Wow, now that is a huge shock for me. I knew it may sell but never expected backorder by any means.

    • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

      do you game

  • Darnell

    The real question is HOW MANY did T-Mobile actually sell? I’ve heard some stores only had 1, yes 1 in stock. So some stores obviously sold out pretty fast. How many have been sold? That’s the question we may not get an answer for.

  • vinny

    I’m a Nexus One and G2 owner and never liked Windows Mobile phones. This Phone has great hardware and the OS is very easy to work. The OS has and will get tons of apps. This is a winner and I am very hard to please.
    Great job.

  • Yezz


    WMDEALS.COM is offering the HD7 for $149.99 (After $50 mail in rebate, 2yrs contract, and data feature.

  • Patrick

    HD2 wasn’t a “ploy” to make ppl think they phone was selling like crazy…stores were recieving shipments of 10-15 phones and selling out THAT day. off the top of my head I can count like 20 t-mobile retail locations within a 10 mile radius of me….they were ALL sold out of the HD2 within hours of recieving shipments…..at 10 phones each store….even at 5 phones each store thats still 100 devices. in Indy ALONE…..if the each state sold ONLY 100 phones….you realize that’d be 5000 phones nation wide right? and you know each state(on average) sold more than that.

    With WP7 I don’t know…but people LEGITIMATELY wanted the HD2. Yes ppl were disappointed and ppl returned it…but initial sales figures were accurate…it being on backorder was accurate.

  • pcjnyc

    I don’t think people are aware that Windows 7 phone is available at T-Mobile. Where are the advertisements? AT&T had the full page ad in Sunday’s New York Times prompting their two Windows 7 phones.

  • Kenobi

    What is the benefit of windows over android or ios?

  • Mr LMAO

    That sucks….Glad I got mine, and BTW awesome phone for those who aren’t into having ten different homescreens and thousands of apps you’ll never use. Win7 will only get better as updates start rolling out….Someone please identify a OS that has come out and didn’t have any bugs on it’s first go around????? “Crickets chirping” That is all….

    Taylor Gang or switch to AT&T

    • Jordan H

      hahaha wiz lol

  • Thaghost

    Um David? When r you gonna let da new my touch 4g owners sound off bout their new device? It seen seems as if u forgot about us. I may b wrong but I also haven’t noticed a hands on review from you guys. Thank u.

    • pantlesspenguin

      IIRC – David usually posts a “Tell us your thoughts after a week w/ the ______!” So, he’ll prolly post a thread where we get to sound off tomorrow or Thursday :).

      • David, Managing Editor

        Watch for it tonight, I’ve been SUPER busy today and haven’t been in front of the computer but I’ll be catching up on everything tonight!

      • David, Managing Editor

        Watch for that tonight as wel!

        • thaghost

          cool. thanx.

  • sorandkairi

    CLIQ USERS… lol


    your update has been avavliable sense yesterday… go get it….. if you want it

    • sorandkairi

      …correction available…. long day…. long day!!!

  • Steve

    For everyone comparing WP7 to android and iOS need to remember those 2 platforms were lacking features when they came out too and took 2 yrs to get where they are today. By the end of next summer i bet WP7 will have all the missing features available by then. As much as i like multitasking and cut and paste, its not a deal breaker.

  • dannyb91979

    We have the HD7 in stock! :-D

  • cecil

    This piece of news probably isn’t going to make those who have been waiting to grab the Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 smartphone too happy, but apparently the HTC HD7 camera is suffering from the same type of camera issue which was reported with the HTC HD2.

    According to an article over on Ubergizmo, the people who have been reviewing the HTC HD7 have found that the handset’s camera has a flaw in as much as when a low light image is captured white coloured subjects have a pink tint.

    As you may remember back when the HTC HD2 smartphone came out it too produced pink tinted images until a software update was pushed out by T-Mobile to fix the issue.

    Thus it would appear that T-Mobile may have to again push out an update to the HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device to again sort out the problem.


    i got both the hd7 and the my touch 4g i love both operating systems so i couldnt make up my mind.

  • dopeboy

    I just received my hd7 yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! Its so smooth finally ms stepped up their game.

  • Jordan H

    WE HAVE SOME!!! there not on backorder over here… we got like 6 lol call the t mobile in kannapolis and get your HD7 TODAY!!! lol

    no seriously call us lol

  • BlackBerryXVII

    I work for T-Mobile and I know since the 8th, which was the launch of the HTC HD7, we have not sold one. The online store may have sold out but ALL the stores, at least in my market have stock and have the ability to order more even though they are auto-ordered.

    Yall will be hearing alot more from me.

  • G4tro

    Okay I don’t normally comment on here but I feel the need to just because i do love Android and I’ve had a taste of both Windows phone7 and IOS, The truth is Android to me has never been as smooth as IOS with the lags the exchange between apps just seem a lil slugish….I have a Vibrant so I had the top of the line android and although i love the customization it gets boring fast. However I went to tmo and got the HD7 I gotta say it has its ups and downs but alot more ups… If ure the type that likes to have 500 apps for every single thing u do then WP7 is not for u stick with Android or IOS…But if u want an organize different and smooth experience theres no better IMHO than WP7…I think its smoother than IOS and def smoother than android, yes I hate the fact that I cant listen to Slacker radio and check emails or txt messages at the same time…yes i get that and it should be something MS should work on like yesterday…but Im willing to sacrifice that for smoothness and speed…every OS has something they’re missing come on if they gave u everything we would not have anything to look forward to…right?…The one feature that to me is a great selling point is the picture hub i mean how many times have u wanted to show someone a pic u have on FB and u had to go to the app open it wait for it to load and then look for it…this OS has ure pics there ready to go no app no opening anything just there…I love that!…the FB integration is amazing on this fone I dont have to open up the FB app everything is in one place…so yes Android does blow it out the water when it comes to apps and IOS destroys it but other than apps WP7 is great its a great OS with no lag smooth as silk and everything at ure finger tips…once MS gets up to par with apps this is going to be a super OS…give it time by this time next year we’ll be talking about WP7 like we talk about Android and IOS…Do I recommend it?…that depends on you’re priorities…if ure a fan of an app for everything ure better of getting Android…but if u want to see what ure people are up to and organize email view organize pictures without having to log on to FB a smoother OS thats organize and easy to navigate than WP7 is for u…but like I said its not for everyone and u really haveto try it to see if u like the feel of it…thats just my 2cents i hope it helps someone with their decition.

  • Charles

    I know what my next phone is, going to wait till my contract is up and upgrade from my HD2.

  • Michelle Purposedriven

    I ordered the LG Optimus and was told that it would be shipped in 7 working days. The phone has been in back order status since it was ordered and now I am told to check with their loyalty customer service representative to have this resolved. Why was I not told that the order was not in stock? Why merge when you cannot even deal with the customers you currently have?