Blackberry OS 6 Leaks For 9700, Hooray!

Oh emm gee!!!

I know that for many of you, Blackberry is now an afterthought but personally, I have been waiting (and hoping) for this day for a long long time. You guys manage to keep my inbox pretty full and neither Android nor iPhone has provided me with the same great level of inbox management as a Blackberry. Now I know the Android faithful among you might beg to differ, but for me, nothing comes close to email and Blackberry. So without further adieu, Blackberry OS 6 has leaked for the Blackberry 9700. It is a great day!

Disclaimer: As usual installing leaked software comes with an inherent risk, that is you could brick, damage or void the warranty on your device. This is not an official release and you should make sure you are aware of the proper installation for non T-Mobile software. Certain features could be non-functioning so install at your own risk.


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  • jymmyb


  • Adam

    I have it installed but it doesn’t seem to be working too well. It’s barely functional if at all.

  • eek

    same here.. have some weird theme type thing going on…

    • Unclenard

      If you get a white screen with mini icons these two files need to be deleted form the Java directory before you install, or need to be deleted using javaloader after it is installed (although that may be harder).


      On my Windows 7 64-bit machine they are located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50\Java

      • Reggie

        Thank you very much!!! :D

      • Hodge

        Thanks for taking the time to share that tip, Unclenard – I followed the directions I had found and everything was going well until… that screwy screen. Thought I’d bricked my nice little Bold. I removed the two files and went thru the whole routine again, this time in the final screen checking the bottom radio button to remove and replace all app data, and … Bob’s (or Nard’s) your uncle, success! I’m lovin’ the new OS – of all my mobiles I think this Bold is the best of the bunch – and now it’s even better!

  • Alex

    haha finally the crying can stop!

  • jonlove

    who cares..
    we want nexus 2 news.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I care…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Actually I don’t care about the Nexus 2. I want Nokia to bring out a glorious 4.3 inch Super Symbian 3/Maemo or Meego phone and partner with Tmo to subsidize it. Thats the only way I’d renew my contract.

      • Chevyrockstar

        Me too, love my nokias. David, do you know if any new nokias are coming to tmobile anytime soon?

    • kershon

      I care. So stfu.

      • shawn1224

        So all of 2 people care?

  • Adam

    Thanks for deleting my post. Just trying to help others.

    • Adam

      Oops! You didn’t delete it…my bad.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I was going to say, I haven’t deleted anything!

  • jonlove

    Well give us some good news! :) nexus 2 news !!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Post it in the Nexus 2 section and maybe!

  • David, Managing Editor

    Post this in the nexus two section, this is a Blackberry post.

  • peter

    so what if its a blackberry post?

    • David, Managing Editor

      That means comments should be Blackberry specific.

  • peter

    just cus this is blackberry post doesnt mean i cant post nexus stuff here…since there is no new nexus 2 posting anywhere to b found :)

    • David, Managing Editor

      Yes it does, I’m telling you it does…try to stay on topic and not ruin it for people who care about Blackberry news. Thxkbye.

    • hater

      I hate posts like yours, peter. LOL @ your name…..peter

    • davidohio

      Peter, how can there be any news on a non-exsistant device? Think about that. It was ROUMORED a couple days ago but that is it so until something else is posted just settle down. Besides, this is a Blackberry post and nothing to do with a non-existant Nexus 2. Dah.

  • remixfa

    some people are just born ignorant a-holes. so, i take it you have flashed it. what are your thoughts so far, David?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Nah I haven’t gotten home yet and the 9700 is sitting in a drawer, I’ll be messing with it tonight though! I can’t wait to try it, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. I don’t think I’ll give up another device for it, but I’d love to know its there and I can always go back for it when I travel when email or battery life becomes a bigger priority.


    who cares about Blackberry anymore? a GREAT deal of smartphone users dropped Blackberry for Android. Multiple exchange accts are possible w/o the lag from RIM servers plus 100,000 apps vs 3000. Android = R.I.P. Blackberry LOL excuse my troll ways LOL

  • jordannn

    didnt samsung say they weren’t making a nexus two?

  • cellswag5

    Where is the bb torch news or a new bb coming to t mo cuz the new bold refresh is weak

  • Sleestak Jones

    I think this is great news for Blackberry users.

    People please remember, it’s a business tool first, so there will always be a market for blackberry. It has great functionality for the casual user (calenendaring, email MONSTER, sms/mms). Where it lacks is in the ‘instant gratification ability’ Camera, etc, etc.

    Blackberry OS is the ONLY OS in the U.S. that is secure enough to work within the corporate infrastructure outside of windows mobile, which has slowly dwindled. Android, while cool, has not really moved their yet, but it’s coming. iPhone…well…move from att as your sole provider…

  • soul slingah

    This build is totally whack. I would hold off for anyone who has the bold. Its not even functioning properly. Id stay away from this one and wait a little longer

    • rinklighter

      What’s so whack about it? I’ve been using this build for a couple of hours now and have no problems. All my 3rd party apps work; I new my themes wouldn’t but I already knew that. Would you care to explain how the build isn’t functional or not working properly?

  • Sleestak Jones

    Nexus 2:

    Google did 2 things right: make it available to everyone and started with your early adoptor, t-mobile

    Tmobile did 1 thing wrong: Score an exclusive with Google on android os.

    make up for that with this nexus 2 thing, if it comes to fruition.

  • peter
  • ob18

    I once tried the blackberry pearl didn’t like it much and haven’t really even look at another since………could be worth at least a look.

  • peter
    • davidohio

      That article is nothing but speculation and opinion. Besides this is a blackberry post.

  • peter


  • ob18

    Many of you must have been dropped as a child so often that you can’t follow simple directions on where to post things.

  • Johan

    worst leak I’ve ever put on my phone, wow, this is trash….feels like one of those Japanese tamagotchi…..

    • Adam

      I tried it and it was horrible so I downgraded to 5.0. Then, I found a thread at Crackberry that is supposed to fix the issue. My main phone is Android now but I’ll try this out later when I get home.

      • rinklighter

        Could you elaborate on what makes this build so horrible?

      • Adam

        If you go to the link I provided it will show you the problems people are having installing the OS. Apparently Tmobile users have to delete the Tmobile themes and you also have to do a clean install. Something is causing it to look bad and not function correctly.

  • nerd lust

    Interesting! I wish it would run on my 8900! Bb9780 or g2 or mt4g. I’m forced to upgrade…

  • trish

    first, im surprise david finally picked up a blackberry :)

    this should run pretty crappy on 9700 ONLY because there wont be much memory left at all. pretty sure this was the point in releasing it BEFORE 9780. let the 9700 owners get a feel for WHY they need the new device so then they can go pick it up.

    personally, i love my blackberry and have since i picked it up. im super excited about 9780 and anxiously awaiting the release.

  • 3cents

    OS6 looks good and works well on the 9700! Even downloads are compatible. Unfortunately, UMA is digitally choppy during calls :/ Hopefully, Tmo will release its own version which will correct UMA functionality…

  • 3cents

    Btw, OS6 seems to eat an extra 30-40mb after install…

  • Eddie

    How do I install?

  • joboy

    It’s now leaked for the 9300 as well. We T-Mobile crackberrys are on cloud 9 tonight.

  • jwgump

    after I took the two tmobile alx 460 x 360 themes off the actual 6.0 started working for me and its awesome! Thanks for the LEAK Willyboy

    • Goldladyt

      can I have step by step on how to remove the 2 themes, they are driving me crazy