Dell Venue Pro Clears FCC With AWS

With the HD7 officially launching next week, and existing customers already able to order online now, the FCC has cleared another handset which is destined for a T-Mobile USA arrival. The FCC has just passed the Windows Phone 7 powered Dell Venue Pro. Although the FCC does not reveal anything new on the handset, now that it has been approved,  T-Mobile should be launching the Venue Pro soon. We’re working on getting a solid release date as well as pricing. Anyone thinking of getting the Venue Pro over the HTC HD7?


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  • jordannn

    venue pro looks awesome. and the venue does too

  • This is the phone I want! Though an HD7 is tempting, since we know it will be available in a week!

  • Snoopyalien24

    ahh dell… I hope your phones aren’t the same quality wise as your laptops – 2 crashed hard drives :P

    • Orlando

      Dell does’nt make hard drives

  • Rene

    Got the G2, then went to on my G2, read that the Venue Pro (Lightning) was coming to Magenta….started saving for the Venue Pro

    • Pimpstrong

      That allowance adds up! j/k

  • hater

    This is more than likely what I will spend my money on. Do you know if T-Mobile will get the Dell Venue as well, Kickstar?

  • Dreama

    What about the Dell “Thunder” any news???

    The venue looks great as well too, but im not interested in WM currently.

    • wojax2

      dell venue headed to t-mo also. source:engadget

      • David, Managing Editor

        It was announced for T-Mobile at the Microsoft event.

      • hater

        So they’re getting the Venue AND the Venue Pro, David? Why would they announce an Android device at a Microsoft event?

      • Steve Jobless

        Hater, HATE to burst your bubble but Android is not ran by Microsoft. I know!

    • AreYouSerious?

      You’re all so confused.

      Venue Pro, aka Lightning = Windows Phone 7

      Venue, aka Thunder, = Android

      So Dreama, This IS your Thunder news.

      • AreYouSerious?

        Ah crap, yeah, I’M CONFUSED. I thought this was the article about the Venue. Sheesh. Someone tell Dell to come up with better names.

  • alex

    I would rather hold off for the android version. ENGADGET posted some news on this about 2 weeks ago regarding the android version.

    • holiday

      Too bad the android version won’t have a keyboard, it will be full touch screen.

    • Pimpstrong

      The Android version I saw on Engadget DOES have a keyboard. That would be a real nice phone I think.

  • Nokia N900

    No Skype support, No deal!

    • Nokia N900

      Also no multitasking…

  • abel2fresh4u

    most beautifull cell phone.

  • Yaniv C

    Anyone know what memory this boy is sporting?
    I heard that it would come across with 8GB but allow for memory card…. then I heard no memory card but 16GB. Also what the hell ever happened to that Front Side camera? Why does T-Mo always strip down these beasts to lesser version weenies?

    • MattP

      WP7 doesn’t support FFC at this time. Manufacturers can write the s/w but then nothing else could use it

  • cellswag5

    Torch news for tmo. Please. But I really like this phone but need to see and feel it out in person.

  • Androidless

    I like the Venue Pro a lot, but I fear that these phones will not support wifi calling/uma. At least there has been no word that they will or not. WP7 looks interesting to me, but since the T-Mobile’s signal is weak at the office I’d have to switch carriers to AT&T. Bummer, that.

  • truth

    dell is going to lose beaucoup sales due to its tardiness to release the DVP. was waiting for it, but going with the HD7.

    • rxgator

      I am holding off the dell venue pro until Nov 8th, if no release date is confirmed,I will get the HTC HD7. My G1 battery lasts around 3-4 hours, I can’t take it anymore.

  • Rtrgbf