Blackberry OS 6 Leaks For 9700, Hooray!

Oh emm gee!!!

I know that for many of you, Blackberry is now an afterthought but personally, I have been waiting (and hoping) for this day for a long long time. You guys manage to keep my inbox pretty full and neither Android nor iPhone has provided me with the same great level of inbox management as a Blackberry. Now I know the Android faithful among you might beg to differ, but for me, nothing comes close to email and Blackberry. So without further adieu, Blackberry OS 6 has leaked for the Blackberry 9700. It is a great day!

Disclaimer: As usual installing leaked software comes with an inherent risk, that is you could brick, damage or void the warranty on your device. This is not an official release and you should make sure you are aware of the proper installation for non T-Mobile software. Certain features could be non-functioning so install at your own risk.


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