[UPDATED] T-Mobile HTC HD7 Now Available (For EVERYONE)!

Its finally here! T-Mobile’s very first Windows Phone 7 handset, the HTC HD7 is now available. As expected, the HTC HD7 will you run $199.99 after a $50 Mail-in Rebate and $499.99 sans contract. After testing out the handset for myself last night, all I say is, SEXY!  The handset felt very solid in the hand. Stay tuned for our full hands-on! Be sure to let us know in the comments if you picked up the HD7!

UPDATE: Microsoft is also offering the HD7 through their online store for $199.99 (with a 2-year agreement) for both existing and new customers. Additionally, if you purchase from Microsoft’s Online Store, Microsoft will give you a free 3-Month Zune Pass ($44.99 value).  The Free Zune Pass offer is valid for orders placed between 12:01 AM EDT November 8, 2010 and 11:59 PM PDT November 21, 2010.


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  • Mike

    Who cares it’s windows 7

    • Yaniv C

      Youre ignorant… your kids are ignorant… your parents were probably ignorant too.
      Long live MS… In the name of Gatea…. I banish you to Symian!!!
      Just picked up my HD7… awesomeness!

    • hater

      Mike, just don’t make comments anymore. No one cares about you or what you think.

    • GregP

      Actually, it’s Windows Phone 7. Big difference. You have lost your speaking privileges.

  • JM

    I think this phone is really, really cool. However, with the lack of HSPA+, I feel that this phone is already obsolete. C’mon, WP7, you could do better than that.

    • Max

      It’s not really WP7’s fault. They’ve show that there are icons for LTE and WiMax. It’s the people who make the phones that aren’t utilizing the HSPA+ stuff.

    • chris

      i kind of agree with you, i am bummed about no HSPA+ but there a lot of devices that perform admirably without it. that will be the logic i use to force myself into early adoption of a dell venue pro. also, not everyone is covered by HSPA+ so it wouldn’t make a difference to some. i definitely see your point tho

  • ob18

    I messed around with this in a store this past weekend, it just couldn’t win me over. Hopefully it is something that will and does work for others.

    Sadly the same store somehow didn’t have a live demo of the mytouch so I couldn’t check that device out yet.

    • Mike hawk


  • Gabe

    Will the HD7 work with tzones? Or will I have to upgrade my internet package?

    • JB6464

      It will if you buy the phone without contract.
      But if you sign a 2 yr contract they will make you change to a new data plan.

    • ob18

      You do not have to upgrade your internet package if you already have it as part of your current plan.

  • Jesushouston

    nobody is gonna buy it cause its a windows phones only thing they will buy is an android poeple.
    its only android os and Ios from apple . sorey windows nothing competitive like blackberry either . goodbye

    • David, Managing Editor

      Sigh…I’m going to buy a Windows Phone 7 device. Android is hardly the only thing people are buying, I think Windows Phone 7, having used it is a great platform with plenty of potential. Just like Android was when it first rolled out. You think Android would as popular as it is today if it was still the same 1.0 version it was on the G1?

      • hater

        Which Windows Phone 7 device are you planning on getting, David?

      • Fanandualum

        Yeah and don’t forget, when the iPhone first came out it didn’t even have an app store :P

        OS’s are like wine if you age it properly it can turn into something great in the long run

    • cirrob

      I hate people with a single digit number of brain cells such as yourself. what’s it like to have to concentrate on breathing or else face suffocating?

    • Kickstar13

      I’m going to be ordering the HD7 today and I’m sure many others will as well.

    • hater

      You can’t spell, you post makes absolutely no sense, and I feel dumber for reading it, Jesushouston. Therefore, you are not allowed to make anymore comments until you have basic reading and writing skills. Goodbye.

      • hater

        correction: Your post makes absolutely no sense.


      If no one will buy it, then WHY IS IT SOLD OUT!

    • Deke218

      @Jesushouston: Really, are you really that stupid? I had the G1 and knew I’d never like Android. To date, nothing that have done has changed that. The UI is like something a blind retarded version of you put together. Its nothing more than the iCrap for stupid people – LOL – No offense to you Android Lovers out there.

    • GregP

      Sadly, another ignorant comment diluting the value of this site. If you are going to say something ignorant, at least use correct spelling.

      My first phone sold today was the HD7. People are buying it.

  • Illegal Machine

    Windows Mobile has a looooong way to go to earn me back as a customer. No way I’m jumping on this phone from day one.

    • fiveizzo

      @illegal machine i agree. i have hated windows mobile for so long the it will take them years to trick me into buying another windows powered phone.

  • josh

    I had to choose between the HD7 and the G2 from the HD2. I went with the G2 and can’t be happier. In the 4 months I owned the HD2 I had to do 10 master resets. Never again windows.

    • J-Hop2o6

      u coulda put Android 2.2.1 & WP7 on your HD2 WITH WM 6.5(.X) still embedded. 3-in-1 package!

  • JB6464

    Don’t plan on doing any tethering with this phone,they stripped that app out.
    I’ll stick with my HD2.

  • Pks Sauce

    Just orderd it this morning. Willing to try the phone out for a month or so…

  • Yoda

    why would anyone chose windows over android?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Please stop with these comments and try and imagine a world where not everyone thinks Android is the toast of the town. Different people want different things and Android isn’t all things to all people, nor is Windows Phone7, nor iOS so stop the fanboyisms.

      • Yoda

        I am android user but im no fanboy. When I bought my phone no one even mentioned windows at the store I went to.maybe you could do a side by side comparison of what each platform does better, android, windows and blackberry.

    • hater

      Why do all the women skip over you?


      Because they like it better. DUH! Use common sense.

    • chaoscentral


      How about a consistent lag free user experience for one!

      • Yoda

        I know a few people that work for tmo. No one there use a wp. Its all android and blackberry. I really havent heard anything good about windows. I want a kick ass phone is this one special? Not short bus “special like Hater.

  • 16309A

    Why are people so negative about things all the time? While this isn’t for me, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that are excited for this phone. I think it’s great that T-Mo had different choices for thier customers!

  • Watch the youtube videos:

    This phone will have HSPA, No word on Hotpot/tethering. Dell Venue Pro FTW!

    Stay thirsty my friends

  • TY

    count me in. i’ll be getting HD7 or Dell windows phone 7.

  • Nokia Guy

    As a T-Mobile rep, in the location i work at (mainly hispanics and polish people), they wouldn’t like Windows Mobile as we had some returns. If they were “stuck” with it after the 14 day trial period, they would come to me so I install a Custom WinMo ROM and Android. To the customers in my location, this wouldn’t be a good phone.

    As myself, I’m against all odds. I don’t like iOS, Android, or WinMo. I’m strictly Symbian and happy with my N8. Since I know all those OS’s pretty well (i sold everyone of them at work and i buy and sell phones myself), I can convince a person which phone would be better for them. I’d push people away from the HD2 and to get the Vibrant instead so they would be happy and so I won’t get a charge back.

    So that’s my opinion.

    • Steve Jobless

      Is that your opinion or a statement? I honestly do not understand the reason of this comment. You are not nessesarily bashing the Windows experence. You sort of seam to be tooting your own horn. Be generous to those who are hear to read informative and opinionated comments. I will not erase yours this time, but please be cautious when posting.

  • mikee

    Why are people comparing WP7 to Windows 6.5? It’s totally different. You have to try it, first.

    • Which Way is Up?

      Although it is 2 seperate operating systems, both were developed by the same company and so it is very easy (we may not agree with it) for the average consumer to feel, “well, my HD2 (or any other WM phone of yesteryear) crashed and froze on me all too frequently, I will never support a Windows phone again.” Truth is, a lot of consumers have simply moved on. As much as I love my HD2, the average person that I showed it to could not believe it was a Windows phone and were not interested past me telling them it ran WM. The interested literally took a 180.

      Me personaly, HD7 looks very nice, but it really is an HD2 refresh. If they at least put an SLCD and HSPA+, I would reconsider. However at this point, I am happy with my HD2 and MT4G.

      • AreYouSerious?

        I wonder what the Android fanboys would say if I made some idiotic statement like, “I’ll never get another Android device because my G1 was garbage”.

        Because… my G1 WAS garbage… but I’m not such a douche to think its a reflection of Android.

        Fanboys are fanboys, hence why we call them fanboys.

      • GregP

        I agree with “Which Way is Up?” in that it is reasonable for customers to feel like a comparison is appropriate because of the similarities in nomenclature. Microsoft probably didn’t do that great of a job separating its name from the Windows Mobile moniker.

        Reps at the store have a hard fought struggle ahead to break this thought process. I think the best tool in the lineup is the phone itself. Once a custome plays with the HD7 or any other WP7 device, I think that will be proof enough of the differences.

  • chris

    All the fools saying “windows fails” etc. has no idea what they are talking about and have not actually used the device. As an admitted Android fan, I have no problem saying the WP7 is extremely sexy and will appeal to a lot of people, and Microsoft is in no way out of the smartphone game. WP7 shares exactly NOTHING with WinMo 6.5. Its not even written in the same programming language. Not one line of code is shared. The tile and hub system is very easy to navigate and is very intuitive. The biggest criticisms I have for the HD7 are these: no micro SD card slot, no HSPA+, and only navigation is through TeleNav. That being said, its still a great device. And as a gaming device, there may not be a better one. Microsoft has definetly stepped up their game!

  • Matt Hatter

    I feel gypped that we only got 2 devices when AT&T got 3. But, hey, Sprint and VZW got 0.

    • Kickstar13

      The Mozart (although still not officially announced yet), will make three WP7 devices for T-Mobile this year.

      • erebusting

        T-Mobile USA will get the Mozart? If so -I may hold off to get that…

      • threetee14

        I thought that the whole “mozart coming to tmobile usa” was a misunderstanding that u reported from reading another site. Wasn’t it only for tmo uk? I hope ur right though cause I would snatch that mozart day 1.

        • hater

          I was under the same impression..

        • J-Hop2o6

          yea David.. Mozart is only for the Euro market.. i read a slide that it was ONLY for Euro carriers (and a AUS carrier i believe).. go find it over at Engadget.

        • Kickstar13

          We’ve heard good word that the HTC Mozart is coming to T-Mobile USA.

        • threetee14

          Kickstar… u have any proof mozart is coming to tmo USA? and why hasn’t david reported this yet on this site?

        • David, Managing Editor

          Without any sort of “physical” evidence, meaning a graphic or image right now the Mozart’s arrival is a whisper at best. Until we get something concrete, there is nothing to say!

  • Carmen diva

    Honestly android fanboys are just as bad as the iPhone fanboys. If not worse.

    I have been an android girl since 2009 when the og droid came out and now I am the owner of a samaung captivate.

    Personally android is pretty good but to be honest I am getting pretty bored with it.
    Windows phone 7 is new and fresh and from the looks of it nothing like it’s predecessor

    Which is why I am going to hopefully be purchasing a samsung focus or hd 7 with tmobile today.

    • titopuente

      Sounds like this lady is thinking the same thing I am…I would like to bang you.

      • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

        Just about fell out of my chair

        • nooby

          nobody fuggin cares what phones you use

      • Steve Jobless

        If I made trophies I would hand one to you, Tito, my good man. Possiby the best comment to set place on Tmonews.com.

        • titopuente

          Thank you very much good sir. I figured I had to make my first comment I posted on here epic. Lol

  • Marc

    This phone has no business being sold for 199.99, it’s just a software update for the HD2. A ripoff, this is.

  • Matt Hatter

    All this hating on the WP7 platform is depressing to read. I’m with David on this – try it before you knock it. Just from the videos you can see that MS has reinvented their OS for the phone. It’s almost like saying “I’m not buying a Wii because the original NES only 8 bit graphics”. I know Windows phones have a bad rep, I deal with it on a daily basis. A lot of the old Windows phones did not work so well, that’s true. But what is also true is that Windows phones were not really intended for the average consumer to begin with. Windows phones were devised to compete directly with Blackberry OS in the business market. However when the smartphone became so popular and the average person wanted to be cool and look prestigious by carrying around a smartphone that’s when they tried to get a niche in the market. Their phones were designed for the corporation at the time and didn’t really work for the average consumer. Now it is. Way to go, Microsoft.

  • molten

    Andriod fans official just overtook Apple fanboys as the most irritating people. Not everybody like Andriod just as not everybody likes a Benz or BMW. I am a Audi guy but that doesn’t give me the right to insult or talk down to someone who wants something different. Its funny people couldn’t stand iPhone fans but reading the threads these days just shows that Andriod fans are just as ignorant. I have a G2 and also ordered the HD7 to try it because I use my phone for business and with Office and Sharepoint on WP7 got to get it. I am all for choice and I thought thats what America stands for.

  • marcus

    I personally get truly annoyed with my Android OS. I’m going to check this bad boy out.

    Bunch of sheep talking smack about things just so they can ride the back of the bus with the “cool kids”.

  • Hecg55

    Hey david and/or friends would you please refresh my memory on the dell lighting and thunder.. Havent heard about them in a while, are they even still projected to be released?

    • Hecg55

      Realized that the venue pro IS the lightning.. Lol silly me

    • Matt Hatter

      There is another Android device by Dell coming to T-Mobile before the Holidays. It should be the Thunder. All a part of the Android Invasion. The Comet, Optimus T, MyTouch 4G, Defy, the Dell, and another Motorola device – the Begonia.

  • Jl

    Does anyone know how much MS charges for applications? I heard that they are expensive compared to apple, android and symbian apps. That sways me away from winmo phones

    • Miro

      you can download Zune Desktop and see. I don’t have iTunes to compare but Tetris, Monopoly, Sims 3 for XBox live were $4.99 on Windows Phone 7, all have free trials, vs $2.99 in iTunes

      • Miro

        I see the Weather Channel app is paid in iTunes but it’s free for Windows Phone 7 … guess YMMV based on what you want

    • efjay

      Remember MS doesnt set the price, developers do so its not really correct to put the blame on MS when some devs seem able to release their applications for free yet others will charge more than on other platforms. Somehow they seem to think Windows Phone users deserve to pay more, for some reason.

  • James

    Just like i said befor android sucked when it came out but look at it now. blackberry sucked and befor android it was awsome.Wp7 now is here and it sucks due to the low level of peoples knowledge of what it can do just like the blackberry and android os. give it time and let the people that figured out the cool stuff for all the other cool OS’s out there and i BET!!!!!! this OS will be the Same. Iphone Android Blackberry Windows. they where all geard to stand out to different age groups and personalitys. So dont put the phone down figure out what os you like better and stick with it. Let others find out whats right for them. Personaly i dont see much of a difference in what a Iphone can do VS and Android and the same will be for those Vs this OS aswell.

  • fernando

    I just got my today and its amazing. I own the hd2 and windows phone 7 its like a total different OS it can’t be compare with windows 6.5. Its like comparing Android with IOS4 FROM IPHONE they are different. And the games are way better than Android. Windows phone 7 its here and its a winner .

  • AZStynger

    Is TMO running any BOGO right now? Is HD7 and/or MT4G part of any promotion going on now?

  • Rell

    Something I notice people complain so much. I use to love my wing becase it was my first smart phone. Then I brought a G1 by choice then the G2 I love my G2. I’m not going going to go to windows atleast not until the second or third generation. We don’t know until you try a new device out you don’t know. We need more OS’s to create more competion and more better features and more commercials.

  • Cybersedan

    I’m gonna go check out the HD7 today, just got the mt4g but still wanna see what microsoft is raving about.

    -An open minded android fanboy!

    • Will

      Same (open minded android fan). I got the chance to check the HD7 out last week after I bought my Mytouch 4G, and the phone is worth raving about if you ask me. Though it’s not the phone for me, I loved it.

  • Russell

    I just played with it at the local T-mobile store, and I love it. The guy said it is HSPA+ i.e. T-mobile 4G. is that true? Anyone knows?

    • chaoscentral

      not directly no, but you will see speeds of up to 7.2mbps in an HSPA+ area, and that is plenty fast regardless. I see an average of 6mbps on my non HSPA+ Vibrant in an HSPA+ area

    • Wilma Flintstone

      it’s not true. He was trying to make a sale.

    • Deke218

      If this phone were HSPA+, I’d already own one. For the love of pete, why didn’t they make this a HSPA+ device? Is it possible it is and all it requires is a simple software update? I do recall reading that it was MS fault that HSPA+ wasn’t included at launch. MS didn’t design the phone [and both T-Mobile and HTC knew the launch of HSPA+ was going to drop at this time] but it is their software. Here’s to wishful thinking…

  • Coqui

    My Upgrade Price is $174.99 (not $199.99) anyone else getting that price?

    • Will

      Yep! For weeks now all the prices for upgrades on my account are considerably lower then the prices for new customers!!

      • Coqui

        yea! it isnt just the HD7 any phone normally $199.99 is $174.99 instead (G2, Vibrant, HD7, etc.)

    • me too, on both my lines

    • chris

      If you live in one of the test markets, there is currently a test pilot called “better than new” for family plans. Depending upon the cost of your monthly plan, ONE LINE ONLY on your account may qualify for $25-$75 off the 2 year price if you are fully eligible. I repeat, this is a TEST PILOT only in SELECT MARKETS, not everyone is eligible. I can’t post anymore details than that.

  • Will

    I just purchased the MyTouch 4G last wednesday (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING phone) but I got the chance to mess around with a HD7 phone Saturday and holy crap this phone is a beast…and I mean beast in the best ways possible. The animations alone are awe worthy. It’s incredibly sharp and fast to your touch. I am very impressed with what I seen. But I’ve never been much of a WM fan (though I did love my hd2 when I had it) so it wasn’t enough to sway me away from my mytouch 4g, but I would without hesitation, recommend this phone to anyone looking for a windows device. It’s quite beautiful in person and the interface is not nearly as stale as it may appear in pictures/videos. Just like the mytouch 4g was for me, you have to handle it and see it in person in order to really admire it’s beauty (inside and out).

    Congrats to all of you that have purchased or will be purchasing this phone. Enjoy it!!

  • Osvaldo

    It’s not FULLY capable of higher HSPA+ speeds, just the lower ones. So in a way, it is HSPA+ capable.

  • Nain

    someone tell me some dataspeeds this thing can achieve??

  • Alex

    I wish i could be more excited about this phone but the hardware isn’t even that much better than the hd2. I was looking to have a wm7 phone but i think I will wait until next spring/summer for something better from htc.

  • Chatter

    I played with this phone today and it feels a lot nicer (and sexier) than the HD2. It is not for me but I can see why people will love the phone – I was very impressed. Does not feel cheap and was fast to navigate. As a sidenote, the Radioshack guy said that because of all the new TMo phones coming out, they were putting them in the “Sprint” section as there was space there. With 2-3 more phones expected, he didn’t know where else to put them.

  • I’ve been coming to this site for a long time now and I still can’t seem to figure out why people on here feel the need to bash a post (if it’s a Windows focused post they’ll be all Android whoo yeah! and vice versa). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that not everyone likes the same things. Some people like Apple. Some people like Android. Some people like Windows. Some people like flip phones with a 2 megapixel camera that can make phone calls easily. Some people like T-Mobile. Some people like AT&T. Some people like Verizon. Some people like Sprint. And, hell, some people even like Cricket.

    If we understood this then maybe this site would get back to the happy place it once was (way back when) instead of this nonsensical arguing and complaining by people pointing out bad grammar with their own bad grammar.

    And I end, with a line from one of my favorite shows: Bazinga.

    • molten

      I am with you man! i just can’t stand these bashing either. Wish people just go with what they like and leave other people to make their “mistake”.

      • Seriously. Next thing you know we’re going to start hearing about murders being committed because someone wanted Burger King instead of McDonald’s…

  • Mike

    Man do i really wish this device had a front facing camera but I will still get this for me and my girlfriend . Windows phones have way better battery life IMO

  • nerd lust

    This phone looks amazing!!! Choices , choices as a blackberry 8900 addict this is amazing I can get office and xbox in one amazing package. I was leaning towards bold9780 or myt4g, or g2 now I’m so confused. Good job tmob!! Back in the days I begged for choices on tmo now I finally got them!!! :)

  • Mr LMAO

    Went and grabbed it on my lunch break and by just holding it, I’m in love….Sexy device! Can’t wait to get home and power it up…Im going to light candles and everything! Tonight will be a romantic one…. LMAo

    Fist in the air screaming “I love winmo”

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I hope you got insurance on it because it sounds like you’ll be getting it replaced tomorrow due to liquid malfunction.

      Oh, I did not just go there. Whoa. XD

      • Mr LMAO

        Got it covered! ha good looking out though! =P

        • Wilma Flintstone

          @Mr LMAO
          I’m pretty sure you will have it “covered”, which is why I told you to get the warranty. At least make it memorable for the phone. Haaaa!!!

          Dag, good point, well at least he’d get some sort of discount for condensation. Haaa!!!

      • J-Hop2o6

        HAHAHA damn, good one Wilma.. but remember, u can’t get warranty with “liquid” damaged phones, so he has to pay a deductible.

    • Miro

      if you buy it with a credit card, depending on who your bank is, you get extra warranty so either way you’re covered.

      My AmEx covers me pretty well on such purchases and extends my warranties an extra year beyond what the default is

  • ben

    I got ahold of one of the dell venu pros from the corprate store here. And it is Great the slider is great and the kryboard almost as good as the blackberry models. Window 7 is a great os and very intuitive. It has it’s problems but is great. I like how it’s a night an day differnce from my hd2

  • Jesushouston

    i dont this fone will be any good its a windows so it sux should have made it a an android beast instead to compete with the evo ..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    The only reason I’d get this over the HD2 is because of the metallic case. Other than that, it is the exact same phone with 3 more mp camera and 2 less buttons, oh and a kickstand. I would say a different OS but WP7 was just ported to the HD2 so not even the OS is different if you port it.

    Hopefully those that get it, enjoy it. I however, since I already own a HD2 (for which I am on my 4th one due to hardware and software malfunction and failure), I have no need to buy a HD7.

  • Sasha

    I am really glad with the vibrant and can honestly say that I don’t want to go back to my wing or tp2. Sure this is a new device but I don’t think this will be good. Don’t think I’m bashing Microsoft, in fact I have relatives getting this phone, but it’s a first. The first iphone sucked, the g1 wasn’t that good, and so I predict this will follow the same trend.

  • KrayzieN9ne

    Will probably wait until Windows Phone 7 OS is in it’s 3rd generation before i adopt a WP7 phone.
    Hardware wise these phones are beasts no doubt but the OS needs a little work in the copy and paste area. But mostly in the App Switching/ Multitasking area. You literally have to close your current app down, Navigate back a screen until u get to the app menu, then open a new app. .
    Also with new OS’s it would be smart to wait until they have full developer and 3rd party support.

  • StraGoX

    Just picked up my htc HD7 and it is damn sweet most responsive touchscreen/software I have ever used I owned an iphone 3GS before

  • Notebookgrail

    HD7 is backordered online @ TMO.

  • James L

    attention dumbshits. wp7 is nothing like wm6. get it through your thick skulls.

  • Myg1

    Proud owner owner of my touch 4g n vibrant… But I can say this wp7 is sexy as hell..don’t judge when you haven’t even tested it out.. Go try for yourself..don’t make yourself a fanboy like apple..learn to try different things!!! I know my bro still be gettin one..

  • Alex123

    I just went to walmart and picked one up for 148.98……dont buy any were else they also have the g2 for the same price and the vibrant for 99 and I beleve they are getting the mt 4g for 148 as well

  • Alex123

    I just picked one up at walmart for only 148.98 no rebate or anything…….guys and girls dont pay any extra go to walmart they also have the g2 and mt 4g for the same price and the vibrant is 99…. By the way the new windows 7 is totaly different and way better, its awesome

  • coolMANDINGO

    ehh im going to stick with android. does anyone know fit you can change that stupid wallpaper/screen? instead of the tiles into another total different screen/wallpaper like android and the various screens(im forgetting the name of it but yall know what i mean)

  • somewhere in KC

    Why is T-Mobile selling HTC HD 7 phone for the same price as Sprint when Sprint has 4G and T-Mobile has 3G?

  • mattmobile

    First, Sprint does not sell this phone, second, neither Sprint nor T-mobile has 4G, they both, however, have 4G speeds, and T-mobile’s speeds are beeting Sprints (on a more reliable network, I’d add). Also with the backwards compatible network, 3G phones on T-mobile see increased speeds too.