Motorola Cliq Update Now Available To All

After what can only be described as an impossibly long wait, the Motorola Cliq 2.1 Android Update is now available to all! Happy happy joy joy! You can jump to the link below and proceed to update your device to your hearts (or Eclairs) content! Since this isn’t an OTA update do follow instructions and make sure to back up your phone before continuing!

Hit the link and happy updating!

P.S. No word on an expected date for the Cliq XT.

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  • sorandkairi

    + 1 for T-Mobile……. now all they need is the Behold 2…….. :)

    • sorandkairi

      Ahhhh….. Ren & Stimpy… those were the Wonder Years…..

  • cscorbin

    Too late motocrap. We already traded our phones in for MT4g’s

    • josh

      How did you do that? Did you have to pay the difference?

  • seatri

    What about the cliq XT? errrrr…

    • sorandkairi

      The Cliq XT, from what I’m getting, is actually getting the update soon as well…..

      “If this comment was directed at me” I was making a joke in regards to Samsung not undating their devices….. or “flip flopping” on whether they are going to update said devices or not.

      P.S. The same is also true about the MyTouch3G 3.5, Fender Edition, or the T-Mobile Tab (but who actually bought that phone right).

  • hideyokids

    no cliq xt love?

  • asdf

    heh, motocrap. i got the update last night aaaaand that sucks for me. the cliq can’t handle it.. in terms of battery AND processing power. needless to say: never again, moto.

  • jesushouston

    yall should get something new like the g2 or something

    i think the best phones for tmobile are nexus one , vibrant,g2,mytouch 4g , hd7 in my opinion ……

    • Robert

      While I bet most people wish they could, many, myself included, aren’t able to go throw money at a new phone every few months. Sad, but true.

      • Carl

        Amen to that! Only phone I replaced before it was falling apart and dilapidated was my original Dash. That’s when I bought the Cliq simply because I wanted to and passed the Dash on to a friend who loves it.

    • Pimpstrong

      Some stuff is more fact than opinion.

  • Datnizzle

    Too late already bought a MT4G. Besides why not make it an ota. Most people wont even get it. I wonder if its any different than the soak that came out a few weeks ago.

    • Serotheo

      If you have the soak you don’t need to upgrade, but my Gmail app is broken so FTL. And I bet 1.5 with the 1.6.1 Maintenance to 2.1 is better then 1.4.8 Maintenance with 1.5 to 2.1

  • jesushouston

    yey now theres permanent root for my g2 it was just hacked right now ! and im about to do that !!

    g2 and mytouch 4g and hd7 are preety good but cmon android is just on top

  • Jazz

    Great …. now lets finish up all of the mytouch3G updates (yea, i know they said until Dec. something)

  • it isnt tmobile its motorola.

    and samsung for the behold 2, not tmobiles fault

    • Tito!

      Agreed. Motorola did a shitty job with Eclair
      I should know I’m a tester.
      they did nothing but fix one, emphasis one, upgrade installation.
      the software itself is poorly performanced and is crammed with spam. /:

      Im this close to rooting, if they do nothing. :)

  • patrickem

    To bad this is the same release as the bug riddled test release and nothing has been addressed.

    • Tito!

      Thank you! I’m not the only one.
      I really do hope they address bugs, and tester requests!

  • Already gave up my cliq xt for an optimus t….. and have been enjoying froyo ever since… who wants 2.1 anymore when you can have 2.2 for such a reasonable price

  • George

    does it have multi-touch??? if not…epic fail

    • timmyjoe42

      The Cliq hardware does not support multi touch.

      • George


  • steve

    wow what a waste of time. i was giving moto a chance . and this damn update doesn’t work on my phone and i spent 45 plus minutes on the phone with them for nothing. there telling me if i want to send it in no thank you need a phone i dont have no backup. thanks moto for your support. i already could care less about 2.1 or whatever is out right now. they just made me give up on them. i’ll just wait and get another phone when the time is right.

    • timmyjoe42

      What are your concerns?
      Have you tried the Moto support forums?

      • steve

        well i followed all the steps and nothing work. it won’t let me update to 2.1, i check the support forums. did online chat with moto, then they told me to call and i was on the phone for 45plus minutes. and moto tells me that i have tried all steps possible and if i wanted to send my phone in and they will send me a new one. i told them, you what i don’t need the update and that my phone works fine. they said sorry and i hang up after that. i don’t have a backup phone and who know how long i would have to wait til i get a new one.

  • Pimpstrong

    Yay my Vibrant is now as up to date as a Cliq. SWEET!

  • Jay

    What about the MyTouch 3G???

    I don’t get why T-Mobile had to push it back and why only some MyTouch owners already got the update.

    • JayAintSmart

      Jay learn to read this aint about your damn MT3.

      • 2Noob4U

        Funny! I give it a 10!

      • Jay

        Wow your life must be exciting, glad there are people like you in the world who like to make fake names and think they’re being funny.

  • userfriendlyme

    litle to late Moto…. never again. HTC got me on the MytouchSlide to still not updated lol. Loving the G2 and loving perm root!!!

  • rooster

    so moto. I’ll update and put on ebay! Me and my vibrant work fine.

  • Don

    This sucks! They update the Cliq to Android 2.1 but they won’t update the Behold II to Android 2.0! That’s F’ed up!

    • timmyjoe42

      2 different manufacturers.

      • sandytoes

        Some people think T-Mobile is in charge of the updates. They don’t seem to understand that they have nothing to do with phones being updated. If they did I’m sure we would have gotten this update months ago… stupid Motorola.

  • dt

    i have a cliq xt…and i don’t care! my LG Optimus T is in the mail right now, buh bye cliq xt!

  • Eric

    They are always going to be slow with updates, They want you to buy the new model

  • C5mech

    Why is tmo not releasing an ota for this? I don’t own a comp or even a laptop. And yes i know that there are better phones out right now but I am waiting for my upgrade next month. And have been waiting for something other then 1.5 since I bought the dang phone. Thinking of switching to sprint, due to tmo not supporting the cliq. Kinda showed me their true colors!

    • john

      just use astro, enable browser downloading, after downloaded, copy the file, move it to the root of your sd card, delete the original copy that will be in /sd/download. after you do that the steps are all the same. Updated a buddy’s today at work.

  • Brotha Darcness

    The CLIQ is an entry level Android phone, therefore, don’t expect Nexus One treatment. My 11 year old loves his CLIQ whether it has 1.5 or 2.1. He could see a difference when I installed 2.1 a few weeks ago, but if it still had 1.5, he would have been just fine.

    Not every smart phone user is a hacker or programmer. Chances are, if your reading, tweeting, and blogging about this then you keep up to date on OS updates.

    I keep my wife and kids phones up to date, because I am into this type of stuff.

    • Rob

      Entry level? maybe now, not when it came out it was the best phone tmobile had, why i got it last year.

  • alicia

    Sooo, did the update & now my photo gallery looks like crap :( it used to be like cooliris, now its lame. Anyone else with the same problem or did I just screw up the download? I believe it was suppose to improve media gallery

    • Carl

      I agree the new media gallery sucks!

  • ExJxS

    Gave my Cliq to my son months ago when I replaced it with the Vibrant. He’ll be thrilled he can play Angry Birds, now.

    • jason

      It’s super laggy :(

  • BAY214


    • john

      Either you are a douchebag, or you have a stuck caps lock key. if the key is broken, you are forgiven…douchebag

      • BAY214


  • Rhandy

    It’s not necessary to have a computer to Install this upgrade.
    Just download Opera Mini from the Market, open it and go to this link:

    Or for a shorter link, go to:

    It will ask you to download the file, choose the SD Card if is not selected by default. When the download is complete, check for updates and follow the on screen instructions. And Done!

    • C5mech

      Thanks Rhandy, im still trying to figure this phone, seeing that its my first smartphone.

    • Neildoh

      Randy i did what you said and it says no updates found! do you have to unzip the file???????

      • C5mech

        Don’t unzip the update, you have to make sure that it is a top level file. I’m loving 2.1, voice text is awesome! still needs a few twikes!

  • Rob

    Im cant even believe they even released an update 7 months late now from april when they said they were.

  • Chantel

    okaaa soo i trying to do the update from my phone using opera mini but the download has not even moved . has anyone tried doing it this way ? i really dont want to wait ne longer for the update lol but i am really seeing no progress in the download. thanks in advance

    • Curtis

      try getting somewhere with wifi to speed up the download. it still takes a while but is a lot faster than trying it over 3G with the file size.

  • Josef

    Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! :D Now I can finally trade in this outdated OS…for….another….outdated….OS……wait, remind why I was excited again? :/

  • C5mech

    so my phone keeps saying download complete but the file size is 0mb?

  • mtnman

    I updated my phone tonight and found it interesting that it said to delete the version 2.1 off of your phone to avoid not getting anymore updates. Humm that’s funny, because if they come at the rate this one did, then I’m thinking early 2020 before the next one shows up.



  • TmoHax

    Ill be trying this only cause I’m not buying a new phone until I know what and what does not work with 2.3. Someone compile a guide or something

  • George

    toooooo late…..and Cliq Hardware won’t support multitouch…..Just reserved my MT4G….wuahahaha….RIP MOTO

  • deff

    K, updated. Still outdated but DOES support multitouch apparently.. at least that’s what it said on the update screen thing… anyways, its nice no live wallpapers but its ok. Well I thought personally that the cliq would be a piece of crap running 2.1 but it really is fast. Not too laggy, but its actually quite nice. The thing I LOVE is the new music player. Its called connected music? Well its great, probably my favorite thing about the update besides google navi. Im impressed with the update… was it worth waiting? hell no, if I had the money I’d be using a MT4G by now… guess ill have to wait till christmas, oh well. Overall worth updating though.. prior cliq users should put aside 20 mins to do the update because it is worth it. Even if you are using a new phone running 2.2… 2.1 isn’t THAT bad.. go for it!


    This new Update is Crap, at least On My Phone. 1.6 was way better then this 2.1. Sure it Looks Nicer, and some additional features that 1.6 lacked. After 24hrs of Playtime. Its been major force closing, Tons of lagging especially in the Media Player. The Quickness and Simplicity of Accessing simple things Like Text, Menu is too much. Everything is Just Slow. The Audio has improved sounds like My Bfs Droid Now (Very Loud). Only thing I like is The Navigation, other then that 1.6 was efficient and way smoother. Sometimes 2.1 can be too fast with a instant freeze or worst Powering off.

    F*** Motorola.

  • Rex

    I was a Beta tester for the update as of a week or two ago, and I am not impressed. Straight up – it sux!

    Muck Fotorola!

  • PhobiaXxX

    I like it for what it is that’s the cliq was never a high end phone in the first place easy to say get a mt4g or a g2 and keep the cliq as a backup that what i will be doing not cause i hate the cliq which but because i want better data speeds and updated hardware so in the word of a true playa “ouit ya bitchin you guys sound like females”

  • Curtis

    have to echo my disappointment with the update to 2.1 on the cliq. phone runs much slower now than when it was just running 1.6. thinking of using my upgrade now instead of keeping the cliq even though I thought it to be an excellent phone before the update. sigh.

  • Ashley

    My phone is much slower now and the update is killing my battery life.

  • daniel

    i the 2.1 update on my cliq and i love it! i am having no problem with battery life and the performance is outstanding. i had the mytouch slide before this phone until i had to sell it. but this phone with the update is right up there with the new phones. i think Motorola took way to long to do it so i went and followed a you tube instructional to get mine. but now its actually a pretty good phone :)

  • marianne

    I had issues with major locking up (especially anything that tried to lookup & reference contacts) with my rooted 2.1. I ended up rolling back to the official release and then doing the official 2.1 update. I needed to wipe data (not sd) and I think that fixed the issues I was having. I believe my problem was I removed social sync for Twitter/Fb because the happenings widget was messing everything up and then it wouldn’t allow me to delete contacts that were in those groups. At any rate, you can try a data wipe if you’re having battery/performance issues. It worked wonders for me (power off, hold power and camera button, release camera when it tells you to, push down volume, hit lower right of screen and choose the wipe menu option). Maybe this will help any with the performance issues. Aside from running MUCH better now I am disappointed by lack of live wallpaper support, wasn’t expecting pinch zoom.

  • unfortunate

    is there anyway to uninstall this update runs super slow just to text is a nightmare

  • The update killed my battery.